PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales Top 1 Million Units Black Friday Week - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 December 2014 / 27,954 Views

Black Friday sales have been breaking records not only in the US, but worldwide. VGChartz now has preliminary worldwide hardware figures for the week. Sales for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U are all up massively year-over-year.

The PlayStation 4 sold around 1.2 million units for the week, which is up from 963,588 a year ago. The Xbox One sold around 1.1 million units, up from 456,608. The Wii U sold around 300,000 units, up from 230,081. However, 3DS sales dropped to around 600,000 units, from 868,411.

Xbox One sales accounted for more than half of all the home consoles sold in the US on Black Friday. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg stated that Xbox One "Sales were incredible." Home console sales in the UK are double what they were a year ago. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had the biggest Black Friday sales in the UK for the franchise, as software sales jump across the board. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had the biggest launch in franchise history in the UK.


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ThatDanishGamer (on 01 December 2014)

20 million before the end of 2014 is getting more and more realistic.

ThatDanishGamer (on 01 December 2014)

Ubisoft predicted that combined PS4, xb1 sales would reach 30 million by March '15 it may already reach that by the end of December '14

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kivi95 (on 01 December 2014)

Should write that this is pre-data. Could be a 20% differnce from the actual weekly vgchartz numbers.

Seece (on 01 December 2014)

Should probably mention that ioi said these are very early figures...

trunkswd (on 01 December 2014)

I mentioned it was preliminary numbers.

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Seece (on 01 December 2014)


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iTechHeads (on 01 December 2014)

Why are you writing an article on this? I mean seriously? Data IS going to change as ioi clearly said, this is PRELIMINARY DATA. Not worth an article.

Kallumsmarties (on 01 December 2014)

I heard that Wii U is doing well on Cyber Monday on eBay. Nice to see Wii U is performing better, even if it isn't as good as the other consoles. 3DS is probably down because of the New 3DS and they already have a large install base anyway.

Ninsect (on 01 December 2014)

Please don't include infoscout in articles about VGC numbers... ioi's numbers don't even support infoscout's

CosmicSex (on 01 December 2014)

I think that the end results will put: Wii U: 225k Xbox One: 750k PS4: 1200k

Wonktonodi (on 01 December 2014)

I wonder how soon this will spread to other sites that will drop the preliminary

trunkswd (on 01 December 2014)

That really wouldn't surprise me. I made sure to write that the data was preliminary.

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kdognumba1 (on 01 December 2014)

According to Siliconera, WiiU sold out for Cyber Monday in 3 minutes at Ebay. I never would have saw that coming.

small44 (on 01 December 2014)

No numbers about psv

binary solo (on 01 December 2014)

And why are you still perpetuating the infoscout myth when your own VGC data, on which this article is based, pretty much confirms that Xb one did not exceed 50% home console market share. in fact preliminary data suggests Xb one didn't even get 50% of current gen home console sales. Direct from the horse's mouth as it were: "From the limited data we have, we're currently estimating for the USA: XB1 ~ 725k PS4 ~ 600k WiiU ~ 200k" You claim to be a lead analyst since 2012. Please do some actual analysis.

Insidb (on 01 December 2014)

If this holds up, expect X1 to win NPD and the PS4 to win non US/UK territories by a wide margin again.

Namiirei (on 01 December 2014)

And then, we got the NPD numbers, and everyone will forget this news.

platformmaster918 (on 01 December 2014)

global is more important than just one country

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