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12/05/06 EA Sports
03/15/07 EA Sports
03/23/07 EA Sports

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The king of the virtual ring is back! Garnering high marks from gaming critics including receiving the first perfect score in Official Xbox Magazine for the Xbox 360™ version, EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 will launch this holiday for PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system with new exclusive features. Knocking out the competition, EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 brings the most intense boxing videogame experience to the virtual ring. Featuring exclusive content including a comprehensive ESPN Integration package, film quality graphics and a new first person mode called Get in the Ring, the PLAYSTATION®3 version continues to innovate on the hit franchise.

Get in the Ring mode allows gamers to experience the fight through the eyes of the boxer. This is the closest a gamer will ever come to getting into the ring and trading blows with the greatest boxers of all time like Oscar De La Hoya, Muhammad Ali and many others. For the first time ever, gamers will truly experience the sensation of the sport with visual and audio effects like ear ringing, restricted vision, flashes of bright light, colour shifts and blur effects that simulate the sense and feeling of getting punched. Imagine trying to recover from Ali’s lighting fast jabs when you can barely make out his glove through a blinding barrage of flashes and blur.

Furthermore, the boxers are more lifelike than ever with everything from the boxer’s sweat and skin to the appearance of their muscles and veins all adding to the realistic gameplay experience. Tapping into the power of the PLAYTSTATION®3, the EA Canada development team has come up with new ways to make the boxers look more photo realistic than ever before!

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NanakiXI posted 27/05/2011, 04:36
HaHa! I knew this game sold 1 mil a long time ago. Thank you adjustments!
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-girgosz- posted 18/04/2011, 10:13
Wow. Awesome adjustements!
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NanakiXI posted 27/06/2009, 11:29
this game would be 1mil if euro numbers were upated. Lets jus say if euro numbers was at least 60k higher. Then if it sells what it sells in America for 10 weeks. BINGO 1 Mil!
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shaqpack609 posted 20/04/2009, 08:04
where the hell did this game come from?
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NanakiXI posted 27/03/2009, 12:10
The march to 1mil!!!

It will make it... It just might take a little while :P
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Aj_habfan posted 12/03/2009, 06:24
That guys head doesn't even look real.
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