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Resident Evil 4 (Wii) > Opinions (258)

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nero posted 05/11/2007, 04:09
love it love it love it, control works sweet!!, never played re before
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thanny posted 04/11/2007, 02:45
i never played re4 on gcn or ps2, so i had they privilege of playing re4 for the first time on Wii :) love it
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MontanaHatchet posted 01/11/2007, 06:51
stof, come on, you've been on this site for how long?

Shipped, not sold.
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stof posted 01/11/2007, 06:32
Why Keeper? Capcom recently announced that it had already sold over 1 mil. And that's even before this holiday season. This game should do well over one million.
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MeowTheMouse posted 24/10/2007, 01:05
this game is bad !
a game that u cant stop playing really bad ! especially for ur health ! 10/10 for the game i finished 10 times!
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Keeper Garrett posted 19/10/2007, 04:17
Definitely a contender for the closest scrape over 1m of all time.
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Onimusha12 posted 17/10/2007, 09:52
Kind of unexpected that the second port could turn into the best selling version over the course of its life.
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Zucas posted 04/10/2007, 10:21
Alright so if its at 800k in actual sales then shipments are most likely around 900k-950k. After holiday season this game will easily be a million seller. Awesome.
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Calvin posted 03/10/2007, 12:01
Thank you Vgchartz that you guys got the others data also..
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Zucas posted 22/09/2007, 08:37
Alright Europe/Other Sales should be up around 200k at least. So that would put us at 0.71 million now. Shipments probably up at 800k-850k.

Getting close to platinum. Probably after holiday season it'll get it.
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Chadius posted 22/09/2007, 12:35
Nice controls. Nice non-NA boxart (cries)

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Onimusha12 posted 16/09/2007, 07:48
I see now why people want RE5 for the Wii, these controls are irreplaceable. Dual analog sticks will not do I'm afraid.

RE4 is a must have game for the Wii and its continuous sales prove it.
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Gelmer posted 12/09/2007, 02:56
Resident Evil 5 Petition.
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game-over posted 12/09/2007, 01:16
where is the re5 to wii petition?
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erikguy posted 11/09/2007, 05:23
"wow the game has only been released in Japan and already five votes?

me thinks some people are jumping the gun on this and rating it without having played it."

Yep. People are retarded.
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Bond007mgm posted 10/09/2007, 05:38
Thats funny and capcom only expected to sell 300k!! So far the petition for Resident Evil 5 for Wii has reached over 20,000 people. RE should say with Nintendo.
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swordplay posted 07/09/2007, 08:27
I like Ada Wong
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Zucas posted 31/08/2007, 11:18
Hmm 750k shipped WW. We have 440k sold here. So that means for that shipment number to work, on a game that is supposedly saling at a pretty steady pace which means shipments will be closer rather than farther away from actual sales, will put Europe/Other at about 210k. Nice even 650k. 100k off. Anywhere from 600k-650k is probably where its at. So anywhere from 160k-210k. Possibly a little more upwards but we get the drift.

This game is going to ship more than a million. I just don't see how it couldn't haha. Not with in America it's looking like it'll survive to the holiday season. All it really needs to sale is 800-850k worldwide to have 1 million shipped.
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Erik Aston posted 31/08/2007, 09:03
I guess this game has sold (shipped) 750K WW according to Capcom. That comes via GoNintendo via Cubed3, though, so take it for what it's worth.

Hopefully this game can reach 1,000,000 in sales. That would be pretty impressive. With luck, Capcom will be encouraged to bring more RE games to Wii, regardless of how UC sells.
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Cobretti posted 26/08/2007, 01:13
speaking of european/other sales. When would we know their figures.
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routsounmanman posted 23/08/2007, 10:56
I played Resident Evil 4 on GC twice and in the end I was like "very good but...". Honestly, I'm playing for the 5th time on Wii in Professional mode and I'm OMG!!! Much, much better than the other versions. In my top10 games of all time.
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jv103 posted 22/08/2007, 07:23
I love this game. Not being a fanboy, I beat it originally on the cube when it came out. I liked it then, just liked nothing special. On the Wii though, it makes me speculate the possibilities of shooters being abundant on the Wii. The controls are tight. It feels natural to play with your hands apart, each on on an arm rest of a lazy boy. 9.5/10 for the genre, 8.5/10 as a wii game. Must-have for the Wii library!

Man I can't wait for a multiplayer shooter with the fun factor of Goldeneye to come out for the wii...Proximity mines ftw.
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pronto posted 19/08/2007, 09:23
This the best version of one of the greatest game ever. Wiimote REALLY adds to the feeling and thus it's recommended buy even if you already own PS2 or Cube version.

It also contains all the extras from PS2 version and only downside (the reason why it's not going to get perfect 10 from me) is that graphics are not much different from Cube version even though Wii is more powerful.
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omgwtfbbq posted 19/08/2007, 01:20
That's the boxart we have in Australia, and I assume it's the same as Europe.

I don't know why we always get different boxarts, but sometimes it's really for the etter (this and Metal Slug Anthology are two prime examples) but sometimes it's much worse (Wind Waker)
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GF posted 18/08/2007, 10:42
If they released a Player's Choice Edition of this game due to hig sales, how much would it cost? 15$?
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Zucas posted 18/08/2007, 05:45
I'd suspect about 150k-175k has been sold in Europe/other. So that would put it at about .55 million sold.

I think it'll continue to sell well in America and maybe by the end of th year it will have sold 500k there. Probably end at 250k in Europe and 150k in Japan. Total of 900k. Shipments should push this title platinum. Now wouldnt that be interesting.
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Hyperion posted 09/08/2007, 12:59
Yeah, I would do anything to have that awesome boxart.
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fazz posted 08/08/2007, 04:06
I agree, that boxart is WAY better than the american one.
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ArtofAngels posted 04/08/2007, 02:23
That is an awesome box art right there.
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Hyperion posted 04/08/2007, 12:10
Yeah, people who live in their own country, Spain, are wetbacks. Very clever.
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onlyfagsbuywiis posted 03/08/2007, 07:38
This game sucks don't buy it, all you do is have gay sex with wetbacks.
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ale666 posted 31/07/2007, 10:17
Playing this on wii and feeling how great it controls with the wiimote makes me more pissed off at capcom for not bringing a version of RE5 to the wii..
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Hyperion posted 29/07/2007, 10:30
The last time I played this game was in 2005. I just bought it again and I must say it's still amazing! 10 stars for sure.
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Maverick Hunter Z posted 29/07/2007, 11:59
One of the reasons i was glad to have a Gamecube last generation, a must have for my Wii. Pity the only two games I have for my Wii are GC ports though. 10/10.
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Parokki posted 25/07/2007, 08:10
No European sales? Can't be accurate, as I know at least one person who bought it. =P
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Yuk04 posted 16/07/2007, 03:35
This is the best version of one of the best videogames in history
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Kenkaku posted 11/07/2007, 04:24
How come we're not getting the European sales for this game? I think it'd be interesting to see how well this game does worldwide.
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Mnementh posted 04/07/2007, 09:00
I never before played a shooter on a console, but I picked up RE4 for the Wii. I wanted to start gaming a little bit and found myself playing until deep in the night. This game is great.

One thing: I had a blinking green line on the bottom if I used PAL (576i). The Wii is connected via RGB-cable. The problem disappeared as I switched the Wii to 60Hz-Mode (480i). Thats OK, I can play. But if someone discovered how to resolve the problem, I would be happy to hear about it, because I want to play in the higher resolution, if possible.
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naznatips posted 03/07/2007, 03:06
There is also a paper mario on the Wii...
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RAcCoOnErOuS posted 03/07/2007, 01:53
Theres a Paper Mario for GC
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leo-j posted 30/06/2007, 05:42
dam I love paper mario why was it only on n64.
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benoit posted 30/06/2007, 12:30
juste bought it!

+1 origin

it's pretty amazing.
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OriGin posted 30/06/2007, 03:54
Yep I've been playing it as well, it's fantastic!!! I never played the GC or PS2 version but there is no way I could ever go back, imagine having to aim with the joystick? FUCKKKKK that!!!

Anyone who hasn't player RE4 should pick up this game NOW and even if you have, I hear it makes it completely freshhhhh as well!
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DonWii posted 30/06/2007, 03:26
Post some reviews....
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Ackmed Tepish posted 28/06/2007, 10:32
Guy who said he cut his head off actually left Capcom in protest after it was ported to PS2, so it wusn't his decision on the Wii version.
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JCFG posted 28/06/2007, 05:44
Just wanted to post how dam awesome this game is! 9/10 :D
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naznatips posted 27/06/2007, 10:14
Amazing game. I love it to death. Easily the best purchase I have made on the Wii after Twilight Princess. The controls are perfect, sharp, and enjoyable
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StarcraftManiac posted 27/06/2007, 06:01
Hehe... They owed this too Nintendo... That Capcom guy said it DEFINITELY wouldn't come to PS2... Or he'd kill himself...! So he kinda owed this to Nintendo!
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Ackmed Tepish posted 27/06/2007, 07:36
PS2 had more features but now those are on the Wii too. Nintendo has last laugh with RE4 Wii.
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DonWii posted 21/06/2007, 12:15
Awesome controls. The definitive RE4 version.
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jonboy101 posted 11/06/2007, 03:46
I thank you.
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omgwtfbbq posted 10/06/2007, 04:41
I've already voted for the sega games that I have played. (and even wrote a description for one of them)
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jonboy101 posted 09/06/2007, 06:43
If you think that, then go vote for some SEGA games (outside sonic) they're getting pretty damned abused.
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omgwtfbbq posted 09/06/2007, 09:22
no it's not fair. You cannot rate a game that you have not played.
unfortunately, there will always be people who abuse the system. but we can only hope that the majority will see through and the real worth of the game will be shown.
I will, of course, rate this game once I buy it and play it =)
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Gballzack posted 08/06/2007, 08:44
I'm hot for this game.
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Arkk posted 08/06/2007, 08:21
The controls are going to be completely different, so there is no sense in rating the game yet if you have only played the GC and PS2 versions.
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naznatips posted 07/06/2007, 09:47
I find it incredibly sad that people are rating this before it's been released. Even sadder that they are rating it BAD. How much of a loser do you have to be to give a game a bad rating before you have ever played it.
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omgwtfbbq posted 07/06/2007, 12:55
wow the game has only been released in Japan and already five votes?

me thinks some people are jumping the gun on this and rating it without having played it.
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2,000,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (258)

AngryAztec posted 26/12/2013, 04:18
@-girgosz- Well, the HD port wasn't better than the Wii version. Other than the resolution, the HD port (PS3) had a choppy framerate and compressed audio. Capcom pulled a lazy job with that "remake" of RE4. The Wii version still is the best port of the game. The controls (you got options as how to play it) is something that cannot be beat.
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 02:56
RE5 could have worked on the Wii easily (downgraded to this games visual level, even a lil bit above, could have sell over a milion )
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DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 02:56
RE5 could have worked on the Wii easily (downgraded to this games visual level, even a lil bit above, could have sell over a milion )
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Fededx posted 07/07/2012, 05:53
It was the first Wii game I bought and I loved it. I'm glad it sold so much! Totally deserves it, the control are fantastic.
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RedInker posted 06/06/2012, 04:19
Whoooo over 2 million. Great numbers for a great game. One of my favourite Wii games and superiour to the original GC version
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oniyide posted 11/02/2012, 03:34
LOL to anyone who thinks that Capcom would waste time and money chopping up RE5 just to get it to work on Wii this late in the game. Cause people really want a worst version of a game that has been available for YEARS
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