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12/17/01 Square
07/19/01 Square
05/24/02 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Owners: 1,358
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Final Fantasy X - Cheats

Total cheats available: 20

Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
10th Jan 2011 Get Yojimbo at a reduced price ioi
10th Jan 2011 Blitzball Easy Win Bug ioi
10th Jan 2011 Defeating Evrae Atlana easily ioi
10th Jan 2011 Secret Farplane Scene ioi
10th Jan 2011 Blitzball easy EXP code ioi
10th Jan 2011 Bribing glitch ioi
28th Mar 2011 Secret scene ioi
28th Mar 2011 Secret area and boss named ultimate...sometin ioi
28th Mar 2011 How to defeat bosses! ioi
28th Mar 2011 How to get the best blitzball team ioi
28th Mar 2011 Beating sin for the last time (not the last boss) ioi
28th Mar 2011 Well... ioi

Cheat codes

Date Title User
24th Feb 2011 Faster party (0) ioi
24th Feb 2011 Overdrives (0) ioi
24th Feb 2011 Easy Blitz-Ball moves (0) ioi
03rd Mar 2011 Kiiling yu yevon without zombie (0) ioi


Date Title User
10th Jan 2011 AirShip Passwords (0) ioi
10th Jan 2011 Overdrive: Energy Blast for Valefor (0) ioi
04th Mar 2011 Legendary weapons:D (0) ioi
04th Mar 2011 The Cactuar Locations! (0) ioi

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8,600,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (148)

AshKetchum1992 posted 14/07/2014, 02:41
My favorite Final Fantasy, great characters, especially I like Auron and Lulu
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narre posted 07/04/2014, 02:16
I love this game. This game brought happiness into my childhood.
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VXIII posted 08/08/2013, 07:37
Still the best in the series, I can see XV dethroning it though :)
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NobleTeam360 posted 29/05/2013, 08:04
My personal favorite Final Fantasy game.
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Shulk_Xenoblade posted 01/03/2013, 03:58
I love this game. The story is pretty interesting and I like the turn-based battle system without the ATB bar. The only thing I didn't like about it was Tidus' laugh...
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thewastedyouth posted 19/11/2012, 05:59
the only final fantasy game I love

remember going to my cousins house and playing this all day, ignored my family lol
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