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12/01/17 Nintendo
12/01/17 Nintendo
12/01/17 Nintendo

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Great potential held back

24th Jun 2022 | 3,764 views 


User Score

Presentation - 2.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Value - 3.0
Just about every story aspect of the game has well-written parts and badly-written parts. The sidequests and half of the cast are well-written while the main story and the other half of the cast isn’t

This game high highs, but very low lows. Let’s start with the positives: The sidequests are genuinely great for the most part, the streamlined controls are pretty great and need very little tweaking, and at least half of the playable characters are great. Morag? Good. Zeke? Great! Nia? Absolutely Fantastic! The pre-rendered cutscenes are extremely well-animated, and the gameplay gives a lot of options.


However, this game is severely held back by a lot of negatives. The main story, while having its moments, is just not very good. It has a surprising amount of plotholes, contrivances, and generally poorly-explained moments. If you pay attention even a little to the main story, you’ll be very confused very quickly. You’ll notice a lot of inconsistencies, and about half of them are never explained while the other half are explained at arbitrary points in the story. How did Pyra recover her memories after Malos erases them? The story certainly never explained that. Why did Tora risk his life and freedom by attacking the military after seeing Rex and the party being arrested by the Flamebringer general Morag herself? He thinks the military are “big meanies…” No, really. He had no reason to assume they were innocent, or even good people that didn’t deserve to be arrested. And then we have Rex “forgiving” Pyra for DESTROYING TWO TITANS (their world’s equivalent of destroying all of Europe and Asia) seconds after that information being revealed to him. He never even asked her a single question about it. Not. One. Question. And the rest of the characters…? Tora? Bad. Rex? Worse. Pyra? Unsalvageable (get it?). Mythra? Pretty good… but only in the DLC. She’s a generic Tsundere in the base game.


Overall, the game is totally worth playing for any Xenoblade fan as long as they’re willing to look past some very weakly-written parts. If you play it with your brain turned off and don’t think about the flaws too much, it’s a perfectly acceptable game to play!

Shipping Total

2,700,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2022

Opinion (25)

Machina posted 04/08/2023, 05:24
+260k in all of 2022.

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KingEidilleg posted 25/12/2022, 05:51
I came back to this site after several years. Seeing someone give this a 1 makes me wonder why I came back .. I'm too old for this sh*t.
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PAOerfulone posted 20/08/2020, 12:53
Ok, I have several questions. First one being: Where the hell are all these updated sales figures for all these First Party Switch games coming from?
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Zeruda-Hime posted 21/01/2019, 01:48
I love this game (350 hours LOL).
I want an another Xenoblade on Switch. :(
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PAOerfulone posted 07/01/2019, 04:20
It was at 1.53 million shipped+digital according to Nintendo by the end of September. It should be close to 2 million as of now.
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Shikamo posted 02/06/2018, 07:07
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