Nintendo Wii Tops 100 Million Sold Worldwide - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 October 2013 / 10,762 Views

Nintendo's seventh generation home console, the Wii, was first released in November 2006. The console became an instant hit being nearly sold out for its first couple years on the market. It ended up selling nearly three million units in less than two months and sell nearly 20 million units by the end of 2007. It would sell an additional 24 million units in 2008 its bestselling year.

The Wii has reached 100 million units as of the week ending September 21, 2013. The Wii is the first seventh generation home console to reach this milestone. The Wii is currently 20.3 million units ahead of the PlayStation 3 and 21.3 million units ahead of the Xbox 360.

The Wii is the third bestselling home console of all time just behind the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. It is currently four million units behind the bestselling fifth generation home console, the PlayStation. The Wii has sold 1.36 million units to date in 2013 and should sell another million units by years end. While sales continue to decline the Wii has a chance of passing the PlayStation sometime in 2015 as long as it is still on the market.

There have been 853.3 million games sold for the Wii to date. Nintendo has by far sold the most games at 379.7 million. Ubisoft has sold 79.3 million games for the Wii, Electronic Arts 58.4 million games, Activision 57.2 million games, Sega 30.4 million games, THQ 30.1 million games, and Disney 27.0 million games.

Wii Sports is not only the bestselling Wii game, but all the bestselling game of all time. However, it was bundled with every Wii outside of Japan until 2011. The game has sold 81.6 million units to date. Mario Kart Wii has sold 34.0 million units, Wii Sports Resort 31.9 million units, Wii Play 28.7 million units, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii 27.1 million units.

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Michael-5 (on 09 October 2013)

What basis do you have that Playstation 1 sold 104.25 million? Sony has only ever confirmed selling 102.49 million, and if you read the wikipedia page, that's the number given. With 2.5 million, Wii has a good chance for becoming the 2nd best selling home console ever.

GameAnalyser (on 12 October 2013)

2 million itself is a pretty big milestone. If it does surpass that, kudos and hands down if it beats PS1.

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Shadow1980 (on 09 October 2013)

With production nearing its end in Japan, with the rest of world likely to soon follow, this might be the last holiday season for the Wii. What will be interesting to see is if by time it sells off all remaining stock, it will be able to beat the PS1 to become the second best-selling home console ever. It still needs to sell over 2 million more units. Can it happen?

Proxy-Pie (on 09 October 2013)

i rememeber the fond days of the "Revolution", although it didn't finish off as well as i hoped it would, it had an amazing impact on the Video Game industry as a whole. hats off to you, Wii!

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Bajablo (on 09 October 2013)

Pretty much made kinect and move.. doubt that MS & Sony would have created those if not for the wiimote

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Juma009 (on 09 October 2013)

It opened up the market, Video gaming became a casual hobby, grandparents were even buying it, games such as Wii Fit were being discussed all over the media, for the first time, video games were not made to be played sitting down and let us not forget the quality of some games I still have yet to see a game so well received such as Mario Galaxy.

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Juma009 (on 09 October 2013)

"Ubisoft has sold 79.3 million games for the Wii, Electronic Arts 58.4 million games, "Activision 57.2 million games, Sega 30.4 million games, THQ 30.1 million games, and Disney 27.0 million" I thought they had done worse, not bad for a console with very poor third party support.

Ganoncrotch (on 09 October 2013)

definitely not bad for a system which is on paper less powerful than the original XBox :D

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binary solo (on 11 October 2013)

Wii sales currently tracking at about 50% of 2012, if that continues through the holidays, which I expect it will then it will probably sell about 1 million units between now and end of first week in January. So that takes it to ~101 million units. If official sales for PS1 are 102.49 that means in 2014 Wii needs to scrape together another 1.5 million sales. Can't say for sure if it'll manage that, but I'd say it'll need to stay on the market right through to Jan 2015 to sell those 1.5 million. An amazing feat for a company that looked all but written off in the home console market. A shame it doesn't seem to have been able to make that a multi-generation achievement, at least not yet anyway.

tripenfall (on 09 October 2013)

A great achievement for Nintendo, and a console that will be seen as a leader in questioning the traditional control methods and interfaces of console gaming. 58.4 million sales for EA is interesting when you think about the current issues with EA and Wii U, FIFA 14 has just come out on Wii but not Wii U, it's unheard of.

SubiyaCryolite (on 09 October 2013)

Good for Nintendo. I don't understand 3rd party's, I really don't.

piete (on 09 October 2013)

A great console made even greater by homebrew.

RoadShow (on 09 October 2013)

Yeah I highly doubt the Wii will outsell the PS1. Amazing that Playstation holds #1, 2 & 4th positions of best selling of all time. Who knows how many more the PS3 will sell. We still have 3 years minimum of PS3 support so it's possible it could eventually outsell the Wii. Depending on if they give the PS3 the same long life as PS2 (Just shut down PS2 production last year).

cbarroso09 (on 10 October 2013)

more amazing is how Sony could not properly profit from those sales!

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JaxxRaxor (on 11 October 2013)

I can't see the PS3 outselling the Wii in terms of total sales. The system was really crippled in the first few years, and with the PS4 out now, that is going to compete for attention. Maybe the PS3 can sell 10 million more units in 3 years, but it would still be $10 million, and I think that by 2016 the PS4 will have cemented itself as the primary Sony console for developer to make games for and PS3 sales should shrink dramatically.

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Dangermouse (on 11 October 2013)

Unit sales are an important, to a degree (ie. installed base). However bear in mind that PS3 has almost always cost about 30-40% more than the Wii and i suspect these videogame corporations are more interested in $/£ turnover, therefore it's the Playstation 3 that takes the top spot.

Kaizar (on 13 October 2013)

Actaully the PS3 was sold at a lost until recent years. The Wii has always been sold at a profit. So Nintendo easily wins in that area for 7th Gen Home Consoles also.

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Seece (on 09 October 2013)

Also, won't pass PS1.

PsychSaenz (on 09 October 2013)

Do you even look over sales? It already did you ignorant person.

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teamsilent13 (on 09 October 2013)

I thought bundles don't count towards sales on this site...

hellovgc (on 09 October 2013)

Amazing, for how crappy the system was/is and how horrible 99% of the games are.

  • -10
PsychSaenz (on 09 October 2013)

Says the person who never owned a Wii.

  • +7
Sensei (on 09 October 2013)

Fad Over.

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