Sony Weighing Bid for Gaming Firm Leyou Technologies, According to Sources

Sony Weighing Bid for Gaming Firm Leyou Technologies, According to Sources - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 July 2020 / 1,012 Views

Sony Corporation is weighing a bid for Hong Kong-based gaming firm Leyou Technologies, according to sources who spoke with Bloomberg. Leyou Technologies owns Warframe developer Digital Extremes, Gears Tactics developer Splash Damage, and more.

Sony Corporation is hoping it can edge out other bidders with their greater certainty of financing. Leyou’s controlling shareholder Charles Yuk is aiming to find a buyer and sign an agreement as soon as this month.

Sony Weighing Bid for Gaming Firm Leyou Technologies, According to Sources

The talks are still ongoing and no decision has been finalized. It is possible other bidders will emerge. Representatives for Sony Corporation and Leyou Technologies declined to comment. 

Sony has been looking to grow their lineup of first-party developers for their PlayStation brand. 

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DonFerrari (on 02 July 2020)

This purchase wouldn't do anything for me.

mutantsushi (on 03 July 2020)

Gears Tactics is interesting angle, probably forcing MS to find new developer for any sequels while Sony could back the developer in developing evolutionary game based on new IP... Killzone being obvious stand-in IMHO. The LoTR project is obviously significant (specifically tied to Amazon TV series), but the breadth of their existing and ongoing games begs the question of exclusivity... Personally I think Sony would benefit from going more multiplatform (with PC), not ruling out ALL pure Playstation exclusivity, but still moving away from it as singular strategy. PC distribution seems actively in play (Steam, Epic, etc) and seems viable space for Sony to engage with if they choose to. A broader consolidation of film/TV in it's own right is probably reasonable in it's own right, but I think that's also relevant to gaming side (in terms of IP).

Blood_Tears (on 02 July 2020)

It would be a good get for Sony. They haven't been as pro active securing devs since Insominac last year so this would be a smart move.

SanAndreasX (on 02 July 2020)

Leyou was the company that published Samurai Shodown for SNK. I think they own a stake in SNK, but not sure.

hush404 (on 02 July 2020)

Yeah, a company they own did. They're kind of like how ZeniMax is to Bethesda and other companies it's bought. As a company, they don't tend to develop or publish, but they have hands in a number of things and own some companies outright. One of those is Digital Extremes (the team behind WarFrame).

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