Sony: PS3 Sells 525,000 Units and Vita Sells 160,000 Black Friday Week - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 29 November 2012 / 11,323 Views

Sony has released its Black Friday week sales in North America. The PlayStation 3 sold 525,000 units. This represents a nine percent increase year-over-year when you count software and peripherals. Black Friday bundle sales increased 15 percent. The PlayStation Vita sold 160,000 units.

"We’re very pleased with the Black Friday sales results, especially the incredible reception for the PS3 and PS Vita bundles. The demand was very strong which quickly depleted our inventory across retailers nationwide," said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"The PlayStation brand generated significant revenue and year-over-year growth at retail because of our focus on what gamers love most in combining amazing hardware with great games and digital entertainment."

Sony said sales in Latin America increased 200 percent year-over-year. Also PlayStation Plus subscriptions increased 295 percent compared to last year. PlayStation Plus satisfaction rate is now above 95 percent.

PlayStation 3 sales for the week of Black Friday is ahead of the Wii, which sold 300,000 units, and behind the Xbox 360, which sold 750,000 units. The PlayStation Vita was outsold by the 3DS, which sold 250,000 units. However with how poorly the Vita has been selling, this is a good sign for the handhelds first holiday.

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VGKing (on 29 November 2012)

Ok now update this weeks numbers.

Heavenly_King (on 30 November 2012)

again D:

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binary solo (on 30 November 2012)

How is it VGchartz writes a news article with PS3 and Vita numbers up in big flashing lights, for USA I might add, and then publishes it's official numbers for the whole of North America at less than the reported USA numbers, then updates the official North America number to be only somewhat less than the reported USA number but still not all that close? Meanwhile Xbox360 and Wii getting pretty much the opposite treatment of having official numbers be bang on what was reported or slightly more (because the reported week is a day shorter than the week the official numbers report).

pezus (on 30 November 2012)

Yeah, I was excited to see the numbers updated but then they are still ~100k under what Sony reported...wat?

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r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 30 November 2012)

looks like VG is getting quite a lot of numbers wrong recently, take for example the GT5 sales, PD said as of september it had sold around 9 million yet VG has it at 8.18.

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CHRISGEO (on 30 November 2012)

It's clear and evident that Vgchartz does not want to report accurate sony numbers and always downplays them.The only thing they want is to inflate and boast of Microsoft numbers by inflating them.Ok VGchartz you did a good job all round,you surely gonna get your payroll

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SWORDF1SH (on 30 November 2012)

Hey Zim. Did you buy the PS3 Super Slim? Just wondering.

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SWORDF1SH (on 30 November 2012)

Zim if you look at the hw numbers on vgc front page they are N.A and the numbers are still out.

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Zim (on 01 December 2012)

My mistake I assumed vgchartz had taken the N.America from the press release. Seems for some reason they changed it from US to N.America. pretty shoddy article.

You mean the super slim I predicted would be a small size reduction and that you predicted would be a huge reduction? No I'm sticking with my slim (that you claimed didn't exist as it wasn't branded slim, why are you saying super slim if you think this is the first slim?). Although Sony themselves still just call it the PS3 not the super slim so I guess following your argument it actually still isn't a slim model.

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SWORDF1SH (on 01 December 2012)

Do you mean the one you said 5 months ago that wouldn't happen for a while because of "teh technologees wont let it happen". But yeah I got the official name thing wrong but correctly predicted there would be a super slim before most people. I'll take that. Didn't expect them to launch it at a high price though. Making money on the console and saving a price cut for next year it is then. Sly old buggers Sony are. Smart move though. Maybe they might have an external power pack and reduce the size even more.... Better not say that, your head might explode.

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Panama (on 30 November 2012)

Out of curiosity, where does VGChartz get its numbers from? 80,000 to 160,000 is a hell of an oversight.

pezus (on 30 November 2012)

Clearly not

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davidatwar (on 30 November 2012)

Great numbers across All boards! Glad theres more Vitas out there! Go Sony

bachireddy27 (on 29 November 2012)

Nice to see good numbers for PS3. Keep up the good pace SONY.

Colocho (on 30 November 2012)

Ok, honestly, I don't get it. Sony reported 525K PS3 Units and 160K vita units sold in the US!! VGChartz writes an article about it and yet they still chose to update the numbers to 447K & 135K respectively for the entire N. America?? Lower than what was reported for US only?? Can someone please explain to me their logic?? just saying...

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kumagawa (on 30 November 2012)

Er no it says that in the article published by VGChartz

The press release ( states US sales not NA sales typical anti Sony crap from VGChartz

Also Nintendo's sales were from the 18th-24th the same as Sony's.

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Heavenly_King (on 30 November 2012)

the PR says US, and not NA.

  • +2
Zim (on 01 December 2012)

Thanks kumgawa. My mistake. Very very weird that vgchartz has changed the wording of a press release. Article needs revising as do their numbers.

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007BondAgent (on 29 November 2012)

Vita didn't do half bad considering the 3ds is at a much lower price point.

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MDMAlliance (on 29 November 2012)

Typo, I meant to say "to be believed" up there.

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VGKing (on 29 November 2012)

That $179.99 bundle was only at Amazon, an online retailer.
The bulk of these 160k sales were mostly the $199 bundles available in every retailer that sells Vita.

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MDMAlliance (on 30 November 2012)

I have no idea why I got so many downvotes just because I mentioned the bundle. I didn't know where they offered it, I just saw that there was a forum post about it. I never assumed anything about where most of those sales came from in what I typed, and the 3DS bundles thing I said was true (they barely knocked down the price). I was merely commenting on the "much lower price point" comment because I saw that $179.99 bundle.

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CHRISGEO (on 30 November 2012)

ok now time to adjust the weekly numbers for ps3 console!even if you DO like it or NOT you HAVE TO adjust the numbers.Its clearly something that Vgchartz doesn't like,but you HAVE TO.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 30 November 2012)

great stuff. this means Sony sold 700k-800k ww. i have PS3 at 750k

Nereid (on 30 November 2012)

Vita has to price drop to remain viable, but this is at least some positive news for the system!

Colocho (on 01 December 2012)

So the real question is why did VGChartz change US to N.America in this article when the official press release clearly states those numbers are for US??? We all know there are other markets besides US in N. America!! So why VGChartz, WHYYYYYYY???

Proclus (on 30 November 2012)

PS3 quite good, Vita still below par.

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thewastedyouth (on 30 November 2012)

revenue...............what about Profit!!!!

binary solo (on 30 November 2012)

They only report profit quarterly. You'll have to wait until January or February for the profit report

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chidori-chan2 (on 29 November 2012)

Vita numbers are bad. They had massive deals everywhere this black friday, and this is the month where there two biggest games for like the next year (CoD and AC) both launched. Sigh..

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Panama (on 30 November 2012)

How is 160,000 bad when the average is normally 20,000 in NA?

  • +9
ironmanDX (on 30 November 2012)

Because this isn't an "average" week of the year. That's why.

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happydolphin (on 30 November 2012)

You're absolutely correct chidori-chan2, don't let the negative votes discourage your logic. This is black Friday week and the two biggest blockbusters you can think of were released on it as a serious offering. The results are very low, yet still better than the crevace it was usually in.

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adamh73 (on 29 November 2012)

where are they getting the 160,000 for Vita in North America??? The charts are showing only 81,000...

  • -21
think-man (on 29 November 2012)

vgchartz undertracked I believe.

  • +18
Tridrakious (on 30 November 2012)

Considering the fact that the company that manufactures and supplies stores with their own product, are reporting the numbers of what has been sold for the Black Friday week...I would take a stab and say...VGChartz is wrong.

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