Disney Infinity Starter Packs Pass 3 Million Sold - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 January 2014 / 5,911 Views

Disney Interactive has struggled in recent years, but it has finally found success with Disney Infinity. The game has sold three million starter packs worldwide since it launched on August 18. This figure is above Disney's expectations.

"We’re thrilled that families and gamers alike have embraced Disney Infinity," the president of Disney Interactive James Pitaro told the New York Times. "We believe we’ve set the stage for Infinity to be an enduring video game platform."

Disney Infinity sold 294,000 units in its first month and reached one million in sales in November. The game clearly gained momentum as sales have grown on a monthly basis.

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zuvuyeay (on 20 January 2014)

what,someone actually exceeds their sales expectations,congrats

Patricia (on 20 January 2014)