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Series, SNES

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01/01/83 Mythicon
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Patrol Communique: Friendly robot freighter downed on planetoid Beta-7 in your quadrant. Cargo: Valuable trimetalisium energy crystals. Enemy star cruiser with fighter drones enroute to confiscate these highly valuable blue energy crystals. Mission: Recover as many crystals as possible. Destroy all enemy fighter drones you encounter. Intelligence reports that enemy is combat testing new models of these drones and will periodically replace them during melee. Each replacement drone is faster and more maneuverable than the previous drone. Mission Status: Critical. Expect extreme danger when penetrating orange atmosphere of Beta-7 planetoid. No further communication authorized. Good hunting.

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retroking1981 posted 19/05/2009, 11:55
so this is the reason i played star wing and lylat wars instead of star fox!!!!!!
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Pete_Beast posted 06/04/2009, 10:38
Oh hi, first comment in this UR game.
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