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Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi

テイルズ オブ シンフォニア-ラタトスクの騎士


Namco Tales Studio



Release Dates

11/11/08 Namco Bandai
06/26/08 Namco Bandai
11/13/09 Namco Bandai

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Critic Reviews

1up Read Review C+ 25th Jul 2009
CheatCodeCentral Read Review 3.8 out of 5 25th Jul 2009
Edge Print Magazine 6 out of 10 25th Jul 2009
GameDaily Read Review 5 out of 10 25th Jul 2009
Games Master UK Print Magazine 78 out of 100 25th Jul 2009
Gamespot Read Review 6.5 out of 10 25th Jul 2009
Gametrailers Read Review 7.9 out of 10 25th Jul 2009
IGN Read Review 6.7 out of 10 25th Jul 2009

User Reviews

Review rating: 80.0%
of 5 votes

A new world to review. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

15th Apr 2009 | 1,604 views 

How well does Namco-Bandai’s follow up to its most successful Tales game fare? A lot better than reviewers give it credit for.

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Review rating: 0.0%
of 1 vote

Little Annoying...

12th Jul 2009 | 1,601 views 

The awful soundtrack and the bad voice acting, plus the nonsense monster catching system make this game a difficult one to digest...

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1 156,210 n/a n/a 156,210
2 22,849 n/a n/a 22,849
3 10,302 n/a n/a 10,302
4 7,174 n/a n/a 7,174
5 5,186 n/a n/a 5,186
6 3,333 n/a n/a 3,333
7 2,356 n/a n/a 2,356
8 1,883 n/a n/a 1,883
9 1,679 n/a n/a 1,679
10 1,250 n/a n/a 1,250

Opinion (425)

goldmario79 posted 10/11/2016, 05:48
Just finished ps2 Tales of Abyss before starting this. The nunchuck works extremely well for an active battle system like TOS here.. storyline not so much...so I guess it about evens out.
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b00moscone posted 09/03/2016, 10:21
On its own, a pretty solid game, but doesn't quite live up to Tales of Symphonia imo.
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atma998 posted 30/01/2014, 11:10
Finally managed to reach 500k! Guess I was wrong 3 years ago :)
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itachi-89 posted 04/03/2011, 11:15
the others sale are 100-150k so its good for a low budget tales game, so namco cant complain, they always release the wrong tales games in west, so i hope the fans and hardcore players buy tales of graces F, so namco continue to release tales games in west. its our last chance. i have the wii version of graces and i am going to buy the us and the others
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 27/02/2011, 06:51
game quality is not even close to ToS, but still a great game
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DarkBahamut87 posted 20/02/2011, 03:46
Why Europe is not reported?
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