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Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi

テイルズ オブ シンフォニア-ラタトスクの騎士


Namco Tales Studio



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11/11/08 Namco Bandai
06/26/08 Namco Bandai
11/13/09 Namco Bandai

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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii) > Opinions (426)

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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 05/01/2009, 07:17
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Soriku posted 05/01/2009, 04:10
Yay! Steady sales! Keep selling, keep selling! And release DotNW in PAL regions!
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Lolcislaw posted 05/01/2009, 12:00
And still no PAL version, im so mad about it.
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Zucas posted 04/01/2009, 09:55
Wooh just keep on rolling Tales haha. I need you to sell so I can get a 3rd one.
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Zucas posted 04/01/2009, 06:18
Yea this was a sequel. It's a spinoff only character wise. It's kinda like KOTOR 2 if you want to put it that way. But I guess still have to call it a spinoff.

And it setup very very well for a 3rd one so I hope they make one.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 04/01/2009, 06:58
i'd like a 3rd one as well! :P
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Soriku posted 04/01/2009, 06:21
lol, spin off or not it's still a sequel.

Besides, it doesn't have to be called ToS3 :P They could name ToS: ThWii for all I care :P
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MontanaHatchet posted 03/01/2009, 07:17
But Soriku, they need to make Tales of Symphonia 2 before they can make a third one. After all, this one's only a spinoff (just like you said!).

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Soriku posted 03/01/2009, 06:16
Bad ending...oh my O_o How depressing.

Normal ending sucks too.

Good ending FTW, glad I got it. The last scene was way too awesome :'(

I want a ToS3!
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Soriku posted 03/01/2009, 05:05
Finished the game at like 66 hours. I did all the Katz quests and the coliseum so that helped me chalk up more time. I think I spent more on this first time through than ToS1.

I'm so sad it's finished :( I need to go watch the other endings now. I got the good one I think.

But can't wait for the new Tales!
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TheConduit posted 02/01/2009, 04:06
A good sequel
A decent game
A test for an original Wii Tales game
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rapsuperstar31 posted 31/12/2008, 09:51
got this game for xmas...have not been able to step away from the game since. Such an awesome awesome game!!!
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Soriku posted 31/12/2008, 01:43
Ratatosk Emil is badass.
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andrewclear posted 30/12/2008, 01:12
I think gamers are tired of cell shaded graphics. All the RPGS released this gen with cell shading have had very weak sales. The games without (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Last Remnant, etc) have had better fates.
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link_triforce posted 29/12/2008, 07:39
the japanese sales seem to bomb after the fourth week of release
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Onimusha12 posted 28/12/2008, 03:08
sleeper hit? dead steady sales. Wonder if alot of gamers on the fence about this one are slowly being won over one by one
Message | Report
MANUELF posted 28/12/2008, 06:52
I will start the game when I finish Tales of Symphonia.
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Soriku posted 28/12/2008, 04:57
Oh, and sales boost FTW!
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Soriku posted 28/12/2008, 04:57
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Aiemond posted 27/12/2008, 07:11
I picked this up today. Much fun :)
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ClaudeLv250 posted 27/12/2008, 05:39
Awesome game, awesome sales.
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bigjon posted 27/12/2008, 02:57
500k is a sure thing, i am hoping for 700k here... 700k for a spinoff, lower budget, jrpg!!! Ya baby.
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RPG_Fanatic posted 26/12/2008, 10:07
Go Tales of Symphonia. Glad to see the holiday is boosting sales.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 26/12/2008, 09:03
nice, i'm so happy now! : )
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Wetcoaster posted 26/12/2008, 08:25
Yet another sales boost.

Above 25k. =D
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Thechalkblock posted 25/12/2008, 11:22
I have started playing this game, and I don't think it deserves the reviews it gets.
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Zucas posted 25/12/2008, 06:43
As I said its selling like Fire Emblem in America. Hopefully it will have better legs then FE but we'll see. If not then we are looking at about 350k-400k in America and a possibly 100k-150k in E/O. That's about 800k WW which is not bad but I would have wanted more.
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mfogg20 posted 24/12/2008, 12:45
Finally got the game! Will start playing on christmas day
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AJM Ruler posted 22/12/2008, 04:02
Doing pretty good, much better than Vesperia. I think it probably will at least get 300K in the US if it stays at a steady 12K+, and will probably hit 600K worldwide. Namco should be happy.
Message | Report
Aiemond posted 21/12/2008, 05:22
Yay increase!
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 21/12/2008, 05:02
OMG, that 13k was very frightening!

increase!! : )

Message | Report
damkira posted 21/12/2008, 07:36
Huh.. I wonder if the sales increase is because its christmastime or just because of good word of mouth. This game needs to be released in EU soon where it could possibly sell more than in the US.

Message | Report
Soriku posted 21/12/2008, 03:22
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Wetcoaster posted 21/12/2008, 02:30
Sales boost from the previous week. =]
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bigjon posted 19/12/2008, 07:00
just beat the game, ending is GREAT. It only takes 30 hours to beat this game. Do so the story is very good.

Also it is a spinoff. Once you play it, you will know that for sure.
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SmokedHostage posted 19/12/2008, 01:59
"I just love breaking the arms of cute little girls like youuuuu."

"Why you little bitch."

Voice acting is worst than the first..
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Soriku posted 17/12/2008, 09:25
This game needs to hit EU. That's the only way it'll hit 500k.
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 17/12/2008, 05:25
come on, the game is selling good, it will reach 0.5 million for sure, and then it will increase veeeery slowly

and why is it a spin-off, it's a great tales of game!
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kopstudent89 posted 17/12/2008, 12:44
wow, this sucks...
Message | Report
emilie autumn posted 15/12/2008, 07:15
before this came out i had a bet with my brother that this game wil atleast sell 1mil but seems like i'm gonna loose

i'm still rooting for 500k though
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dib8rman posted 15/12/2008, 03:20
Whatever, I enjoyed this game, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to know what a good jrpg is.

Message | Report
dib8rman posted 15/12/2008, 03:19
Whatever, I enjoyed this game, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to know what a good jrpg is.

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Aiemond posted 14/12/2008, 08:27
Great sales for a spinoff. This is why the wii will be the rpg system. Good sales with lower dev costs. Compare this with VC.
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ClaudeLv250 posted 14/12/2008, 06:13
Outsold Vesperia in America already.

Sales are impressing me.
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 14/12/2008, 05:52
yeah, reviews are killing a great game!

when a review does not meet the average gamer's opinion it means fail
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Zucas posted 14/12/2008, 05:23
Oh how much this disappoints me. ya complain about their being no "hardcore" Wii titles and then people don't buy the ones that do make it. Not the dev's fault but it's your fault. Great job guys.
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Chrizum posted 14/12/2008, 12:21
JRPG's aren't selling like they used to...
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 13/12/2008, 09:45
Game is criminally addictive.

People who hate it probably haven't played more than a few hours (i.e. reviewers)
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gunslinger posted 13/12/2008, 05:23
Screw the reviewers, thuis game is awesome! I love that it uses the same areas, altough it is 2 years later. It's neat to see how they have changed.
Message | Report
Madanial posted 12/12/2008, 10:42
For me that never play TOS ,first 4 hrs i think this game's ok to play.
But after that i start to addict to this game slowly ,now 18 hrs in gameplay and i can said that i love this game.
It even able to pull me back from Capital Wasteland(Fallout 3). XD
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 09/12/2008, 05:08
How is the co-op in this game, any good?
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 06/12/2008, 06:15
Also, the depressing alternative ending is great.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 06/12/2008, 06:13
Well it depends where you are after 4 hrs. It took me 2-3 hrs before I really started to love the game like I do now. And yes it gets a hell of a lot better as you progress. It's one of the few games where it actually is nothing but building until the final cutscene which is usually quite surprising in the game. No climax in the middle.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 05/12/2008, 10:56
The game's supposed to get better. 4 hours is nothing. If you want to see what happened to them, actually play the game.
Message | Report
c0rd posted 05/12/2008, 05:51
Damn, after playing the game with my bro for a while it became obvious to me this wouldn't sell nearly as well as the first. It seems like they put little effort into the game... honestly, it was painful trying to play it. I forced myself for ~4hrs until I (or we) couldn't take it anymore.

Does the game get any better later on? I lent it to a cousin, maybe I'll give it another chance later. Otherwise, it's definitely getting sold. It plays like a really, really bad, corny anime. I don't recall the first ToS being like this. It's too bad, because I really wanted to see what happened to the old characters...
Message | Report
Soriku posted 04/12/2008, 09:48

Because big games are usually front loaded. It only dropped 2k. If it wasn't BF it would've dropped lower. But hey, selling better than ToV. Good enough.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 04/12/2008, 05:37
This game is just as addicting the second play through as it was the first.

Gah, I heart ToS2 so much.

Message | Report
Chrizum posted 04/12/2008, 12:59
Wow, this must be the only Wii game not seeing an increase on black friday...

Why do all the "important" third party games flop on the Wii?
Message | Report
Soriku posted 04/12/2008, 05:01
Hmm...was hoping for 40k. I think I was asking a bit much though lol. Sales only dropped 2k, hope it stays more consistent.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 04/12/2008, 03:25
This should be at 500k at maybe after it's 21st week of release in NA.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 04/12/2008, 02:01
Well I was hoping it could go up to 30k for Black Friday week but at least it sustained. We'll see how it progresses. More people need to buy this game haha.
Message | Report
trestres posted 04/12/2008, 02:00
@RPGfanatic, it hasn't been released in others yet, the game will be gold before it even launches there I believe. If not, others will help.
Message | Report
RPG_Fanatic posted 04/12/2008, 01:45
In 3 weeks, Tales of Symphonia has sold more than Tales of Vesperia in 14 weeks.
Hopefully we can push for at least 200k
Message | Report
Soriku posted 02/12/2008, 08:54
Btw, there's an extra dungeon on chapter 8 on the second playthrough. Plus Kratos appears in the Tower of Salvation before the Altamira scene with Marta on the second playthrough too. So you guys might wanna replay it XD
Message | Report
Soriku posted 02/12/2008, 08:52
lol. It's really that emotional? ;)

I hope I get the good ending...
Message | Report
Zucas posted 02/12/2008, 06:08
Yea I already watched it on youtube and I couldn't stand that one. Mad me so depressed. And I couldn't have handled the normal ending either. I needed that good ending after the credits. I wish I had a picture of that to put in my sig or something.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 02/12/2008, 02:32

Dude, I told you! haha. Exactly what happened to me.

Now go back and watch the "bad" ending. =[
Or watch it on youtube or something.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 02/12/2008, 05:23
*crying* Alright I just beat this game and the ending is beautiful. This game is just a masterpiece and the ending just got me all teary eyed. Just such an amazing finish to something that built up for 38 hrs. I want a picture for that last frame.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 02/12/2008, 03:15
That's what MS does haha. MS has done that ever since they've entered the gaming industry. Throwing around their money weight to be able to take losses in this industry but still stay afloat because of profits in the other areas. Thus they are able to compete with the major losses.

It's really not fair at all which I think its such sweet justice that PS2 beat them badly last generation and that Wii is beating them in this one. Makes me think there is some justice left in the world. Nothing against 360 just MS. I know its just business but its not the kind of business I like. No honor or respect for competition or themselves. I can be an idealist right.
Message | Report
arsenal009 posted 01/12/2008, 09:05
Did M$ moneyhat Namco to put Tales on 360? Cause i doubt that game is going to get enough sales. This game is already selling more & costs much less to make.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 30/11/2008, 05:32
I got it...for Xmas. :(

Can't wait.
Message | Report
Lord_Yggdrassil posted 28/11/2008, 11:33
This game will sell better in US than Japan...again. It's gonna have stronger legs.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 28/11/2008, 05:54
Well I hope I get the good ending because I dont' think I could handle the bad ending.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 28/11/2008, 01:19
Oh, and I'm not ashamed to admit that the ending almost made me cry. Seriously.

The "good" ending, that is. I haven't watched the "bad" ending yet.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 28/11/2008, 12:45
Finished it last night, Emil on lvl 59, Marta on Lvl 57 and some monsters well into their 90's. 36:20 time spent. Used Emil, Marta, Raine and Genis for the final fight. =D

Easily one of the best games I've ever played. The story just keeps getting better all the way to the very last cutscene after the credits. It leaves you wanting more and more.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 28/11/2008, 06:52
HOLY SHIT. Now 28 hrs through and on chapter 8. I got to tell ya this game just has me on the edge of my seat every step of the way. I think this is the last chapter so I'm going to spend a lot of time getting the powerful monsters and whatnot but geez.

This is easily one of the best stories I've played. Guess the Tales series is known for that. People need to buy this game so I get a 3rd one haha.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 28/11/2008, 04:16
Sales staying steady. Good thing Black Friday's next week, looking for some increases! It should pass Vesperia NA sales next week. Hope it stays steady for the rest of the year.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 27/11/2008, 11:48
Yes lots of time spent into this game.

25k second week in America is actually pretty good. Next week it'll stay in that range to 40k because of Black Friday and hopefully stay at that for the rest of the year. Possibly over 250k by the end of the year in America. We'll see.
Message | Report
RPG_Fanatic posted 27/11/2008, 11:45
This game is awesome. 42 hours at chapter 6. This game has some of the best skits ever.
Tenebrae is my new favourite tales charcter
I also love the references to the first game, like quick-jump.
Looks like this games has a good chance to pass 100k.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 25/11/2008, 09:09
That's cool.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 25/11/2008, 06:23
Oh well your beefing your monsters ups haha. My characters are like level 30 something with level 30 monsters haha. They are in their 3rd evolution. Man I need to beef them some more.

But yea I don't want htis game to end but I need it to. I am so into the story right now that it picks me up and drops me off all the time. Getting hard to play because I want to know what happens but I know I have another 20 hrs before I fully understand it.

That's the sign of a good game haha.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 25/11/2008, 02:30
@ Zucas

Geez, maybe I am playing slow. haha. I'm at least halfway through chapter five or near the end. My characters are on level 43 and some of my monsters are 70+ and that's with evolutions too.

I don't really want this game to end soon, so it's all good. =D
Message | Report
Zucas posted 25/11/2008, 01:44
wetcoaster- 25 hrs to get to chapter 5. I'm just at the beginnings of chapter 5 and I've taken 13 hrs. This is no sidequests of course but still haha.

This game has so much to do, by the way, for anyone looking for replay value. I mean 13 hrs through and only 4% master completion is simply amazing haha.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 24/11/2008, 09:48
Holy crap rudy, you finished the game fast. I've been playing for 25 hours and I'm only in chapter 5. I haven't been playing at a slow pace either but I have done quite a few quests.
Message | Report
rudyrsr8 posted 24/11/2008, 09:29
Finished it the first time in 25:27, starting a second this weekend.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 24/11/2008, 09:14
@ Soriku- just as awesome as they were in ToS. IMO the new voice actors do a decent job. They really try to make the change go unnoticed (except for Lloyd).
Message | Report
Soriku posted 24/11/2008, 08:26 are the original ToS characters?
Message | Report
Soriku posted 24/11/2008, 08:25

At least I get it next month but I WANT IT NOW!!!
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 24/11/2008, 01:43
25:32 in and it just keeps getting better and better. =D
Message | Report
Zucas posted 24/11/2008, 04:03
Was and still is awesome. I got a long way to go in it.

I'm just so addicted to it right now. Anytime I'm not playing it I'm thinking about playing it. And my addiction just seems to come with the two main characters. Haven't felt such a love for main characters in a game since Zelda: TP.
Message | Report
rudyrsr8 posted 24/11/2008, 02:26
This game was awesome.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 24/11/2008, 12:59
13 hrs through currently. 35% on the skit and like 4% for master completion.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 22/11/2008, 08:21
i was abt to say that soriku was a bit late to comment on NA sales =p

Yeah well hopefully this performs well in the holidays
Message | Report
Soriku posted 22/11/2008, 05:25
Nice NA start.

I need this game ASAP D:
Message | Report
Incandescence posted 22/11/2008, 05:50
I love this game. The characters are so kawaii.
Message | Report
Vas-y posted 21/11/2008, 03:13
I want this game so urgently. So please someone tells us the release date for Europe, kthx.
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 21/11/2008, 01:57
Decent sales. Hopefully it has a strong holiday.

Does anyone know what the first ToS sold first week? Vgc has it as n/a.
Message | Report
Leni posted 21/11/2008, 12:14
why? because of the IGN review?

it will sell a lot because it's great!
and it will have legs, especially in Europe!
(let's hope)
Message | Report
Xen posted 21/11/2008, 12:04
1300000? it won't ever reach that.

750k LTD.
Message | Report
Tuulikk posted 21/11/2008, 09:19
Well, not the best start in America, but it could still go well as long as the sales don't drop in Japan style. With Others, 500 000 - 1 300 000 before the end of next year, I think.
Message | Report
Leni posted 21/11/2008, 05:27
go and buy this game now!

nice sales! i hope it keeps up!
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 21/11/2008, 04:49
off to a better start then vesperia. yay.
Message | Report
damkira posted 21/11/2008, 03:43
I'm really loving this game.. I don't think the bad reviews were justified at all.

Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 21/11/2008, 01:23
Sc: And your prediction...
Message | Report
Myviewing posted 21/11/2008, 01:15
America's here to save the day! Hopefully doens't decline that much in coming weeks.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 20/11/2008, 09:51
Well at first it wasn't exciting me too much but now that I'm 3 hrs into it I'm loving it. The relationship between Marta and Emil is just so cute haha that it keeps me going. Not too many games I've played have that in it.
Message | Report
sc94597 posted 20/11/2008, 06:00
@Kenology If it did 156k in Japan first week, it will do 100k in U.S first week. Actually I think it has a good chance of doing double or close to it what it did in Japan first week. ToS was more popular in the West than it was in Japan.
Message | Report
Leni posted 19/11/2008, 10:14
i find it awesome as well....

prefer it than the 1st one!
less anime-style videos and more things to do

a MUST buy!!
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 17/11/2008, 01:40
For anyone who had any doubts, this game is definitely awesome.

Tenebrae is frickin hilarious. =D
Message | Report
Kenology posted 15/11/2008, 11:43
Hoping this has a solid debut in NA of atleast 70k. 100k would be really nice! :D
Message | Report
AJM Ruler posted 14/11/2008, 03:55
Dam, adjusted down 20k in Japan. Looks like it will never reach 250k, oh well.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 13/11/2008, 01:50
ouch japan sales down... NA plz save this game!
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 12/11/2008, 11:01
Japan sales adjusted down? =[
Message | Report
Wetcoaster posted 12/11/2008, 05:21
So...very...excited! =D
Message | Report
c03n3nj0 posted 10/11/2008, 08:25
Nice japan sales, this game will definitly sell a million.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 09/11/2008, 09:11
predictions for first week in NA?
Message | Report
Crystalchild posted 01/11/2008, 08:17
european release plx :P
Message | Report
silverlunar777 posted 18/10/2008, 07:09
Maybe it will reach 300k when it is all said and done.
Which is pretty good IMO.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 14/10/2008, 04:07
Christmas should raise sales a bit. It really is the only notable JRPG right now on the Wii ;3
Message | Report
c0rd posted 12/10/2008, 02:19
VGC had us thinking it had legs, giving it a shot at the first ToS's sales. Finding out it wasn't possible was a bit disappointing.

Besides that, the game did fine. 240k not just for a Tales game, but a Tales spinoff. I wanted this to be the first million selling JRPG though
Message | Report
pmaster4 posted 12/10/2008, 12:04
is Lloyd really the bad guy for this game??
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 09/10/2008, 11:14
I like the "America" boxart.
Message | Report
BengaBenga posted 09/10/2008, 02:32
Why are so many people complaining about the Japanese sales. 240k is great for a JRPG in the Tales series.
Message | Report
nordlead posted 08/10/2008, 02:31
I just pre-ordered this through the VGChartz Amazon store for only $36.99. I thought this game was going to be full priced, but hey, cheap is good.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 06/10/2008, 10:03
I like the US box art.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 27/09/2008, 04:21
Reached 240k. On to 250k.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 26/09/2008, 12:40
It seems this game won't even reach 300k in Japan. It bombed.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 25/09/2008, 10:49
sub 1000 sales...
Message | Report
Soriku posted 22/09/2008, 01:03
@Chrizum, alfredo

The game was adjusted down from 240k to 230k. Week 8-10 was in the 4k sales but you can see it dropped :3
Message | Report
alfredofroylan posted 21/09/2008, 04:37
And why is this overtracked? Do you have some info about the sales on this title.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 19/09/2008, 03:25
@ c0rd: why is it overtracked?
Message | Report
Soriku posted 18/09/2008, 10:00
Overtracked? NOOO!!! :(

Holiday will still give it a boost though :P
Message | Report
Senrii posted 18/09/2008, 03:14
Please sell more, sell more :)
I just started playing ToS again, and it's still a very nice game..

I want this game.. I want this game.. I want this game!
Message | Report
c0rd posted 18/09/2008, 01:38
Ouch, just as I feared, the game was heavily overtracked, lol... oh well. Still did okay, I guess.

Message | Report
Zucas posted 16/09/2008, 05:28
Hmm showing consistent sales and not dying off. Interesting. Well seems it'll make it solidly to the holidays. Well done.

Looking about about around 300k by end of the year in Japan. No scheduled release date for PAL yet but doubtful if that area would be a big selling region anyways. However ToS has pretty large brand here in America considering the last one on GC was quite a hit considering. So I'd say it'll open to decent sales and really get those holiday boosts and hopefully be able to hang around to at least push it over 500k by Q1 2009. Hope for more haha. But in an unsaturated market of RPG's should have that many problems in America.
Message | Report
Voltaire posted 14/09/2008, 04:57
The japaneses sales are ok, i hope NA sales OBLITERATE it though. Im sure it will too.
Message | Report
whacker41 posted 11/09/2008, 08:50
it's sold above 4k for 4 weeks. very nice.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 11/09/2008, 03:12
It sold 4,637 this week!
Message | Report
Nazkull posted 09/09/2008, 11:26
It sold not bad in japan, now lets see how its gonna do in NA.

I hope its gonna do better than in japan
Message | Report
Soriku posted 07/09/2008, 09:22
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 05/09/2008, 10:46
yeah i noticed another 4k...
300k? plz?
Message | Report
Soriku posted 02/09/2008, 04:01
It sold 4k+ units week 9! Yes! :P

Next week it should hit 240k+. 250k+ imminent!
Message | Report
Soriku posted 25/08/2008, 09:24

The next game in the main series is going to be on the Wii :)
Message | Report
Nazkull posted 25/08/2008, 04:40
At least, this game is selling more than Tales of Vesperia. Lets hope that there will be more Tales games made for the Nintendo wii.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 24/08/2008, 06:02
1k boost! :D Hit 250k in Japan!
Message | Report
whacker41 posted 22/08/2008, 07:05
About a 1k boost up from last week.

Hopefully it will stay at 4k a week for a while.
Message | Report
Kenology posted 22/08/2008, 12:07
Crawling to 250k in Japan. Should def get there by the end of the year. The Americas will make this a million seller by December for sure.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 19/08/2008, 11:09
The game is seeing a minor boost this week...

Message | Report
sc94597 posted 18/08/2008, 06:02
Only a few months away. :) Maybe this could do 250k lifetime in Japan. I see it being much larger in the West though.
Message | Report
Lolcislaw posted 16/08/2008, 11:37
I cant wait for this game... any news about American/EU release?
Message | Report
Soriku posted 15/08/2008, 05:40

Looking at ToV's first week doubt ToS: DotNW will have bigger sales than ToV. Did anyone expect ToV to outssell ToS: DotNW though? ToV still sold well though.
Message | Report
lin210245 posted 14/08/2008, 06:25
Message | Report
Hoffmole posted 14/08/2008, 06:21
I hope this sells better than Vespia. I'll pretend it's because I'm sick of Microsoft trying to sell the 360 to Japan by throwing money at JRPG developers, but really it's because deep down I'm a just a petty, snotty little fan boy.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 14/08/2008, 11:18
"Did you really quote yourself?"

Um, no. That was you...
Message | Report
Egghead posted 11/08/2008, 04:00
Was expecting more, dropped a lot
Message | Report
Thekirby45 posted 11/08/2008, 12:31
May Buy but I haven't played Much of the Gc Version

I just need a good rpg for the wii
Message | Report
Soriku posted 08/08/2008, 02:48
ToS did good in EU so this will definitely hit EU as well.
Message | Report
whacker41 posted 06/08/2008, 09:52
Please god, let this game see the light of day in PAL regions.

Message | Report
Soriku posted 04/08/2008, 02:13
I wasn't going to lol anyway. I was gone for the week ;)'s been out over a month. No duh it dropped, but it's still maintaining 6k+ a week although it keeps dropping. If it continues like this it might reach 240k-250k+ which would shut up some more people.
Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 02/08/2008, 02:34
Looks like Soriku won't be lol-ing today.

This game dropped off hard.
Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 25/07/2008, 10:10
First week sales:
Famitsu - about 151k
Media Create - 137k
Average between them is - 144k
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 24/07/2008, 02:14
Did you really quote yourself?
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 24/07/2008, 11:05
"Claude: This is selling well for a spinoff, but plenty of spinoffs have sold high amounts and far greater amounts than this."

Not Tales, and that's all that matters. Other franchises are a nice excuse, but they have no bearing on reality.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 24/07/2008, 10:58
Tales games don't have legs so don't hold your breath.
Message | Report
Zucas posted 22/07/2008, 06:28
Yes I'm hoping it can hold onto that 10k a week as well. I mean we all knew it would have large dropoffs but we were still hoping that it could hold on. And it's quite possible considering very few Wii titles have held on. So far only the Wii series and Mario Kart Wii which leaves very few legs titles. Maybe this can be added to the bunch.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 22/07/2008, 11:48
Soriku: You know it will happen, but you're just sitting there grinning, leaving it as a "possibility."
Message | Report
Soriku posted 21/07/2008, 02:15
Tales sold 11k last week and is going to sell 11k this week (according to TheSource) as well :) TALES LIVES!!!

I'd lol if this hit 300k or something just because of legs.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 21/07/2008, 02:20
Well except that Microsoft pays Japanese companies huge sums of money and often funds development of their RPGs to get them on the 360.

Pure profit is unlikely to be beaten.

And you think that the console with the highest userbase in Japan will be dominant in a genre made solely in Japan, mostly for Japanese people?

Well, I can't say I disagree.
Message | Report
whatever posted 20/07/2008, 03:48
@Montana, proud?? lol. Just stating the facts. I'm sure the developer doesn't care about the install base, just sales of the game.

I don't think there is any doubt that by the end of this generation, the Wii will be the dominate JRPG console.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 19/07/2008, 10:12
Whatever: Hmm, you must be so proud that this game is set to outsell Blue Dragon, especially considering that the Wii userbase in Japan is ten times that of the 360's (not to mention that the 360 userbase was even smaller when Blue Dragon launched) and that Blue Dragon is a new IP versus an established IP.

Claude: This is selling well for a spinoff, but plenty of spinoffs have sold high amounts and far greater amounts than this.

But then again, anyone who would have expected better must be an angry fanboy out to get the Wii. Besides, where would the outrage have been for other Tales games? Constant tracking of sales number is a fairly recent phenomenon, and even if people were closely tracking games back when the last Tales spinoff was launched (when was that, now?), it wouldn't matter because nothing except a computer could scan the entirety of the internet to search for bits of text from someone dissatisfied with the sales of a specific game.
Message | Report
whatever posted 19/07/2008, 01:43
Will pass Blue Dragon in a week or two to outsell any RPG on the 360 in Japan. Will easily outsell TOV.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 19/07/2008, 01:18
200k :)
Message | Report
Faxanadu posted 18/07/2008, 10:39
that sounds weird....maybe i need to finish the first before getting into this game.

my problem is time...
Message | Report
Leni posted 18/07/2008, 05:46
Tales of Symphonia sold 0.32 in Japan, this can do it as well!!

come on, it's selling good!
Message | Report
Zucas posted 18/07/2008, 04:32
Guess we are looking the usual here for this game. About 300k unless it shows some legs. But nothing in Japan aside from Wii series titles, MK Wii, and Monster Hunter have really shown legs there.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 18/07/2008, 12:49
"Tales spin-offs usually don't sell all that great."

Actually they do...for spinoffs, of course. Quite telling considering that this may be the best selling spinoff yet.

Of course this was never really a problem until angry fanboys started pretending like this game wasn't selling well. I can only wonder where the false outrage for all the other Tales was.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 17/07/2008, 05:52

Agree lol. But VGC should have it over 200k...
Message | Report
whacker41 posted 17/07/2008, 05:06
I'm sick of waiting for the 2nd week numbers. It's been around 2 weeks since the first week numbers were added.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 15/07/2008, 11:56
Hmm, doesn't sound like a very good game then.

I could do this all day.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 15/07/2008, 11:27

Because it has only two playable characters, monsters for party members, no world map (though they really didn't add this because of development time, etc.) =/
Message | Report
Faxanadu posted 15/07/2008, 12:52
so why is it that the first ToS is considered main series and the second ToS is now a spin off?

I am confused.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 15/07/2008, 01:36

Tales spin-offs usually don't sell all that great. The main series totally own spin-off sales but ToS: DotNW is set to be the best selling Tales spin-off.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 14/07/2008, 07:40
What there's to know about Tales? I know that the game is a spinoff, but it's not like a spinoff selling well is unheard of.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 14/07/2008, 03:24

Seeing as how you know nothing about Tales, your answer isn't a surprise :P
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 14/07/2008, 05:42

Spinoff schminoff, it doesn't make a difference.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 14/07/2008, 05:23
Seems like this may become the best selling spinoff in the series to date. Congrats Namco, and more Tales for the Wii!

Now, to see how this performs in the West...
Message | Report
Soriku posted 12/07/2008, 05:31
lol. Enough teases ;)
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 12/07/2008, 12:53
Soriku: Oh, then Vgchartz must have overtracked it!
Message | Report
Soriku posted 11/07/2008, 11:15
What are you talking about? Famitsu has it at 177k.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 11/07/2008, 05:19
He's absolutely precious.

Famitsu has it at 26k second week (160k total)
Looks like I was being generous after all.
Might not even hit 200k :)
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 11/07/2008, 10:43
OkeyDokey, isn't he adorable?
Message | Report
Kenology posted 11/07/2008, 03:52
I remember this happening with ToS1 for GC in NA... lot'sa demand, but not enough copies shipped to retailers. You're right though, the retailers might not have ordered enough copies. I hope the game can atleast reach 200k-250k. :(
Message | Report
Soriku posted 10/07/2008, 09:38

It might also be retailers fault...

Namco makes great games and all but when it comes to shipping and such (basically all the stuff that happens after the game is released) Namco pretty much fails at that kind of stuff X_X They need tips from MS lol.
Message | Report
Kenology posted 10/07/2008, 09:02
I'm disappointed in Namco for not shipping enough copies of this game after the initial launch. They might've killed the game with such a stupid move. Here's hoping we see decent numbers in week three.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 10/07/2008, 02:38
More like Soriku was right all along ;)
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 10/07/2008, 01:56
lol, Soriku damage control.

*grabs popcorn*
Message | Report
Soriku posted 09/07/2008, 05:51
Oh...and it sold 90% of what was left of the shipment this week.


I think it'll reach 200k total in Japan this week. I hope it still outsells ToS on the GC. We'll just have to wait for the next shipment (ship more Namco! >:o)!
Message | Report
Soriku posted 09/07/2008, 05:05
TheSource and y-koron said Namco didn't ship any more for this week. They had a few more copies from the first shipment. No wonder sales are low!

Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 09/07/2008, 11:20
I was teasing, gee.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 09/07/2008, 02:05

lol. Well, at least I'm not saying I'll wait for Famitsu/MC :P's still VGC numbers. Better to wait for hard numbers than (educated) guesses, eh? Or...whatever you'd like to call TheSource's predictions. Numbers will be up soon anyway. Hopefully tomorrow :3

The announcement of a new main series Tales on the Wii made my sadness go away though :P
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 08/07/2008, 09:22
Soriku, you're only waiting for final data because you love this game so much. If it was Metal Gear Solid 4, you'd be claiming its doom before even loading the article
Message | Report
Soriku posted 07/07/2008, 05:37
lol Okey stop making predictions!

Meh, read my comment in the article.

I'm still awaiting final VGC data though.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/07/2008, 05:28
Ouchies indeed. And I was just trying to piss off soriku D:

300k seems unlikely now.
15k third week? :P
Message | Report
outlawauron posted 07/07/2008, 04:59
Okey wasn't far off if the prelims are right.

40k second week!

And bundle that with the fact everybody else had it lower. Ouchie.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 06/07/2008, 09:45

Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 06/07/2008, 02:23
OkeyDokey predicted low for Okami as well.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 05/07/2008, 05:50

Dude...even ToS on the GC didn't dip that low second week. I bet this could've sold more if Namco shipped more. I mean my God, it sold 90%+ of its total shipment.
Message | Report
whacker41 posted 05/07/2008, 03:01
30k sounds a little harsh. I'm gonna guess 70-80k
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 05/07/2008, 02:18
30k second week.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 04/07/2008, 04:47
80k-90k would make me happy. Then 40k-50k, 30k, 20k, 10k, 5k, 3k, 3k again, 2k, dead. I thin, it has potential to reach 380k sales lifetime. 400k if lucky.
Message | Report
Voltaire posted 04/07/2008, 02:30
I hope it gets at least 500k before the American release. I think its possible.....a bit of a stretch but it could happen.
Message | Report
bluster posted 03/07/2008, 05:07
I would say 80k next week, just as Montana said

In four weeks it will go above 300k
Message | Report
Kihniƶ posted 03/07/2008, 01:53
Maybe 400k in Japan.
But sure it will reach million in worldwide sales.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 03/07/2008, 01:27
I predict 80k 2nd week.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 03/07/2008, 01:22
debuts less than the GC version. Still 2nd week sales might be a different story, where the GC version dropped to 40 k
Message | Report
Faxanadu posted 03/07/2008, 09:20
thanks Montana.

I would imagine this hits one million.

Good opening in Japan, I think.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 03/07/2008, 05:57
I put up the new box art, gents.
Message | Report
okr posted 13/02/2008, 10:45
^Yes, so what? It's a sequel. And the graphics look better, fresher, sharper IMO.

Very nice screenshots.

"The protagonist is named Emil". Emil, nice. Those Japanese developers, you have to love them... :D
Message | Report
Faxanadu posted 02/02/2008, 04:12
looks quite similar to the first one.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 26/01/2008, 01:44
Added tons more screens.
Message | Report
ClaudeLv250 posted 14/01/2008, 01:22
...who are these people claiming to already own the game?
Message | Report
Vanadium posted 11/01/2008, 06:11
Added new screenies.
Message | Report
rudyrsr8 posted 28/12/2007, 09:00
Updated the game with some info that i found and the pic from the trailer.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 14/08/2007, 09:16
This game is gonna be awesome .
Message | Report
lolita posted 14/08/2007, 05:08
wow nice screenshots! where are they from? (clueless O-o)
Message | Report
Soriku posted 13/08/2007, 10:08
Post! When this comes out I'll remember this post .
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As of: September 30th, 2008

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Machina posted 21/11/2020, 12:28
Japanese shipment figure only.
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goldmario79 posted 10/11/2016, 05:48
Just finished ps2 Tales of Abyss before starting this. The nunchuck works extremely well for an active battle system like TOS here.. storyline not so I guess it about evens out.
Message | Report
b00moscone posted 09/03/2016, 10:21
On its own, a pretty solid game, but doesn't quite live up to Tales of Symphonia imo.
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atma998 posted 30/01/2014, 11:10
Finally managed to reach 500k! Guess I was wrong 3 years ago :)
Message | Report
itachi-89 posted 04/03/2011, 11:15
the others sale are 100-150k so its good for a low budget tales game, so namco cant complain, they always release the wrong tales games in west, so i hope the fans and hardcore players buy tales of graces F, so namco continue to release tales games in west. its our last chance. i have the wii version of graces and i am going to buy the us and the others
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 27/02/2011, 06:51
game quality is not even close to ToS, but still a great game
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