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Resident Evil 0 is a Pleasing Mix of Old and New

Resident Evil 0 is a Pleasing Mix of Old and New - Preview

by Chris Matulich , posted on 15 October 2015 / 9,120 Views

After releasing Revelations 2 and a HD rerelease of the GameCube Resident Evil, Capcom has begun talking about the seventh main instalment in the series, has a digital team-based shooter set for release in January, and another GameCube HD re-release in Resident Evil 0 (also set for January). It's a great time to be a Resident Evil fan, assuming all of these releases haven't burnt you out, and Resident Evil 0 is particularly worth keeping an eye on.

Capcom's demo of RE0 is based right at the start of the game, where Rebecca finds herself on a train surrounded by dead people. Just as with the HD release of Resident Evil, I was impressed by how crisp the game's visuals have remained, with the pre-rendered backgrounds looking great. I was a bit rusty in terms of remembering where exactly to go and what to do, so I proceeded cautiously through the train, admiring how beautiful this 13 year old game is in HD.

That said, the main characters, Rebecca and Billy, definitely look much better than most of the supporting cast and the zombie horde which is pursuing them. Zombies outside of the cut scenes don't upscale as well and intricate details, like ears, look like they’ve been lifted straight from the PlayStation era. Some textures impress nearly as much as others, especially bloodstains which have a slightly pixelated look. Expectedly, some aspects of the HD rerelease look dated, but I was generally impressed with how good Resident Evil 0 looks after 13 years, and I can’t wait to see some of the terrifying bosses upscaled.

One of the biggest improvements in the HD re-release, as with the first one, is the introduction of a more modern control scheme. The original control scheme is also still available for purists or those who are up for an additional challenge, but with how smooth and tight the modern control scheme feels it’s hard to go back to the original. I was never a big fan of the “press forward to move in the direction you’re facing” mechanic, as even after I had adjusted to it I would still make mistakes in the heat of the moment. The addition of more modern control mechanics makes for an more enjoyable game, it’s just too bad the rest of the gameplay hasn't received a similar overhaul.

Rather than modernizing all of the controls, however, Capcom has largely retained the traditional aiming and shooting systems. It feels awkward to aim with the bumper and shoot with a face button, rather than using both triggers. I kept finding myself trying to aim with the left trigger, only to see nothing happen as a zombie lunged for my throat. Assisted aiming has also been implemented, with the closest enemy being targeted as soon as you raise your gun, and switching targets is as easy as flicking the control stick.

This definitely seems to make the game much easier, as you can take out a group of zombies much more efficiently, conserving precious ammo for the harder parts of the game. Even if you don’t want to stand and fight, the modernized movement controls make it much easier to evade zombies thanks to the more responsive controls. Traditional fans of the series will most likely find the game too easy because of all of these changes, but again you can switch back to the original controls at any point.

Much like the GameCube Resident Evil HD re-release, Resident Evil 0 looks better than ever. Though purists may find the game much easier than they remember and wish for if using the new control system, RE0 will be available to a brand new generation of gamers that may have never used (or possibly even heard of!) a GameCube before. Be sure to get ready for the onslaught of RE games beginning with Resident Evil 0 this coming January for Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Wright (on 15 October 2015)

Rachel? That's Rebecca, the same girl from Resident Evil 1, if playing with Chris. Tried to check up Biohazard in Japan (just in case she's called Rachel there) but couldn't find any info. The only Rachel I can think of in Resident Evil is that woman from REvelations, and I think she's Rachael, not just Rachel.

NinjaFox (on 15 October 2015)

Wright is... right. It's Rebecca Chambers.

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Machina (on 16 October 2015)

Corrected. Thanks Wright.

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Cloudman (on 15 October 2015)

Yes yes yes!!! I cannot recommend this game enough! It is excellent and my absolute favorite!!! It's a must play for RE fans!!! x ) And also, her name is Rebecca Chambers, not Rachel.... : X

tripenfall (on 15 October 2015)

Still have the NGC version - great game! I love the co-op feature and some of the cut scenes blew my socks off in the day. Well worth a look for anyone who missed it the first time around. * Walks away from PC to dust of GameCube*

TimmyWalnuts (on 18 October 2015)

Whoops - my bad guys. I know it's Rebecca, have no idea why I wrote Rachel. It was a long weekend.

COKTOE (on 18 October 2015)

No worries Tommy. It happens.

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thekitchensink (on 15 October 2015)

The first RE game I ever played, and certainly underrated. Looking good so far!

COKTOE (on 18 October 2015)

I had this on the GC....really don't like to admit it, but I never finished it. I remember finding a certain enemy type very difficult, and on top of that was easily pulled away by Splinter Cell, Metroid Prime, Hitman 2...Still, it is a shameful non complete.

the_dark_lewd (on 17 October 2015)

They're surely not prerendered backgrounds any more

malistix1985 (on 15 October 2015)

i played the NGC version and I would recommend fans of the series to play it if you missed it, good game!

jedrejolszewks (on 15 October 2015)

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jedrejolszewks (on 15 October 2015)


COKTOE (on 18 October 2015)

Tell me more.

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