UK Retailer GAME to Close 277 Stores, More than 2,000 Laid Off - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 March 2012 / 4,515 Views

According to a report by BBC, UK retailer GAME is closing 277 stores in the UK and Ireland. More than 2,000 (40%) of its almost 5,000 employees are being laid off. In Northern Ireland only five of its 18 stores will remain open, with about 110 of its 271 employees in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic losing their jobs.

"Despite these challenges, we believe that there is room for a specialist game retailer in the territories in which it operates, including its biggest one, the UK," said one of the administrators, Mike Jervis. "As a result, we are hopeful that a going concern sale of the business is achievable."

Administrators will be helping out the employees that are being laid off to assist in their claims for redundancy and other compensatory payments. "Our priority is to continue trading the business as normal while we continue to pursue a sale," Mr Jervis added. "The recent job losses are regrettable but will place the company in a stronger position while we explore opportunities to conclude a sale. My team and I will be doing all we can to help the affected employees at this difficult time."

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llewdebkram (on 26 March 2012)

'specialist game retailer' ? Vastly overpriced game retailer then mean. Gamestation used to be really good before Game took over it, Game was too greedy and have payed the price.

SecondWar (on 27 March 2012)

Wat off the mark there. Yes, they are more expensive than internet retailers but that is because internet stores don't have to deal with such high rental overheads. Every other high-street retailer is the same, its nothing to do with greed but them attempting to cover their costs.
And anyway, all retailers, internet and high-street, launch games at the same price (£40) give or take a few quid (which is negate on the internet as they charge you for day-one delivery).

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thewastedyouth (on 27 March 2012)

this makes me MOIST, to see this fall I love chaos and suffering down with the Emperor