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01/12/10 Konami
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03/26/10 Konami

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I love this game, it really gets me walking

24th Mar 2010 | 1,616 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.5
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 10
I often exercised before Walk It Out, but it has added to my activity! During my 8 days of playing WIO I have: Burned 3423 calories Taken 141,165 Steps That is 37.8 miles! In 12.5 hours of pu

I wasn't impressed by the title of "Walk it Out" or the box art, but I feel that Konami really did put A LOT of thought into the actual game. Yes, there is a little bit of room for improvement but I love walking in "Walk It Out" and I didn't think I could be so addicted to such a simple and fun game.

Yes, I can (and do) exercise quite a bit outside in the real world, but I'm a gamer at heart and "Walk It Out" is actually fun: both as a game and as an exercise. There is so much to find and collect in Walk It Out and once you get the hang of game it's really fun.

If you think about it: it is hard to walk for 1-2 hours outside and NOT notice that you've walked for that long, but there has been many a day(or night) that I've intended to play Walk It Out for only 15 minutes and then suddenly realize that I had walked for 1-2 hours and had so much FUN doing it!!

The music is great and the game keeps me coming back every day. There's over 100 different songs and you can customize your own playlist to listen to the tracks you want to.

The graphics may not be Xbox 360 or PS3 graphics but there was a lot of work put into them, the game seems to come alive at different parts of the day, if you play at night the Island looks like it's dusk(or night time) and there are different items available at various times of the day!

There are a lot of options in the game, you can change how quickly you have to step in rhythm to the music or you can even make purchasing items on the Island cheaper, or you can even make the game harder, it's really up to you! Also, you have different options when it comes to playing styles, if you like using a DDR mat you can do that, or if you like using the balance board you can do that.

I highly recommend at least renting the game and trying it out, but I for one: am actually glad I bought it straight up instead of renting it first.

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Opinion (2)

spurgeonryan posted 19/04/2010, 06:38
Yeah maybe walk acrosss country liek forest gump or something, or with ps3 power the world! Months and years of play time, just turn google maps into a game environment or leave it as is.
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aoixgp posted 21/01/2010, 01:31
It would be interesting to see a game like this using the ps3graphical capabilities and the wii's balance board.
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