Sony to Stop PlayStation 2 Shipments in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 28 December 2012 / 8,113 Views

Sony has told Famitsu (and translated by Kotaku) that it has stopped shipping its PlayStation 2 consoles to Japan after more than 12 years. The console was released in Japan on March 4, 2000 and has sold more than 23 million units in the region.

The PlayStation 2 has also sold more than 150 million units worldwide. The console has also sold more than 50 million units in North America and Europe.

Sony hasn't said when it will stop shipping the PlayStation 2 in other regions around the world.

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LivingMetal (on 29 December 2012)

I've own two over the PS2's lifetime. As soon as I hear that it's being discontinued in the U.S., I'll be buying another one and saving it for future use incase my present one dies out on me.

GameAnalyser (on 28 December 2012)

greatest console ever.

mike_intellivision (on 28 December 2012)

Does anyone in the US still sell new PS2 consoles?

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 28 December 2012)

yes. long live the PS2. i'm going to buy 2 with'n the next yr.

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Michael-5 (on 30 December 2012)

Sony Store, but you may have to order a unit for pick up.

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FujiokaMidori (on 30 December 2012)


ZKB9 (on 29 December 2012)

I might pick up, never actually owned a Sony home console.

pezus (on 30 December 2012)


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platformmaster918 (on 30 December 2012)

you poor soul

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Podings (on 29 December 2012)

Biggest console phenomenon ever. I actually won one back when it was sort of a new thing. In a drawing contest. That I was four years too old to enter. I kinda sorta had to give it up.

Mr Puggsly (on 28 December 2012)

Yeah, who needs one? Love that PS3 backwards compatibility.