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10/28/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/30/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/05/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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ithis posted 30/04/2010, 11:53
Uau @ current sales. If you look at the sales graph, you could think it's Christmas already.
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Remnant posted 28/04/2010, 10:00
I have a Japanese friend who said she played demo and didn't like it. I convinced her to buy retail version and she plays it a lot! Always inviting me to join her. I think it sold poorly in Japan because they refused to give it a chance. Japanese in general are very patriotic. Hence anything foreign is treated with disregard. Sad but true. Media Molecule is in England, is a European game (Part of SCE). For those saying is a western game. Is not, but is not Japanese either.
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palitococo posted 27/04/2010, 09:32
3th step for 4M.
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leo-j posted 26/04/2010, 09:15
it didn't sell too badly in japan, it 170k is pretty good
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xxrkoxx posted 24/04/2010, 09:54
this game is back up to top 18, i dont remember last time game sales went up all of a sudden due to low price drop.
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DivinityFire posted 23/04/2010, 06:40
@tjallern - It was made by a western developer, that's why it didn't get better sales. If it was by a Japanese developer it might have double the amount.
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tjallern posted 23/04/2010, 01:49
I am actually quite surprised this game had such low sales in Japan.
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palitococo posted 23/04/2010, 01:45
Greatest hit version was released 2 weeks ago.
This game sales are really impresive, i still remember when some people say that this not gonna pass 2M mark.
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zgamer5 posted 22/04/2010, 02:43
i need to pick this up.
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gustave154 posted 22/04/2010, 05:53
this game had AMAZING legs lolz
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leo-j posted 22/04/2010, 12:19
with others it sold 52K
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Munkeh111 posted 21/04/2010, 03:39
Did something happen in the US this week?
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iWarMachine posted 21/04/2010, 03:32
40k this week...o.o
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jbrist posted 16/04/2010, 10:05
The legs on this game are so bloody amazing, I mean, seriously, it's like a smokin' hot pair of legs... it just keeps on selling and selling and selling and selling, oh, did I mention selling?

Sony would REALLY benefit from rereleasing this with a new ad campaign showing how amazing it really is...
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FantasySky posted 15/04/2010, 09:33
lol i cant even guess what this gaames ltd salees will be. it just wont stop
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palitococo posted 14/04/2010, 01:51
3.2M second step for 4M.
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Boutros posted 14/04/2010, 12:48
Oh wow 32k in America this week. I guess it will reach 4 million afterall.
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DaBuddahN posted 08/04/2010, 06:10
This game.. has legs. o_o;
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PLayMySTatioN posted 05/04/2010, 01:21
Doesnt really appeal to me but the sony hype machine is too strong il pickk it up if i can find it under $30 im looking forward to ModNation Raccers though
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kowhoho posted 29/03/2010, 05:30
Hot damn, still selling! 4 mil possible!
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Solid-Stark posted 29/03/2010, 02:49
Sony should release ps3 250gb w/ this and Move for $399.
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Notorius.A.i.G posted 21/03/2010, 07:22
This passed 3 Mill, now its on to 4 Mill !
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jester2358 posted 19/03/2010, 05:08
agreed, cage they should bundle this with the move.
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NicholasCage posted 15/03/2010, 07:52
Sony should bundle this sometime.
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jester2358 posted 12/03/2010, 04:38
any guesses where this will end up? i think it will reach 4 million by its own with bundles. then theres the greatest hits, possible sequel boost, another re-lease, move support. can it hit 5 million?
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PlaystaionGamer posted 07/03/2010, 08:18
hope this hits 3.6mil
and if/when LBP2 on ps3 comes out that hits 5mil
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palitococo posted 04/03/2010, 02:49
3.1M, first step to the 4M mark.
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iron_megalith posted 03/03/2010, 12:34
3Mil!!! Spot on!!
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darkheart709 posted 28/02/2010, 04:00
Just got this game yesterday. Been playing and it is really fun. I know 3 mil is good for a new IP but this seriously should have sold more. If Arc/Gem or whatever they are calling it does really support this than i hope they do alot more advertising for it. I don't expect this game to do mario level sales but it really should have sold more just like resistance
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sepisfu posted 23/02/2010, 04:16
i still play this game, this is great game
anyone who has ps3 should buy this game
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Solid-Stark posted 22/01/2010, 06:28
It will definitely cross 4m lifetime.
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vv888 posted 16/01/2010, 06:05
First congrats LBP!!!For every new IP 3mil is a very big success already and 3.04m is definitely not the LIFETIME sales for the LBP,so it can only get more successful from now on nothing less.

For every great PS3 game there were always some shity to shit the good thing on,like shity prediction,shity mind showing......

Are there not something really shity to attack on???

Won't you quit showing your shity mind already?You've been showing it for 3 years(for as long as I know)!!!Are you not even tired???I gotta admit you really got some HEAVY SHIT!!!
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Munkeh111 posted 14/01/2010, 09:57
This game will keep on selling for another year, it will probably break 4m
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leo-j posted 14/01/2010, 05:04
wtf neos?
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Gearbox posted 14/01/2010, 03:59
alright so 3 million down, 7 more to go to make my prediction true! it was the only one that ive ever got wrong.

problem - i said it as a jk but people thought i was serious. dont ruin my rep lbp sell 7 more million already!
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Neos posted 13/01/2010, 04:04
Meh. I still can't believe i bought this game. Probably the only game i regret getting this generation
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Brennan posted 13/01/2010, 02:11
Congrats to Sony and Media Molecule. A big F*** to all the people who said it would fail. Really feels good to see you eating crows now.

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Ramser posted 12/01/2010, 11:40
3million shut up to all the people thst said this game was a failure. How many new ips can achieve 3million
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sabby_e17 posted 11/01/2010, 08:54

Lolz. Check back at the end of 2010 to see who's right.
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vv888 posted 11/01/2010, 09:44
For a 330K start,3 Mil is a fucking great sale,Congrats LBP.
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drakesfortune posted 11/01/2010, 01:36
@edderz, you think this won't hit 4 million? You're nuts. It's not even greatest hits yet!!! It'll do 4 mil easy. I think 5 mil lifetime is completely possible.
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 11/01/2010, 12:31
lol, won't get to 4 million? So it's just gonna stop selling is it?
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Edderz posted 10/01/2010, 06:30
no it wont. it won't get to 4 million never mind 5 million. Anyway, congrats MM on 3 million.
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MarshmallowMan posted 10/01/2010, 05:21
I am going to be buying this game soon. Were the additions to the GOTY edition worth buying that version? Thanks.
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TrevDaRev posted 10/01/2010, 03:11

Have had some amazing moments playing this game, especially on 2 player with my cousin.
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sabby_e17 posted 10/01/2010, 03:03

This will pass 5 million.
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Ghazi4 posted 10/01/2010, 02:16
congratz little big planet !! :D lol
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masterb8tr posted 10/01/2010, 01:36
when will this release in europe?
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Munkeh111 posted 10/01/2010, 10:59
3m! This should keep selling for another year
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Reasonable posted 10/01/2010, 09:59
3M - nice one. Who else has Water BTW? It's a cool addition.
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Rafux posted 10/01/2010, 09:57
Proud owner of this title and still playing it almost a year later.
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sepisfu posted 10/01/2010, 09:15
3 million baby
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Dark Odin posted 10/01/2010, 02:59
amazing legs!
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leatherhat posted 10/01/2010, 02:36
3 million
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 09/01/2010, 07:01
best HD game of the generation, at least for me

hope it keeps growing
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Ghazi4 posted 09/01/2010, 12:17
EU numbers came for this week and when japan and USA numbers come i bet this will reach 3 mil!
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MarshmallowMan posted 08/01/2010, 11:11
Amazing continued selling power.
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Pho_Hybrid posted 07/01/2010, 12:35
Best nonshooter legs for a HD console game :P (correct me if im wrong)
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sabby_e17 posted 05/01/2010, 09:10
This will reach 5 million.
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vv888 posted 04/01/2010, 08:51
PS3's been rising steadily for 3 year,then,which game is the system seller????

I say not one single game did it alone,the great games did it together.
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ps3_jrpg_gamer posted 04/01/2010, 01:03
3 mil next week
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Gearbox posted 28/12/2009, 08:43
@Uruler - lbp is not a console seller. but it is a game people get when the console sells.

like i mean. its not what makes them go "OMG I NEED A PS3" its a "i got a ps3. and some games, what else should i get, o this looks interesting"
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Uruler posted 28/12/2009, 05:39
3-4mil, with the PS3 slim out, and families buying PS3, the momentum for this game will continue throughout 2010. It may have only sold 3mil but this game is a huge console sellr.
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FootballFan posted 26/12/2009, 11:55
unc2 will outsell this

Message | Report
Gearbox posted 26/12/2009, 05:31
hey can who ever owns this (since there are almost 1000 owners) go on it and heart me and my one crappy level so i get the trophy :P

the level is called

sonic the hedgehog
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Gearbox posted 25/12/2009, 12:02
is getting to 3 million veryyy fast. another 80k is amazingg.
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Munkeh111 posted 24/12/2009, 06:02
Another 80k this week, it is getting to 3m slowly but surely
Message | Report
Trent posted 23/12/2009, 08:15
thanks ill try it
Message | Report
realill posted 23/12/2009, 05:33
Trent if you still got old PS3 then use recently added data moving feature or try to rebackup data once more.
Message | Report
Trent posted 21/12/2009, 10:44
I hate this game now, i got a new ps3 i backed up all my save data and put it on the new one, on the same PSN account, i update littlebigplanet i do the intro thing and i try to import back up save and it gets to 100% andd...... this file is corrupt -.-, piece of crap, im so angry i had all costumes all stickers everything i can't be f**ked doing it again, any help ?im really sad
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Notorius.A.i.G posted 19/12/2009, 05:39
3 Mill by years end.
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sabby_e17 posted 18/12/2009, 08:21
This will reach 5 million after a few years.
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MarshmallowMan posted 18/12/2009, 06:34
I think this game will continue to roll, and weather it beats Uncharted to 3M or not, it will eventually outsell it. Am I crazy to think that with more content bundles like the Pirates and Metal Gear bundles, this game has a shot at 4M someday?
Message | Report
krimoz911 posted 18/12/2009, 09:37
The Disney dlc should help this game's sales.
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PlaystaionGamer posted 18/12/2009, 12:33
WOW! well done LBP! gotta love this game
hope it gets to amazing LTD sales. could end this gen very high if they dont bring out a LBP2 till the PS4
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palitococo posted 17/12/2009, 07:20
Who gonna be 3M Seller first, this or Uncharted?
Message | Report
Carl posted 17/12/2009, 06:27
Will reach 3 Million soon enough!
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-ku- posted 13/12/2009, 04:56
It was clearly stated that this would just be listed as option to add in for community stats and release info.

And On Extras You get MGS, History, Monster plus one more and 2 costume packs. Along with the user genereated levels
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NeoMatrix posted 12/12/2009, 10:24
3 mln. in 5 weeks.
Next stop is 4 mln. somewhere in 2010 as PS3 userbase will grow significantly.
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Munkeh111 posted 12/12/2009, 10:05
30k in US
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pablogers posted 12/12/2009, 08:54
no, it sold 50k ... this game really hasn legs and a amazing support from sony and mm
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 12/12/2009, 07:31
Sold another 30k this week, can't wait for the water DLC!
Message | Report
ps3-sales! posted 12/12/2009, 06:32
Can't wait for the pirates of the carribean add on with water!
Message | Report
xxrkoxx posted 11/12/2009, 02:39
no its because it was bundled for black friday the ps3 sold over 400 consoles and maybe 100g had the game as a bundle
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BanTiger posted 10/12/2009, 08:22
WOW this game is 1 years old but still selling like hotcake,,,,,,Sold 100k this week. Maybe because of the New DLC every moth.
Message | Report
Ghazi4 posted 09/12/2009, 09:20
@iwarmachine not counting wii games lol
Message | Report
Jedidiah-Rose posted 09/12/2009, 01:59
Look at those legs :O Their doing a marathon tbf
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iWarMachine posted 09/12/2009, 12:01
this game will have the best legs of this generation.
Message | Report
Ghazi4 posted 08/12/2009, 02:40
this game has legs like hell lol
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NeoMatrix posted 08/12/2009, 01:09
4 mln. in 2010.
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Solid_Snake4RD posted 08/12/2009, 05:21
where are the sales if you want list GOTY edition differently then add its sales
Message | Report
Trent posted 07/12/2009, 09:50
wow over 100k this week, amazing
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/12/2009, 05:09
I know it's because of the bundles but it's really nice to see such a great game putting up great numbers :D
Message | Report
coolestguyever posted 07/12/2009, 03:57
lol what? it just did over 100k this week!
Message | Report
Green Penguin posted 07/12/2009, 01:36
Please play my little brother's new level called:

" Dance to stardom!"
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sepisfu posted 06/12/2009, 06:48
3 million here we come lol
Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 06/12/2009, 06:31
YAY! come on LPB hit 3million
Message | Report
pablogers posted 06/12/2009, 05:01
bundled game... amazing
Message | Report
Barozi posted 06/12/2009, 04:48
there were some nice black friday bundles I guess
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 06/12/2009, 04:40
Message | Report
Ghazi4 posted 06/12/2009, 04:27
wow it did 100k on black friday week!!! wat a comeback!! lol
Message | Report
Trent posted 04/12/2009, 04:50
Awesome Game
Message | Report
AlkamistStar posted 03/12/2009, 05:00
absolutely love this game!
Message | Report
EdStation3 posted 02/12/2009, 12:12
Just bought it, pretty fun.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 01/12/2009, 01:32
i still play this game. like A LOT. me and my friends play it all the time.:)
Message | Report
leo-j posted 27/11/2009, 03:22
3M before the end of the year
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 27/11/2009, 03:19
i love to see little big plane 2
i would buy it first day

Message | Report
sepisfu posted 20/11/2009, 03:54
wow 2.56 , i hope it sells more, deserve it
Message | Report
ZorroX posted 20/11/2009, 12:20
I wonder, how long untill 3M, maybe already by the end of this year?
This depends on how big will be 2nd Christmas boost.

Anyway, soon or later, LBP will hit 3M.
If legs will continue, then 5M LTD by the end of 2012 is pretty much given.
Go Go LBP!
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 15/11/2009, 01:32
I'm really looking forward to this.
Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 11/11/2009, 12:51
Message | Report
MarshmallowMan posted 06/11/2009, 01:47
Selling well once again!
Message | Report
axumblade posted 04/11/2009, 07:30
Oh wow. It did hit 1 million in the U.S. :)
Message | Report
AdventWolf posted 01/11/2009, 02:37
They added i think 6 DLC packs such as the MGS stuff among other things. Plus 18 user created levels exclusively for the goty edition I think. And it comes with a beta key to ModNation racers.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 30/10/2009, 09:00
Woo, 2.5m this week please say it keeps selling
Message | Report
THATGUY posted 25/10/2009, 04:13
the legs on this game are incredible
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 23/10/2009, 11:12
21K last week. I'm impressed.
Message | Report
masterb8tr posted 23/10/2009, 05:28
hits one mill in Americas
Message | Report
Monges79 posted 17/10/2009, 03:32
Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 16/10/2009, 11:13
It's disappointing this didn't do better in Japan. If it was a Japanese team that made instead of a Western one it would've gotten more sales. Still, 160k from a Western game in Japan is great.

Can't believe how well LBP is holding though. Finally a million seller in the US.
Message | Report
HelloMotto posted 16/10/2009, 03:20
1 million in america!
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zaMy posted 14/10/2009, 01:43
So how exactly is this game different from the regular LBP? Adding a few DLC doesnt make it a knew game.

Anyways, I might get this, since there is not really anything for this holidays.
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maverick40 posted 12/10/2009, 05:24
amazing sales.
Message | Report
krimoz911 posted 10/10/2009, 03:44
I expect this to get a nice boost in the US and maybe Europe if they advertise the Disney DLC on TV
Hopefully they will do that this holiday season.
Message | Report
palitococo posted 10/10/2009, 02:31
22.660. This game its holding very well, might be interesting see his holydays numbers.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 10/10/2009, 11:27
why has this only sold 160k in Japan?
Message | Report
Cold Light posted 09/10/2009, 01:56
One million in Americas next week!
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 08/10/2009, 09:04
Will hit 4 million.
Message | Report
THATGUY posted 08/10/2009, 06:44
3 million here we come
Message | Report
pablogers posted 04/10/2009, 07:09
23k this wek.. wow

Message | Report
PDF posted 02/10/2009, 08:14
just going over 2m for a game like this on the ps3 is a huge accomplishment.
Message | Report
scourge29 posted 30/09/2009, 09:33
the slim really helped this one!
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 25/09/2009, 03:18
Hope to see it hit a million in the US soon.
Message | Report
-ku- posted 21/09/2009, 02:32
5 weeks till 1st anniversary I predict 2.55 mm
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 17/09/2009, 04:05
This game did really well for itself.

Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 12/09/2009, 04:35
Hows sales going to work?
Message | Report
test posted 12/09/2009, 04:15

Message | Report
Cowboys4u86 posted 12/09/2009, 12:31
The GOTY Edition will likely be added to the regular numbers. It's essentially the same game, all the others with GOTY Editions get tracked as one game rather than separate.

The GOTY Edition should add a nice boost to sales as well, it's seriously good value and coupled with the price drop it should see more buyers who were interested but never had a PS3 before now.
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 11/09/2009, 11:51
Will reach 3M over time.The support from the developer is great
Message | Report
realill posted 11/09/2009, 11:25
Demo got Russian language. I believe this version will got much more languages included.
Message | Report
superbeast1370 posted 11/09/2009, 06:11
LBP started it out with solid sales and went over 2 million. amazing!
Message | Report
gustave154 posted 09/09/2009, 09:33
hope it reaches 3 mil...
this is a great game.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 06/09/2009, 12:57
if GOTY is included, it will boost it to 3 million
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 04/09/2009, 04:13
I imagine it will be like Oblivion where the sales are all counted on the original game page while this page is kept for people who want to add this game to their collection.
Message | Report
ajaghvajagh posted 04/09/2009, 06:19
Why isnt this being counted with the main version like other games..?
Message | Report
Solid_Snake4RD posted 03/09/2009, 01:43
the sales should be counted along with main version.
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 31/08/2009, 03:16
@snyperdud, no the sales of the GOTY will be included to these numbers.

Very good legs for LBP
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 30/08/2009, 07:14
Will the GOTY edition be tracked as a separate game?

Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 29/08/2009, 09:45
come on people! if you havent brought this you really NEED to, its so good. and buy it new and get the sales where they deserve, such a great game
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 28/08/2009, 08:25
This game is well and truly dead in America. Almost outsold by Lair last week.

I hope the GOTY edition can carry it to 3 million.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 22/08/2009, 09:04
The GotY edition will contain the MGS pack and loads of costume packs
Message | Report
Trent posted 22/08/2009, 02:14
Water :D
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 16/08/2009, 06:28
might get to 3 million with goty release.

one of the best games this gen.
Message | Report
AnarchyWest posted 16/08/2009, 07:03
what will be in the game of the year edition?
Message | Report
cheese_man posted 15/08/2009, 01:25
Lol I remember everyone stating at the start of this year that it will be 3million by the end of this year. Looks like that isn't going to happen, however I think it will reach 2.6m+ in the holidays
Message | Report
XxXProphecyXxX posted 15/08/2009, 04:48
this will get a sales boost from GOTY edition for sure.
Message | Report
terislb posted 14/08/2009, 12:23
wow this game needs alooot of updating if you havent been playing it for a while thats 7 updates for me
Message | Report
_mevildan posted 13/08/2009, 04:39
I think we all know that the song isn't a LBP "owned" song, but what is shameful is that Microsoft would use a song so recently associated with a big Sony title.
Message | Report
Rawnchie14 posted 13/08/2009, 03:42
@Squall_Leonhart -- The Go! Team owns the song, since they made it... they can sell it to whomever they want. It wasn't made to be the theme of LBP, it just happened to be used.
Message | Report
Dallinor posted 07/08/2009, 03:27
I'd say Media Molecule are dang happy with these sales.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 07/08/2009, 02:23
@ AnarchyWest

Most of the downloadable content that I had to pay for >_>
Message | Report
AnarchyWest posted 07/08/2009, 02:17
what exactly will the game of the year edition (NA) have that the retail version out now doesn't? im thinking of buy this game but i'll hold off till the game of the year edition
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 05/08/2009, 10:51
Quality game, i loved this and even got meself a small Platinum
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 05/08/2009, 12:43
I still can't believe MS used the theme tune to this in one of their ad's lol
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 03/08/2009, 05:41
The number one game to play with your friends on PS3.
Message | Report
Spedfrom posted 03/08/2009, 02:49
Such a fun little game to play with friends or even random people. I'm enjoying it a lot more now than I did back when it was released and I immediately bought it.
Message | Report
PlaystaionGamer posted 03/08/2009, 01:11
great game! game of the year eddition comes out this year, then plat version...this may get another million, but that is wishfull thinking
Message | Report
zaMy posted 02/08/2009, 07:31
There are so many great levels in here, better then the devs even! Look up the Dead Space levels, or the Mario Kart levels, those are really fun to play with friends
Message | Report
Theo posted 02/08/2009, 03:27
Whoa! Nice legs! Awesome! More potential level designers : D
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 01/08/2009, 01:47
Will be nearer 4 million by the end of the generation
Message | Report
zaMy posted 29/07/2009, 06:28
With the platinum edition coming christmas, I'm pretty confident this game can reach 3 million.
Message | Report
tedsteriscool posted 29/07/2009, 12:30
No way? PS3 games have legs?!
Message | Report
geddesmond2 posted 26/07/2009, 01:20
Yeah tell me about it. Do you's remember when xbox fanboys said it would be lucky to reach 1 million sales and now look at it and the platnum edition is coming this christmas
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 23/07/2009, 02:23
Who would have ever thought that LBP would have sold this great.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 20/07/2009, 11:05
YAY ive aced all the levels, now just to get the prize bubbles do the level creation tutorials and i have a platinum.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 19/07/2009, 12:19
damn it the Bunker level is too hard to ace :(
Message | Report
PS3beats360 posted 17/07/2009, 08:11
Over 2 million sales and still going strong. 3 million ltd sales of this game could be reached.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 17/07/2009, 05:00
i was remaking a pitfall level then i got busy and TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT, until yesterday (i started making it a month after the games release)
Message | Report
NKAJ posted 15/07/2009, 09:49
this game is doing so well
Message | Report
sepisfu posted 13/07/2009, 06:14
great sales
i like the DLCs a little bit pricey but I'll buy the ones i really want like mgs and ghostbuster
Message | Report
Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 10/07/2009, 03:12
Welp i've been playing this game everyday now, and i've gotta say...

The Level Creation truly makes this game shine on!
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/07/2009, 10:07
Still continuing at 6k a week in others...
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Hocannor posted 07/07/2009, 07:38
This is the time to introduce platinum version and greatest hits.
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Theo posted 07/07/2009, 07:31
Hot damn this is selling well!
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locos85 posted 06/07/2009, 03:48
This game is bundled at Best Buy with Wall-E and an 80 gig PS3
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TheConduit posted 06/07/2009, 01:59
Very good legs for a PS3 game and will probable go on to pass 3million.

Although I honestly think this type of game is more suited (while not technically possible on this scale) for the Wii
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 05/07/2009, 07:11
Finally got around to re-buying this game, its not worth $50 imo, but i got off easy with a like new used $30 copy.

Well worth the 30 in that case.

In Conclusion, its one of my fave PS3 exclusives now, Music... has won...the battle...

But not teh War! Viva La Valkyria!
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yungmagic09 posted 05/07/2009, 07:21
This may be the next game I purchase.
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leo-j posted 05/07/2009, 01:39
it needs to sell more.. sony need to bundle this, this needs to be there mascot
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Munkeh111 posted 27/06/2009, 09:47
Only 10k this week... I just hope these sales continue
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ElectronicRocker posted 27/06/2009, 07:41
sadly vgchartz doesnt track sales
because everyone in europe get their copy from there
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Hocannor posted 26/06/2009, 10:12
Very good sales, with platinum version it will reach 3 million.
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scourge29 posted 25/06/2009, 08:17
this is such a perfect rent
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FootballFan posted 25/06/2009, 08:20
It will hit 3.2 million
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scourge29 posted 24/06/2009, 05:38
i wonder what their next project will be?
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FootballFan posted 20/06/2009, 05:20
thats because you can get the game as cheap as £5 in the UK.
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NoCtiS_NoX posted 20/06/2009, 04:45
I see an increase when the FF7 DLC comes. BTW any news from that?
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locos85 posted 19/06/2009, 08:24
This game will see some increases once the PSP version comes out. It will get those that haven't tried it to get into the franchise. Like ModNation Racers
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Gearbox posted 19/06/2009, 02:00
they are at the highest they've ever been.
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CortezTheKiller posted 11/06/2009, 10:38
Every time I come here to look at the numbers they have gone down. What's going on here?
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Shipping Total

4,500,000 Units
As of: August 2010

Opinion (1231)

Azhraell posted 18/09/2015, 03:55
lol really, maybe this will actually reach 6M holy..
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TrevDaRev posted 22/12/2014, 06:17
Week ending, 6th, December. Over 34k sold. Over 200k for the year so far.

Holy shit. Those legs.
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TrevDaRev posted 03/10/2014, 01:14
Has now passed the 5.5 million mark. With over 100k sales for this year. LEGS.
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Azhraell posted 13/07/2013, 01:58
Nice legs!
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TrevDaRev posted 14/05/2013, 12:10
It just keeps on selling!
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