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Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International

ファイナルファンタジー XIII インターナショナル


Square Enix



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All, PC, PS3

Release Dates

03/09/10 Square Enix
12/16/10 Square Enix
03/09/10 Square Enix

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Growth Egg
The Growth Egg is a reward for completing Mission 55 for the first time, and you can start this mission as soon as you defeat the boss at Oerba Village. The best thing about this accessory is that it doubles the amount of CP you acquire after a battle, which makes filling out the Crystarium a little bit easier. The battle for Mission 55 is quite tough if you do as soon as possible, but there is an easier way to win this battle, which is with Vanille and her unique spell, Death. Not only do you have to contend with Neochu, but also 5 Picochus from the offset. The ideal party for this battle is Vanille (for obvious reasons), Snow (for tank purposes) and Lightning (she's a decent healer, and doesn't have to worry about her HP). Equip Snow with two Black Belts and one Royal Armlet (all maxed out). Equip Vanille with Sprint Shoes, Royal Armlet and a Sorcerer's Mark. Equip Lightning with a Sorcerer's Mark, Warrior's Wristband and Sprint Shoes. With Vanille/Lightning/Snow as your party, here is the ideal Paradigms to use. 1) Saboteur/Medic/Sentinel 2) Medic/Medic/Sentinel 3) Medic/Commando/Sentinel 4) Ravager/Commando/Sentinel 5) Ravager/Commando/Commando The first stage of the battle (start with #1) involves getting Death to land on Neochu as soon as possible (if Vanille dies early, retry). You should be fine until Neochu does Screech, which is probably when all hell will break loose; it will use Screech right around when your Haste from the Sprint Shoes wears off. You will most likely have to retry the battle a few times, maybe even more, until you get Death to land before hell breaks loose. Once you get Death to land on Neochu, the plan is to stay alive, while taking out the Picochus. Heal up with #2, then go with #3 to start whittling down the Picochus' HP (which is a whopping 260,000 each). Once you finally take out one or two Picochus, switch to #4 to get some more damage output, going back to #2 or 3 if you need healing. With only one left, you can switch to #5 to put it in its place and win the battle.
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1 n/a 338,444 239,177 98,661 676,282
2 n/a 97,777 52,264 25,763 175,804
3 n/a 64,746 31,061 16,482 112,289
4 n/a 38,484 20,992 10,208 69,684
5 n/a 20,340 11,857 5,519 37,716
6 n/a 12,973 11,127 4,100 28,200
7 n/a 10,581 10,156 3,520 24,257
8 n/a 8,471 10,774 3,249 22,494
9 n/a 5,530 11,960 2,923 20,413
10 n/a 4,771 15,851 3,422 24,044

Opinion (294)

ExplodingBlock posted 26/05/2015, 05:14
PS3 had something 360 didn't
Japan and Europe
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thewastedyouth posted 25/12/2013, 04:28
why was this released a year later in Japan, makes no sense wtf was Microsoft doing letting this happen
Message | Report
zzamaro posted 02/11/2013, 08:04

Yeah, those were crazy times. Now, even PS3 GTA5 outsold the x360 version. Surprised to see that.
Message | Report
withdreday posted 13/09/2013, 07:20
lol at people saying this would outsale the the PS3 version. It's not even close.
Message | Report
think-man posted 23/12/2012, 01:36
Those Japan sales :S
Message | Report
Mr Puggsly posted 13/09/2012, 10:04
@ ganoncrotch
Perhaps Dead Space and Mortal Kombat would be released in Japan if they didn't have weird laws on censorship. Google "xbox censorship japan." You'll find a lot of interesting articles.

Either way, you just cherry picked two extremely violent western games. Yet you ignore the many, many western games that have been released in Japan.
Message | Report
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