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Wii de Asobu Pikmin

Wiiであそぶ ピクミン


Nintendo EAD



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03/09/09 Nintendo
12/25/08 Nintendo
02/06/09 Nintendo

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Best way to beat the Forest of Hope in 3 days

This walkthrough is to beat the forest of Hope in 3 days.

1st Day
How many parts you'll is 2.
first you grab all your red pikmin. Take 1 pikmin throw is at a flower than get the other pikmin and throw it at the other flower. Than get the rest and start breaking the wall.  Once the wall is down pluck the pikmin and kill the Dwarf Bulborb in frount of you. Than kill the one by the red pellet 5. Than you kill the 2 guarding the piece. Than get your pikmin and throw 3 each on the Dwarf bulborbs. Get the rest of the pikmin and start knoking down the wall.  Ge the 6 pikmin to carry all the corpes. Once the wall is down and you got all the corpes done and plucked the pikmin. You than kill the big bulborb take his body to the onion and the red  10 pellet. Kill the bulborbs that guard the yellow onion .Than get all the pikmin by the yellow onlion Get the yellow pikmin and get them to get the yellow food pellet. You should have 9 once you get all the ones by the onion. Than you get them to carry the corpes. Once that's done get the 3 bombrocks by the wall leading to the radar. Get it down. Kill all monsters that guard the bolt aand the radar. Than you you get the radar. (With red pikmin) Make the yellows carry the corpes and some reds pick some up too. Than get 3 yellow pikmin with bomb rocks and bomb the wall by your ship.Once the radar is to your ship you are almost done.Just make sure you have 50 red and yellow pikmin. Its not needed but recommanded.

2nd day
This day is a busy one. You'll kill lots of monsters. First you get half yellow pikmin and half red pikmin. Than you head toward the  5  red food pellet was and throw your pikmin on the clift. Than go left and get on the clift and get you pikmin. Go behind the Bulborb and kill him. Once done get the the piece by it. Get any pikmin you want to carry the bulborb. Than go left and down the clift.  Kill the Dwarf Bulborbs. Than kill the big one. Than you get the pikmin head down to knock down a white wall. Get 9 yellow pikmin with bombs and knock the wall to the bolt.  Once done if get your pikmin and get 2 more bomb rocks kill the bulborb by the wall your pikmin is knoking down. Than once the wall is tron down get the pikmin and get the nova blaster and the bolt. Get 6 yellow pikmin knock down the wall that leads to the burrowing snarget.
Get the  the bombs and kill the 2 bulborbs. When you come back kill the little ones too. Than throw the pikmin over the box so they can push it.
Than throw them up the clift all of them. Make sure you have at least 70. Than go all the way to the third snargret by the water and kill it useing the eneimies walkthrough way. You  should  use the D pad to get all the part and all the pellets.  You shuld finish by than. If you have extra time try to get more pikmin. Make sure you get the red pikmin at least 75.

3rd Day ( Should have blue pikmin with you)
You'll have to return to the Forest of Hope. You can't get some parts without blue pikmin. You'll get the last 2. Firs get all 97 blue pikmin and 3 yellow pikmin. Go left from the rocket and than go right to a pathway and than go left with the blue pikmin and start knocking the wall down. Get the 3 yellow pikmin and mke them have bombs and throw them over the edge to the gate leading to the beetle. Bomb the wall. tHan get the blue pikmin to knock the rest of it than kill the beetle and get the part.
Than once the part is back. Get 100 blue pikmin and go foreward where you see a log and get the pikmin to work at it. Than thgeir is anthor one one the left throw them by it up the clift and get the pikmin to work on it. Once done get the part and your done.

                                                             Founded,written and uploaded by

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Opinion (42)

Buzzi posted 22/05/2010, 02:16
You're right, casual Wii gamers care a lot of who made the game. My cousins bought Moto GP 08, which they sold after 3 weeks...and now they buy only Nintendo games. Pikmin for what I know is a good game, and being a Nintendo game helped pushing its sales. I'm sure if No More Heroes was made by Nintendo (and marketed too) it would have reahed 1m (the first one).
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 25/04/2010, 01:32
People must look at the box and try to find a nintendo logo. To see if its worth buying because how can this sell so well. Its a port of a game that did better than any 3rd party game that the interwebs cares about. It outsold no more heros! Nintendo must have a big brand name or they did somthing right
Message | Report
jeffrey9999 posted 18/04/2010, 10:59
best nintendo franchise ever made, I got this for 10$ at sears appliance store and I owned a gamecube and never played a pikmin game until that day, since then I beat it 3times and I got the 2nd one yesterday at gamestop used for 40$ on gamecube since the 2nd one never came to america on wii and thats 10 shy of what the game cost new back when it came out in 2004 "expensive" but so far I really think it was worth it not to mention the trouble I had with my car on the way and I also had to call every gamestop I new of and then I had to get a gamecube controller and memory card at some other store............. pikmin 1&2 in my opinion are not only the best nintendo games made but I also think they should be in the top 10 games of all time not to mention my 1&2 best games I've ever played, can't wait for pikmin 3 and I hope it has some small side story to bring back the 30day timer and I hope it has a main story without it like pikmin 2 but you have to have them both because they are completly different games because of it "find them and buy them" and if you give each of them an hour or 2 then you'll add them to your permanent collection of games you'd never sell..............
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 19/01/2010, 04:38

good sales, same for Pikmin 2 (if you think it's not even out in America)

i guess Pikmin 3 will sell over 2m
Message | Report
BigGumby posted 10/01/2010, 06:54
yes! Great sales for a remakes, I wish Pikmin 2 would come to America on Wii. Let's get more Pikmin fans! :D
Message | Report
Green Penguin posted 23/12/2009, 04:14
400K! That is 25% of what the G.C game did. That is decent for a NPC game that has nothing to do wit Mario.
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