Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V to Sell 25M Units in its First Year - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 07 November 2012 / 7,726 Views

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich, talking with NowGamer, talked about the potential sales of Grand Theft Auto V. The prediction comes just days after gamers could start pre-ordering the game and just one week before the second trailer comes out on November 14.

"The HD market is softening as we enter into the tail end of this generation, but fortunately this softening has had little impact on our precious AAA titles," said Divnich.

"I have little concerns about when it is released," Divnich continued. "GTA IV already proved to the market that even an April release, which has historically been avoided by the industry, can support a 20M+ title. Whether April, June, or even Winter, I’d expect GTA V to sell in upwards of 25M copies in its first 12 months."

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happydolphin (on 07 November 2012)

Yeah, it will be huge. The gaming population has grown since the last entries, and the HD twins increased the amount of gamers interested in games like GTA, so it will be monstrous.

DareDareCaro (on 07 November 2012)

Where can I get my analyst diploma?

SnakeDrake (on 08 November 2012)

The same way where analyst gets it. Right up your ass

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MANUELF (on 07 November 2012)

This analyst needs to leave the drugs alone, Grand Theft auto 4 is at 20 million after 4+ years price drops and complete versions and he expect 25 million in its first year? Completely unreasonable

Kai Master (on 16 November 2012)

There's no softening, game sales are at their high, I'm sure GTA5 can sell 30m units.

Slimebeast (on 11 November 2012)

Why do these guys assume it's gonna be so huge? While it looks great and probably will be great I can't see how it's gonna outsell GTA4 in just one year.

sales2099 (on 07 November 2012)

if its gonna be a next gen Xbox launch game then maybe it can make it

fillet (on 07 November 2012)


A203D (on 08 November 2012)

Very possible with a Wii U and PC release!

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Salnax (on 07 November 2012)