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05/22/00 Rare
10/21/00 Nintendo
06/30/00 Nintendo

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Perfect Dark - Summary

Spiritual sequel to GoldenEye. Starring special agent Joanna DarkT, the storyline, is brought to life by outstanding cinemas and surprisingly good voice-acting. Shooting, with some snazzy new weapons, is still the primary focus of the game, but with all of the tasks and puzzles to get through, you'll have to use your brain as well as your trigger finger to get by. It is in this way, that Perfect Dark, pays the ultimate respect to GoldenEye. Rare took so many steps to differentiate this game from its three year old predecessor, but the one thing that is consistent over both games, is the extraordinary depth and rich gameplay. If you didn't play GE, you might have a hell of a time learning how a game like PD thinks and what kind of behavior is rewarded.

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3,200,000 Units
As of: October 2011

Opinion (34)

thewastedyouth posted 17/05/2013, 01:53
this should have sold more!
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DieAppleDie posted 10/02/2013, 08:54
everything but framerate was Perfect
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spurgeonryan posted 30/08/2011, 06:13
This looks like a VXIII banner
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JazzB1987 posted 28/04/2011, 09:29
This and goldeneye > all other consoles shooters
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newwil7l posted 14/02/2011, 11:56
this was a great game would have sold alot more if it wasnt released arond the gamecube
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spurgeonryan posted 28/12/2010, 07:03
MAn those sales just kill me though, although i guess they were good for the old system.
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