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08/14/12 THQ
11/29/12 Spike
08/21/12 THQ

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 155,000 21,227 26,333 202,560
2 n/a 32,305 46,418 11,763 90,486
3 n/a 17,305 17,630 5,220 40,155
4 n/a 11,009 11,613 3,380 26,002
5 n/a 6,971 7,365 2,143 16,479
6 n/a 3,787 3,837 1,139 8,763
7 n/a 1,996 5,113 1,062 8,171
8 n/a 2,142 5,296 1,111 8,549
9 n/a 2,455 4,469 1,035 7,959
10 n/a 3,099 3,847 1,038 7,984

Opinion (6)

SecondWar posted 09/10/2012, 11:19
Revising my previous comment, its looking like a strong contender for the best game no one played award at the end of the year.
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SecondWar posted 06/09/2012, 04:56
Hopefully it holds steady and enjoys good holiday sales. Just to point out first week doesn't include Europe, where the game came out a full week after america. Both this and Sleeping Dogs have done similar numbers despite getting really good reviews. Possible both games are being hit by the looming holiday release rush; everyone is waiting for CoD/Fifa/Halo/AC etc and/or saving for Christmas in general. I still think both games will get good sales through Q4, they're the type that don't post massive figures in a single week but have decent legs.
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mikem posted 03/09/2012, 10:35
It probably did have a good first week, vgchartz isn't very accurate.
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WiiBox3 posted 29/08/2012, 04:51
Too bad this didn't have a better first week.
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tfcnu posted 26/08/2012, 07:00
I'd have to agree with DevilishSix about this game. I already have 20 plus hours logged playing this game and I haven't wanted to play any of my other games since I got it. I don't have the first Darksiders game but I'll definitely be picking it up after I'm done with this one. The game play is fun and graphics are beautiful, it's a must own.
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DevilishSix posted 26/08/2012, 04:30
I enjoyed the first Darksiders, but like Empire Strikes Back was to Star Wars, Darksiders 2 surpasses the original. I am disappointed by the sales. This developer has poured a huge amount of work in this game and it shows. Please try this game and show your support I bet you will be surprised how good it is. It is on a short list for GOTY for me.
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