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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Sells More Than 11M Units Opening Week - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 23 November 2012 / 39,200 Views

First week sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops II are in. The game sold 11.22 million units across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The Wii U version of the game was released the following week, November 18, as a launch title in North America.

The Xbox 360 version was the top selling version with sales of 6.21 million units. This is a 55 percent market share of the total sales. The PlayStation 3 version sold 4.61 million units, or 41 percent of the total sales. The PC version sold 400,859 units in its opening week.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Opening Week Sales

Black Ops II outsold the previous Black Ops game by five percent or 550,000 units. Black Ops sold 10.67 million units in its opening. However Black Ops was also available for the Wii and DS. If you subtract the Wii and DS versions, Black Ops sold 10.57 million units in its opening week.

While Black Ops II beat the original Black Ops game, it did not break the record for the best opening week for a Call of Duty game. That honors goes to last years game, Modern Warfare 3, which went on to sell 13.45 million units in its opening week. Like with Black Ops, the game is also available for the Wii and DS, however the two versions sold less than 100,000 units combined in its opening week.

The Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 3 sold 7.50 million units in its opening week, or 1.29 million more than Black Ops II (X360). The PlayStation 3 version sold 5.38 million units in its opening week, or 770,000 more than Black Ops II (PS3). The PC version sold 477,971 units in its opening week or 77,112 more than Black Ops II (PC).

As a side note, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified (PSV) sold 118,615 units in its opening week.

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vodkasosa9000 (on 23 November 2012)

GTA V will beat it !!!

  • +8
Ganoncrotch vodkasosa9000 (on 23 November 2012)

here's hoping

  • 0
man-bear-pig (on 23 November 2012)

Looks like CoD is finally starting to show some franchise fatigue, 2.14m less than MW3 is quite a significant drop. Still a beast though!

BO: Declassified sales are pretty dismal. It's probably a good thing that it's sold so poorly though; judging from the reviews, everyone who buys it will be disappointed :P

  • +7
Ganoncrotch man-bear-pig (on 23 November 2012)

declassifieds sales place it at 19th in total sales of vita games after just 1 week for a game with a metacritic score in the 30s this is mindblowingly great sales.

  • 0
007BondAgent man-bear-pig (on 23 November 2012)

you wrote the same thing on n4g ;)

  • 0
man-bear-pig man-bear-pig (on 24 November 2012)

@007, I would be pointless to write 2 different responses to the same article

@GanonCrotch, based on how massive the CoD brand is I thought it would sell more based on the name alone. Guess I overestimated the CoD brand..?

  • +1
jamesmarkus87 (on 23 November 2012)

Halo 4 + aging consoles + franchise fatigue

  • +5
VGKing jamesmarkus87 (on 23 November 2012)

Sounds familiar :D

  • 0
007BondAgent jamesmarkus87 (on 23 November 2012)

Explain why the ps3 version dropped also? halo has nothing to do with it, just fatigue

  • +2
man-bear-pig jamesmarkus87 (on 24 November 2012)

Lol, yeah. You stole this line from VGKing!

  • +1
Heavenly_King (on 23 November 2012)

Definitely brand name sells. COD:BLOPS:D with the reviews it got should have sold -1 copy, but nope, it is one of the best selling games in the device. If it sells Vitas I dont care really XD

  • +3
Kai Master (on 26 November 2012)

I knew that the series was on the downturn, gamers around me dropped the series, that's a sign that the droppers are out-pacing newcomers. But MW always was more popular than Bops, so maybe MW4 could set a new record. One question : is the number of sales days the exact same ?

  • +1
lordmandeep (on 23 November 2012)

I think we all learned this with GTA4....
GTA 5 will sell huge numbers but not a record breaking start...
It will likley have massive Lifetime numbers though...

  • +1
chidori-chan2 (on 23 November 2012)

Omg Declassified saved the Vita!!!! Oh wait....

  • +1
man-bear-pig chidori-chan2 (on 24 November 2012)

Oh snap!

  • 0
VGKing (on 23 November 2012)

Didn't believe the game would decline this much from MW3, but we haven't heard any Activision press statement, so I guess it's true that it failed to beat MW3 record.

  • +1
mehm (on 24 November 2012)

Is this site isolated from the rest of the internet or why does no one read official PRs? BO2 had 100 million $ more sales in the first 24h, why should the rest of the week be this different? Once again your figures doesn't make any sense.

Though it doesn't surprise me as you have MW3 over BO1. In almost all of the world it didn't sell as much as BO1 (all according to trackers) but on this site it's far over it.

  • -1
lordmandeep (on 23 November 2012)

Still think it will sell 25 million copies with ease...

  • -2
lordmandeep (on 23 November 2012)

it fell around 15%, but I dont think total lifetime sales will be off by 15%...

  • -2
lordmandeep (on 23 November 2012)

it fell around 15%, but I dont think total lifetime sales will be off by 15%...

  • -3
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