Report: Huge Layoffs at Xbox Europe - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 July 2014 / 8,472 Views

Following the announcement that Microsoft will be laying off 18,000 employees and closing the Xbox Entertainment Studio, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be making huge job cuts in its Xbox EMEA team.

Microsoft will be laying off as many as 75 percent of its full time employees at its Xbox EMEA business in Reading, according to sources who spoke with MCVUK. Employees will have to reapply for the other 25 percent of jobs. The UK Xbox team will also see 10 of its employees, as well as all of the contractor roles laid off.

"We eliminated a number of EMEA roles in the UK to gain efficiencies," said a Microsoft spokesperson. "We remain very committed to the market and will continue to support our local development teams."

"We believe that the UK has exceptional games industry talent and we’ll continue to focus on game creation in the through Microsoft Studios like Rare, Lionhead Studios, Lift London and Soho Productions," continued the spokesperson. "Also, Europe continues to be an important market for Xbox, and we’re excited to launch Xbox One to fans in 13 mainland European markets in September."

The layoffs are part of a restructuring plan by new CEO Satya Nadella.

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Ganoncrotch (on 19 July 2014)

That's pretty shit for those who lost their jobs and for the EU gamers, hope it doesn't slow down localization since obviously we're still gonna need games properly translated into 5 languages for this region.

Michael-5 (on 18 July 2014)

Do you really need 3 similar articles published within minutes of each other? Microsoft needs more people in their European branches, they need to develop more games which appeal to Europeans.

ikki5 (on 20 July 2014)

Good! Kill'em off! *let the down votes commence*

darkneal (on 20 July 2014)

Paying the price for sony's PS4 uk demolition of XboxOne i'm afraid. They did'nt see that one coming...

Ssenkahdavic (on 18 July 2014)

Ouch. Good luck finding jobs everyone!

Serious_frusting (on 18 July 2014)

so they have given up on europe

ikki5 (on 18 July 2014)

judging by the numbers, don't blame them. Though it surprises me that they did this and are essentially giving up on Europe yet.... they haven't given up on Japan when they are lucky to even sell as many as 300 Xbox 360s a week there

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Ganoncrotch (on 19 July 2014)

Hey when it comes to EU over here some MS series to fantastic, consider that Forza 4 sold almost identical numbers in both NA/EU compared to the install base in the 2 regions, heck Forza Horizon even sold more in Europe.

  • +2
r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 20 July 2014)

so M$ is sacking over 4500 people to become more efficient, they have lost the plot.

spynx (on 21 July 2014)

The product is making a lot of revenues now and people are laid off. What is the rational?

Ganoncrotch (on 21 July 2014)

tighten the belts and see if they can make more profit rather than just revenue to pay wages with.

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technicalgamer (on 22 July 2014)

Sure.;) lot of revenues... I'm getting mine tomorrow.lmao

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