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PS4 vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – July 2019 Update

PS4 vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – July 2019 Update - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 September 2019 / 3,538 Views

The VGChartz Gap charts are updated monthly and each article focuses on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation platforms, as well as comparisons within the 8th generation. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

PlayStation 4 Vs. DS Global:

Gap change in latest month: 388,831 – DS

Gap change over last 12 months: 6,873,450 – DS

Total Lead: 31,169,966 - DS

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 98,435,919

DS Total Sales: 129,605,885

July 2019 is the 69th month that the PlayStation 4 has been available for. During the latest month the gap grew in favor of the Nintendo DS when compared with the PlayStation 4 during the same timeframe. The Nintendo DS has grown its lead over the PlayStation 4 by 388,831 units and in the last 12 months outsold the PlayStation 4 by 6.87 million units. The Nintendo DS currently leads by 31.17 million units.

The DS launched in November 2004 in North America, December 2004 in Japan and March 2005 in Europe, while the PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 98.44 million units, while the Nintendo DS sold 129.61 million units during the same timeframe.

The 69th month on sale for the PlayStation 4 is July 2019, while for the Nintendo DS it is July 2010.

The Nintendo DS ended up selling 154.02 million units lifetime. The PlayStation 4 needs to sell another 55.58 million units to catch up with the Nintendo DS.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

it will start to turn upside down soon, ( ds makes 8m the year after and 3m after this and 1m in the last year so ps4 will beat it without worries ti the groind ) the question is will the ps4 equalize the level until end of its life

  • +3
yo33331 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

to the ground **

  • 0
Bofferbrauer2 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

PS4 is too far back already and sales are already slowing down. Sony would need to ship an additional 50M PS4 to equalize the PS4, and with it's successor being almost around the corner already, I don't see how they could do that.

  • +2
yo33331 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

@Bofferbrauer2 Yes, I am not saying it will be easy, but it is not impossible, if PS4 has long legs ( as I assume, every other PS console had long legs, except PS3

  • +1
curl-6 (on 29 August 2019)

Weird as it may seem on the surface to compare the two I actually find it interesting to see the second highest selling system ever stacked against the soon-to-be-3rd. in terms of curves. PS4 hit its stride sooner while DS was more of a late bloomer.

  • +2
HylianSwordsman curl-6 (on 31 August 2019)

If it wants to be third, PS4 better start closing this gap. If it breaks even from here on out, earning as much to the end of its life as DS will until from this point until the end of its life, PS4 will get about 126.5 million. It has less than 8 million gap with the DS to work with before it's not on track to pass the Game Boy.

  • -3
yo33331 curl-6 (on 05 September 2019)

@HylianSwordsman PS4 can not and will not do as much as ds from this point on because DS made just 8m, 3m and 1m respectively after this year onwards, which is very very very poor

  • -1
gemini_d@rk (on 31 August 2019)

Why not compare with Ps2?

  • +1
yo33331 gemini_d@rk (on 03 September 2019)

because they don't have the exact chart of sales of ps2 .. although I think they can see the official numbers and create a chart for it .. it doesn't have to be difficult.

  • +1
yo33331 (on 05 September 2019)

as much downs you can give me you can't deny that PS4 will at worst reach 130M and at best can reach 160M :) bet on it, let's play, it reached 100M shipped faster than any other console including PS2, then why all of a sudden will drop of considerably in comparison to PS2 according to all of you ? yes it will be hard, and probably and maybe it will sell worst thant the ps2 but still it won't be too far of even if it is worse.

  • 0
SwitchUP (on 30 August 2019)

There is absolutely no chance on earth that the ps4 beats the ds or ps2. Stop kidding yourself. I will bet on it.

  • 0
yo33331 SwitchUP (on 02 September 2019)

there is nothing impossible, never say never. I think it has a very good chance of reaching ds and ps2, it will be diffucult yes, but it can.

  • 0
yo33331 SwitchUP (on 02 September 2019)

there is nothing impossible, never say never. I think it has a very good chance of reaching ds and ps2, it will be diffucult yes, but it can.

  • 0
yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

if ps4 makes 16m this year 14 next 12 or 10 after this and 5-8 after this it will close 3ds or will be at the same level

  • 0
thomas995 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

Think you meant DS? It's passed out the 3DS a good while ago.

  • +2
Coolback yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

Lol PS5 will kill PS4 Ez.
This year 16 ? nop.
Next 14 ? Lol !
2021, 12 ? in 2021 impossible to make 5M+ xD

  • -2
yo33331 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

@thomas995 yes, I meant DS.
@Coolback just look at PS2 sales ;) every year since 2006 onwards after the ps3 launch was 15m and 10m sales, until 2010 or 2011 where it fall to 7-8m still good sales, and I am not saying PS4 will make those numbers after PS5 launch but still it can be good, don't look ps3, ps3 was one of a kind case, neither did receive price cut for ps4 launch, neither was big difference with the price ( ps3 was official 299$ at 2013 while ps4 was official 399$) so everyone got ps4, the ps2 for example was 199 or something like this and ps3 was 599, now the ps4 will go down to 199 or 249$ official msrp and ps5 will be 499 or 599, so big difference, so PS2 made 50M after ps3 launch, I am not telling ps4 will do this after ps5, but at least 30M is very possible. so until the launch (november 2020) PS4 can make around 15-20M and after this another 25-30M until the end of it's life, and no new console does not mean killing of the old, everyone stop looking at ps3/ps4 case it was one of a kind, every other generation with ps consoles at least never the old console died so fast, this year ps4 can make around 14 to 16M next 12-14M and 2021 will make at least 10, then for another 3 years for example it will do 8, 5, and 3-4, and here it is 150M - 160M mark reached :). Again I am not saying it will happen 100% just it is possible, it may reach only 130 or 140M, but it also can reach 150 to 160M if sony make 2 right price cuts at the right time, and good marketing on ps4 after ps5, just like was the ps2 after ps3

  • -1
yo33331 yo33331 (on 30 August 2019)

also everyone I don't get it, after PS4 is so much PS2 in every way possible ( for sales I mean ) and even a little bit better at times comparing them both, why everyone thinks ps4 will die like ps3 ? with only 7 or 8M sold units after PS5? even PS1 sold more units after PS2, than ps3 after PS4, this is just a bad case for a console with OK sales.. PS2, PS1, PS4 are consoles with top sales, PS3 and PSP are a OK level for sales, and also this is not smartphones or computers, it will not fall of so easily after the launch of the new model, it will fall for sure yes, nobody denying it, but not by a large, it will not go from 15-16M every year (as it is now) to 5M next year, this is just not the case with sony consoles, and the top contender for 1st place on top of that. it will fall yes, but from 15-16M total sales this year probably 13-14M, maybe 12M at worst but not a 5M or 7M next year, this is big decline, it will not happen. (for this year - yeah maybe it looks like quite a lot to you, but just see how many units ps4 made last fall, october + november + december were close to 8M so with a small decline this year we can put it at 6.5 to 7M, september it will do least 1M, so 8, and now we have it at 7.4 + two weeks on august more it will be 7.8 so 7.8 + 8 it is 15.8M so why is not possible ? this year PS4 will be between 15 and 16M) so next with a little bigger decline because of PS5, it will be between 12M at worst at maybe 13-14M at best. why is it hard to believe ? PS3 went from 12M in 2012 to 8M in 2013. So the years after this for PS4 can be 10, 7 and 5 maybe , and 2-3 the last year of ps4 life. And it will be around 150M lifetime, but with a luck it can go a little more to 160M or 130-140M at worst. still a very good numbers. so no , it will not be 5M in 2021. this is ridiculous.

  • -2
Comment was deleted...
Coolback yo33331 (on 31 August 2019)


You can't compare PS2 and PS4 because it's stupid :

1/ PS2 was selled at 99$ only just before PS3 release.
2/ PS3 was flopped so hard with 600$ price.
3/ PS2 just had the biggest ludotheque of all the time.

Normal to the PS2 continue to be sell with the most flop for Sony (the launch of the PS3).

  • 0
yo33331 yo33331 (on 31 August 2019)


  1. PS2 was 149 or 179$ when PS3 launched ;), PS4 can be 199$ by this time next year.
    2.PS5 will be around that price too ( though it will not be flopped )
  2. PS4 have good momentum and you can't just say that will do 5M the year after PS5 launch.

    Also I am comparing it because

  3. PS2 and PS4 sales are neck in neck for the same period of time
  4. PS4 will be the most sold console by Sony or will be 2nd most sold console by Sony.
  5. PS2 and PS1 for that matter are good selling consoles, both with strong legs in the end of their life, so it safe to assume that PS4 will be too.
    And also I am not saying that PS4 will do the same 50m that PS2 did after PS3, I am saying just that it will no be bad as PS3 (7m after PS4 launch) and it will be probably somewhere in the middle about 25 to 30M after the launch which is november 2020, so by november 2020 PS4 will have another 15M at least so there it is, around 50M units from now to end of life which place it around 150M, so it is close enough to 3DS and even PS2 sales, to safely say that is can outsell them with a little bit of luck and these very possible 50M from now on to become 55 or 60 at best.
  • +1
yo33331 yo33331 (on 31 August 2019)

Here is one best case scenario:
2019: based on the sales of the last year with a small decline on them I put PS4 at 15 to 16M this year
2020: 13-15M
2021: 10-13M
2022: 8-10M
2023: 5-7M
2024: 3-5M
2025: 2-3M

this is one normal life of one successful SONY console, just like PS1 and just like PS2 were .. 10 to 12 years of sales after release .. also if some of the numbers after 2021 you think are low, I put 2 price cuts somewhere there, so be aware, they do help very good. there have to be one maybe next year to 199$ after this one to maybe 149 or 129$ just like PS2.
and finally maybe one at last to 99$ somewhere in 2023 or 2024. Again these are just example cases how can happen, best case scenario. is may be not this way, but just dont tell me that is impossible, because it is possible. PS1 did something like this, PS2 also, PSP had long legs too (despite not sold as much) and there is nothing in the way of it too .. only maybe that there will be new console but as I said this is just a small stone in the way it is not stop as was with PS3 for example, sony didn't do anything .. they could price cut it, they could market it better ( after 2014 I mean ) and PS3 would sell at least 15 to 20M after PS4 and not 7M as it happened .. The worst case scenario still isn't these 5M in 2021 that you wrote. it is maybe somethink like this:
2019: 12M
2020: 10M
2021: 8M
2022: 5M
2023: 2M
end of life

Everything here are just a possibilites.. but there is higher chance things to turn out for best case scenario that I wrote than the worst case scenario .. because PS4 is contender for number 1 or 2 best selling console, there will be huge difference between PS4 and PS5 price (500 or 600$ vs 200 or 250$ unlike PS3 and PS4 100$ difference) and also PS4 can earn at least 2 more price cuts by end of the life unlike PS3 for example where the hardware was expensive even at late years for it to be cut to 150 or 100$

  • +1
SwitchUP yo33331 (on 06 September 2019)

You can type a bible worth of text 100x, it wont change the fact that the ps4 will never pass the ds or ps2. It has ZERO chance. But that doesnt change the achievement of what the ps4 has been able to do in an entirely different situation. The ps4 is not in the ps2 situation. At all. I think the ps4 is actually more impressive. It wont have the luxury that the ps2 had with emerging markets that bought the ps2 like they did. The ps4 did AMAZING. The ps2 had legs due to new markets that bought it up like crazy for years. The ps4 has been selling ALREADY to those markets... the ps4 also wont be replaced by a 600 dollar system. The ps4 also will not be 99 dollars when the ps5 comes. The ps4 is also well built, and doesnt have the luxury, if you can call it that, of having been such an unreliable piece of shit that, people bought several of them because they failed constantly. The ps4 will basically stop selling once the ps5 hits the market, exactly like the ps3 died when the ps4 came. Your incredible sales predictions for the next several years are.... ahem... not happening. The end.

  • 0
yo33331 yo33331 (on 06 September 2019)

@SwitchUP First of all I say it again I am not saying it will pass PS2 for sure, I am saying that it is possible, and you can not say for anything in that life that it is impossible, because it can happen in so much different ways .. second PS4 is better than PS2 sales by this time in its life why all of a sudden it will drop ? PS3 was the only one case scenario of sony consoles history that dropped so quickly no other console has done it .. also PS2 was never 99$ at ps3 launch .. PS2 was 179 or 149, it drop to 99$ 2 years after in fall of 2008 .. and PS4 can get close to the PS2 price in 2006, PS4 can be 199 in 2020 and PS5 isn't officially revealed, why are you so sure it will not be 600$ ? everyone now speculates that the new consoles will be 500$ or 600$ at launch, even if PS5 is the better 500$ option it will still be a big difference between it and PS4 which will probably be 199$ by the launch of PS5. why are you so sure that PS4 will not have long legs ? after PSP, PS1 and PS2 all had long legs ? why ? every single sony console that had very good sales just like PS4 has now, had long legs in their life and continued to sell well after the new console .. you can also write all you want that it will not get PS2 numbers but you can't change the fact that it is not impossible to get to 160M and even then it will still get respectively 130 or 140M at worst, not the 7M you are saying that were with the PS3 .. this is not nintendo console to drop off so quickly.. PS3 if sony did price cut it as it should it would sell better and reach at least 15-20M after PS4 launched not the 7M that did ... firstly because it would be cheaper and secondly because there would be a nice difference between ps4 and ps3 in comparison there was only 100$, everyone bought PS4 ..

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