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ファイナルファンタジーVII リメイク


Square Enix



Release Dates

04/10/20 Square Enix
04/10/20 Square Enix
04/10/20 Square Enix

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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Forum

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Final Fantasy VII Remake has achieved the highest launch for the Final Fantasy brand of ALL TIME in the US HollyGamer 52
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Famitsu Sales: Week 18-19, 2020 (Apr 27 - May 10) Marth 55
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Nintendo banned Square from their offices for 10 years after FFVII went to PlayStation. EDIT: japanese business model is akin to Yakuza HollyGamer 195
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Famitsu Sales: Week 15, 2020 (Apr 06 - Apr 12) Marth 55
5,331 04/23/20 18:11 GMT
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Final Fantasy 7 Remakes on Playstation shipped and digitally sold over 3.5M copy in 3 day HollyGamer 13
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Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed to April 10 Korvo_Attano 27
1,019 01/14/20 19:55 GMT
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Shipping Total

5,000,000 Units
As of: August 7th, 2020

Opinion (9)

A203D posted 23/04/2021, 09:06
Agreed, its been over a year since release. It would be good to get an update. If it is 8 mil, then an Xbox and PC release could push it into 10 mil.
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CloudxTifa posted 10/04/2021, 07:49
We need an update, it's been so long. Probably at 8 million now.
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CarriedLawyer45 posted 10/09/2020, 03:53
I really like HD Tifa...
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Marth posted 07/08/2020, 11:10
According to their Japanese Twitter 2M of those 5M sales are digital which is a record for Square Enix
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A203D posted 26/07/2020, 08:13
Unfortunately we don't have a sales update yet, but I think its done very well. It could be like Mass Effect, where the 2nd and 3rd games sell about the same as the first. I think we could be in for some surprises. Theres bound to be a PC release, an Xbox One then an Xbox Series X release, along with an inevitable GOTY release (or something like that) for the PS5. I think it will sell a lot more and the 2nd game being more open world could sell even more. Theres loads of things they will do, SE have promoted the game very well.
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FormerlyTeamSilent13 posted 16/07/2020, 03:24
The ending rubbed some people the wrong way, but I actually think it was executed very well for its theme. That being said, it's all going to depend on how part 2 leads into part 3 and the payoffs along the way. Public statements have me a bit worried about the direction of the sequels; if they have the complete story fleshed out in their heads and are making it up as they go along. I could see part 2 and 3 selling better than part 1 depending on the extent of changes and how they are received by fans.
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