Teach a Robot to Love in Doki Doki Universe

Teach a Robot to Love in Doki Doki Universe - Preview

by Karl Koebke, posted on 12 June 2013 / 1,227 Views

Doki Doki Universe is a game where a large portion of the gameplay involves answering quizzes about yourself and the rest is talking to NPCs and trying to get them to either love you or hate you, yet I can’t wait for it to release. 

Doki Doki 1

You play as a robot that has been abandoned by the family that owned him.  He waits for decades hoping that the family will come back but they never do.  Eventually an alien comes upon the robot and takes it upon himself to teach it how to be more human and thus save not only this individual robot but its entire product line of thousands.  You roam the galaxy taking quizzes and solving problems.  Every asteroid comes with an existential quiz with no right answers.  After you finish the quiz the computer lets you know what that says about you.  Apparently I’m playful and hardworking. 

If you get the free version of Doki Doki Universe this is where your game will end, you can travel from asteroid to asteroid taking quizzes and then sharing your answers with your friends.  If you like the world and want to get further into it then you can pay money and open up the planets.  Each planet has different NPCs with their own problems as well as likes and dislikes you can use to get them to love or hate you.  You can summon items you’ve obtained as well as pick up the NPCs and toss them around to improve or degrade your relationship with them.  If someone is being uncooperative you can even shake the controller to cause an earthquake and make them reconsider their position. 

The planet I was shown was inspired by Egypt and was inhabited by a woman who was depressed since her boyfriend left her.  The Alien’s goal for this particular planet was to teach the robot about love.  By talking to each of the NPCs you can learn what kinds of items or activities will get them to like you and how you answer questions they give you will affect your personality results.  Eventually you’ll find out that the woman is thirsty so you can make her like you a bit more by giving her a drink of some sort, and in life her boyfriend was a big fan of things that smelled nice.  The boyfriend ghost also loves being picked up and thrown and earthquakes because when you’re dead I guess those kinds of things are just amusing, but his girlfriend will be much less amused. 

Doki Doki 2

Get their relationship meter high enough and they’ll want to give you presents.  You can also just search around the planet for said presents.  These presents can either be more items you can use to make NPCs like you or decorations you can use to pretty up your own homeworld and then invite your friends to it. 

Personally I’m really looking forward to helping that little robot learn what it means to be human while I learn about my own personality.  Doki Doki World will be coming to PS4, PS3, and PSVita later this year. 

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