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Jerry Bruckheimer Games Closes its Doors - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 March 2013 / 3,257 Views

Jerry Bruckheimer Games has closed its doors before it had the chance to release any games, according to a representative who spoke with Gamespot. The representative said the studio was "no longer active" and is "no longer a functioning entity." The studio website now redirects to Bruckheimer’s film site.

Founding presidents Jim Veevaert and Jay Cohen have also left the company. Veevaert is now a general manager at Zynga, while Cohen is the chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

The studio was founded in 2007 by film producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The studio once had a partnership with MTV Games as a "game incubation studio." The studio would come up with game ideas and have other studios develop those games.

Jerry Bruckheimer has moved on from game design as he is focusing on several high profile movies. He is currently producing Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and National Treasure 3.

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Psyberius (on 05 March 2013)

National Treasure 3. Really??!

richardhutnik (on 04 March 2013)

So that means we won't be seeing any more Call of Duty games? Sorry, I get those games confused with Bruckheimer films :-P

binary solo (on 05 March 2013)

Seriously Pirates 5? That dead horse was well flogged with P4. But holy hell it did $1billion. I guess there was no question they'd get the whip out at least one more time.

JOKA_ (on 04 March 2013)

What I got out of this is that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is happening. FINALLY!

Bman54 (on 04 March 2013)

What I got out of this is that National Treasure 3 is happening. FINALLY!