Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.52m
Platform: WiiAlso on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Cavia Inc. Genre: Action

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goldmario79 (on 14 October 2016)
I didnt know they took UC and DC and made them Rail Shooters for the series. Also didnt know what a rail shooter was until I played this... simply awesome... the only way to play Resident Evil Zero by the way!!
Fededx (on 07 July 2012)
I want to buy this game, can't find it where I live though. I love on rails shooters, they're so much fun to play with my brothers or friends. Glad to see it sold very good!
slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
wasnt much of a fan of this rail shooter
bigjon (on 24 December 2010)
Well it seems to have stopped selling, nice run for a game like this
Armads (on 03 May 2010)
Just got this, it's a lot more difficult than I expected, A huge change from HotD Overkill.
spurgeonryan (on 05 April 2010)
go to the america chartz and you will see it stil selling in the 150-200 level
Majin-Tenshinhan (on 30 November 2009)

Don't forget Call of Duty. CoD3 and 5 both it a million, and CoD4 is on it's way there.
zzyoshiman (on 03 November 2009)
somehow, only resident evil game make million copy sales on the wii
woopah (on 23 October 2009)
clearly EA is right and there is no market for mature wii on rial shooters where you kill zombies
Kenology (on 19 September 2009)
I think this game is way better than HotD:Overkill. It's not a twitch shooter like that game... I like the slower pacing of this game and the uneasy atmosphere.
Falk Sturmfels (on 11 September 2009)
I do not believe that this game is not selling anymore. There should be any movements!!
elmerion (on 31 May 2009)
This game is really good, not better than HoTD: Overkill, but pretty good, it has nice difficulty settings, a lot of content, this game got me into Resident Evil, now im planning to get all the games which is not hard since Capcom plans to remake them every 2 years or something XD
dizzydee_011 (on 27 May 2009)
Can't wait for Darkside Chonicles
SaviorX (on 07 May 2009)
I saw this game at $24.99 (half-price) for gamers day. Surprisingly, it is still $49.99 here.
primogen18 (on 30 April 2009)
I need to snag this up before Darkside Chronicles gets any closer.
mpereira (on 29 April 2009)
darkside chronicles will be much better than this
NeoStar9 (on 14 April 2009)
Can it be assumed the true sales number is higher then this?
intro94 (on 12 April 2009)
this game was actually pretty good, for the ones who actually play it.
Son1x (on 31 March 2009)
This is pretty fun as co-op.
Besides the annoying QTE's.
dark_gh0st_b0y (on 19 March 2009)
this game is awesome, especially co-op
primogen18 (on 03 March 2009)
I still need to get this game, but Wii is becoming crowded with rail shooters. No that they are bad, but they are turning Dead Space into one, and it seems Wii could handle a real installment of Dead Space or Resident Evil.
xxxvitoxxx (on 20 February 2009)
i hope it gets to 1.5 good game btw
intro94 (on 15 February 2009)
60k is a miserable amount.on the other hand capcom stated it sold 1.5mil copies.So its a give-take situation .But the game was great and im glad it was well received.
Chrizum (on 10 February 2009)
Overtacked by at least 60k. Not too bad.
Kenology (on 09 February 2009)
NPD has this listed at 399k in the US.
MarioGalaxy (on 05 February 2009)

In Europe this game is at 25,90 € (drops from 59,90€).
I'm playing now and i have to say that we need a second part of this game!!!!
Very amazing game, and with very solid graphics (better than the rest of railshooters for the wii, and better than the future HOTD. Overkill).
Please, Capcom, when you bring to the wii users another Resident exclusive for us? See EA with the anouncement of dead space and more core games for this year!!
2009 'll be the best year for hardcore gamers on the wii. GREAT!!!!!!
Voltaire (on 02 February 2009)
This game really needs a price cut. Look at RE4, it got another 500K after it went to $20.
arsenal009 (on 01 February 2009)
Wow, a rail shooter sold 280k in Japan just cause it had RE in the title. Imagine how much a main series game would sell on the Wii.
exindguy (on 28 January 2009)
Please announce a bloody sequel already, Capcom!
Sylvain316 (on 22 January 2009)
I don't know why but I think i'm gonna buy no more Heroes :)
naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
TheConduit (on 30 December 2008)
WII dominates the on the rail shooter genre.
Surely they will do a sequel with material from resident evil 2, 4, code veronica and maybe even 5
bigjon (on 25 December 2008)
if this ever gets a 29.99 or 19.99 pricetag it will begin selling 15-20k a week again.
almajovem (on 22 December 2008)
The Best RE ever
terry_tibbs (on 16 December 2008)
jill valentine is dead!!!!
Smeags (on 16 December 2008)

Oh yeah, this game has tons of replay value. From upgradable weapons to hidden files... this game willl provide hours upon hours of fun. It's pretty darn awesome. :-)
Sylvain316 (on 15 December 2008)
looks pretty cool but is there a good replay value ?
Batman...WTF? (on 03 December 2008)
OH it got a million! COOL! I love this game.
CONMAN15 (on 01 December 2008)
yes this game is really awesome, I got it way back when it came out.
Vil3 (on 18 October 2008)
bought this today :) have spended some hours together with my little sister going throw the first missions...really funny game :)
Wetcoaster (on 08 October 2008)
So I got this game at the 50% off Toys R Us sale and I just played it with my friend on co-op. It's so much fun! If you don't have it, get it!
stof (on 28 September 2008)
Well I just bought the Gamecube RE remake. Thanks Umbrella Chronicles!

Smeags (on 25 September 2008)
*adds "The" to title* :-P
Smeags (on 25 September 2008)
Indeed Stof, the only Resident Evil I've owned was 4, and have yet to play 0, 2, and Code: Veronica *Gasps ensue*

Yet I love the story behind the series. Bio-weapons and mutations, the whole nine yards. I figured that with Umbrella Chronicles, I could get somewhat of a head start on what I've missed.

Along with the nostalgia, there was plenty of Light Gun goodness to be had. Now I'm working on finding every single file. Grenades ahoy!
stof (on 22 September 2008)
Smeags, I'd never played an RE game before getting Umbrella Chronicles and I still loved it.

Infact it's made me want to play the other games in the series now.
Smeags (on 13 September 2008)
If you're a Resident Evil fan and own a Wii, you need to buy this game. It's worth it just for the RE nostalgia as well as the excellent light gun elements. Upgradeable elements, 2 player co-op, and oodles of hidden content increase the replayablity ten fold.

Awesome. (y)
SaviorX (on 12 September 2008)
This got readjusted down again? It went down 40k... as of 9/12/08
Wetcoaster (on 12 September 2008)
I NEED to get this game.
11ht11 (on 18 August 2008)
yes it is
c03n3nj0 (on 18 August 2008)
Is this game a must buy?
Sapphire90 (on 21 July 2008)
Hey why did they readjust it? :(
SaviorX (on 10 July 2008)
This game got readjusted down, to 1.23 million as of July 10th.
trancos (on 04 June 2008)
Yes, and they also said RE4WII would only do 400K
Kenology (on 03 June 2008)
Didn't Capcom only project this game would only do about 650k worldwide!?
SaviorX (on 23 May 2008)
1.25 million after about 7 months for an on-rails shooter game is really good.

The Wii will definitely get more Capcom love if their games sell this well. At this rate (18k), it will sell 1.5 million in about 4 months.

Sequel anyone?
Cheebee (on 21 May 2008)
Whoa, I didn't think it'd sell this well! :) Nice. Also, the graphics aren't fantastic, but for a Wii game, they're pretty sweet.
Only thing I don't like about the game is how your bullets hardly seem to pack any punch when you shoot enemies..
But overall, nice game! :)
malpensante (on 20 May 2008)
I am glad this game sold so well. I bought it at launch because I liked resident evil 4 Wii edition and wanted to support more RE games on the platform. Nevertheless, UC turned out to be a let down, a boring game for 2 players, and a slow, slow pace. It was not arcade fun, as Capcom told it would be. So... for me it's a 6.0, but like I said, I am glad it sold, so we can have at least a small hope for RE5 on Wii :)
Levi (on 09 May 2008)
It look like the game is getting some pretty good sales I think we will be getting some more RE games for the Wii thats for sure.
alexf10 (on 05 May 2008)
really fun game :)

chronicles 2 should be on the way...
stof (on 05 May 2008)

I'm predicting that Capcom sees the potential here and is going to be putting a lot of focus on the next Chronicles game.

The only question now is whether we'll get just one sequel or two more games. They still have RE 2,4,5 and Code Veronica to go through, so with the addition of new areas it's hard to say whether the remaining content is good for 1 or 2 games.

I'll take my prediction a bit farther and say that they're working on the next Chronicles game right now, and that people on that dev team are working with people on the RE5 team, as having both games launch around the same time and featuring the same RE5 story in it would create a lot of buzz and interest in picking up both titles.
Onimusha12 (on 28 April 2008)
Let's just worry about getting RE5 for Nintendo's next console, knowing the promise RE4 showed, Capcom will at the very least do that if nothing else.
King2 (on 26 April 2008)
This game has some legs! If it continues to sell the way it's selling, It could reach 1.5 mil by Christmas.

RE5 for Wii!
Finnbar (on 23 April 2008)
I had never played a RE game before and I loved this game, go wii zapper!
rudyrsr8 (on 19 April 2008)
Fun game if you all like RE you should get this game.
11ht11 (on 19 April 2008)
i played this on my HDTV and it looks great
Leni (on 11 April 2008)
this game has awesome graphics and everything....another great Wii game!!! :)
bigjon (on 02 April 2008)
gold in America
st_muscat0 (on 01 April 2008)
Sweet the europe sales updated and jumped ahead another 40,000 copies sold. This game could easily sell 1.5 million by the end of 08.
johnsobas (on 22 March 2008)
sales have died in europe and japan but it's going strong in north america still. It could have massive legs like RE4 just not quite as big.
hihihi (on 19 March 2008)
another 3rd party wii milloin seller
ctk495 (on 17 March 2008)
million seller.
Sherlock99 (on 13 March 2008)
million seller next week.
4D Gamer III (on 07 March 2008)
Another million seller
Kenkaku (on 05 March 2008)
Shipped or sold, it doesn't matter. Capcom originally thought this game would average 600,000. They must be swimming in joy and money right now.
st_muscat0 (on 05 March 2008)
11ht11 they said it shipped a million, or at least I thought they did, while vgchartz is saying it sold 0.95 million
11ht11 (on 04 March 2008)
capcom said this was a million seller already, the story was on gamespot
4D Gamer III (on 04 March 2008)
Code Veronica won't get a sequel, its the damned lovechild born out of wedlock between Capcom and Sega, Capcom was needless to say, dissapointed with where it tried to take the story.
Resident_Hazard (on 28 February 2008)
Went back to this last night (after finishing No More Heroes and playing other games for a couple weeks) and I finally got the A rank in Raccoon's Destruction 3, thus unlocking Ada's mission, which I also finished, thus unlocking Wesker's final mission, which I failed to complete last night becuase Sergie is a big-ol' bitch.

Still looking forward to a sequel covering RE2, Code Veronica, RE4, and a new side story taking place either in the Chicago Umbrella facility or linking RE4, Plagas, Wesker, Umbrella, and the T/G Viruses together. Plenty of fodder for a sequel. Also, RE2 could be broken down into two large sections, one following Claire, and one following Leon.
fgkiller (on 28 February 2008)
They Should drop the price to 20 to give it a huge boost.
shrimpy_boy11 (on 28 February 2008)
In 3 weeks it shud be a million seller and maybe Brawl will give it a boost in America so... but definatley a million.
Man (on 20 February 2008)
just got this a couple of days ago.

its amazing concidering its an on rails shooter. good length, lots to unlock, and heaps of ratings to acheive which keep you coming back again.

Sherlock99 (on 20 February 2008)
almost a 1 million seller.
11ht11 (on 19 February 2008)
90,000 units to go until a million
Girl Gamer Elite (on 17 February 2008)
I can't believe this is going to become a million seller.
stof (on 13 February 2008)
Thanks for getting me banned Umbrella Chronicles!
11ht11 (on 13 February 2008)
so close to a million, c'mon capcom RE5 wii,
jpelles (on 11 February 2008)
950K shipped. This game is selling well and getting good placement in stores.

I think this could go to 1.5 million in lifetime. Maybe more who knows. Once it's $20 everywhere it could go to 2 million possibly.
11ht11 (on 05 February 2008)
took me forever to get an S ranking on all the levels on hard mode,
batusai69 (on 03 February 2008)
great game!!!
ClaudeLv250 (on 03 February 2008)
Yeah, it does.

That they care too much about the ratings.
Aj_habfan (on 02 February 2008)
According to this site, this game is better than any games made for the PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, or Xbox360.

Sure shows something about the people on this site.
Kasz216 (on 02 February 2008)
I think they expected 600K. So... 830K i'd consider way over expectations. That's over 30% higher sales then expected.
salaminizer (on 01 February 2008)
way above expectations eh...
tokilamockingbrd (on 31 January 2008)
Looks like NA is gonna carry this one to 1 mil.... Others and Japan seem to be dropping alot.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 January 2008)
yay, its already matched my expectations and has yet to stop selling. 1 million for sure.
Man (on 31 January 2008)
well omparing the games, its higher now than re4 was (altough uc had christmas during this time) and its selling about 10,000 ww more than re4 each week. so currently its selling better, but i dont think even capcom could have imagined the legs for re4... amazing
fgkiller (on 30 January 2008)
and capcom tought this would sell better then RE4 ha it will break a million soner or later tough
Girl Gamer Elite (on 28 January 2008)
1 mil here we come! Capcom should be pleased with what the Wii is doing.
naznatips (on 28 January 2008)
Great sales. 1 million is so very close.
coonana (on 24 January 2008)
Wow Capcom gives us an old port and a low budget rails shooter. Granted both were awsome but Capcom just made HUGE profits off of this. If they dont come out with an even better and more amazing RE game for Wii they are crazy because the sales would be so good.

Capcom is one of the few devs that is making at least some of their games right on Wii. Their rE games are being polished, good graphics, not rushed, ADVERTISED, and all around good games. Hopefully they can keep it up.
valen200 (on 22 January 2008)
I have played this game a lot, and I really enjoy it. i cannot understate the importance of having a competent partner when playing. When my brother and I play we can do very well. When I was playing with a friend I had to keep saving him and had to deal with him freaking out at every zombie appearance.
T013 (on 21 January 2008)
I really love this game, and I find it rather addicting... It's very challenging (if you want the A/S-ratings, that is) and it does have some learning curve in it due to the critical hit system (the game gets cooler and cooler once you can just take 6 zombies out in a row with only a handgun). It is also a very generous package, obviously made with a lot of attention and love for the series, and gives younger people like me who have never played 0,1 or 3 before both a quick overview of the storyline and a good incentive to purchase the older games. The sub-missions are actually better IMO than the 'real' missions, because you get to play all the cool people. I mean, come on: Wesker, HUNK and Ada Wong? Sign me up!
It has issues, but for its sheer generosity and addictive fun, I'd give it 9/10.
wiifm (on 20 January 2008)
And again (just like in RE4 for Wii) they messed up the widescreen mode ... It shows a 2cm border on both left and right side on my 42" tv. While the graphics is quite good in terms of Wii, this "glitch" really annoys me. While this is probably not experienced on all newer wide screens (and probably overlooked by the dev team), i guess quite a few will show it nevertheless. Can't they properly test their games on different TV sets ?

tokilamockingbrd (on 19 January 2008)
it was undertracked by over 100k in NA alone in dec, I also think it is undertracked in Other based on the fact that it has sold better in Japan than in others.
Sri Lumpa (on 16 January 2008)
I am quite happy because it sold more than Capcom's expectations while still selling less than the RE4 port which bodes well for those of us who are hoping for a RE game with RE4 gameplay on the Wii. I haven't bought it yet as I am a bit tight with money at the moment so I keep it for Zack and Wiki's European release this week but I probably will pick it up eventually as it is getting some good reviews and gives more backstory to the early series.
amp316 (on 15 January 2008)
This is the best light gun game that I have ever played. That includes House Of The Dead (which i cant wait for btw). Anyone that tries to get all of the files and the best possible ranking on hard will realize how much depth there really is to this game. It really is amazing considering how bad the other Resident Evil light gun games were. The boss battles are awesome. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a fine game but this is like a best of the Resident Evil series. 0, 1, and 3 are all represented here. Oh and a level with Ada and a level with HUNK. I pray that they make a sequel based on 2 and 4. See you guys, I'm going to shoot some zombies.
Kasz216 (on 13 January 2008)
I don't know Parokki I may like MoH H2 more. This is a great game though.
Frozen (on 11 January 2008)
6-8months and 1 million
Parokki (on 11 January 2008)
Someone made a very good point about this game in another thread. There will soon be over a million Wii owners who own a zapper after buying Link's Crossbow Training. Sooner or later many of them are going to start wondering what other games support their fancy new peripheral, and currently there are only three, the best of which is clearly Umbrella Chronicles.

There's no doubt left in my mind that this game will make it to a million in a month or two at most.
kopstudent89 (on 10 January 2008)
Though it is selling more than RE4 at the same time, but it happened to be in the holidays which is a very different comparison. Also RE4 is selling more or equal to RE:UC now in NA and EU, i'm sure the rail shooter wont have as good legs as RE4 is having!! still should reach a million
ElRhodeo (on 10 January 2008)
Wow Zucas, that posting is a complete mess.

Zucas (on 09 January 2008)
Well of course it'll break a million. I can't believe people denied it ever would. I mean 720k in sales, but shipments have to be a lot higher. I mean come on we just came otu of holiday season. Everything gets extended shipments, especially a title that sells well like this one. Shipments are most likely between 850k-900k. Meaning all it needs to sell is about 100k more units to put shipments over, but this should sell over 1 million without needing that, but shipment wise it'll make it easily.
johnsobas (on 09 January 2008)
it looks like it will reach a million, even if it has to crawl there.
jpelles (on 09 January 2008)
If they do another i'd say it should be Resident Evil 0 and 2 or something like that with the Resident Evil 4 engine in a combo pack. A few touch ups on the Resident Evil 4 engine for more lighting effects and slightly better textures and you have an awesome game.
jam_13_99 (on 09 January 2008)
RE: UC is actually selling better than RE 4 Wii edition. It’s selling a good bit better in Japan and Others, and selling almost exactly the same in America. For comparison, in week 7, RE: UC was at 655, 877 and RE 4 was at 407, 542 world wide. This of course is what VGC says. Not to say that Wii gamers wouldn't buy another RE game that's like RE 4, but most of the one who didn't buy it for Wii played it on GC, probably. I hope there are more great RE games for the Wii! I'm glad both games are doing well!
tokilamockingbrd (on 09 January 2008)
700k now and rising...
routsounmanman (on 08 January 2008)
Resident Evil 4 sells way beyond expectations , far more than Umbrella Chronicles, I hope Capcom catches the drift (more RE4 like RE games on Wii)
robond (on 06 January 2008)
I´m hoping for a sequel to this game with the plot from RE2, RE CV, RE4 and RE5. It´d be great! :)
Onimusha12 (on 04 January 2008)
@ Nazna

It beat Capcom's Lifetime expectations in 7 weeks at a cost $20 more than the MRSP for which the prediction was made for.. Now that's impressive.
Kenkaku (on 03 January 2008)
As much as I'm liking how this game is doing, it pains me to think that there are (no question) people who bought it expecting it to play like Resident Evil 4. I couldn't imagine the anger I'd be in if I walked in the store, saw the game, thought 'oh yeah!', bought it, came home, and played the game only to find out that it's a rail shooter.

As much as I'd like the occasional rail shooter, it needs to be treated like episodic gaming: shorter gamers at smaller price tags released more frequently. Unless Capcom makes this kind of game an occasional installment, I wouldn't want to see anything outside of Resident Evil 4's gameplay.
jpelles (on 03 January 2008)
Oh yeah this will definetly sell a million. The good reviews will give it legs. Overall I think the question is will this pass 2 million sometime in the next two years.

I seriously wouldn't mind a sequal to this that's made even better. More polish, more levels, more zombies, more animation when you're killing the zombies, etc...
naznatips (on 03 January 2008)
Just broke Capcom's lifetime sales expectations in 7 weeks.
kopstudent89 (on 03 January 2008)
Question is will it have the legs of RE4 in NA and EU to get to the million??
Lingyis (on 29 December 2007)
i expect 250k LTD sales of this in Japan.
kopstudent89 (on 28 December 2007)
well reached there expectations, Capcom surely now should support nintendo more and more.. RE4 sells 4 times the expected number btw:S...
jpelles (on 27 December 2007)
I plan on getting Okami and Bully for the Wii. Although depending on quality I might get Bully for my 360.

I hope to see a sequal for this game and a Code Veronica style side game to have the controls of Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and most likely use a slightly upgraded engine from that game.
tokilamockingbrd (on 27 December 2007)
well it met capcoms LTD totals this week. Baring that it does cease to sell it will go over their estimates.
ArtofAngels (on 27 December 2007)
It probably did another 50k+ this week in 'others' region, but it doesn't show past 50 games on the page.

It could do 1 million in it's life time.
jpelles (on 26 December 2007)
It might take most or all of 2008 but I think this game could very easily hit a million. Definetly after a price drop though.
MrMarc (on 25 December 2007)
Just started playing this today - was my christmas gift afterall :D

And I must say I'm very impressed, played about 2 hours worth now and I've just finished the first act of the Mansion Incident, as well as doing the first scenario and the Wesker scenario as well. Theres alot of incentive for replayability so I can see alot of time being sunk into this, and co-op is a blast.

The one thing thats surprised me so far is alot of people and reviews I've seen complain about the critical spots. I feel their complaints are dumbfounded, they take genuine aim and pixel-perfect precision to pull off and are very rewarding when done so, it's an achievement really. I've found it's equally as quick to pump so many bullets to kill a zombie, but that second or so of good aiming is much more satisfying when the head goes pop and the body drops :D

An 8/10 for me, excellent stuff, can't wait to play more!
Vern (on 21 December 2007)
Great addition to the resident evil games, graphics suck haha but still so much fun, (trying to get S Ranking on Hard)
kopstudent89 (on 19 December 2007)
it did:(... still not bad sales and i dont expect it to sell better the RE4 at all
Parokki (on 18 December 2007)
Did the sales of this game just get seriously cut, or am I imagining things again?
robond (on 18 December 2007)
This game is better than I imagined. Already clocked in 17 hours and I´m still playing co-op with my cousin.
Capcom should release RE5 for the Wii, I´d buy it for sure. :)
--OkeyDokey-- (on 14 December 2007)
i'm getting this today :)
i don't think it'll pass a million. 800-900k is my guess.
Parokki (on 13 December 2007)
I've been playing this game for a week now, and I must say it is HARD. Maybe it's because I've been playing pretty easy games lately, but dying several times during the first level, and having substantial trouble with the others even after figuring out the basics surprised me in a very good way. Not much trouble anymore, but it's still pleasantly challenging, and there's a sense of accomplishment when I realise I've had to learn how to play it.

So far I've clocked in 10 hours on the game, most of which was me and my roommate playing in co-op. I'm still pretty motivated to get all the unlockables and raising my score, not to mention playing this at parties with other friends, so I think I'll get at least another 10h out of it.

Heartily recommended to any fan of lightgun shooters or Resident Evil. It's not the most typical member of either genre, but great fun nevertheless.
TopCat8 (on 10 December 2007)
I just got this game, and I enjoy it quite a lot. I think the graphics look really good too. They remind me of the Doom 3 graphics on XBOX.
ando88 (on 09 December 2007)
I haven't played it yet myself but I will say this: you look at Guitar Hero III, Resident Evil 4 and Umbrella Chronicles. It is proof that GOOD third party games sell on the Wii. Take the hint, make good games, and watch the money roll in.
coonana (on 07 December 2007)
wow this game is selling well. good news hopefully Capcom will get the hint that there are lots of hardcore gamers on Wii and make an original game.
snowdog (on 07 December 2007)
Have almost completed the game and am very impressed. Great fun and plenty of replay value thanks to the hidden weapons and documents as well as path movement choices. With over 400,000 sales already I'd say it's only a matter of time before Capcom announce a Wii SKU of Resident Evil 5. I'll have this finished tomorrow and will be nipping straight down to Game to buy a wireless Gamecube controller and play the others in the series again.
Kasz216 (on 06 December 2007)
Grenades are a real good way to hit critical spots easy, i took out a big portion of the first boss with a grenade. Gotta give this game credit for being the first one i've played where grenades have been pretty useful.
xXxXshadowXxXx (on 28 November 2007)
I'm switching between this and Galaxy. Both are amazingly fun. That boss at the end of the Train area really annoyed me. It didn't pick up the shots at the critical point often, thus making it a very long fight.
*Yoshi* (on 27 November 2007)
Se saldrá del concepto general de Resident Evil, pero le da una frescura a la serie y además es muy entretenido, lo que he jugado me ha parecido muy bueno.

Se los recomiendo ;)
Onimusha12 (on 27 November 2007)
RE5 for Wii would be nice, but what I really want is the Resident Evil Outbreak games ported to the Wii.
MeowTheMouse (on 26 November 2007)
The good sales of this + RE4 is a sign for capcom ! GOGOGOG RE5 FOR WII !
Girl Gamer Elite (on 25 November 2007)
The game paraphrazes and abrieviates alot of the events in its retelling of them, though it is fun and interesting to see the new takes on events. The Wesker stages are just unbelievably cool, the added story has no sense of being tacked on and feels completely genuine.

The files and documents hidden throughout the stages are a gem and are an obvious service to hardcore RE fans as they answer many of the nagging mysteries of what the B.O.W.s are, why they were created, and what agent was used to manufacture them.

The graphics are a tad of a draw back, low frame rates, low resolution texturing and over all a lacking polish. But they aren't bad, just underwhelming.
KeptoKnight (on 25 November 2007)
This game is fun....Has it flaws but its worth the buy....I am playing it in Hard mode :D
Kasz216 (on 25 November 2007)
I actually perfer this game to RE4. Crazy as that may sound.
naznatips (on 24 November 2007)
The game is a blast. My friend and I played co-op for 4 hours straight haha.
johnsobas (on 23 November 2007)
240k for 1 week in 2 of the 3 territories. It will make capcom's target 620k easily.
Kenkaku (on 23 November 2007)
It's $50 in the US, and the Zapper isn't bundled; that's Japan only.
Parokki (on 23 November 2007)
How much does this game cost in the US? My hopes of it reaching a million were getting high, but then I realised RE4:Wii was a budget title, and this might be more expensive than a regular game due to the zapper.
Kenkaku (on 22 November 2007)
Wow, 200,000 in its opening week. Comparing sales here to Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition... I have no doubt whatsoever that this will also become a million seller on the Wii.

Now, if only Capcom will put Resident Evil 5 to the Wii... or at least another Resident Evil 4-esque game.
stof (on 22 November 2007)
Ok, I just played a bit of the game (up until the scorpion)

Here are my complaints.
1. When playing the game while being talked to by your mother, it's easy to press A when text comes up and miss an explanation of a gameplay mechanic.
2. Some of the voice acting, though good, is just a bit too stereotypical. The girl is a task force specialist with a gun who talks like a teenager afraid of spiders.
3. And Finally, the guy that says RESIDENT EVIL! at the title screen just sounds kind of silly.

Aside from those clearly game ruining gripes, everything else is really cool. I'm liking it muchly.
Arkk (on 22 November 2007)
Wow. I'm extremely surprised at the really good opening week numbers for both regions. 238 097 opening week for america and japan. Once it is launched in other, it should be very close to half a mill if not more. This could definitely be a platinum title for the Wii.
Kenkaku (on 20 November 2007)
The graphics are pretty much Resident Evil 4+. Capcom did say that they were using the same engine. However, there were tons of areas where the texture work was amazing, which says a lot, considering that Resident Evil 4 ran on nothing but really low resolution textures.

Overall, the game is pretty good. Not great, but good. However, I can't recommend this to people who never got into the Resident Evil universe before, simply because this game became what it sought out to be: a plothole filler. Unfortunately, the production values aren't there as cutscenes are minimal and even Wesker's missions don't contain much story; it explains enough, but it's nothing like the mainstream series. Anybody that tries to pick this up as their first Resident Evil game won't get much out of this.

The gameplay, however, is very solid. It has just about everything you'd expect from a lightgun game. But I do have one gripe: the pistol. Breaking away from lightgun tradition, the pistol in Umbrella Chronicles has its own rate of fire, no matter how fast you mash the trigger, which can really set you back. Also, some bits are downright murderous; you'll run into an area where an enemy will pop out and you literally have a second or less to fire and knock it back. You pretty much need a clairvoyant space mind to get through the game unscathed.

However, the graphics are terrific, there's plenty of content, tons of hours of gameplay (based on my experience, you have about 6-8 hours just for a quick playthrough, plus more for unlocking certain files, equipment, or experiencing other branches of levels), and the controls are quite solid, despite having a small learning curve (as much as people call this a lightgun shooter, you don't have sights to look down or anything, so you're pretty much playing on muscle memory, if you get my meaning. You also have to compensate for wobbly enemies, a pinpoint cursor, and an occasionally unsteady camera).

Overall, 8/10. This is at least a rental, though I'm glad I bought it.
Parokki (on 20 November 2007)
I was expecting this game to do more than twice it's Japanese first week numbers in the US, but I guess this isn't half bad either.

Do you guys suppose we're looking at the Wii's fourth third party million seller? I honestly have no idea what kind of legs lightgun shooters have..
Edouble24 (on 20 November 2007)
The graphics in this game aren't bad at all. Especially the indoor areas. Fun game too.
stof (on 20 November 2007)
Just bought it! But I have to finish Prime 3 first. Then there's the question of this, Twilight Princess, or Super Mario Galaxy...

Ok, I think I'm going to wait until I'm with my buddy to play this game on co-op.
Can't wait!
DarkNight_DS (on 19 November 2007)
The graphics aren't half bad and the game is fun. Just don't expect it to be Super Mario Galaxy fun. Plus the game is dirt cheap so why not get it?
MontanaHatchet (on 18 November 2007)
Who cares about the graphics? They're pretty good anyways.

I'm a big fan of the series and if the game is fun I'll probably buy it.
PaperChronoRPG (on 14 August 2007)
It's not horrible, it's decent-looking though.
Cursayer2 (on 11 July 2007)
This game looks horrible in terms of graphics, but I'll buy it nonetheless.


goldmario79 (on 14 October 2016)
I didnt know they took UC and DC and
made them Rail Shooters for the series.
Also didnt know what a rail shooter was
until I played this... simply awesome...
the only way to play Resident Evil Zero
by the way!!
Fededx (on 07 July 2012)
I want to buy this game, can't find it
where I live though. I love on rails
shooters, they're so much fun to play
with my brothers or friends. Glad to see
it sold very good!
slipknotfan (on 26 June 2011)
wasnt much of a fan of this rail shooter
bigjon (on 24 December 2010)
Well it seems to have stopped selling,
nice run for a game like this
Armads (on 03 May 2010)
Just got this, it's a lot more
difficult than I expected, A huge change
from HotD Overkill.
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