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Spellet (iOS)

By Kerky 07th Jul 2012 | 3,289 views 

Sure, it’s no portal, but heck, what is?

Spellet is a word puzzle game that brings the worlds of spelling and gaming together to create an interesting, if not exactly fun, experience. In Spellet the aim of the game is to spell the word shown at the bottom of your screen. To do this you must pop balloons, containing the letters needed to spell said word, in a certain order by firing a pellet out of one of four cannons. At first this is a relatively simple task, but the difficulty does increase and at times the game can be quite challenging.

As you unlock more levels, more components are introduced. The biggest change is the introduction of rubber bands. Rubber bands can be placed at specific angles and at certain points on the screen. The pellet will bounce off these rubber bands at ninety degree angles allowing you to alter the course of a pellet mid-flight. When multiple rubber bands are introduced things can become rather complex. Other game changing additions are included later, such as red rubber bands which are already present on the screen and cannot be manipulated by you, and the addition of bells that when hit add letters to the word, but do not disappear as the balloons would.

These are all additions that serve to make the gameplay more challenging and thought provoking, which should be the aim of any good puzzler. However, despite this increase in difficulty, you will never get stuck. This is because the game will always offer you a ‘gun hint’ and a ‘band hint’. These hints – which don’t actually hint to anything but rather just show you what gun to fire and where to put the rubber bands – essentially allow you to just skip any level you find too difficult. As there isn’t a limit on how many times you can use the hint system, you will never be truly challenged because you will always have a get out of jail free card at your disposal.

Other aspects of the game are fine, if not anything out of the ordinary. The game is presented well and is easy to navigate. Graphically the game does what it needs to do. Text on screen is sharp and easy to read, which is exactly what’s needed from a game that requires you to spell. There is also plenty of content to sink your teeth into, which means you're getting a lot of bang for your buck as the game can be picked up for $0.99 in the US and £0.69 in the UK. Unfortunately though, there is a complete lack of online features. It would have been nice to have seen some sort leaderboard or scoreboard, still, the amount of single player content does help to heal that wound.

If you're looking for a good puzzler with plenty of content then Spellet might just be for you. You’ll be getting plenty of content for you money and some solid gameplay to boot. Sure, it’s no portal, but heck, what is?

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