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09/14/10 Microsoft Game Studios
09/15/10 Microsoft Game Studios
09/14/10 Microsoft Game Studios

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2 Easter Eggs

I have found 2 Easter eggs in Reach so far, and i am looking for more. The second one is kinda dumb, but it's still an Easter Egg.

1. On the Campaign level "New Alexandria" There is a part where you get to a place that looks like the level "Reflection" on multiplayer. If you go where the top of the elevator is(Think of this as just getting off of the elevator) and turn left, there will be a spot where there is a drop. Right in front of the drop, there is a marine with a pistol to his head saying he'll kill himself because he doesn't want to turn into one of them. He's not really gonna kill himself, but it's still fun to watch him complain and act like he's really gonna do it. The spot may be hard to find, because there's no elevator on New Alexandria, but if you know about the ramps that lead up to that same spot, you'll find him.

2. On the final level (I forgot the name) of campaign, right before you get on the giant anti-air cannon, there is a bunch of dead Elites lying on the ground. If you step on one, you notice that you step on top of them, and not through them, and if you punch one, the shield depletes, as if it were alive. Like I said above, it's a dumb Easter egg, but still an Easter egg.

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1 41,716 2,399,908 716,380 540,133 3,698,137
2 5,513 529,742 142,724 100,484 778,463
3 2,949 268,140 75,791 51,392 398,272
4 1,941 167,919 43,877 31,647 245,384
5 1,564 94,524 27,804 18,279 142,171
6 1,233 68,704 21,758 13,517 105,212
7 1,115 65,452 22,391 13,126 102,084
8 938 80,368 15,532 14,330 111,168
9 902 80,914 22,279 15,420 119,515
10 854 79,227 21,193 15,006 116,280

Opinion (317)

xboxonefan posted 31/12/2017, 03:42
only 40000 to go 90000 to go for 4
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xboxonefan posted 11/06/2017, 02:23
very close to 10m
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Mr Puggsly posted 27/03/2016, 01:03
Over 13,600 people playing at the moment. I think X1 BC helped boost the population in this game.
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xboxonefan posted 11/01/2016, 10:36
I ment 10 million
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xboxonefan posted 11/01/2016, 10:35
I see this hitting a million next year
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Mr Puggsly posted 08/11/2015, 05:53
I like to revisit Halo games every few months or so and I've been having a lot of fun with the multiplayer in this one. Still a popular online game as well, i saw 16K online earlier today.

I think we'll see a spike of people playing this if its added to X1 BC soon. I wish they would bring it to to MCC in the near future as well.
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