Halo: Reach Sells Over 3 Million Units in the First 24 Hours - News

by Brett Walton , posted on 15 September 2010 / 30,510 Views

With final pre-orders of just under 2 million units in the Americas and nearly 600,000 units in EMEAA, Bungie reporting that Reach surpassed the one-day XBox LIVE record for concurrent unique users (at over two million unique users) and hype to rival the release of Modern Warfare 2 last year, nobody doubted that Halo: Reach would be big. Well, preliminary day one sales are in and it looks like over 3 million units of Reach were sold in the first 24 hours of availability across the Americas and EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa).

VGChartz believes that Halo: Reach just broke the single-format day 1 sales record in the Americas with around 2.3 million units (beating Modern Warfare 2 on 360), but fell short of the worldwide single-format day 1 record due to lower sales in the EMEAA region than Modern Warfare 2. Of course, taking the PS3 and PC versions of Modern Warfare 2 into account (and also looking at Xbox 360 + PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV at nearly 4 million units on day 1), Reach failed to beat the multi-format day 1 record of 6.5 million (initially reported as 7 million by VGChartz back in November 2009). Looking at dollar sales, day 1 estimates come in at around $240m worldwide - the largest ever for a single-format release due to the higher selling price of Reach when compared to Modern Warfare 2.

Extrapolating day 1 sales to "week one" (i.e upto the 18th September 2010), VGChartz estimates that around 4.25 million units will be sold - equating to around $340 million in sales and making Halo: Reach one of the biggest entertainment launches of all time.


Halo: Reach scored an impressive 9.6 in our gamrFeed Halo: Reach review, and released on September 14th.

Check back later in the week when VGChartz will bring you finalised sales for Halo: Reach and also expect a press release from Bungie and Microsoft in the coming days.

Update: Some external data is now coming in - Chart-Track has reported 330,000 sales in the UK on day 1 (which would scale up to around 700,000 units in EMEAA using previous Halo trends - exactly what VGChartz estimates showed) and Microsoft has reported dollar sales in the USA and Europe of $200 million. Add in the rest of the Americas and EMEAA region and you get to the $240 million figure we estimated.

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ethomaz (on 17 September 2010)

@rf40928 Halo 2 fugure is US only. Reach figure is US and EU. Do you think that Halo 3 not sold 30M in EU (UK included)???

rf40928 (on 17 September 2010)

@ ethomaz How do u figure? Halo 3 did around 170 million bucks the first day, selling 2.4 million units.. Reach does over 200 million bucks in the same first day.. and the game still cost the same , which means they made more because they sold more with Reach. To anyone who wasn't a Halo fan who thought they saw a trend with Halo ODST looks lime you were wrong. Reach had a better day one then Halo 3, and sold more then half as many units in that one day that it took ODST to sell in an entire year. I wouldn't be surprised if Reach outsells ODST in over a week and it'll surely beat Halo 3's figures in the end..

ethomaz (on 17 September 2010)

@ioi - cool update But still it seems that Reach has sold less than Halo 3 and MW2 because the revenue from US (Halo 3) vs MW2 (US and UK) vs Reach (US and EU). Did you think that Halo 3 revenue wasn't over $200 million adding to U.S. and EU (more $30M from EU)?

ioi (on 17 September 2010)

@ethomaz - read the bottom of the article..

ethomaz (on 17 September 2010)

Microsoft said day one more like $200M, less than VGC estimate... and with this the Reach launch is lower than Halo 3 or MW2. For comparison... Halo 3 made $170M day one in US only. MW2 made $310M day one combined US and UK only. Reach made $200M day one worldwide. So I believe that Reach sold about 3.5M entry week. PS. The only real number until now is 300K day one from UK (MW2 sold 1.23M day one on UK combined 360 and PS3).

rf40928 (on 16 September 2010)

@ libellule " if you take in count the PS3 userbase (and so the real number of CoD owners), Halo is FAR behind. And, releasing Halo on PS3 would not change much .... because Halo is mainly a Xbox/american/UK franchise and that is it." Your comment above CLEARLY shows you don't know the facts. The PS3 sold only 8.5 million copies of COD MW2 and MORE THEN HALF OF THOSE 8.5 million COPIES (of COD) were sold in ... yes... America, meaning more people play COD in America then the rest of the world.. SO YES you're right Halo is mainly an American seller, but guess what ?? Since more then half od COD is sold in America.... COD is MAINLY an American seller !! For alot of PS3 fans especially they tout COD as better because thats their best game. Many of us 360 owners play both COD and Halo...and we like each game for what it is rather then having only one. Halo has a way better story.. its in the future.. your a Marine with super human strength fighting aliens.. similar weapon tech as what you see in COD on the human side, but Halo has Alien weaponry and the unknown.. COD lets you pretend in to be in the military. Looking at your 'Domination comment': COD MW2 sells 11.5 million on 360 .. barely outselling a three year old outdated Halo 3, which sold 11.1 million back in 2007 when there were TEN million less XB 360 owners on the planet.. TEN MILLION LESS CHANCES for a buy...Yeah sounds like they are dominating to me.. COD sold MILLIONS less copies on the PS3 ( like 8.5 million to be exact !)... with sales figures on XB 360 showing that COD is played by many of the same crowd as Halo whom enjoy FPS's.. Yeah I do agree COD MW 2 looks better then Halo 3, but newer COD's look better then COD's from 2006, 2007... especially on a 60 inch widescreen 1080p like I have ( you cant tell as much on a old square tube tv ), but the point is any NEWER game will look better then one which 3 or 4 yrs old. . So you comparing a newer game against a game that was designed three years ago is lame.....Anyone comparing COD's of the same time period (2007 and older ) as their perspective Halo choices - can assure you their colors are not as colorful, and the graphics of older COD's was not better & in most cases worse in mulitplayer then Halo ! After playing COD MW2 and Halo Reach the last 2 days I can honestly say Reach is slightly ( but noticeably ) better looking although im not sure how they made some maps so crisp looking. More importantly Reach plays less clunkity then COD MW2 when inonline matchmaking... Reach sort of reminded me how cheap older COD's felt to Halo 3's online play, although I do enjoy both games. I beleive the future quality of COD is slightly more unknown then Halo. Bungie is no longer in developing Halo, but many in the Bungie team have already been working with Microsoft on the next Halo. The fact M$ is working with some of those core Bungie people will insure the next Halo already in develoment will be consistant with what fans expect. The same can't be said for COD which seems to be going with Raven now...

libellule (on 16 September 2010)

wow at all the Halo fans who do not get my comment about "Halo is WEAKER than CoD WW" He doesnt mean Halo is dead, it just means that Halo is now dominated by CoD that is now the KING on console (whatever the version chosen or whatever the developper chosen). It doesnt count that you think Halo is better or not. No one care. think about 1 thing : Reach is less colored, more green/grey compared to Halo1/2/3.... thank you CoD !!! I dont even need to precise that, if you take in count the PS3 userbase (and so the real number of CoD owners), Halo is FAR behind. And, releasing Halo on PS3 would not change much .... because Halo is mainly a Xbox/american/UK franchise and that is it. No need to talk about the PC gamers ... Thank you thismeintiel for understanding my comment. PS : yeah, Black Ops pre-orders are surprisingly high, and, if they are accurate, then we are ready for a new record ...

rf40928 (on 16 September 2010)

@ flying Dutchman If you follow my 360 link ( which has all 360 games listed) .. You must have the filter set at 1000 games.. The total if games sold is in fact 392 million worldwide

ioi (on 16 September 2010)

@Edouble http://www.vgchartz.com/milestones.php?reg=America Our internal estimates place Halo 2 and 3 both on about 2.2 million day 1 leading to around 2.8m week one, Modern Warfare 2 was around 2.3m day 1 leading to 3.2m week 1. Within reasonable margins of error, all four games (Reach included) will have done around 2.2 - 2.4m on day 1 and 3m week one. Internally, we have Reach highest out of the four for day 1 but like I say we are looking at too large an error margin to assert anything too strongly, it's pretty much a four-way tie between the Halo 2, 3, Reach and Modern Warfare 2, especially when you take into account midnight launches, broken street dates etc.

TheFlyingDutchman (on 16 September 2010)

@ rf40928: - You know that GTA IV and MGS aren't shooters but actiongames? - Also funny that you just pick the first 4 PS3-games while I talked about the first 10. - The 360-top10 has 7 shooters with HALO:REACh and COD: Black Ops coming in and 2 others going out. So it will be 9 out of 10! - The PS3-top10 has 4 shooters with one on the 10th place and LBP and Uncharted 2 with a max of 2 weeks from taking it's place. That will make it 3 out of 10. - The 360 has sold 374 million games not 392 million.

sep85dd (on 16 September 2010)

Lame, not interesting, a war game, war sells, not sex, war. War seems to be a great thing.

Kynes (on 16 September 2010)

I just don't get some of you. Selling more than 4 million units in the first week is now considered being dead. 99,9% of the games in X360 and 100% of the games on PS3 and Wii are dead, by this standard.

damndl0ser (on 16 September 2010)

@libellule Well you do realize that Infinity Ward has been all but destroyed right? So we will see who maintains its staying power from now on. Simple fact is IW was hands down the best at developing Modern Warfare, and now that they are gone its never going to be the same and I will make a bet that the quality will fall off as a side effect. As for Bungie leaving the Halo world, it is indeed a shame. However a lot of people from Bungie studios who were in on the Halo franchise have been working with Microsoft in developing the next Halo. And I am certain that it will maintain or possibly be even better now. @ the halo killer comment. LOL :) I don't see how anything is dead with over 3 million sales day one. But if your trying to make a point I guess halo killed everything on the PS3 except MW, oh wait....

zuvuyeay (on 15 September 2010)

ker-ching someones happy

rf40928 (on 15 September 2010)

@ Flying dutchman .. I dont know much about killzone, except worldwide it only sold 2.3 million copies total.. which makes it only number 20 on PS3's top 20 sellers.. which doesnt say alot for PS3 games selection Source: http://www.vgchartz.com/worldtotals.php?name=killzone&publisher=&console=PS3&genre=&minSales=0&results=1000&sort=Total Xbox 360 has 640 titles and has sold 392.2 million games worldwide ... PS3 has 489 titles and has sold 266.09 million games wordwide... So your argument is 360 is too focused on shooters ? ...XB 360 has around 150 more titles then PS3 ...so you can't really say they are too focused on shooters when 360 actually has alot more games then PS3... What you could argue is FPS's sell well on both consoles.. PS3's TOP FOUR best sellers WORDWIDE are...( in order ) ... COD MW2, Grand Theft Auto Iv, COD MW, and Metal Gear Solid 4 ....which combined for just over 25 million copies all together.. Xbox 360's top FOUR sellers were COD MW2, HALO 3 ( the list doesnt yet show HALO Reach obviously ), COD 4 MW, and GTA IV which sold a combined for 39 million copies all together.. So.. what were you saying ? FPS shooters seem to be what is selling BEST on both consoles.. Its not that either doesn't sell other great games of other genres.. PS3 source data: http://www.vgchartz.com/worldtotals.php?name=&publisher=&console=PS3&genre=&minSales=0&results=1000&sort=Total Xbox 360 source data: http://www.vgchartz.com/worldtotals.php?name=&publisher=&console=X360&genre=&minSales=0&results=1000&sort=Total

mundus6 (on 15 September 2010)

I still say that it will beat week one sales of 360 version of MW2. @libellule How is COD a Halo kill just by selling more units? Guess Wii sports is PS3 and Xbox 360 killers then... Also Halo is only on 1 console and Halo Reach is selling just as strong if not stronger than MW2 did on 360. And halo isn't the best game in the world or anything... but i honestly think its better than COD and i'm not the only one.

nickvasko (on 15 September 2010)

well done bungie

Kenology (on 15 September 2010)

I feel that comparing sales of a game released on just one console to another game that's on multiple consoles is just unfair.

TheFlyingDutchman (on 15 September 2010)

@ rf40928: Halo is a typical American shooter and it wouldn't get anywhere near Killzone @ PS3. PS3-users don't like shooters as much as 360-users do. Before anyone get's nervous --> I don't mean that PS3-users hate shooters. Just look at the top10 of both consoles. The 360 is focussed too much on shooters if you ask me, but that is it's biggest power so you can't blame MS. @ Maxer: Move, GT5, LBP2, FIFA2011 etc. etc. @ dunno001: Yawn! COD: Black Ops is coming!

Edouble24 (on 15 September 2010)

The article says Halo Reach sold 2.3 million in the Americas, Halo 2 sold 2.4 million and I'm pretty sure 2.4 million is more than 2.3 rf40928

dunno001 (on 15 September 2010)

Hrm... small oopsie in the chart, actually: there are 2 games in number 2, presumably from the insertion. Thus, there are 11 games in the list, which means the series most in the top 10 openings is Halo at 3; FF, GTA, and CoD each having 2. I noticed that when figuring out how many franchises actually make it big... and that number is still sad to me...

thismeintiel (on 15 September 2010)

@ rf40928 How would MW2 sell less on the 360 if it was only on the 360? If anything MW2 would have sold over 5 mil, maybe close to 6 mil in its first week if it were only 360. And probably be sitting at ~15 mil LTD on 360. The truth is COD has become a bigger franchise than Halo, and there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, Halo is still HUGE. Though, I do see its popularity and sales dropping now that Bungie will not be making anymore of the sequels. Anyway, congrats Bungie.

maxer (on 15 September 2010)

How is the PS3 ever going to compete with this & Kinect during the holidays?

psrock (on 15 September 2010)

I'll wait after the adjustments , but crazy numbers for a great franchise

rf40928 (on 15 September 2010)

@libellule Cod killed Halo 3? Actually it barely beats it and when you factor in Cod would sell much less if it were Only on the 360 it's pretty clear writing on the wall. I believe if you look it up COD is PS3's best selling game and it ( on PS3 alone ) sold much less then Halo 3... Cod on 360 sold close to Halo 3 after factoring in Cod mw2 is much newer ( more consoles out there then in 2007 when H3 came to be)... We will see in weeks how Reach outperforms Halo 3.. To measure Reach as should measure it against COD sales on the 360.. If Reach were on PS3 I believe it would overtake COD multiplatform pretty much

AdventWolf (on 15 September 2010)

Dang those are some sales!

libellule (on 15 September 2010)

well, as I expected, CoD is defnitively bigger than Halo on console, it is The Halo Killer and it killed it some years ago. CoD, despite being released every years (not like Halo), it is still able to sell like hot cake at each iteration because the brand is superior. Neverthless, GG to Halo Reach, Bungie and MS !

binary solo (on 15 September 2010)

Is it normal for a game to sell more on day 1 than the number of pre-orders? 300K more in day 1 sales in Americas than Americas pre-orders is a lot. @ ruff_romeo. Only way a Halo title breaks an all time record is if its platform is in the 70 million+ lifetime sales ball park.

ruff_romeo (on 15 September 2010)

You should also think about the fact that Tuesday is a working day. Alot of people may also be waiting for the weekend to grab their copy or even later on in the week.

ruff_romeo (on 15 September 2010)

Thats Epic. Everybody should remember Reach. where these Spartans were the Saviours! I hope Halo Reach sets an all time record at some point down the line! But for a Single platform game alone, it has created some astonishing figures and created new records!!! OVER 3 MILLION IN 24HOURS!!!! THATS INSANE!!! That puts countless game sales to shame!!!

oniyide (on 15 September 2010)

@severance not an Xbox fan but I want Halo to beat COD MW2 was not all that. Reach looks like it is. I heard the campaign was 6 hours long??? thats 2 more hours than MW2

rf40928 (on 15 September 2010)

@edouble24.. It says reach sold over three million, that's more then 2.4 million huh? The articles mention of 2.3 million is referring to the old record and not what reach sold..

Bagaren85 (on 15 September 2010)

Damn awesome game and now a succes already saleswise. A exclusive beast! Congratz players and bungie!

Severance (on 15 September 2010)

i was hoping it would break CoD's record, no offense but i want that game to die , its a disgrace.

rf40928 (on 15 September 2010)

@killerman.. Anyone that thought Reach would sell less then Halo 3 whether in just the first day or entire entire, or entire life of each game is dead wrong. Think about it, odst is not what most fans wanted, but this is.. And even as important as that - There are at least 10 million more xbox 360 consoles in existence which means ten million more people that may buy Halo Reach then Halo 3!

gtxmann (on 15 September 2010)

i love halo reach

Teo (on 15 September 2010)

3 Final Fantasy's 3 Halo's Its a tie! Halo 4/5 or FF15? Which will come first?!

binary solo (on 15 September 2010)

Halo 3 had about a 40% effect on HW. Reach shouldn't be more than that, and as a sequel it ought to be less. Max HW boost I think would bring 360 WW HW up to ~250K. It isn't doing anywhere near the numbers in EMEAA that would cause it to crack 300K. Brilliant Halo Swansong for Bungie. Roll on their multiplat efforts. Though if they stay in the FPS genre I wil probably give their games a miss. But FPS fans on PS3 (and Wii?) are going to benefit a lot from this company opening up to the wider gaming public.

KillerMan (on 15 September 2010)

I really think that most people that said that this will not outsell halo 3 meant clearly lifetime sales. You have to be crazy to predict that Reach wouldn't have bigger opening than Halo 3.

Nintendogamer (on 15 September 2010)

It should put 360 weekly sales around the 350,000.

Goddbless (on 15 September 2010)

I can't wait to see the effect on HW!

yo_john117 (on 15 September 2010)

I still think Vgchartz has their week one sales a bit on the low side, i personally think it will be closer to 4.5-4.6 million first week.

haxxiy (on 15 September 2010)

Still not 5m as some were saying, but spetacular of course. Should beat Halo 3 lifetime numbers, but MW2 is almost surely out of Reach.

Edouble24 (on 15 September 2010)

2.3 million isn't the single day record in America. Halo 2 and Halo 3 both sold 2.4+ million on their first day. http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/7184/Halo-2-Scores-Record-125000000-FirstDay-Salesbr-Sells-24-Million-Units/ I'd be surprised if Reach sold less than Halo 2 at launch.

darthdevidem01 (on 15 September 2010)

LOLOL @ everyone who said this wouldn't outsell Halo 3!

TheFlyingDutchman (on 15 September 2010)

"Bungie reporting that Reach surpassed the one-day XBox LIVE record for concurrent unique users (at over two million unique users)" The clever pirates joined today! :)

sully1311 (on 15 September 2010)

WOO WOO!! Amazing sales!!

Pingu (on 15 September 2010)

@Nintendogamer Hell no, what an absurd thing to say!!!

flacomeza (on 15 September 2010)

Does this means that attach rate/number of consoles sold doent mean anything?

heruamon (on 15 September 2010)

So much for all the calls that Halo was dead, or that it would only sell 6-7 million copies,...LTD...lol. I think when the final numbers are in, you can expect to see this be the top sales on the 360...I never believed it would be possible for Reach to outsell COD or GTA on all platforms...don't think it's possible, but for the 360...yeah...

Vanbierk (on 15 September 2010)

When you add Modern Warfare 2 from all platforms...it really is a beast in sales

MonstaMack (on 15 September 2010)

lol @ those who said this WOULDN'T outsell Halo 3. Though looking to outsell Modern Warfare 2 in the long run could be a challenge considering Modern Warfare 3 won't be out for at least another year.

CChaos (on 15 September 2010)

*whistles* Not surprising at all, yet still an impressive bit of something on Bungie and Microsoft's part. 4.25m first week sounds very possible, though even 4m+ would still be a pretty amazing achievement. Good on Bungie, though, for making a fun game. Isn't it always amusing when a single video game release can make even the absolute best movie first weekend look like peanuts in comparison?

Darth Tigris (on 15 September 2010)

Impressive. Especially for a September release. Imagine if it released in November ...