VGChartz Review Methodology


10 – Incomparable
Titles attaining a score of 10 are the absolute pinnacle of gaming. While not literally perfect, these games are the best of the best – the highest echelon of video game art and design. As such, we anticipate that only one or two games each generation will ever achieve this score.

9 – Outstanding
Games in this category are stellar examples of the medium. Each is brilliantly-designed, executed, and presented. These are among the very best a system has to offer.

8 – Great
Each a viable candidate for game-of-the-year, games earning an 8 come highly recommended. Superior across the board.

7 – Good
Well above the statistical average, 7s are worth the price of admission. Games in this camp are solid, valuable experiences. Only a few minor flaws keep them from greatness.

6 – Decent
These workmanlike titles probably won’t take home any awards, but they’re entertaining enough, particularly for fans of the genre.

5 – Acceptable
Neither good nor bad, category 5 games are the definition of middling. Each has a kernel of potential that never translated into a complete or satisfying product.

4 – Poor
Buy or rent these games at your peril. Noticeable gameplay and technical faults make these below average titles difficult to recommend.

3 – Bad
Riddled with crippling design choices and cut corners, games under this banner never had a chance to be good.

2 – Awful
Unforgivably bad. Uninteresting, unfun, and unfinished, these clunkers are the stuff of nightmares.

1 – Atrocious
Each a contender for the worst of all time, titles that “earn” a 1 are virtually unplayable. Technically, aesthetically, and mechanically rotten to the core.