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Steam Deck No Longer Requires a Reservation, Dock Now Available

Steam Deck No Longer Requires a Reservation, Dock Now Available - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 October 2022 / 2,029 Views

Valve in an update video announced a reservation is no longer required to purchase a Steam Deck.

Also now available is the Steam Deck Docking Station. It is available for purchase for $89 on Steam and currently has an estimated delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks.

"Steam Deck Docking Station is designed to add extensibility to your gaming setup," reads the description to the Steam Deck Dock. "Whether connecting your Steam Deck to your living room TV, setting up on your work desk, or charging on your night stand, the Dock is perfect for extending the places and ways you can use your Steam Deck.

"Not too big or too small, Docking Station is exactly the right size and shape to hold Steam Deck securely. From the right angle USB-C connector at exactly the right length, to the molded rubber seat to ensure there’s no scratching, the Dock was made for Steam Deck."

View an image of the Steam Deck Docking Station below:

Steam Deck No Longer Requires a Reservation, Dock Now Available

There was a report earlier this week from KDE's David Edmundson that revealed shipments for the Steam Deck have surpassed one million units.

"They have crossed over a million, and they're still processing back orders," said Edmundson.

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Signalstar (on 06 October 2022)

Steam Deck actually looks cool. Much better than the Steam Machines debacle.

  • +3
KLAMarine (on 06 October 2022)

No reservations needed anymore? So safe to say they're upping production?

  • +2
Manlytears (on 06 October 2022)

Extremely tempting to buy this one. Series X and PS5 games ( 1-2 years after release) in one package.

  • +2
axumblade Manlytears (on 06 October 2022)

You can also program it to remote play your ps4/5 games if you have one…

  • +2
Alistair Manlytears (on 06 October 2022)

i want a more premium 16 core GPU option, i'd rather pay $100 more and get more life out of it

  • -4
VAMatt (on 06 October 2022)

What do all of those cables do?

Is it a power cord, HDMI, mouse, and keyboard?

  • 0
gtotheunit91 VAMatt (on 07 October 2022)

For the docking station so you can turn your Deck into a full fledged PC and have it hooked up to two monitors since there’s an HDMI and DisplayPort. It automatically converts to desktop mode.

  • 0