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Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver

ポケットモンスターハートゴールド / ソウルシルバー


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Release Dates

03/14/10 Nintendo
09/12/09 Nintendo
03/26/10 Nintendo

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Owners: 540
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12,720,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2019

Opinion (181)

Luke888 posted 21/12/2015, 10:17
Soooooooo, I was watching The Pokémon games sales and I noticed that this is the only mainline game that is classified as Action, is there any particular reason or is it just been classified wrong ?
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S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:45
Nintendo says 12.72m as of september 30.

Undertracked by 900k-ish.
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atma998 posted 17/07/2014, 11:14
11.64M, more than 300k in the last two years, not bad considering DS has been replaced in 2011 by 3DS.
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atma998 posted 23/06/2012, 11:38
11.33M...wonder if it still selling a bit?
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 02/02/2012, 06:27
what an amazing remake, i want SpiritCrystal in 3D : D
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Salnax posted 23/01/2012, 06:14
9th best selling game on the DS, and the 3rd best selling RPG on the system. 41st best selling retail game ever. In short, a huge success.
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