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Alternative Names

Hirameki Puzzle: Maxwell's Peculiar Notebook

ヒラメキパズル マックスウェルの不思議なノート


5TH Cell



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Release Dates

09/15/09 Warner Bros. Interactive
01/27/11 Konami
10/09/09 Warner Bros. Interactive

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Owners: 205
Favorite: 1
Tracked: 7
Wishlist: 25
Now Playing: 10

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Scribblenauts - Cheats

Total cheats available: 37

Walkthrough / Guides / Tips

Date Title User
28th Mar 2011 Emotional Mech ioi
28th Mar 2011 Blackhole ioi
28th Mar 2011 Memes in Scribblenauts ioi
28th Mar 2011 Tame Monsters ioi
28th Mar 2011 Pass the enemy ioi
28th Mar 2011 Ok so this isnt actually a glitch ioi
28th Mar 2011 Pic glich ioi
28th Mar 2011 Easy Actoin Mode Starite ioi
28th Mar 2011 Secret Items in ScribbleNauts ioi
28th Mar 2011 Difrent time line ioi
28th Mar 2011 Internet Memes ioi
15th Jun 2011 Starite in vending machine ioi
15th Jun 2011 Electro Reaction Vehicles ioi
15th Jun 2011 Vapire weaknesses ioi
15th Jun 2011 Robot bombs. ioi
15th Jun 2011 Cool Items, Ferocious Beasts and some Easter Eggs. ioi
15th Jun 2011 Easy Advanced Mode ioi
15th Jun 2011 Mech moon walk ioi
15th Jun 2011 Bringing Corpses back to life ioi
15th Jun 2011 Substitute vampire kill- ioi

Cheat codes

Date Title User
25th Feb 2011 Action Replay, US (0) ioi
25th Feb 2011 Crazy colors (0) ioi
25th Feb 2011 Baby Boxes (0) ioi
25th Feb 2011 Some cool chars (0) ioi
25th Feb 2011 Fun stuff~ (0) ioi
25th Feb 2011 Secret creatures (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Wormhole (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Out of this World Codes! (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Destructo! (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Glitch-Black Hole Doesn't Destoy Anything! (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Some Scribblenauts Characters (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Magic!!! (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Awesome things (0) ioi
18th May 2011 More Secrets! Very fun! (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Unlock Backgrounds (0) ioi


Date Title User
18th May 2011 Title Screen Backgrounds (0) ioi
18th May 2011 Merits (0) ioi

Shipping Total

1,000,000 Units
As of: February 2010

Opinion (97)

XiaoMay posted 11/02/2011, 02:06
Undertracked ??
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Cheebee posted 05/04/2010, 03:42
Damn all the pirating in Europe!
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drakesfortune posted 25/03/2010, 04:19
Wow, why did this game do so great in America and so poorly in Europe. I thought Europe normally ate games like this up. It did have a big marketing budget in the US though.
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 23/03/2010, 02:55
Looks like this was a big hit in the Americas. I wish the Others sales were half as good but hey they could be worse.
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Paperdiego posted 07/03/2010, 03:31
almost a million in Americas!
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mysticwolf posted 07/03/2010, 01:17
such a shame that not very many people know about it.
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