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10/28/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/30/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/05/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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LittleBigPlanet (PS3) > Opinions (1231)

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Ghazi4 posted 06/12/2009, 04:27
wow it did 100k on black friday week!!! wat a comeback!! lol
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Trent posted 04/12/2009, 04:50
Awesome Game
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AlkamistStar posted 03/12/2009, 05:00
absolutely love this game!
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EdStation3 posted 02/12/2009, 12:12
Just bought it, pretty fun.
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Gearbox posted 01/12/2009, 01:32
i still play this game. like A LOT. me and my friends play it all the time.:)
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leo-j posted 27/11/2009, 03:22
3M before the end of the year
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sepisfu posted 27/11/2009, 03:19
i love to see little big plane 2
i would buy it first day

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sepisfu posted 20/11/2009, 03:54
wow 2.56 , i hope it sells more, deserve it
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ZorroX posted 20/11/2009, 12:20
I wonder, how long untill 3M, maybe already by the end of this year?
This depends on how big will be 2nd Christmas boost.

Anyway, soon or later, LBP will hit 3M.
If legs will continue, then 5M LTD by the end of 2012 is pretty much given.
Go Go LBP!
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sabby_e17 posted 15/11/2009, 01:32
I'm really looking forward to this.
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PlaystaionGamer posted 11/11/2009, 12:51
Message | Report
MarshmallowMan posted 06/11/2009, 01:47
Selling well once again!
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axumblade posted 04/11/2009, 07:30
Oh wow. It did hit 1 million in the U.S. :)
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AdventWolf posted 01/11/2009, 02:37
They added i think 6 DLC packs such as the MGS stuff among other things. Plus 18 user created levels exclusively for the goty edition I think. And it comes with a beta key to ModNation racers.
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Munkeh111 posted 30/10/2009, 09:00
Woo, 2.5m this week please say it keeps selling
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THATGUY posted 25/10/2009, 04:13
the legs on this game are incredible
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sabby_e17 posted 23/10/2009, 11:12
21K last week. I'm impressed.
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masterb8tr posted 23/10/2009, 05:28
hits one mill in Americas
Message | Report
Monges79 posted 17/10/2009, 03:32
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Cowboys4u86 posted 16/10/2009, 11:13
It's disappointing this didn't do better in Japan. If it was a Japanese team that made instead of a Western one it would've gotten more sales. Still, 160k from a Western game in Japan is great.

Can't believe how well LBP is holding though. Finally a million seller in the US.
Message | Report
HelloMotto posted 16/10/2009, 03:20
1 million in america!
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zaMy posted 14/10/2009, 01:43
So how exactly is this game different from the regular LBP? Adding a few DLC doesnt make it a knew game.

Anyways, I might get this, since there is not really anything for this holidays.
Message | Report
maverick40 posted 12/10/2009, 05:24
amazing sales.
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krimoz911 posted 10/10/2009, 03:44
I expect this to get a nice boost in the US and maybe Europe if they advertise the Disney DLC on TV
Hopefully they will do that this holiday season.
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palitococo posted 10/10/2009, 02:31
22.660. This game its holding very well, might be interesting see his holydays numbers.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 10/10/2009, 11:27
why has this only sold 160k in Japan?
Message | Report
Cold Light posted 09/10/2009, 01:56
One million in Americas next week!
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 08/10/2009, 09:04
Will hit 4 million.
Message | Report
THATGUY posted 08/10/2009, 06:44
3 million here we come
Message | Report
pablogers posted 04/10/2009, 07:09
23k this wek.. wow

Message | Report
PDF posted 02/10/2009, 08:14
just going over 2m for a game like this on the ps3 is a huge accomplishment.
Message | Report
scourge29 posted 30/09/2009, 09:33
the slim really helped this one!
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 25/09/2009, 03:18
Hope to see it hit a million in the US soon.
Message | Report
-ku- posted 21/09/2009, 02:32
5 weeks till 1st anniversary I predict 2.55 mm
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 17/09/2009, 04:05
This game did really well for itself.

Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 12/09/2009, 04:35
Hows sales going to work?
Message | Report
test posted 12/09/2009, 04:15

Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 12/09/2009, 12:31
The GOTY Edition will likely be added to the regular numbers. It's essentially the same game, all the others with GOTY Editions get tracked as one game rather than separate.

The GOTY Edition should add a nice boost to sales as well, it's seriously good value and coupled with the price drop it should see more buyers who were interested but never had a PS3 before now.
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 11/09/2009, 11:51
Will reach 3M over time.The support from the developer is great
Message | Report
realill posted 11/09/2009, 11:25
Demo got Russian language. I believe this version will got much more languages included.
Message | Report
superbeast1370 posted 11/09/2009, 06:11
LBP started it out with solid sales and went over 2 million. amazing!
Message | Report
gustave154 posted 09/09/2009, 09:33
hope it reaches 3 mil...
this is a great game.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 06/09/2009, 12:57
if GOTY is included, it will boost it to 3 million
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 04/09/2009, 04:13
I imagine it will be like Oblivion where the sales are all counted on the original game page while this page is kept for people who want to add this game to their collection.
Message | Report
ajaghvajagh posted 04/09/2009, 06:19
Why isnt this being counted with the main version like other games..?
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 03/09/2009, 01:43
the sales should be counted along with main version.
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 31/08/2009, 03:16
@snyperdud, no the sales of the GOTY will be included to these numbers.

Very good legs for LBP
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 30/08/2009, 07:14
Will the GOTY edition be tracked as a separate game?

Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 29/08/2009, 09:45
come on people! if you havent brought this you really NEED to, its so good. and buy it new and get the sales where they deserve, such a great game
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 28/08/2009, 08:25
This game is well and truly dead in America. Almost outsold by Lair last week.

I hope the GOTY edition can carry it to 3 million.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 22/08/2009, 09:04
The GotY edition will contain the MGS pack and loads of costume packs
Message | Report
Trent posted 22/08/2009, 02:14
Water :D
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 16/08/2009, 06:28
might get to 3 million with goty release.

one of the best games this gen.
Message | Report
AnarchyWest posted 16/08/2009, 07:03
what will be in the game of the year edition?
Message | Report
cheese_man posted 15/08/2009, 01:25
Lol I remember everyone stating at the start of this year that it will be 3million by the end of this year. Looks like that isn't going to happen, however I think it will reach 2.6m+ in the holidays
Message | Report
XxXProphecyXxX posted 15/08/2009, 04:48
this will get a sales boost from GOTY edition for sure.
Message | Report
terislb posted 14/08/2009, 12:23
wow this game needs alooot of updating if you havent been playing it for a while thats 7 updates for me
Message | Report
_mevildan posted 13/08/2009, 04:39
I think we all know that the song isn't a LBP "owned" song, but what is shameful is that Microsoft would use a song so recently associated with a big Sony title.
Message | Report
Rawnchie14 posted 13/08/2009, 03:42
@Squall_Leonhart -- The Go! Team owns the song, since they made it... they can sell it to whomever they want. It wasn't made to be the theme of LBP, it just happened to be used.
Message | Report
Dallinor posted 07/08/2009, 03:27
I'd say Media Molecule are dang happy with these sales.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/08/2009, 02:23
@ AnarchyWest

Most of the downloadable content that I had to pay for >_>
Message | Report
AnarchyWest posted 07/08/2009, 02:17
what exactly will the game of the year edition (NA) have that the retail version out now doesn't? im thinking of buy this game but i'll hold off till the game of the year edition
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 05/08/2009, 10:51
Quality game, i loved this and even got meself a small Platinum
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 05/08/2009, 12:43
I still can't believe MS used the theme tune to this in one of their ad's lol
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 03/08/2009, 05:41
The number one game to play with your friends on PS3.
Message | Report
Spedfrom posted 03/08/2009, 02:49
Such a fun little game to play with friends or even random people. I'm enjoying it a lot more now than I did back when it was released and I immediately bought it.
Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 03/08/2009, 01:11
great game! game of the year eddition comes out this year, then plat version...this may get another million, but that is wishfull thinking
Message | Report
zaMy posted 02/08/2009, 07:31
There are so many great levels in here, better then the devs even! Look up the Dead Space levels, or the Mario Kart levels, those are really fun to play with friends
Message | Report
Theo posted 02/08/2009, 03:27
Whoa! Nice legs! Awesome! More potential level designers : D
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 01/08/2009, 01:47
Will be nearer 4 million by the end of the generation
Message | Report
zaMy posted 29/07/2009, 06:28
With the platinum edition coming christmas, I'm pretty confident this game can reach 3 million.
Message | Report
tedsteriscool posted 29/07/2009, 12:30
No way? PS3 games have legs?!
Message | Report
geddesmond2 posted 26/07/2009, 01:20
Yeah tell me about it. Do you's remember when xbox fanboys said it would be lucky to reach 1 million sales and now look at it and the platnum edition is coming this christmas
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 23/07/2009, 02:23
Who would have ever thought that LBP would have sold this great.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 20/07/2009, 11:05
YAY ive aced all the levels, now just to get the prize bubbles do the level creation tutorials and i have a platinum.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 19/07/2009, 12:19
damn it the Bunker level is too hard to ace :(
Message | Report
PS3beats360 posted 17/07/2009, 08:11
Over 2 million sales and still going strong. 3 million ltd sales of this game could be reached.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 17/07/2009, 05:00
i was remaking a pitfall level then i got busy and TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT, until yesterday (i started making it a month after the games release)
Message | Report
NKAJ posted 15/07/2009, 09:49
this game is doing so well
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 13/07/2009, 06:14
great sales
i like the DLCs a little bit pricey but I'll buy the ones i really want like mgs and ghostbuster
Message | Report
Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 10/07/2009, 03:12
Welp i've been playing this game everyday now, and i've gotta say...

The Level Creation truly makes this game shine on!
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/07/2009, 10:07
Still continuing at 6k a week in others...
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 07/07/2009, 07:38
This is the time to introduce platinum version and greatest hits.
Message | Report
Theo posted 07/07/2009, 07:31
Hot damn this is selling well!
Message | Report
locos85 posted 06/07/2009, 03:48
This game is bundled at Best Buy with Wall-E and an 80 gig PS3
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 06/07/2009, 01:59
Very good legs for a PS3 game and will probable go on to pass 3million.

Although I honestly think this type of game is more suited (while not technically possible on this scale) for the Wii
Message | Report
Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 05/07/2009, 07:11
Finally got around to re-buying this game, its not worth $50 imo, but i got off easy with a like new used $30 copy.

Well worth the 30 in that case.

In Conclusion, its one of my fave PS3 exclusives now, Music... has won...the battle...

But not teh War! Viva La Valkyria!
Message | Report
yungmagic09 posted 05/07/2009, 07:21
This may be the next game I purchase.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 05/07/2009, 01:39
it needs to sell more.. sony need to bundle this, this needs to be there mascot
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 27/06/2009, 09:47
Only 10k this week... I just hope these sales continue
Message | Report
ElectronicRocker posted 27/06/2009, 07:41
sadly vgchartz doesnt track sales
because everyone in europe get their copy from there
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 26/06/2009, 10:12
Very good sales, with platinum version it will reach 3 million.
Message | Report
scourge29 posted 25/06/2009, 08:17
this is such a perfect rent
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 25/06/2009, 08:20
It will hit 3.2 million
Message | Report
scourge29 posted 24/06/2009, 05:38
i wonder what their next project will be?
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 20/06/2009, 05:20
thats because you can get the game as cheap as £5 in the UK.
Message | Report
NoCtiS_NoX posted 20/06/2009, 04:45
I see an increase when the FF7 DLC comes. BTW any news from that?
Message | Report
locos85 posted 19/06/2009, 08:24
This game will see some increases once the PSP version comes out. It will get those that haven't tried it to get into the franchise. Like ModNation Racers
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 19/06/2009, 02:00
they are at the highest they've ever been.
Message | Report
CortezTheKiller posted 11/06/2009, 10:38
Every time I come here to look at the numbers they have gone down. What's going on here?
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 09/06/2009, 01:59
friggen american adverts were horrible.......
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/06/2009, 10:51
It's got to make it to 2.5m eventually, it keeps selling 10k each week
Message | Report
yusuke93_ita posted 08/06/2009, 11:22
japan boxart is awful, anyway this can hit 2.50 million, but it has been adjusted down at leats 5 time...
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 07/06/2009, 05:13
Definetly a long distance runner
Message | Report
jmcraddock posted 03/06/2009, 11:13
its been at 2.21 mill sales for just about 2 months... Common VG chartz, adjust it up already
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 02/06/2009, 10:54
it will reach 1m in NA
Message | Report
nen-suer posted 01/06/2009, 09:59

wanna bet
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 31/05/2009, 11:50
Coolbeans - say it wont reach easily when it becomes greatest hits for the 2nd Chrstmas season.
Message | Report
BladeOfGod posted 31/05/2009, 10:46
i should really get this game
Message | Report
leo-j posted 31/05/2009, 06:12
Its been selling over 10,000 a week for a long time though
Message | Report
coolbeans posted 31/05/2009, 04:58
lol 3mil easily? I think you failed to to read the part that it's been out for 6 months and has .79 mil to actually reach that. While other games sell well over time (Halo 3, MGSIV), this is not going to be one of them.
Message | Report
jmcraddock posted 30/05/2009, 12:35
Maz King of the Wild is right, only 30 people made this game :S. It also says that this game is closing up to 2million sold in Europe...
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 28/05/2009, 04:00
Will reach 3m easily
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 28/05/2009, 03:38
kersed - MM only has 30 people.

"Media Molecule ended up with a workforce of 30"
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 27/05/2009, 10:49
The game only cost about $5m to make + advertising
Message | Report
kersed3 posted 23/05/2009, 10:01
plus all the add -on content on PS Store made them lots of money ... But there couldnt of been only 30 employees, this game is so amazing and it would be so complicated to make
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 22/05/2009, 11:01
2.20 x $60 = $132,000,000 of revenue. For a game that was in development for 2.5 years with only 30 employees.... yeah this game made a bunch of money.
Message | Report
legendarysaiyanbroly posted 22/05/2009, 04:25
GO LBP!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 20/05/2009, 07:45
LBP for 16 pounds, and Gears 2 for 18 pounds.
243 days in the top100.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 20/05/2009, 08:27
It's like £8 on amazon
Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 19/05/2009, 11:31
It`s like 15 pounds now in UK, and Gears 2 only 3 pounds more, lol.
And some time ago, Gears 2 cost only14 pounds, so what? LoL.

On topic, this game should still sell a LOT when PS3 gets to 299$ price. This Amazing game just needed to sell alongside mass market priced console, and soon enough PS3 will be there. :)

5 mln. is a minimum for this game LTD sales.
It will sell 7-10 mln. when PS3 reach 199$ price, unless LBP2 will come sooner, than 2011.
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 19/05/2009, 07:14
they should make this a greatest hit for its 2nd holiday season/1 year anniversary
Message | Report
headshot91 posted 19/05/2009, 11:18
its like 10 pounds in the uk lol
Message | Report
XxXProphecyXxX posted 19/05/2009, 10:21
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 19/05/2009, 03:32
adjusted down :(
Message | Report
danielhiru posted 19/05/2009, 01:53
lol adjusted down.. again
Message | Report
yusuke93_ita posted 18/05/2009, 07:37
adjusted down for the 34th time lol
Message | Report
RPG posted 18/05/2009, 07:18
adjusted down to 2.19 million :(
Message | Report
BxN posted 18/05/2009, 05:48
LittleBigPlanet is awesome.

That is all...
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 15/05/2009, 02:08
i dont think mm helped kojima to make the levels they just made the gun
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 14/05/2009, 12:31
I really hope MM work with other developers to release lvl packs like they did with Konami for the MGS lvls!!!!
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 13/05/2009, 04:43
E-rocker - twesterm said it wouldnt break 1mil. undying said 300k people are ridiculous
Message | Report
dddddddddd123 posted 13/05/2009, 04:26
this is so cheap in the uk
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 13/05/2009, 03:34
If this was on Nintendo's consoles i would have bought it...
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 13/05/2009, 02:09
Sales could be quite steady for a while in the EU, seeing as it's so cheap to buy now. It's sells for a tenner brand new here in the UK.
Message | Report
Carl posted 13/05/2009, 12:47
Judge Dredd looks awesome for this
Message | Report
Heavenly_King posted 11/05/2009, 11:26
Message | Report
Valkyre posted 11/05/2009, 09:29
I think the sales are just fine.In fact they are better than what i thought they would be.

The game is fun , fresh , and constantly changes but older people (like me) can get a bit bored after a while , because its target is mainly smaller ages.
Message | Report
Alic0004 posted 11/05/2009, 03:58
Yeah, some people thought it would do 10 billion in sales, too. They're called enthusiastic ten year olds.
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 10/05/2009, 08:45
some people actually believed this will do 10 mil, it was insane.

Anywho its gr8 sales for this game, and deserves more, keep on a rollin BABY!
Message | Report
ElectronicRocker posted 09/05/2009, 07:58
i remember when this game launched everyone here (360/wii fans) said this would never do 1.5 million ltd
and now its approaching 3 million
Message | Report
palancas7 posted 08/05/2009, 01:10
wow, it's £9.99 on
Message | Report
chris1_16 posted 07/05/2009, 03:23
Sexy sales for a sexy game:P
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 06/05/2009, 09:45
If you live in Uk get this on Amazon for £9.99.
Message | Report
czecherychestnut posted 06/05/2009, 03:01
I want this game, but haven't managed to find it for less than $AU105, which frankly is ridiculous. Come on Sony, make it platinum!
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 05/05/2009, 12:49
@pap : yeah but it's a kind of, i want sackboy when touch ice, begin a mass of ice.

Sorry for my english.

However, LBP's sales are incredible, it's time to outsell Uncharted worldwide.
Message | Report
papflesje posted 04/05/2009, 01:03
hocannor: doesn't the glass kind of substitute the need for ice?
Message | Report
Trent posted 04/05/2009, 06:51
Its Almost 1 mil in America =)
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 03/05/2009, 10:53
Water,gravity and ice.
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 02/05/2009, 09:57
we need water in this game
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 02/05/2009, 10:38
Guys, on LBP stay on 7.50£.
Message | Report
Heavenly_King posted 01/05/2009, 04:56
Message | Report
Resistance09 posted 30/04/2009, 03:14
This game has been overlooked too long:(
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 29/04/2009, 04:54
Great sales.
It will make it to 3 million.
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 29/04/2009, 02:08
I think LBP will reach 3 million by the end of the year.
Message | Report
Egghead posted 28/04/2009, 12:27
I guess the sales are over in Japan

Message | Report
Xander756 posted 26/04/2009, 02:48
Ah it's good to see the numbers finally adjusted.
Message | Report
Kantor posted 21/04/2009, 12:01
Only 2.16 million copies sold? What a failure!
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 20/04/2009, 09:36
So? Media Molecule isn't even making that.
Message | Report
Fenristh posted 20/04/2009, 06:24
It's already been announced for PSP.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 20/04/2009, 07:41
I can't believe no speculations have started about some type of sequel being unleashed at E3. I'd say it is very probable - that or an insane amount of DLC.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 19/04/2009, 04:07
You have to emphasize "2D."
Message | Report
infamous8 posted 18/04/2009, 08:37
This is the best selling non-Mario 2D game in..... forever.
Message | Report
Hocannor posted 15/04/2009, 03:57
This game sells amazing for a new ip and platform genre.

Congratz Sony and MM.
Message | Report
Fei-Hung posted 14/04/2009, 02:32
I just ordered my copy 2 days ago from amazon. I can't believe they are selling brand new copies of lbp for £13!

If you can pick up a game as great as this for £13, it better have sales to show for it, it would be a shame if it didn't.
Message | Report
Kantor posted 13/04/2009, 12:36
This is an awesome game. I'm going to review it now.
Message | Report
kersed3 posted 12/04/2009, 07:05
dam... i wish i got this instead of skate 2. :(

Especially since i have skate 1. to bad my 1 week policy thing is up :(
Message | Report
Rainbird posted 10/04/2009, 03:24
@ Munkeh111

The game isn't even a Platinum/Greatest Hits game yet, I don't think it will have trouble getting to 3M
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 10/04/2009, 11:11
I haven't seen an LBP bundle in the UK, other than in a Sony Style store

Anyway, it is holding up at around 15k WW, hopefully that will carry it slowly to 3m
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 10/04/2009, 05:49
sony should just bundle one game with all ps3s. that way it will look like the game sold a lot like the original super mario. also then every1 who owns a ps3 will know of that franchise and thus a mario rival could be born

Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 09/04/2009, 05:19
are there still bundles in Europe? i thought it was just for the holidays. surly their dried up by now.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 08/04/2009, 08:49
that depends on when the price is cut..
Message | Report
TT Makaveli posted 07/04/2009, 10:55
i think this will reach great sales after the ps3 price cut...i think 90% of the then new ps3 owners wanna have this game...its so great!
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 07/04/2009, 10:16
I expected Halo-like sales for the amount of hype this wasgetting. :(
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 07/04/2009, 12:45
will get to 3 million latter end of this year
Message | Report
*~Onna76~* posted 05/04/2009, 12:26
Who would have thought this game would sell over 2 million. Not me to be quite honest, but I'm very happy that at least a non shooter sells great on the PS3.
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 04/04/2009, 07:14
really good legs
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 04/04/2009, 12:24
almost 150k in Japan. Thats impressive.
Message | Report
Theo posted 03/04/2009, 04:12
Wow, these sales are incredible. I knew this game had legs ; )
Message | Report
Seece posted 03/04/2009, 03:13
Your maths is pretty bad Gearbox

Going by this weeks sales it is going to take 15 weeks, and thats without it dropping, so probably 16 - 20 weeks.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 03/04/2009, 03:53
i made some levels but they suck (Gear_Box)
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 02/04/2009, 05:24
I love this game. I still play now and again.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 02/04/2009, 03:21
in eaxclty 12 weeks from when i post this it will reach 1 million in america
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 31/03/2009, 02:09
Fun game ! If it keeps this sales for 1 year it can sell another 3.5m lol.
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 30/03/2009, 10:07
i will buy lbp 2 fore sure
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 27/03/2009, 08:03
little big planet 2 will be announced this year at will have 3d world creation only possible with the cell.

new bundle with LBP and LBP 2 with 2 controllers will be announced for xmas.
Message | Report
Rafux posted 27/03/2009, 03:14
I just bought this game after seeing it winning all those prizes from the GDC it really is something else, great game
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 27/03/2009, 12:22
this game is still selling
this game is must buy for any ps3 owners
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 26/03/2009, 10:44
10th in the PS3 WW sales, its legs are holding up, but just not as well as WaW
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 24/03/2009, 04:22
Sales are starting to slow up now... dropped to 8k this week.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 23/03/2009, 11:24
It just keeps on being adjusted downwards... it is only selling 8k in others now
Message | Report
CortezTheKiller posted 20/03/2009, 12:35
Ignore Xander, from what I've seen he appears to be trolling PS3 game pages for fun today.
Message | Report
boxydancer posted 19/03/2009, 10:47
Xander, overtracked according to who? I'm not even being snarky here.
Message | Report
Egghead posted 19/03/2009, 07:45
Heavily discounted here in the UK

Message | Report
pastro243 posted 19/03/2009, 07:01
great sales
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 19/03/2009, 05:04
Legs? Hell yes.
Message | Report
TT Makaveli posted 18/03/2009, 04:06
i think this sold more...this is easily the top 3 must have game and i doubt it that only 2 mill buyed the game...and we know vg and the ps games :D!
Message | Report
saimcheeda posted 17/03/2009, 01:07
Well its Finally Reachd 2 million..gud news altho im nt too sure about the sales coz vgchartz isnt the most reliable place fr sales figures
Message | Report
HanzoTheRazor posted 16/03/2009, 01:09
Please, check out my Dark Moon levels, u might be plesently surprised.
Message | Report
HanzoTheRazor posted 16/03/2009, 01:07
10/10 One of the best games, ever!
Message | Report
Alby_da_Wolf posted 15/03/2009, 07:58
Right now that with LBP is the cheapest PS3 bundle available in Italy, currently starting at 349€ at some big electronics superstore chains, so it should keep on growing quite well...
KZ2 bundle starts at ~375€ online, more at stores.
Message | Report
DiplomaticImmunity posted 15/03/2009, 07:16
i love this game, ps3-owners go buy this game
Message | Report
renegade826 posted 14/03/2009, 05:21
Wooo 2M well done LBP
Message | Report
nordlead posted 12/03/2009, 08:49
I just bought this from a US store for $20, although it is the PAL version. It is good til the 13th of April
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 12/03/2009, 04:29
Sony really need to drop the price of the PS3, the sales for this could be a lot better. Hell even a limited time price drop for the release of KZ2 would've boosted these numbers a bit.

LBP is a game lots want to play but not something they're going to spend $399 in order to do so.
Message | Report
NanakiXI posted 11/03/2009, 06:56
Call me optimistic but I say 4.5 Mil by end of life. LBP PSP might even give the PS3 game a considerable boost.
Message | Report
palancas7 posted 11/03/2009, 06:35
You can find it for £12 on Other places also have it at bargain price.
Message | Report
NicholasCage posted 11/03/2009, 04:38
Holy, 15k in Others alone this week. Is it bundled in EU now or what?
Message | Report
C_Hollomon posted 09/03/2009, 08:20
I can see a lot of game sales will increase once Sony do a price cut. Games like LBP, MGS4, and Resistance sales should go up.
Message | Report
pslee posted 09/03/2009, 05:53
i had this game and i just want to tell you one thing. if you didnt like mario games, you wont like this game. i just finished the story mode and it was pretty good.
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 08/03/2009, 08:11
Been playing the MGS pak, its awesome. Are MM going to team up with other devs like they did Konami?
Message | Report
whofwhof posted 08/03/2009, 04:28
this game is damn booring
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 08/03/2009, 08:08
2 million is a good number
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 07/03/2009, 07:39
Haven't played in a while.I think I'm going to soon.

Also the sales have been oddly adjusted lately...
Message | Report
Jijjin posted 06/03/2009, 04:18
Wow look at those legs, and 2.04 million sold after a lackluster launch back in October.
Message | Report
makingmusic476 posted 05/03/2009, 07:23
Wait, this has been adjusted down a few times? That explains it!

I thought I was caught in some sort of time space continuum. I was like, "Wait, wasn't this at 2.01k last week? And the week before? Wtf?"
Message | Report
HappyPerson14 posted 03/03/2009, 02:13
wow this sold 6 million! (2 million seller three times)
Message | Report
scourge666 posted 28/02/2009, 04:01
no way, twice, something weird is goin on
Message | Report
insomniac_dog posted 28/02/2009, 03:38
So wait, it was adjusted down a few thousand units TWICE? I guess that means it was a 2 million seller 3 times!
Message | Report
axumblade posted 27/02/2009, 08:58
Hooray! 2 million!!! again!!!
Message | Report
Joemazing posted 27/02/2009, 05:12
dont worry, LBP is so awesome its ambitiously sold 2 million 3 times! thats like... TOTALLY better than doing it once
Message | Report
grimygunz posted 27/02/2009, 03:10
we need to start keeping count of how many time its been adjusted down. Its been hovering above and below 2million sales for almost 6 weeks now
Message | Report
NicholasCage posted 27/02/2009, 02:30
WTF? Lowered again? it was 2020k now 1994k? wtf is this?
Message | Report
luisgvm posted 27/02/2009, 02:12
lowered down again?.
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 26/02/2009, 02:00
will surely get to 3 million, then id say bundle the game with every ps3 sold.
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 26/02/2009, 02:24
love this game...
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 25/02/2009, 09:49
Solid legs! Another 16k in others this week, similar to what Uncharted was doing last year
Message | Report
marciosmg posted 25/02/2009, 08:08
This game is so freakig awesome!!!!!!!!!
Message | Report
Steroid posted 25/02/2009, 03:59
Thats 2 million for all you gimps who hated.
Message | Report
Resistance09 posted 24/02/2009, 06:34
love it
Message | Report
RED53DEVILS posted 23/02/2009, 12:18
next stop 3m
Message | Report
Trent posted 23/02/2009, 08:45
Do you think that it will hit 3 million lifetime sales??
Message | Report
Terrell posted 22/02/2009, 02:06
i need to get this one i didn't think it would sell 2 million
Message | Report
Sephiroth357 posted 22/02/2009, 12:12
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 22/02/2009, 12:11
I like this game more and more every time it passes 2 million.
Message | Report
bluegrayz posted 20/02/2009, 05:14
definetely not, this game isnt suited to everybody.
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 20/02/2009, 02:45
sales ajdusted down to 2mill?
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 20/02/2009, 02:02
when LBP reaches 3 million, i belive it should be permenantly bundled with every ps3 purchased and normal game to be put on platinum.
Message | Report
Artur posted 20/02/2009, 01:46
Will have it next week. Only £17.99 (new) on See on PSN lots of guys play it.
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 20/02/2009, 12:53
Just got LBP and I got to say it's pretty fun
Message | Report
Joemazing posted 19/02/2009, 10:01
yay.. 2 million (again)! my love of SFIV is making me want to get the SF sackboy costumes... damn cross promotional marketing!
Message | Report
Kyuu posted 19/02/2009, 08:24
ddnt know game sales could go backwards! I thought last week lbp hit 2.04 mil
Message | Report
Serious_frusting posted 19/02/2009, 05:15
adjusted down man. that is pure bad mind. stupid people not buying the dam game
Message | Report
luisgvm posted 18/02/2009, 09:22
noo¡¡¡¡¡ adjusted down¡¡¡¡. well what can you do.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 18/02/2009, 09:11
Adjusted down, just noticed
Message | Report
Finnbar posted 18/02/2009, 05:37
I think this just became my fav game this gen. I was playing this with 3 other people the other day (we have 4 ps3 controllers now) and it was such a blast, the game just keeps getting better everytime I play it, its like ti has infinite replay value.
Message | Report
Serious_frusting posted 17/02/2009, 08:23
It is taking me ages to finish this game lol, i play it bit by bit, but i love it lolz. going to be making a vgc level on it soon
Message | Report
TyePhoid_PAL posted 16/02/2009, 08:14
FINALLY finished story. Awesome game 4 players roks!!!
Message | Report
Simulacrum posted 16/02/2009, 06:00
Whoa.I mean whoa.
I played 3 first levels.After that haven't touched it in week.
Well I'll get to it after I have time..
Now for VC and Cod4.
Message | Report
oliminator1994 posted 14/02/2009, 02:50
add me on psn if you want to do heart for heart :)
Message | Report
realill posted 14/02/2009, 05:30
2 author hearts before platinum :P
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 13/02/2009, 05:04
People need to make more music levels. They are cooooool.
Message | Report
luisgvm posted 11/02/2009, 08:28
lets hope this game have great legs like unharted have. 3 million here we come¡¡¡
Message | Report
The:GMan posted 10/02/2009, 09:11
Message | Report
Simulacrum posted 10/02/2009, 07:35
Got it today!
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 10/02/2009, 03:36
Although I should say that 2 million is a great achievement for a game like this anyways. Everything it gets from here on out is jsut a nice bonus. MM have created a gem, hopefully they continue to work with Sony and build on this game and make some other new and refreshing titles as well.
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 10/02/2009, 12:36
If LBP can keep it's pace of 30k per week worldwide, it will be looking at about 3.4 million Lifetime by the time 09 ends.
Message | Report
saxophonehero posted 10/02/2009, 01:22
about time
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 09/02/2009, 10:16
congrats to LPB
Message | Report
Spectre35 posted 09/02/2009, 07:59
Nice score :)
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 09/02/2009, 07:16
yay 2 million met!
Message | Report
Alic0004 posted 09/02/2009, 06:31
LBP is also dominating the PSN download charts. It has the top 3 or 4 spots for most downloaded addons, and half of the top ten, I think. Probably making a whole mess o' profit, considering the MGS level pack with the paintinator is the only thing that took much effort.
Message | Report
Kantor posted 09/02/2009, 10:15
Next milestone is a million in US. Should happen in another few months.
Message | Report
cheese_man posted 09/02/2009, 07:36
Congrats on 2m LBP. I didn't think there would that many sales in america.
Message | Report
Xen posted 09/02/2009, 05:02
Finally 2 million!
Message | Report
TheInfectedBy590 posted 09/02/2009, 01:29
Great Sales!! :) LBP FTW
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 09/02/2009, 12:17
@ forsaken0825

A $6 million budget is nothing in today's industry. I'd say that's pretty low even.
Message | Report
Signalstar posted 08/02/2009, 11:30
2 million baby
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/02/2009, 10:52
Woo 2m! Well done sackboy
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 08/02/2009, 10:47
2 million!!

Now for 3 to come around
Message | Report
chris1_16 posted 08/02/2009, 03:10
Jesus, will the hurry and update these sales? it's been sitting at 1.99 for a while
Message | Report
forsaken0825 posted 08/02/2009, 07:13
seriously provide link or don't say nothing.
how can a game with less than 25 employees working on this game rack up to 6 mill..
i smell bs
Message | Report
tombi123 posted 08/02/2009, 03:28

I can't remember the exact figure, but it was somewhere in the $6M area.
Needless to say, MM and Sony have made an absolute bomb on this game.
Message | Report
luisgvm posted 07/02/2009, 12:57
go go lbp¡¡¡.
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 06/02/2009, 09:25
Where the F*** is 2million? it hasnt been updated for over a week

Message | Report
NicholasCage posted 06/02/2009, 04:04
You can tell this game will have legs
Message | Report
Trent posted 06/02/2009, 01:16
Does Any One Know What Media Molecules Budget Roughly Was?
Message | Report
scottie posted 05/02/2009, 03:29

Everyone watch it now
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 04/02/2009, 03:17
This should be past 1 million in the EU fairly soon. 2 million worldwide when the new numbers get released and then it's on towards 3. This game should have great legs... could see a nice boost towards Christmas time in 09 as well. I know that's far away right now but this is the type of title that with new content constantly coming out should continue to do well for a long time. The game will just keep growing. They've probably already made huge profits considering the budget of the game vs the sales.
Message | Report
Aldro posted 04/02/2009, 01:10
Message | Report
Trent posted 04/02/2009, 09:17
Almost 2 Millon =)
Message | Report
aavidbacon posted 01/02/2009, 06:47
If it stabilizes at 30k per week it can reach 3mln at its 45 week, in september. I just wann see the end of 2009 for this game.
Message | Report
Xen posted 01/02/2009, 02:18
Where are my 2 million bitch?
Message | Report
xstonexcold316x posted 01/02/2009, 07:20
Well just got done making my first level, and it was a lot of fun and really easy, so if anyone wants to try it out it, that'd be much appreciated =P
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 31/01/2009, 07:28
Finally started playing my own copy, love it =)

2 million next week, giddy up.
Message | Report
frictionini posted 31/01/2009, 12:21
a true story of LEGS. LOL
Message | Report
Simulacrum posted 30/01/2009, 07:17
Very bundled game.
You can get Lbp bundle at our few local shops.469e vs normal 459€.

I have ordered this game now,got it only or 30€.Should arrive next week.
Message | Report
oliminator1994 posted 30/01/2009, 04:15
2 Million
Message | Report
Kyuu posted 30/01/2009, 05:23
the first weeks of the release were commercially too bad! "sigh" bad luck for Sony and MM ... but I'd luv to thank them for offering such an amazing experience that no other game can give. I can't say it's the very best game this generation but I'd say the most innovative game of all time.
Message | Report
cheese_man posted 30/01/2009, 02:57
Congrats MM great game. Would of reached 2m by now and still has a long way to go. If the budget was only 5-6m then they would of made a lot of profit on the game, not to forget all the addon too.
Message | Report
yusuke93_ita posted 29/01/2009, 07:31
2m yeeee
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 29/01/2009, 07:04
Sorry, how are they bundled? I have only seen soft bundles. It is also about number 2 on the amazon uk chart
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 29/01/2009, 04:01
@ cowboy:

In Europe over 50% of all PS3's are bundled with LBP. I'm beginning to see many Motorstorm 2 bundles too.

In fact, it's almost impossible to get a PS3 without a game.
Message | Report
SpartanFX posted 29/01/2009, 12:08
2 mil is here ,,,awesome ^_^
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 29/01/2009, 06:45
I'm pretty sure the bundles aren't counted in these totals, the only place it got real bundles with every console was in Japan for a limited time. Bundle sales are hard to keep track of unless the game comes with every single unit like the 360's Kung Fu Panda/Lego Indiana Jones and the Wii's Wii Sports.

LBP is in select bundles, certainly not in enough to contribute hugely to the total sales that VG is showing. This site doesn't normally count limited time bundles. Only the all-out permanent ones.
Message | Report
*bleu-ocelot* posted 29/01/2009, 05:03
@makingmusic476- I think the average weekly total is higher than 20k in each region. It just got adjusted down in NA this week. I think 50k/ week is about the average weekly total. And yeah, it'll reach 3 million by the end of the year.
Message | Report
makingmusic476 posted 29/01/2009, 02:05
It's selling ~22k weekly in both NA and EU after the Holidays. At the same time in it's life, Uncharted was selling ~12-15k weekly. Uncharted still managed to sell over a million in 2008.

LBP will easily break 3 million this year. It'll probably break 4 million lifetime, and may even get to 5 million.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 28/01/2009, 10:27
It was a $5-6m budget according to an interview with OPM
Message | Report
ethomaz posted 27/01/2009, 10:59
Yeah... next week over two milions.
Message | Report
headshot91 posted 27/01/2009, 09:46
the budget for this must have been pretty small , 2 million equals large profit :)
Message | Report
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Shipping Total

4,500,000 Units
As of: August 2010

Opinion (1231)

Azhraell posted 18/09/2015, 03:55
lol really, maybe this will actually reach 6M holy..
Message | Report
TrevDaRev posted 22/12/2014, 06:17
Week ending, 6th, December. Over 34k sold. Over 200k for the year so far.

Holy shit. Those legs.
Message | Report
TrevDaRev posted 03/10/2014, 01:14
Has now passed the 5.5 million mark. With over 100k sales for this year. LEGS.
Message | Report
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Azhraell posted 13/07/2013, 01:58
Nice legs!
Message | Report
TrevDaRev posted 14/05/2013, 12:10
It just keeps on selling!
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