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10/28/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/30/08 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/05/08 Sony Computer Entertainment

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LittleBigPlanet (PS3) > Opinions (1231)

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Aj_habfan posted 21/12/2008, 07:04
True Montana, but everybody kept crediting the Others increase to bundles, and this show that it is doing fine without bundles too.
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Damstr8 posted 21/12/2008, 06:48
still,its impressive nonetheless
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MontanaHatchet posted 21/12/2008, 06:40
I'd have to agree with Slimebeast. Nearly every game is up.
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Slimebeast posted 21/12/2008, 06:30
Week 8 sales boost over week 7 in NA is the Holiday sales effect, not "great legs" per se.
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rukusa posted 21/12/2008, 12:57

so true. Haters will come up with many excuses to LBP's sales.
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Aj_habfan posted 21/12/2008, 03:01
It must be from those American bundles that don't exist.
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leo-j posted 21/12/2008, 02:21
lmao yea

up from last week, this is a sign hopefully!
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tombi123 posted 21/12/2008, 02:11
Oh snap! look at those sales in NA! Haters just got owned bitch
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TyePhoid_PAL posted 20/12/2008, 10:27
MGS add on pack looks excellent. New themed lvls costumes etc.
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ameratsu posted 20/12/2008, 09:32
the updated search features are a very welcome addition. it's now easy to find the great levels.
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Reasonable posted 20/12/2008, 08:26
Check out the video for the MGS DLC - man that is some great new content - can't wait to get splatting with the paint gun!
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radha posted 20/12/2008, 05:54
the patch 1.07 has fixed all major issues, the game is 100% better now that the new search engine is working and some of the levels that can now be found are better than MM's levels.
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palitococo posted 20/12/2008, 05:27
Like i predicted, great great great legs.
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Crystalchild posted 20/12/2008, 03:02
@klaudil - her in germany its 60~ euro too. i will order it from amazon in the uk or something :P
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Marty8370 posted 20/12/2008, 01:16 sells LBP for £19.99
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klaudkil posted 20/12/2008, 09:43
the game is around 40 euro's in webshops but here in hollanf its still 60euro!
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Opivy posted 20/12/2008, 06:57
Read somewhere that you can buy LBP for only £19,99 in GB.
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Kantor posted 20/12/2008, 06:25
I just got this game.
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Dodes posted 20/12/2008, 05:56
wow.. this what i was waiting for..
sales still going up for others and come closer to its first million
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 20/12/2008, 05:15
this game is HUGE!!

it will have Wii-type legs!! : )
Message | Report
Dallinor posted 20/12/2008, 04:45
God bless you Europe!
Message | Report
realill posted 20/12/2008, 03:41
6th week on other better then second week ;). Looks like Sony PR machine started to work finally.
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Max King of the Wild posted 20/12/2008, 01:46
1.28 after NA

twest accept your defeat! And darth made the bet before the numerous downward adjustments!

Bold perdiction - 2.2million at the end of Jan.
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Aj_habfan posted 20/12/2008, 01:29
Sweet sales! 1.7m this year?
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 20/12/2008, 01:20
120k in Others last week. *sheds tear* :'(
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Gearbox posted 20/12/2008, 01:18
week 6 better then week 3 nice
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aavidbacon posted 20/12/2008, 01:00
Is already number 1 Ps3 game in others, let see ww.
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Presskohle posted 20/12/2008, 12:28

Nearly every game was on sale the last few weeks in UK.
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Lord_Yggdrassil posted 19/12/2008, 09:39
This game has sold well.
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Damstr8 posted 19/12/2008, 03:25

not in America at least.
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dbot posted 19/12/2008, 02:29
Great sales for a great game. Sony should have some more "flops" like this one.

PS: It's funny when people troll game threads.
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headhunterz67 posted 19/12/2008, 11:16
Does this charts include Europe Bundles ? (PS3 + LBP 399e)
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Xen posted 19/12/2008, 09:58
LBP has some sweet legs in Nippon.
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palancas7 posted 19/12/2008, 04:08
it's now budget-priced (£17), that's why sales are increasing.
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sergiodaly posted 19/12/2008, 03:48
buy this one this week... and even my wife its playing with sackboy (dont mind be traded for him) and was the first time she pick up the ps3 controler. so i think this says alot about the fun this is!
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--OkeyDokey-- posted 19/12/2008, 01:05
I don't think I've seen this many ads for a Sony game since the first Singstar on PS2...
Message | Report
Euphoria14 posted 18/12/2008, 03:52
GOTY 2008.

Message | Report
chris1_16 posted 18/12/2008, 03:07
I see a horse load of LBP ads on TV 24/7

I think this game will at least reach 3 or 4 million
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 17/12/2008, 09:48
I could see this game having decent legs for a good long while.
Message | Report
realill posted 17/12/2008, 08:51
It is nice to see 5 PS3 exclusive games of 2008 in top 10 most popular games table ;)
Message | Report
leo-j posted 17/12/2008, 03:14
I pray it its 4 million LTD!
Message | Report
Xen posted 16/12/2008, 11:28
Run Sackboy run! =)
Message | Report
DaSimkin posted 16/12/2008, 08:12
I love this game and I have only barely touched the online play and creation modes!

I wonder how long till it reaches 2 million sales?

Message | Report
Zlejedi posted 16/12/2008, 03:32
there's crapload of promotions for LBP this week in UK. Others might reach 100k with that.
Message | Report
YoppaDo posted 15/12/2008, 10:48
Sales should be up again this week in Others considerably.
Message | Report
axumblade posted 15/12/2008, 09:36
Oh wow. There is a chance that twesterm could lose the bet. I'm kind of surprised. And to think, it doesn't even have a bundle in the U.S. yet.
Message | Report
Noobie posted 15/12/2008, 09:26
I think before yr end it should be around 1.55 - 1.65m.
which is very respectable..
Message | Report
twesterm posted 15/12/2008, 08:48
@Aj, lol whoops, I fail at math today >_
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 15/12/2008, 08:38
won best ps3 game at the vgas.. mann kojima must be pissed!
Message | Report
Cthulhu posted 15/12/2008, 12:41
eveytime i put it on i cant believe how good it is.

Trully glad to have PS3
Message | Report
Lavos posted 15/12/2008, 06:04
This game is surprisingly fun... i found myself playing this intead of Dead space and Fallout some times... go Sackboy...
Message | Report
ninjascroll posted 15/12/2008, 03:36
Sackboy was slow out the gate but now off and running.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 14/12/2008, 10:45
300k a week? It only needs 390k in the next 3 weeks for you to lose, lol.
Message | Report
twesterm posted 14/12/2008, 05:38
So yall really think it will start selling the nearly 300k per week it needs to make me lose my bet? o.O
Message | Report
Stocko posted 14/12/2008, 02:44
Doing Good for a NEW IP!!!!
Message | Report
11ht11 posted 14/12/2008, 07:13

lol you should feel stupid now
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 14/12/2008, 04:38
@ gearbox

He was being sarcastic....
Message | Report
SSurTails posted 14/12/2008, 03:19
WOW! ALREADY 1MILION IN ONLY 7 WEEKS!!! amazing!!!! (really those making are making me sick)
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 14/12/2008, 03:13
@ munkeh sthu u stupid troll how is 1.11 million a flop? and its no where near week 10 for all three regions.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 14/12/2008, 02:00
There, it was lowered, no more argruing =)
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 13/12/2008, 11:46
Only 130k this week, what a flop!
Message | Report
Solid_Raiden posted 13/12/2008, 07:26
No they shouldn't revise it. We have higher sales because we actually tracked the sales Gamestop did before the release. NPD didn't. That's fine for NPD. But those copies sold however you look at it unless the way your looking at it is that you want it to sell less cuz your a 360 fanboy. We are trying to find how many copies sold on this site, it's what the numbers are about. If you want to just find numbers that fit your agenda then go somewhere else.
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 13/12/2008, 07:07
LBP is better than any 360 release this year, in fact ps3 has argubly the better games............going into 2009 apart from a few expansion packs and mabey forza and alan wake which i feel will be crap, theres nothing on the 360 in 2009 that will better the ps3.
Message | Report
crombly posted 13/12/2008, 04:29
NPD has its rules
LBP is overtracked obviously,and VGC should revise the NA figure,plz
Message | Report
Kantor posted 13/12/2008, 06:15
Yay, over a million! Huge legs in Others!
Message | Report
Solid_Raiden posted 13/12/2008, 05:45
mausenheimer, NPD didn't track or estimate all of the leaked sales. Gamestop for one sold the game 3 days before the release date and many people bought this game then when the numbers were not being tracked. The week one that VG chartz has are the sales from that period which the NPD failed to estimate.
Message | Report
XxXProphecyXxX posted 13/12/2008, 03:02
I don't really know whats going on but I think it's alrdy sold 1m copies but they wer expecting more out of it like around 1.8-2m by now.
Message | Report
FuriousGeorge posted 13/12/2008, 02:48
Sooo... what's the deal? Is VGchartz to be trusted or not?
I'm new here so IDK how the sales thing works.
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 13/12/2008, 02:33
Crazzyman, what inspired your name???
Message | Report
Mausenheimmer posted 12/12/2008, 11:32
According to the NPD found here (, LBP sold only 356k in the USA during October and November (weeks 1-5). So it looks like it was overtracked.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 12/12/2008, 10:45
Please stop, Crazzyman...
Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 12/12/2008, 07:07
This game will sell atleast 7-10 mln. LTD no matter what. =)
Especially, when PS3 will become more affordable.
BECAUSE this game is GREAT AA game. Uncharted did 2 mln. in first year, LBP will do even better.
Message | Report
Layth posted 12/12/2008, 06:12
the game isn't even in the NPD numbers..what the hell vgchartz are WAY off
Message | Report
Stocko posted 12/12/2008, 05:24
It selling well for a new IP obsivbly gears 2/fable 2 will outsell because its the sequels... it will sell over 4-5 Mil LTD
Message | Report
mikemill posted 12/12/2008, 05:09
Nice! About 5 weeks to go platinum... that's pretty dang good for a brand new IP. This game will be bundled in 2009, watch.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 12/12/2008, 03:49

looks like my bet with twesterm will be successful after all!
Message | Report
Dallinor posted 12/12/2008, 02:39
5 weeks to 1 million.

Onwards my little sackboy! 2 million awaits!
Message | Report
Musiol posted 12/12/2008, 01:15
LBP will have veeery long legs, christmas sales+bundle pack, hope ~3mln units.
Message | Report
palitococo posted 12/12/2008, 12:59
3.5 - 5 ltd, i know, i know sounds crazy, but this its the same case that wii music.
Message | Report
RukiSama posted 12/12/2008, 11:28
i hope christmas will boost the sell a little.. i want LBP to hit 2m!
Message | Report
Xen posted 12/12/2008, 10:39
Some great legs here!
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 12/12/2008, 06:38
lol @ prophecy
Message | Report
makingmusic476 posted 12/12/2008, 05:37
Go go sackboy!
Message | Report
Phasma posted 12/12/2008, 05:29
I can't believe this game hasn't sold more, played it at my friend, and i have to say the game is amazing fun!
Message | Report
XxXProphecyXxX posted 12/12/2008, 05:29
nah Japanese like the same old RPG with lame and cliche dialog LOL!
Message | Report
Elite1 posted 12/12/2008, 05:05
I thought Japan liked cute and cuddly?
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 12/12/2008, 04:24

You did good, kid. You did good.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 12/12/2008, 03:30
uped a bit, plus a huge week, well done!
Message | Report
scottie posted 12/12/2008, 03:01
Well done LBP!
Message | Report
insomniac17 posted 12/12/2008, 02:54
Great to see this game get past a million; can't tell you how much fun I've had with it ^_^
Message | Report
sexybeast posted 12/12/2008, 02:54
1 Million!
Message | Report
RPG posted 12/12/2008, 02:50
1 million
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 12/12/2008, 02:47
The game got adjusted up about 30k, as it was 0.97M before the addition of around 90k from Japan/Others
Message | Report
c0rd posted 12/12/2008, 02:37
Above a million.

Very impressive Others sales as well. Nearly on par with Wii Music.
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 12/12/2008, 02:14
Cool, over a million.
Message | Report
chinmoku posted 11/12/2008, 11:52
Little Big Planet is great for the Ps3. But if the price for the PS drops, it will be awesome :D
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 11/12/2008, 10:02

I've heard similar remarks before. Yes there is likely more appeal for this game on the Wii (especially visually) but LBP in its current form would not be possible on the Wii.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 11/12/2008, 09:43

I have 3 more weeks.....if it does 150K + n then has a bump to 200K I could win.

Message | Report
tombi123 posted 11/12/2008, 09:40
It still performed way better than you anticipated Twesterm
Message | Report
twesterm posted 11/12/2008, 07:14
Looks like I'm close to winning my bet
Message | Report
krimoz911 posted 11/12/2008, 01:03
this game definitely got some legs
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 10/12/2008, 12:09
got this & im comfident know this is the shit & sales will arrive dont trip people
Message | Report
Aldro posted 09/12/2008, 09:57
Probably 1 mil now. Yay GO LBP :)
Message | Report
Dodes posted 09/12/2008, 07:41
amazing game ..

definitely it will sell at less 2m by the end of junuary and 4m after a complete year
Message | Report
coolestguyever posted 09/12/2008, 04:49
This game is a FLOP!!!

6 Weeks to hit 1 milion!! It should be 3 million by now!!!

(blatant sarcasm)
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 09/12/2008, 04:13
@shipangi, I am quoting you
Message | Report
FaRmLaNd posted 09/12/2008, 02:07
If I ever get a ps3, This'll be the first game I get.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 08/12/2008, 09:58
1 million when this weeks numbers come in so well done to the game!

It is truly an amazing game to play!
Message | Report
danielhiru posted 08/12/2008, 06:24
This Game would be a 10 million seller on the wii, my wife and my kids are nuts about this game, on a 400 dollar machine not a lot of kids will get a chance to play it sadly, really good game, specially if you got people to play it with
Message | Report
Shipangi posted 08/12/2008, 11:05
wont make it past 1.8 million. because of all new ps3 games coming out like killzone 2 ...theyll buy that instead.
Message | Report
cool48 posted 08/12/2008, 06:31
@ PS3Brat
The game hasn't been out for 5-6 weeks in some regions. Perhaps you wouldn't sound so stupid if you would think before you post.
Message | Report
ThePS3brat posted 08/12/2008, 04:33
wow how come theres so many numbers missing on weeks 5 and 6, and this site is supposed to be credible??? what a joke
Message | Report
Marco posted 07/12/2008, 10:43
1 Million - next week. Metal Gear Solid 4 is better bzw. game of the year,but lbp is good too.
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 07/12/2008, 08:24
this game will definitely sell millions, look at uncharted legs compared to this. Easily stops uncharteds. 3mil by end 2009
Message | Report
jacezo posted 06/12/2008, 06:49
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 06/12/2008, 10:39
Christmas people is all i got 2 say homies wait & see ESE
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 06/12/2008, 10:38
Christmas people is all i got 2 say homies wait & see ESE
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 06/12/2008, 10:37
Christmas people is all i got 2 say homies wait & see ESE
Message | Report
L1L_D420 posted 06/12/2008, 10:36
Christmas people is all i got 2 say homies wait & see ESE
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 05/12/2008, 07:47
anyone who says 1million sales within 1st month is a flop has got to be a "toiletised fanboy"...............LBP is a great game thats ps3 only, theres simply nothing on any other system like it......its a worthy purchase and im enjoying it

ps3>360 in 2008 and in it for games ps3 has the better games upcoming and has had in 2008.
Message | Report
mikemill posted 05/12/2008, 06:36
Nearly went platinum in it's 1st month on shelves... this game will have long legs, will get to at least 3 million, maybe more... I bet they bundle this with consoles eventually...
Message | Report
Fenristh posted 05/12/2008, 03:59
Adverts started recently here in England, might boost sales a bit.

Lame that people are saying 1m is a "flop". 1m is a great milestone, and to get there as quick as this means pretty huge lifetime sales.
Message | Report
Xen posted 05/12/2008, 12:19
Sweet legs on this one.. just as I said.
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 05/12/2008, 03:53
HA!!!! It's spot on 3 mil LTD!

anyway is it just me or I really see a mod trolling?
Message | Report
321tttrini4everz posted 05/12/2008, 03:30
40 thousand more to go**
Message | Report
metalgearmatt posted 05/12/2008, 01:49
4 thousand more to go
Message | Report
fish770 posted 05/12/2008, 12:50
half million in usa not bad for a new IP on it's sixth week
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 05/12/2008, 12:19
The funny thing is, I've seen more Banjo commercials then LBP. I've seen like 2 for LBP, and about 10 for Banjo. Might just be me though...
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 04/12/2008, 11:09

I'd love to know about development budgets on LBP versus made with 30 people...the other with many more.
Message | Report
dbot posted 04/12/2008, 10:30
@mrstickball - I would love to know the development budgets for each. LBP topped out at 30 developers. I would guess LBP was far cheaper to develop. Plus Banjo is a budget bin title that is bundled with another game.
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 04/12/2008, 10:24
I wish ioi would show us a breakdown of others with software like he does with HW. I'd like to know if he has this title over 100k in UK.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 04/12/2008, 09:29
Mrstickball: If you have a piss poor debut, it's easy to have a great second week. Banjo is a flop of epic proportions.

Now can people stop trolling game pages? I've just perma banned 3 people in the course of 10 minutes. Even mods feel like trolling now (not that it would be the first time though).
Message | Report
mrstickball posted 04/12/2008, 08:55
dbot - I'd love to know the marketing budgets on LBP versus BK3...Cuz as far as I've seen, ad-wise, there's a biiiiiiiig difference.

Oh, and BK3 has had almost no drop since it debuted. Can you say the same for LBP's casual flavor?
Message | Report
dbot posted 04/12/2008, 05:05
So LBP sells 550k more copies in its first 3 weeks than Banjo and it's the flop? Funny how that works.
Message | Report
PSPIMP3000 posted 04/12/2008, 09:37
This game has huge legs..
Remember Uncharted had a similiar underwhelming start... this i think has more universal appeal than a shooter game and will go on to sell something like 2.5 to 3 million.
Message | Report
Kenology posted 04/12/2008, 02:28
40k away from a million - more than likely already there as I type this.
Message | Report
SSurTails posted 04/12/2008, 02:20
2,5 million lifetime
Message | Report
leo-j posted 04/12/2008, 02:08
What? Anyhow didnt ioi say sales went up? Why are they down 5k?
Message | Report
chris1_16 posted 03/12/2008, 10:33
it's gonna break 1 million!!!!!
Message | Report
thanny posted 03/12/2008, 05:31
"NA sales have gone up twice"

so when it works to your advantage, you will call it going up for the second week. But every other time, it is really "week 0" and should therefore be combined with the next week and not be taken as a separate week of sales.

Message | Report
leo-j posted 03/12/2008, 02:51
considering its averaging 100k+ a week, 1.5 million is likely(if legs hold), also I wouldnt be suprised if sales slowly rise, because of the bundle which just released in the UK, added to that the bundle in Japan should see an increase in sales thanks to WKC, and the holiday season in japan. NA sales have gone up twice, I expect it to stay above 50k(hopefully), 2 million is possible, 2.5M is unprobable though.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 03/12/2008, 02:40
if legs hold up,perhaps 1.5 mil by the end of the year.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 03/12/2008, 02:31
yep 1m is certain, very good legs held above 60k in OTHERS.
Message | Report
Gercain posted 02/12/2008, 08:45
Unfortunately a quirky game. This game is fun for short time. Sales are showing that its a niche title though. 5 weeks out in N.A. and less than 7% of PS3 owners have bought it. Compare that to say, GOW2 in 3 weeks 22% of 360 owners have that title. It's to bad the game is fun and there are some pretty impress user created levels out there.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 01/12/2008, 04:42
i think a million isn't out of the question.but it will certainly be close.
Message | Report
Sephiroth357 posted 01/12/2008, 06:09
1 Million!
Message | Report
leo-j posted 01/12/2008, 03:13
I think it will break 1 million this week, I expect 80k NA, and 70k Others
Message | Report
tk1797 posted 01/12/2008, 03:10
How is this a bomb?
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 01/12/2008, 02:09
suposed to have a huge boost in america, maybe like 100k alone? i think it will be just shy of a million this week
Message | Report
leo-j posted 01/12/2008, 12:45
might see a million this week, last week it sold 108k ww, should be able to sell 150k ww this week.

Message | Report
FPSrules posted 01/12/2008, 12:40
Vgchartz said this game did very well on black friday, so we should see the sales climb. might see 1 million in the coming weeks
Message | Report
ps3-sales! posted 01/12/2008, 12:25
if you heart me and my levels, i will do the same for you on littlebigplanet!!!!

My username - c0nn0r_pwns_u
My level - Awesome african ride

Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 30/11/2008, 11:43
highest level is at 876K -- worldsFastest Sackboy!
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 30/11/2008, 11:02
the Community Levels are endless. with some well over 500,000 plays.Amazing.
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 30/11/2008, 10:08
millie seller confirmed with black friday
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 30/11/2008, 07:26
1.5 Million by the end of the year is possible.

it has 5 weeks to do it....100K a week would almost do the trick....adding in xmas increases I think we may have 1.5 Million locked on
Message | Report
labwarrior posted 30/11/2008, 06:14
The sales are great, considering i finished it in a single day, and user levels are mediocre to unplayable so far to keep you going

Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 30/11/2008, 05:19
After my hand on with this game, I'm extremely impressed. I already have my copy, can't wait to enjoy it for days on end.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 30/11/2008, 11:53
This should pass 1 million next week (depending on sales for the beginning of the xmas period) but if not then the week after for sure

This game is great, takes me back to the crash bandicoot days of levels that just infuriate you! lol
Message | Report
Yajimari21 posted 30/11/2008, 03:01
Fantastic game. This and MK Wii are the only games I play now.
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 29/11/2008, 10:18
it´ll never pass one million.... because all weeks new sales are added, but it is also adjusted down...

800k forever...
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 28/11/2008, 09:33
This game sold over 100k in UK in 2.5 weeks. Don't be surprised if it turns up undertracked.

UK is usually 25% of Europe for Ps3 considering Ps3 has stronger markets on the mainland. So this game could easily be over 400k already.
Message | Report
indillana posted 28/11/2008, 08:01
Terryfic game! The best for me are the sackboy (or sackgirl), the online mode (with all the user created levels) and the editor (really fan to create levels, machines, etc)
Absolutely recommended.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 28/11/2008, 02:10
Savannah is the worst imo, the wilderness is amazing though, oh and there are thousands already user created levels.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 28/11/2008, 01:18
sold 108,000 ww this week. this game will have great legs.
Message | Report
FPSrules posted 27/11/2008, 06:06
its not boring, its just that the story was designed for 2 players at least. if you play by yourself you will be bored, but its 10x more fun if you play with someone else

they bascially trying to encourage socialization, and to prove this you get trophies for socializing
Message | Report
ultimate_123 posted 27/11/2008, 04:55
Who thinks this game gets a bit boring? Theres lately been no EXELLENT level in Little Big Planet and the story mode gets a bit bland in the Savannah's. Does the story mode get any better?
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 27/11/2008, 04:14
3m LTD confirmed!
Message | Report
chanskie posted 27/11/2008, 11:09
i surprise the low sales figures for LBP....this is one great fun game....bring back the good old time of Mario bros....with better graphic and much much better online community!!
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 27/11/2008, 12:44
Seems to be doing just fine, and christmas is coming up as well, which should be good for sales.
It seems to making its fine to the million mark at the moment. After christmas I expect it to be around 1.5. During the course of next year I think it will reach 2million.
I think it should reach 3million.
Message | Report
flamefist posted 26/11/2008, 11:41
this is one awesome game with great a online community. A must buy for anyone who just wants to game for fun.
Message | Report
klaudkil posted 26/11/2008, 04:41
i mill next week? hope soo beacuse this game is awesome
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 26/11/2008, 01:22
is don´t get adjusted again...
Message | Report
Kantor posted 26/11/2008, 10:33
Wow, strong legs in others...
Message | Report
FPSrules posted 26/11/2008, 05:48
200,000 to one million. lets see if this game gets some black friday magic
Message | Report
s-grandi93 posted 26/11/2008, 05:31
heaps good sales for a new ip! i thought this game would bomb 2 b honest, im happy i was wrong. I might rent it n give it a try.
Message | Report
Tuanniez posted 26/11/2008, 03:51
Well it is the holiday season, so I don't think we can call it legs just yet, But I'm still confident this game will sell over 3mil
Message | Report
animefobber posted 26/11/2008, 03:48
barely a drop in others this week.... I'm assuming this is the work of a bundle
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 26/11/2008, 03:43
nice legs in others!
Message | Report
Kaos24 posted 26/11/2008, 03:10
I bet that this game will sell pretty consistently over a long period of time. i think its less then predicted sales is because Sony had so many games coming out this fall they they were practically sitting on top of each other i wish they would have spread the games out more so it didn't hurt my wallet like it did at one time.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 26/11/2008, 02:26
interesting its holding some ncie legs in OTHERS..
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 26/11/2008, 01:53
good 3rd week in EU, hopefully this game can sell at 150k - 200k per week throughout December and into the holidays
Message | Report
kutasek posted 25/11/2008, 09:39
I wonder if it's going to get adjusted this week also.
Message | Report
CATCHORA posted 25/11/2008, 06:52
I have an idea ! replace the sackboy with sackmario and you will have at least 2 million copy sold in a week, trust me, ppl are morons... lol
Message | Report
RED53DEVILS posted 25/11/2008, 06:08
million seller guaranteed
Message | Report
kopstudent89 posted 24/11/2008, 10:01
Gr8 sales for the game! if only people didnt put too much hopes of this breaking 5 million first week...

But rly for a new IP i couldnt imagine it performing better
Message | Report
Batman...WTF? posted 24/11/2008, 03:38
And damn, those are some sickly looking legs...
Message | Report
Batman...WTF? posted 24/11/2008, 03:38
Well, I won like 50 bucks. Some kid in my grade said it would have 2 million by now...
Message | Report
bouzane posted 23/11/2008, 09:18

I have to agree. Other than the PS3's price tag, Sony's criminally bad advertising is the only reason why this game doesn't sell better. It's like they're trying as hard as possible to botch things up.
Message | Report
Deviation59 posted 23/11/2008, 08:34
The numbers for most recent PS3 titles were adjusted down, mostly in NA. Probably to match up with NPD numbers.
Message | Report
Jalocin posted 23/11/2008, 04:56
I haven't even seen a commercial for it here in Denmark.
I don't even know anyone who knows about this game. It didn't get much puplicity here :/
Message | Report
Faxanadu posted 23/11/2008, 02:22
I honestly think one reason why it doesnt sell better is that the commercials in Europe (at least GE) do not make sense.

There is one where a "cool" surfer sackboy dude talks about laying the ladies with his moves....

Then there is one where in the level a dog gets killed (dont try this at home höhöhö)....

the guys who made these commercials need to be fired. they are not targetting any audience, rather scaring away any kind of audience.
Message | Report
Crystalchild posted 22/11/2008, 08:22
i think it will hit 1,5m at christmas.

Message | Report
fish770 posted 22/11/2008, 12:19
0.73m is not bad if you look at it Uncharted it's first three weeks it sold around 410.000 and that also as one extra week in others. all in all for a new IP it's doing well.
Message | Report
Theo posted 21/11/2008, 02:12
The game should really have sold 10 million by now, for anyone who owns a ps3 this game is a must buy. It appeals to anyone! And it is so hilariously awesome, it's pulled me away from all of my shooters atleast until Resistance comes out here : /
Message | Report
Reasonable posted 21/11/2008, 10:48
GOTY for me. I just love innovation and for this game has it in spades.

Also, with the already large amount of great online levels the re-play value is looking very good.

I don't think Sony marketed it well, though. It needed a very family/fun campaign and also to make clear the amount of free online content available if you want to access it.

If I was Sony I'd get an ad out showing the best made levels and get some interest drummed up for Christmas.

They should also have an LBP Christmas bundle with a Sackboy (or Sackgirl) soft toy.

Message | Report
Simulacrum posted 21/11/2008, 08:56
0.73 not bad.
Message | Report
The Ghost of RubangB posted 21/11/2008, 08:02
I'm sorry everybody. I'm a Wii-only owner. I can understand the pain and confusion when a great new game gets made fun of and called "casual" or "for teh kiddiez" and doesn't sell. You just tell those bastards they're wrong. Fight the good fight.
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 21/11/2008, 04:20
The numbers were adjusted down??? Hmmmmm....
Message | Report
Alasted posted 21/11/2008, 02:59
LBP isn't as HUGE as I thought it would be.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 21/11/2008, 01:58
Now another thing, there are ALOT of my psn friends(76) that are waiting for christmas to buy LBP, so we will see..
Message | Report
leo-j posted 21/11/2008, 01:57
Well I posted on GT, GS, and ofcourse vgchartz, as to why they havent purchased the game yet. My 3 top responses were : "The beta sucked", "Its so kiddy", and "There are better games out there, like COD, and Fallout". Despue trying to convince them, they refused to change there mind about the game.
Message | Report
whatever posted 21/11/2008, 01:41
I'm guessing this went from overtracked to undertracked.
Message | Report
kunaixhaku posted 21/11/2008, 01:30
sooo ummmm is vgchartz out to get ps3 or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 21/11/2008, 01:21
Message | Report
leo-j posted 21/11/2008, 12:57
more like 200k..
Message | Report
Fenristh posted 21/11/2008, 12:40
adjusted down by like 100k?!
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 20/11/2008, 10:23
man it will take 4 more weeks for this to even hit 1 million...
Message | Report
kutasek posted 20/11/2008, 04:15
i have a feeling that it may be adjusted down in u.s. also. Since the npd.
Message | Report
Zkuq posted 20/11/2008, 11:56
LBP is too early for casuals (the PS3 is still too expensive) and too casual for many 'hardcores'. That's why it's selling this 'little'.
Message | Report
Shinlock posted 20/11/2008, 10:05
its a crime a game this good is selling so little. people beg for awesome original games and this is what we get.

Gamers of the world fail.
Message | Report
masterb8tr posted 20/11/2008, 07:00
they lowered others...
Message | Report
Seece posted 20/11/2008, 04:24
This won't break a million after a month in ALL regions ... I'm very surprised TBH. Sony need to heavily bundle this and get it in gamers hands.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 20/11/2008, 04:05
Wow im so dissapointed..why arent people buying the game..
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 20/11/2008, 02:32
I have a feeling this will be readjusted up some time down the road
Message | Report
Max King of the Wild posted 20/11/2008, 02:31
"Will be lucky to get over 1m before the end of the year now."

please tell me this is a joke.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 20/11/2008, 02:04
Adjusted down 100k in Others. This is a tragedy.

I don't know why developers even bother trying to make something groundbreaking these days.
Message | Report
Infamy79 posted 20/11/2008, 01:22
I swear this just got it's Others numbers lowered for week 1. Will be lucky to get over 1m before the end of the year now.
Message | Report
BMaker11 posted 20/11/2008, 12:28
Japan ain't diggin it
Message | Report
FPSrules posted 17/11/2008, 10:49
this game is awesome, i love this game. a bit of advice this game is a lot more fun when your playing with someone else. if your playing by yourself it won't be that fun. at first i though it was a kid game, but then i started to get it and glad i brough it

the maps ppl have made are so fun, there is one that is about pacman, another about a scene from GOW, man this game rocks
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 17/11/2008, 10:00
Am sure it will be bundled in the US in the future.
Message | Report
Statix posted 17/11/2008, 07:53
Maybe sales for this (and Motorstorm) would've been a bit better in US if it actually supported upscaled 1080i output. Instead, Sony screwed many people with slightly older-generation HDTVs once again by releasing 1st-party games that don't work with many TVs.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 17/11/2008, 04:59
Yep I agree, it should be bundled with the PS3.
Message | Report
kunaixhaku posted 17/11/2008, 04:19
this game should be bundled with every ps3 all regions. Seems like the best game to play as your first ps3 game. Let that creativity jus let loose!!
Message | Report
flavaflav92 posted 17/11/2008, 04:05
this is one of the most original games out there& if your thinking of buying it, DO IT!:D
Message | Report
Hyams posted 17/11/2008, 03:07
I don't get why everyone is bitching about LBP's sales. It's reached almost 1 million already, and that's with only a single week's worth of sales in Others.

Give it a few more weeks, and it'll break 1 million.

And 1.5 million by the end of the year is well within its reach too, IMO.
Message | Report
vickfr posted 16/11/2008, 07:01
what I love about this game is that it brings the "good' side of people to the surface, no fanboyish behavior, just fun!

Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 15/11/2008, 09:00
No Crazzyman, there are like 5 different different bundles in Europe.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 15/11/2008, 08:37
Im sticking to my prediction, its going to sell 3 million by years end, and R2 will sell 2.5 million by years end.
Message | Report
kunaixhaku posted 15/11/2008, 06:18
they're above by 115k maybe because vgchartz's first week isnt the official first week, its when LBP was selling before its release date. i doubt NPD counted that in their sales.
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 15/11/2008, 09:23
Since NPD came out, this game could be adjusted downward. According to them, it's over by about 115k in the US.

Not that I don't hate NPD, I'm just making that observation following Crazzy's comments.
Message | Report
mkimkilop posted 15/11/2008, 04:54
Crazzyman you name is right this game 3 million by the end of the year? Funny this game will slug its way to 3 million like MOG 4 did and settle around there as for it being bundled with the PS3 I dought it will make anyone run out and buy a PS3
the people who do buy the bundle will be buying it for the ps3 not LBP.
Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 15/11/2008, 02:00
Since 28 Nov 2008 all PS3s in Europe will be bundled with LBP for Christmas,
so people, you can expect another +1.5 mln. by the end of this year in Europe only.

With sales of first 5 week WW = 1 mln. and additional NA Christmas sales.
LBP will be atleast at 3 mln. Total at the end of this year.
Message | Report
mkimkilop posted 14/11/2008, 10:08
This game is way to over hyped and slaes prove it its aderage at best and face it people who buyPS3 arn't into this kind of crap this shit is for more people who buy wiis are into.
Message | Report
theprof00 posted 14/11/2008, 08:19
These numbers are just speculation aren't they?
Message | Report
Reasonable posted 14/11/2008, 03:51
What a great game. It's a pity too many folks it would sell more... it deserves too, but Sony's recall (which was stupid) and landing right in the middle of a bunch of big shooters has hurt its initial launch.

Let's hope it gets a well deserved boost over the holidays.

Sad to see its Japanese figures though... I thought they'd give it a better chance than this... it's not a shooter, its characters are cute and its fun to play at home with the family.

I gotta say my wife/kids prefer this to every Wii game we have already including Wii sports (although that's still a favorite too).
Message | Report
thanny posted 14/11/2008, 10:16
gotta love how quite a few people were saying(even on this wall) "1 million first week" "500k first day US" etc etc. Now the line is "700k is great for a new IP no one knows about etc"

i think it has sold great for a new IP, but the expectations given to this game were beyond ridiculous
Message | Report
Party Monster posted 13/11/2008, 07:10
WOW it's sold double what Wii music has!
Message | Report
klaudkil posted 13/11/2008, 05:25
@ niahflame you can add me.

btw lbp is not a flop you tell me a new ip like this and sels in 2 weeks 700k also i dont know if you played it but with the editor you can do everything you want!

Message | Report
niahflame posted 13/11/2008, 05:33
Why is it so freaking hard to make new PSN friends? God. No one ever adds me.
Message | Report
kunaixhaku posted 13/11/2008, 02:02
soo officially including americas second week when the game was actually released first day sales are 672,868 not bad for a new ip and small install base.
Message | Report
shams posted 13/11/2008, 01:43
A lot hinges on LBP week#2 sales in Europe. If they slip to sub-100k, it could take another month just to break 1m.

Still, its no flop.
Message | Report
saxophonehero posted 12/11/2008, 11:51
LBP definitely will sell at least 3 million in its lifetime
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 12/11/2008, 10:16
numero 3 this week :)
Message | Report
Egghead posted 12/11/2008, 09:11
THe drop wasnt half bad in Japan, itll keep selling for a while
Message | Report
Stats87 posted 12/11/2008, 08:09
Based on how Others sales usually go, this will be at 1M with next weeks sales
Message | Report
Simulacrum posted 12/11/2008, 07:37
I get tired hen playing alone,but boy if you happen somehow have FrIeNdS try this with them.
Message | Report
Gamer4eva posted 12/11/2008, 06:37
Great PS3 exclusive game
Message | Report
el_rika posted 12/11/2008, 12:47
WIth others the game is already at 1 mil :)
Message | Report
*~Onna76~* posted 12/11/2008, 10:18
Considering the fact this game had one of the biggest hype ever in the game history, people were killing each other to get a beta key, sales are disappointing. Also IMO the game doesn't entirely live up to the hype, personally I find Mario Galaxy to be a whole lot better. I'm not much of a level editor. Online is a lot of fun, but that's all I can think of.
Message | Report
Bullet100000 posted 12/11/2008, 10:05
Go go go
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 12/11/2008, 06:32
740k -- + 20k approx for japan = 240k to break the 1 million barrier.
Message | Report
-GhostMLD- posted 12/11/2008, 05:06
great game....but definately isnt the sales beast the ps3 internet made it out to be.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 12/11/2008, 04:26
very good start i think.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 12/11/2008, 03:54
games only go greatest hits when the next game in teh series is near coming out.
Message | Report
ssj12 posted 12/11/2008, 02:59
million in a few weeks easy, 2 million buy Jan 1st at least, greatest hits collection by Christmas 2009.
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 12/11/2008, 02:56
I agree with incandescence. 3 million looks about guaranteed to me given the legs of lots or PS3 games say GTA4, unchartered, motorstorm etc =]
Message | Report
Incandescence posted 12/11/2008, 02:08
Almost guaranteed? PS3 games are known for having huge legs, and I doubt LBP is an exception. I'd shoot for 3 million guaranteed.
Message | Report
kingofwale posted 12/11/2008, 02:02
2 million is almost guaranteed.
Message | Report
xxxvitoxxx posted 12/11/2008, 01:43
i was going to buy this but with the POS MM and sony did im not buying it
Message | Report
homelesstaco posted 12/11/2008, 01:41
this game is really fun, its a shame that for whatever reason(most likely the delay) that the sales were less than spectacular :/...still a great game though!
Message | Report
niksta2 posted 12/11/2008, 12:04
I might get this for Christmas...we'll see
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 11/11/2008, 11:26
670k not bad with the god awful launch due to the recall.

Here is hoping to the game does well week 2 !
Message | Report
indodude posted 11/11/2008, 10:02
@ -GhostMLD-

The game released in EU on November 5th, and week ended on November 8th,

That's 3 days.
Message | Report
ud2686 posted 11/11/2008, 07:41
This game is only for kid!
Message | Report
Reasonable posted 11/11/2008, 07:08
It's a great title and I hope it really has legs built on the community online. Much as I enjoy a game like RFOM2 or Gears 2 this is actually a far better, more daring, innovative and downright fun title which deserves every sale it gets IMHO (even though it likely won't match the sales of the big shooters).

Go buy it now.

Message | Report
pieschl05 posted 11/11/2008, 06:03
these are only sales for week 0, they have posted the late release sales yet.
Message | Report
freemanluke08 posted 11/11/2008, 03:28
this game will have long legs
Message | Report
blazinhead89 posted 11/11/2008, 03:16
Decent sales.
Message | Report
-GhostMLD- posted 11/11/2008, 12:55
there goes those 500k europe claims....
Message | Report
legend92(3) posted 11/11/2008, 12:11
im guessing this game will have great legs because of all the advertising i have seen the ads at least 25 times on dif channels and at prime time
Message | Report
Cheebee posted 11/11/2008, 11:57
I wonder if this game will have any legs.. My guess is it'll have a steep drop-off next week.
Message | Report
Gerinako posted 11/11/2008, 11:23
This games rubbish! It keeps distracting me from doing important things like - going out for a social life! FFS
Message | Report
Mezelf13 posted 11/11/2008, 10:37
Bad Sales.
Message | Report
RED53DEVILS posted 11/11/2008, 10:14
3m least
Message | Report
Slavedemonxi posted 11/11/2008, 06:41
This game is really quite a bit of fun. I'm glad to see it doing well.
Message | Report
s-grandi93 posted 11/11/2008, 05:49
geeze they are good sales
Message | Report
superchunk posted 11/11/2008, 05:39
Nope. Lifetime sales of this over-hyped non mass market game will be 2-2.5m tops.
Message | Report
Deviation59 posted 11/11/2008, 05:22
670k in the first week worldwide. Not bad for a 2D platformer on an HD console that's living entirely on internet hype.
Message | Report
outlawauron posted 11/11/2008, 05:14
LBP does have a soft launch in Others.
Message | Report
whatever posted 11/11/2008, 04:40
Considering the messed up launch, I would say these numbers are fantastic.

Word of mouth will drive this game past 2 million by the end of the year.
Message | Report
Incandescence posted 11/11/2008, 03:41
Great sales if, like most people tend to forget to do, you ignore the irrelevant internet hype.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 11/11/2008, 03:08
Might reach 2 million during the holiday spending spree.
Message | Report
TKC-Muzzer posted 11/11/2008, 02:52
Idiot above, of course Gears 2 would sell loads, MS advertise like mad and it's a follow up to a good game in a popular genre. Anybody who can get a new IP past a million in a couple of weeks is doing a good job.
Message | Report
forsaken0825 posted 11/11/2008, 02:12
I still have a question with the Jap sales.
Do the Jap sales include the sales with the DS3 LBP bundle?
or is it separate if so then its probably more sales
Message | Report
indodude posted 11/11/2008, 02:12
good first 3 days in Europe.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 11/11/2008, 02:05
no leo-j your expectations are going through the roof & becoming more irrational

especially the RES2 wills sell 5 Million.....there is no chance in hell of that happening
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 11/11/2008, 02:03
@ leo-j how so? its launch was 670 000 worldwide thats well BEEFY
Message | Report
leo-j posted 11/11/2008, 01:57
260K is terrible wow
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 11/11/2008, 01:53
Message | Report
twingo posted 11/11/2008, 01:50
some of you are super ignorant, This was never gonna be a huge seller right of the bat but a long term one. It will break 1 mill in about 2 weeks release 2/3 million by the years end.
Message | Report
Seece posted 11/11/2008, 01:50
This might just scrape a million after its third week. If not the week after.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 11/11/2008, 12:54

Gears 2 sold more in Day 1 than this game will lifetime. Some people are just deluded.
Message | Report
Spinkedzzz posted 10/11/2008, 04:20
There is a lot of fantastic games which sales are poor (take Fallout 1-2 e.g.).And it's new IP.
Message | Report
Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 10/11/2008, 02:01
I mean 3.5K***
Message | Report
Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 10/11/2008, 01:59
So far, including week 0 and 1, it has sold 300k in the Americas. Not bad.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 10/11/2008, 07:28

Remember those poll results? The ones that said this game would sell more than Gears 2, Fabel 2, Animal Crossing and Resistance 2?

I wish people would stop pretending it isn't a huge dissapointment (sales wise) so far.
Message | Report
realill posted 10/11/2008, 05:57
Fun game. Playing it with my girlfriend.
Message | Report
SSSBOLIMAR posted 10/11/2008, 03:01
gears 2 already beat it in one day....
Message | Report
blazinhead89 posted 09/11/2008, 11:28
Message | Report
indodude posted 09/11/2008, 10:27
Wow my creativity and imagination is FAIL compared to my cousin. He's like in middle school. He created a level in less than 20 minutes and it was perfect!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 09/11/2008, 09:32
Making levels is harder than I thought.

I only have a tree, a couple of pinwheels and three oversized hammers and it took me 4 hours @_@
Message | Report
labwarrior posted 09/11/2008, 05:12
Good sales, but not what i expected at all, i thought they would be double or triple those with the scores and hype the game has got
Message | Report
niksta2 posted 09/11/2008, 04:35
I am def. getting this for christmas

lol, it'll be a welcome change of pace from fallout and call of duty
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 09/11/2008, 03:17
every1 who has played this has loved it so EVERY1 who owns a ps3 NEEDS TO BUY IT. its so awesome
Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 09/11/2008, 01:12
Love this game.
Message | Report
Aldro posted 09/11/2008, 11:16
I got this game yesterday I LOVE IT SO BRILLIANT!!
Message | Report
RED53DEVILS posted 09/11/2008, 10:06
guaranteed million seller
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 09/11/2008, 08:18
Come on LBP -- hit a million soon !
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 09/11/2008, 03:09
edit there is no ps2 one its another ps3 weird...
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 08/11/2008, 11:41
hahah prediciton league

ps3 LittleBigPlanet 207,466
x360 LittleBigPlanet 48,994
wii LittleBigPlanet 55,282
ps2 LittleBigPlanet 49,538

LMAO who screwed that up? its a sony exclusive
Message | Report
chinmoku posted 08/11/2008, 10:17
European numbers coming next week :)
Message | Report
chanskie posted 08/11/2008, 10:14
i got the game and is much better game than i expected. Good fun, weird and cute....haha...i love it....
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 08/11/2008, 10:10
ive never played a game this good. try the jail break level that someone made its overly impressive.

there is no chance of me going back to 360 as all the best games are coming onto ps3, 360 is mainly a multiplat console
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 08/11/2008, 09:15

you think it'll catch GTA 4 PS3?
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 08/11/2008, 07:52
The reason most people under-estimate these games sales is they are looking at numbers for games on the 360/Wii like Gears, Kart, and Halo. This has a chance to almost sell as much as MGS4, and those are huge numbers for PS3(or any software really, but top notch for PS3).

MGS4 is only at 3.36 million. :P
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 08/11/2008, 07:47
400k already. Source says this'll make 1m Americas by January 1st.
Message | Report
palitococo posted 08/11/2008, 07:14
Im ansious for EU numbers.
Message | Report
nordberg posted 08/11/2008, 06:20
Amazing sales in NA. Only MGS4 and GTA4 and maybe madden 2009 have better first 2 week in NA, meaning a lot for a new IP (the first 3 was sequels)!!!
Message | Report
Jijjin posted 08/11/2008, 04:47
Hmm with Europe in this should get to 1 million in a week or two.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 08/11/2008, 04:37
Still havent gotten it, but will get it soon..
Message | Report
Layth posted 08/11/2008, 04:20
Good sales, but I was expecting a bit more
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 08/11/2008, 04:07
ahahahahahah my buds and i were messing around in the create mode and we glitched it so bad. my guy constantly died.. over AND OVER AND OVER even in the pod he just kept poping up from the top non stop... i had to delete everything i had done in the game.... good thing i didint lose all my trophies
Message | Report
Snaaaaaake posted 08/11/2008, 03:51
Wait, 400k week 1 NA with it still not being available in some areas. Wow.
Message | Report
Snaaaaaake posted 08/11/2008, 03:49
400k week 1. Good stuff.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 08/11/2008, 03:29
Not a great start, I hope it will stay high
Message | Report
thelalaby posted 08/11/2008, 02:28
Great US sales
Message | Report
Username2324 posted 08/11/2008, 05:10
Great game, alot of fun with friends.

I don't like how you have to beat the game 100% to get all the creation tools and objects. Oh well, plenty of other levels online to play.

I recommend this game for everyone.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 08/11/2008, 02:56
@ pastro243 some1 did its all over gametrailers and youtube. kicks ass i wana play it
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 08/11/2008, 01:03
Can't wait for teh numbers.... :S
Message | Report
pastro243 posted 07/11/2008, 09:34
someone should make a shadow of the colossus level in LBP
Message | Report
mullinsmcd posted 07/11/2008, 07:05
Purchased this one after renting. Definitely a must have game. Does anyone know of a good website to track down high rated user levels? I'm having trouble sorting out the bad ones from the good ones based on the ingame system and im sure it will get progressively worse as more ppl make levels. Everyone check out the level "Azure Palace", its phenomenal.
Message | Report
Morning_Wood posted 07/11/2008, 04:57
this game is awsome, its funny as hell if you play online.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 07/11/2008, 03:45
its going to sell 190k in america this week. then another 130k the week after.
japan will have massive legs due to well its bundled..
europe will be at well hard to decide 200k to 400k?
Message | Report
Gilgamesh posted 06/11/2008, 11:18
This game will have great legs
Message | Report
Snaaaaaake posted 06/11/2008, 09:50
It sold over 160k copies before release. LBP is HUGE.
Message | Report
luistomas8782 posted 06/11/2008, 12:21
Playing this game makes people fell a lot better. Leave you a smille. Amazing all the this you can do with it
Message | Report
Omega_Phazon_Pirate. posted 06/11/2008, 11:57
@ Valden, this is more like week zero.
Message | Report
forsaken0825 posted 06/11/2008, 05:40
do the japan sales include the ds3 controller bundle or is it separate
Message | Report
arsenal009 posted 06/11/2008, 03:51

the 1st wk tracked in NA are actually all illegal sales, so let's wait to see real NA 1st wk & Others before we comment ;)
Message | Report
Valdens posted 06/11/2008, 03:32
Didn't someone predict million+ first week? ;)
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 06/11/2008, 02:45
hmm i wonder what week 1 US sales will be (current US sales are Zero day sales/ sales before the game is released).

Also next week we should get Europe sales (though it'll only be 1 day of sales)
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 06/11/2008, 12:34
quick its going to be updated soon predict ur week 2 american sales. i think it will be 200k to 250k
Message | Report
ssj12 posted 06/11/2008, 12:03
790k till a million, it will sell that easily
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 06/11/2008, 12:01
ioi u including bundles on this?
Message | Report
ZenfoldorVGI posted 05/11/2008, 11:55
Japanese first week sales are unimpressive. Will it have legs? Dunno if it'll hit 3m by the end of the year, Crazzy...
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 05/11/2008, 10:34
k so for the japanese sales are the bundles included? like in the famitsu complete weekely thing it shos 47k. so does that mean that like 33k of those were from bundles or the bundles arent included? if they are not included then THANK GOD.

Message | Report
megamario621 posted 05/11/2008, 10:34
This is like, the only ps3 game i want.
Message | Report
luistomas8782 posted 05/11/2008, 07:59
got my hands today on this diamant
Message | Report
ms07 posted 05/11/2008, 06:15
hopefully every ps3 owner buys this
Message | Report
Blood_Tears posted 05/11/2008, 02:54
Stop Trolling, the games real numbers were yet to be posted, These are leaked sales...
Message | Report
Aldro posted 04/11/2008, 03:09
Getting it 15th November :)
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 04/11/2008, 02:28
incredible game, the online is superb,story mode is superb....everything is just amazing.
Message | Report
CrazzyMan posted 04/11/2008, 12:26
It should make 3 mln. by the end of this year. =)
Otherwise, people don`t have taste.
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 04/11/2008, 09:56
i cant belive how much better tis is than any 360 and wii game
Message | Report
Daddo Splat posted 04/11/2008, 05:48
Ps the game going gold is probably 500,000 copies shipped to retail.
Message | Report
Daddo Splat posted 04/11/2008, 05:46
of course I got my copy thru gamefly for $45.00 but I pay $30.00 a month to have 3 games out at a time rentals once you get them you get the keep it option. I figure I saved $45.00 on farcry2 fallout 3 and littlebigplanet this monpays for my rentals sweet.

???? I wonder if Vgchartz tracks sales by gamefly.
Message | Report
Daddo Splat posted 04/11/2008, 05:41
its a great game it will sell more and more as people play it at friends houses great co op and fun online I got 10 trophies already sweet
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 03/11/2008, 09:13
i predict that in america the numbers this week will be around 300k
Message | Report
masterb8tr posted 03/11/2008, 07:05
so much fail on this wall
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 03/11/2008, 03:47
And here we see a comments section that would make even MLK lose his faith in humanity.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 03/11/2008, 08:49
There will be much ownage when the US numbers come up this week :>
Message | Report
saintshun posted 03/11/2008, 05:42

In the gaming industry, i think going gold refferes to the game being completed and on its way to shipment. Thats why always like one or two months before a big game comes out, theres always a headline like "Gears of War 2 has gone gold".
Message | Report
PshycoNinja posted 03/11/2008, 03:05
VGChartz are lieing! Mm already said before the game came came out that the game went gold. Do you guys know what that means. that means its sold over 500,000. and Mm said that about a month ago. I will never trust VG with game statistics again!
Message | Report
blazinhead89 posted 03/11/2008, 01:33
This Game is absolutely Astonishing
Message | Report
bouzane posted 02/11/2008, 06:38

That's not the first week sales, that number is for the week before it was released. Those are leaked copies of the game.
Message | Report
Batman...WTF? posted 02/11/2008, 05:04
This game kinda tripped on it's face and died in first week sales. Not terrible, but definitley not what we expected...
Message | Report
crumas2 posted 02/11/2008, 12:58
We don't get to pick what the release week is... Sony decided that when they released it 10/28. And yes, the staggered release doesn't make the numbers look great.

To be fair, though, we do have the America's first day sales number, and that's definitely lower than say, Fable 2's first day sales number. What does this mean for long-term LBP sales? Not sure...
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 02/11/2008, 10:14
We nid more copies at my place!!! XC
Message | Report
LatinLegacy posted 02/11/2008, 07:52
I'm surprised people are thinking it's going to be a mind blowing success. I can see it selling a million units world wide but with all the heavy hitting titles coming out for the holidays across all platforms, LBP will be short lived. Yes, I do own it & it's fun but god does it get boring fast.
Message | Report
Snaaaaaake posted 01/11/2008, 11:08
Why are the U.S sales being listed as first week? They aren't first week. They should be lumped into the first weeks when we get the true numbers.

Having them as first week is just providing material for MS fanboys to use.
Message | Report
Quartz posted 01/11/2008, 09:12
Yeah. Should see true numbers after 5th Nov.
Message | Report
derwarre posted 01/11/2008, 07:13
The sales will be much better once the "true" release date sales are tallied. let's wait to see what those numbers are next week.

PSN: yungder
Message | Report
MeowTheMouse posted 01/11/2008, 04:54
awww u guys hurt my feelings D:

im feeling so broken
Message | Report
Quartz posted 01/11/2008, 04:36
Others region and especially the UK should like this launch
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 01/11/2008, 03:44

really.....I wonder who?
Message | Report
masterb8tr posted 01/11/2008, 03:23
dammit okey dokey who can it be?


Message | Report
el_rika posted 01/11/2008, 02:03
Is this game even out ? lol, these must be the highest sell numbers for an unreleased game :D
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 01/11/2008, 01:31
I'm not gonna say who, but one of the people below me is a moron.
Message | Report
MeowTheMouse posted 01/11/2008, 11:55
Message | Report
MeowTheMouse posted 01/11/2008, 11:54
i thought layer will be the ps3 saver ! opps nono that game was the ps3 slayer ! D:
i must mean heavenly sword ! but.. heavenly sword didnt do any thing ! ooh now i remember.. thats cause MGS4 will sell in BILLIONS AND BILLIONS ! and make the ps3 rise like a phoenix !
but.. mgs4 is out and ps3 still didnt sell D':
well ! thats cause people are waiting for the LBP ! LBP WILL BE A AAA TITLEZ THAT WILL DISTROY WII + 360 SALES COMBINED !
Message | Report
indodude posted 01/11/2008, 05:39
This game will be big when it hits the "others" region.
Message | Report
Quartz posted 31/10/2008, 10:16
I wonder what the Lifetime sales of this game will eventually be...
Message | Report
*bleu-ocelot* posted 31/10/2008, 12:56
I'm expecting about 600k-700k next week. GameStop only started selling LBP on the 25th, and ioi's update is for the week ending the 25th.

Pretty good I'd say. For a new ip and all.
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 31/10/2008, 11:30
Message | Report
Jijjin posted 30/10/2008, 10:42
160k before the official release day. This could rack up some scary sales, folks. I hope it gets maybe 750k-1 million the first week. Anymore would beat my expectations.
Message | Report
RealmRPGer posted 30/10/2008, 07:02
I find it really funny that this game has sales for the week before it was even officially released.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 30/10/2008, 10:53
This game should keep selling well, much like Uncharted did after a less than stellar launch, and go on to sell millions
Message | Report
Jast3r Rogu3 posted 30/10/2008, 10:17
Game of the century.
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 30/10/2008, 05:49
I have pretty high hopes for this game.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 30/10/2008, 12:54
i think ioi should merge them so that all these 360 fanbots dont go crazy thinking it flopped :)
Message | Report
halil23 posted 29/10/2008, 11:26
@ Phoenix_Wiight, no it wasn't a "fairly good chuckle" more like you need to slap yourself!
It should more than double that on week 1!
As you'll all (except Phoenix_Wiight) aware that LBP should be in the week "1" sales and not this week "0" sales, do you think VGC will merge week 0 & 1 together?
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 29/10/2008, 11:13
official word from ioi came finally:

LBP will increase its sales for next week

Message | Report
Mike92r posted 29/10/2008, 10:12
Why did i sell 150K in the 25 october ?
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 29/10/2008, 09:31
Can't wait for the real week.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 29/10/2008, 08:25
ahahaha amazing week 0 and its already over 150k LMAO. kinda good considering very few people know its out.
Message | Report
Forilas posted 29/10/2008, 07:58
Hey, can VGchartz really put those 160k in a week 0?
Otherwise people are going to think this game flopped, while it didn't at all.
Message | Report
darthdevidem01 posted 29/10/2008, 07:47
Next Week!

Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 29/10/2008, 07:37
Week 0 sales are 164k

Real Week 1 sales will be at least double that. It will be between 330k and 500k for this weeks sales.
Message | Report
luistomas8782 posted 29/10/2008, 05:55
great opening week 0
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 29/10/2008, 01:23
lawl oops still it was a fairly good chuckle.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 29/10/2008, 09:52
How widely was it released? I would expect at least 600k next week
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 29/10/2008, 09:28
164k - best selling pre-release game ever ...

@Phoenix_Wiight : might wanna get a clue before posting and embarassing yourself ;)
Message | Report
Gnosis posted 29/10/2008, 07:07
Did well for a game that wasn't technically out at the time. Hehe.
Message | Report
Aprisaiden posted 29/10/2008, 06:57
Excellent sales for a game thats not out yet!

Message | Report
fayewong posted 29/10/2008, 06:40
164,434+next week sales= first week sales. Due to people breaking the release date. Although this won't matter in total sales. Just weekly sales do. People who see this in the future will be like, how come it sold "164,434 first week" then "500,000 second week!" what!?!?
Message | Report
nexzen posted 29/10/2008, 04:03
this is gna ruin there first day sales, it shud be counted in with the rest as well.
Message | Report
kingofwale posted 29/10/2008, 03:42
with 163K sold... it is the fastest selling game BEFORE it's official launch. ;)
Message | Report
leo-j posted 29/10/2008, 03:35
lol this game was only leaked and it sold this well
Message | Report
nexzen posted 29/10/2008, 03:17
okayyyyyyy top 3 in america with a broken street release date o dear this game is going to sell so well next week
Message | Report
zexen_lowe posted 29/10/2008, 03:09
I don't think anyone could anticipate the delay. 2 million was unrealistic, but if there had been a proper release, I think 500K-700K first week wouldn't have been out of question
Message | Report
skip posted 29/10/2008, 03:08
technically first week is next week (it didn't release until the 27th) those would be the numbers from retailers that broke the street date.
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 29/10/2008, 03:05
LOL i KNEW it wouldnt sell that much (first week anyway.)
LOL to everyone who thought it would sell a lot.
Message | Report
flavaflav92 posted 29/10/2008, 02:16
i bought it today, and it is amazing:D
Message | Report
OnlyMe! posted 29/10/2008, 12:06
I think people will be slightly disappointed with the sales. It will still sell fantastically well, just not on the scale some people here are expecting

Message | Report
stefman1 posted 28/10/2008, 05:54
this game will have amazing legs, holiday season will be ridiculous
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 27/10/2008, 11:33
350,000 in america first day,this game is soooo good.
Message | Report
nexzen posted 27/10/2008, 02:56
this game deserves to have a better first week than fable 2 but in reality i don't think it will.
Message | Report
nexzen posted 27/10/2008, 02:54
da only thins dat might hurt the sales of this game is the delay and not making it a bundle hurting to increase the install base of the ps3 as well.
Message | Report
Torillian posted 27/10/2008, 02:23
I'm with Cool48, there is no way that the game is going to sell less than 300k in US on the first week. Willing to bet on it as well.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 27/10/2008, 09:27
500k America
40k Japan
and 438, 975 Others.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 27/10/2008, 05:26
I'm not sure how this game will sell, but at least Phoenix has a prediction that seems even somewhat likely. Seriously, 2 million first week?
Message | Report
cool48 posted 27/10/2008, 02:54

I am ready to bet that this game won't go under 300k
Message | Report
Phoenix_Wiight posted 26/10/2008, 11:46
my prediction- 100k America week one.
people are WAY WAY WAY too confident in the game.
Message | Report
Solid_Raiden posted 26/10/2008, 06:32
50th owner of the game on VG CHARTZ! YAY! But why not more? I hope it's because they are all addicted to playing it and have no time to add it. Speaking of, I'm going to go lose my entire day to this game now....
Message | Report
Bruno Muñoz posted 26/10/2008, 05:23
My prediction for the first week.

- Japan 70k
- America 325k
- Europe 200k

Total 595k
Message | Report
fayewong posted 24/10/2008, 11:17
my god my god. The sales will be HUGE! Going crazy thinking about it. hahahah *runs around crazy*
Message | Report
CATCHORA posted 23/10/2008, 03:13
I got it last week, awesome game indeed but no online until the official release of course .
Message | Report
Aldro posted 22/10/2008, 04:48
Never got the beta :( and now delayed :'( I WANT IT. Looks sweet!
Message | Report
CATCHORA posted 14/10/2008, 07:31
2 million, on week one.

Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 14/10/2008, 07:09
one million, on week one?
Message | Report
Gamer4eva posted 14/10/2008, 06:12
Such a good game
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 13/10/2008, 07:59
incredibly fun game,i only had the beta for a few days,but really great.
Message | Report
jerseyboy609 posted 12/10/2008, 11:54
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 12/10/2008, 04:47
Overrated game for sure, I mean it's being hyped as a gaming revolution, but it is a fun little game - I wasn't going to buy before the beta, but I think I will now.
Message | Report
Griffin posted 11/10/2008, 02:17
I have played upwards of 130 levels so far in the beta and atleast 90% of them have been good. Not too many A levels but lots of B and c levels. But the thing is the levels get better if you add some friends to them.

Just a couple minutes ago i played part 1&2 of a bank heist, these levels are among some of the A levels and feature some Story elements and car chases and many other great stuff.
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 09/10/2008, 07:02
The reason ill buy a PS3
Message | Report
cool48 posted 09/10/2008, 02:25
AHHHH! Missed the Beta by like a couple of hours!!!!!!!!!
Message | Report
Smashed posted 08/10/2008, 12:08
leo-j, what the hell are you talking about? The beta is awesome, toastboy is just some biased 360 fanboy.. It's true.
Message | Report
skeezer posted 07/10/2008, 10:53
CAn't wait...but I still need the money!!
Message | Report
skip posted 07/10/2008, 05:16
14 days :)
Message | Report
ameratsu posted 07/10/2008, 03:26
29 of you own this game? Shenanigans!
Message | Report
Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 07/10/2008, 02:55
cant wait for this game, Sony's bundle for this game is gonna rock.
Message | Report
Jo21 posted 07/10/2008, 02:21
i guess i will miss the beta T_T *cries*
Message | Report
Skeeuk posted 06/10/2008, 09:12
the demo is awsome, in fact theres so much to do in the beta demo, that its better than many full price 360 games, id take lbp beta over two human anyday.

lbp runs smoothly and looks superb, its better than any 360 game ive played so far.

the beta is just a small segment of the full bluray release, lol at certain fanboys who are judging this to be the full bluray release, its an awsome game get over it.

i dont think il be buying any 360 games for rest of year, ps3 has to many good titles coming out, roll on socom next
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 06/10/2008, 03:11
I'd totally trust someone who has claimed to play the beta and doesn't have a PS3, while also having a 360 in their avatar.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 05/10/2008, 05:17
toastboy is correct, the beta sucks

love ur avatar dude
Message | Report
skip posted 03/10/2008, 11:58
Me too! thank you japan account.
Message | Report
makingmusic476 posted 03/10/2008, 11:25
I'm in the beta! Wooo!
Message | Report
masterb8tr posted 02/10/2008, 06:39
lol @ toastboy, the beta is awesome. If the game is anything like the beta then its awesome. Framrate drops? havent noticed them, but would it even matter?
If i were to judge by your rules. Mass effect would be the biggest stinker ever. N
Message | Report
s-grandi93 posted 02/10/2008, 05:18
imagine if little big planet got reviews of like 6 and 7 that would make me and so many people b like wtf and upset
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 02/10/2008, 01:55
I hope your right..because if it is the same as the beta the game might suck.
Message | Report
Mike92r posted 30/09/2008, 10:28
Peoples will buy this game the first month or for Christmas. It will have very good sell or just like MGS4.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 28/09/2008, 05:05
oct 21st
Message | Report
slimeattack posted 28/09/2008, 09:57
Awesome game. Isn't it supposed to be released on October 7th though? I just got an e-mail like that.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 28/09/2008, 04:38
toastboy the beta is from an old build :) dont worry the release build will be way better!
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 27/09/2008, 11:38
i didnt enjoy this game when i got it...I thought there were frame rate issues.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 27/09/2008, 11:06
i dont get why people say this wont sell well right away. like who here isn't going to buy this game within its first month?
Message | Report
MadHatter posted 27/09/2008, 12:38
WOW! Sony is going Nintendo after all! Intresting.
Message | Report
ollie3650 posted 27/09/2008, 12:24
so who here thinks that this game will sell more than resistance 2
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 26/09/2008, 10:15
i wana play as clank in it :)
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 26/09/2008, 11:37
@ segajon
I like the American one, but the PAL boxart is better.
Apart from the creepy sackboy, which looks like it wants to cut me up and have it's way with my corpse.
Message | Report
segajon posted 26/09/2008, 04:21
damn, america always gets the worse of the boxarts.
Message | Report
luistomas8782 posted 22/09/2008, 04:04
pre ordered this today from play so I can get nariko girl. :)

It's coming really soon. Finally

Probably won't have a tremendous 1st week, but it coul have enourmous legs.
Message | Report
Thechalkblock posted 22/09/2008, 06:14
I am trying to decide whether to preorder this or not.
Message | Report
slytiger27 posted 21/09/2008, 10:13
day one purchase ^_^
Message | Report
JOKA_ posted 21/09/2008, 07:43
I need to remember to pre-order this
Message | Report
toastboy44562 posted 21/09/2008, 06:21
I like the PAL boxart better!
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 21/09/2008, 01:27
LBP will be massive!
Message | Report
JiaJia posted 21/09/2008, 12:49
WHOA LOOK AT THOSE Numbers =D 5million Lifetime sales confirmed =3
Message | Report
whofwhof posted 21/09/2008, 02:17
love it
Message | Report
Mr_Tee_ posted 21/09/2008, 01:07
played this game at the LBP shop near me it will roxor ur boxor, truely exceeded my expectations it has so much to offer for such a brilliant concept, i pre-ordered it on play for my nariko exclusive.
Message | Report
thelalaby posted 20/09/2008, 06:22
I really hope this game meets Sony's expectations because it's obvious that it's going to be groundbreaking.

Also, I'm surprised that this game is owned by 16 people when it's not even out yet, lol.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 20/09/2008, 03:34
1 million in october alone
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 20/09/2008, 03:01
I think this game will do something similar to Uncharted. Have a less than stellar first week but have strong sales week by week and push it past 2 million
Message | Report
oliist posted 17/09/2008, 11:44
My guess is 2-4.5 million sold copies.
And my copy is No. 438.954.
Sometimes my crystalball is very exactly. ;)
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 15/09/2008, 01:42
y dont peopel think this will sell well? it will sell a few million. its going to be bundled prolly for a year or so.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 08/09/2008, 03:33
ogm i just noticed something. the check points lose a chunk of light everytimeu respawn at it! So i guess there is such thing as a game over!!!!!!
Message | Report
iron_megalith posted 29/08/2008, 07:39
I'd say it'll reach 1-3 mil. Good start for a new IP.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 29/08/2008, 06:00
I only read the top post because I didn't believe you'd really spend your time double posting this game. I underestimated you.
Message | Report
SmokedHostage posted 27/08/2008, 11:04
This game won't sell more than 1 million in its first week, W. You heard it from me first.
Message | Report
obieslut posted 25/08/2008, 12:25
can someone ask gebx for me how this game plays, thanks
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 24/08/2008, 11:13
I think it's gonna start off slow but have really long legs. Maybe 4 million.

How is it expected to do in Japan? I could see it being pretty big over there (as in over a million eventually)...
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 24/08/2008, 11:10
I wuv WittleBigPwanet :3
Message | Report
Soriku posted 22/08/2008, 11:40
That's why I said "The ONLY way it'll hit 4-6 million is if it's bundled" :P
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 22/08/2008, 05:15
It might be bundled Soriku, but I agree with you.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 20/08/2008, 06:53
I also don't see why casuals will pay $400 for this game when they can always buy a Wii (or even a 360) for much cheaper and have more casual games and have an easier interface/way to play (in LBP you create your own levels so you need it depends on how creative you are).

Anyway, we'll see, but I doubt it's going to sell as well as people are hyping it up to sell.
Message | Report
Soriku posted 20/08/2008, 06:45
I don't get how you guys have this at 4-6 million. MGS4 is like the most hyped PS3 game ever and that hasn't sol 4 million yet. Not onyl that but MGS is a well known series. What chance does LBP--a new, casual IP--have to reach 4-6 million? The ONLY way it'll hit 4-6 million is if it's bundled...and even then we won't know how successful it is because you get the game anyway.

IMO, 2 million tops.
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 18/08/2008, 10:29
(My worst and best case scenario predictions)
Week 1 - 2mil to 3mil
Week 2 - 1 mil to 2 mil
Week 3 - 300k to 500k
Week 4 - 200kish
Week 5 -100k to 150k
Week 6 - 100k to 150k
Week 7 - 100k to 125k
Week 8 - 150k to 200k
Week 9 -100kish
Week 10 -80kish
Worst Possible = 4.13 mil
Best Possible = 6.50 mil

(This is my prediction.)
Message | Report
Dgc1808 posted 18/08/2008, 03:07
This game is selling so fast VGchartz can't keep up, so they will just leave it at 0.....
Message | Report
Soriku posted 14/08/2008, 09:41

Yes. GameFAQs has the release dates:
Message | Report
segajon posted 14/08/2008, 07:43
is it for sure coming out in 2008?
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 14/08/2008, 04:17
I predict 10 million sales world wide lifetime.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 09/08/2008, 11:21
This is quite obviously game of teh forever.
Message | Report
BMaker11 posted 07/08/2008, 09:43
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 07/08/2008, 05:16
0 copies sold? What a flop.
Message | Report
Damstr8 posted 06/08/2008, 08:44
this game game is going to be awesome
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 06/08/2008, 11:37
I am definitely going to get the Kratos sackboy one, unless I have to choose between Kratos in game, and a real sackboy
Message | Report
FaRmLaNd posted 25/07/2008, 12:01
This game looks amazing. The combination of user created content and the beautiful art-style will hopefully create a truly unique experience.
Message | Report
obieslut posted 25/07/2008, 11:20
i am shocked so many people own it before it has even come out. especially being as at least one of then dont even own a ps3 anymore
Message | Report
wenlan posted 25/07/2008, 07:21
Is there anyway we can replace this "for display only" box art with the real one after the game comes out?
Message | Report
4lc0h0l posted 25/07/2008, 06:08
Amazing game plz come out soon xD
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 24/07/2008, 09:12
I think you'll find it is WiddleBigPwanet
Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 24/07/2008, 08:19
Aww... WittleBigPlanet.
Message | Report
*bleu-ocelot* posted 24/07/2008, 05:08
Anybody wanna guess how many units sold first week? 600k?
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 24/07/2008, 01:55
@Dark Odin

A level based on FF would be amazing (much like the one made based on Killzone) i would love to play that
Message | Report
RCTjunkie posted 24/07/2008, 06:55
If I had a PS3, this & Uncharted would be my first games.
Message | Report
Dark Odin posted 24/07/2008, 12:09
I want to make a level based on some FF!!
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 23/07/2008, 11:59
@ Munkeh111
look at the logo :)
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 23/07/2008, 03:15
I'm pretty sure it is just LittleBigPlanet
Message | Report
Gearbox posted 22/07/2008, 06:48
The name of this game is LittleBiGPlanet.
I predict this becomes a huge competitor with Mario, because there are so many ways that Media Molicule can turn this into a franchise. Maybe have a Sack Boy Tennis? Sack Boy Basketball? etc etc.
This game will have incredible legs and outsell metal gear solid 4!
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 20/07/2008, 03:58
I uploaded the boxart, but it's a tad small.
Message | Report
Munkeh111 posted 27/05/2008, 10:06
Every time I see this game I get more excited about it
Message | Report
PX54 posted 21/04/2008, 01:10
can't wait for this game, looks so ingenious. Comes on a disk which is cool since i thought it would be a download of PSN got its own story mode, possibly with randomly generated levels kind of like worms. then you can also make your own levels and saher them with other people and see what theirs are like. Not to mention customising your own character too. and its not just content thats already on the game, your own pics etc that you have stored on your ps3 can be used.
Message | Report
SSurTails posted 18/04/2008, 02:46
This game is, IMO, way over rated
Message | Report
Dogs Rule posted 07/04/2008, 05:32
I can't help but smile when I see a sackboy :) Can't wait to play this game.
Message | Report
Squall_Leonhart posted 25/03/2008, 09:00
This game should be one of the best of the year, for any console :D

Its just so inventive, a breath of fresh air in the usual waves of FPS and Party games!
Message | Report
fazz posted 25/03/2008, 08:28
Best game on PS3 ever? Probably.
Message | Report
playnext3 posted 25/03/2008, 11:39
it will sell a million for sure
Message | Report
gamerdtr posted 16/03/2008, 09:05
This game looks like it is going to be a lot of fun, but what worries me is that it seems like it will be an online only experience. If that is the case I will miss out on it since I don't have a broadband internet connection. I really hope that is not the case.
Message | Report
cool48 posted 09/03/2008, 10:29
Looks very different, can't wait to see.
Message | Report
playnext3 posted 09/03/2008, 05:09
its like im getting marion in ps3,really its so original
Message | Report
skip posted 09/03/2008, 08:32
added screens and a summary

I absolutley cannot wait for this game. Its driving me insane.
Message | Report
Quartz posted 17/02/2008, 03:05
I that more 'hype' votes coming in for another game that is not even out yet?
Message | Report
leo-j posted 23/01/2008, 11:03
This will blow everyone away and sell millions.
Message | Report
KingOfKings posted 08/01/2008, 03:40
why are people voting and the games not out?
Message | Report
segajon posted 08/01/2008, 03:18
people voting already.
Message | Report
DMeisterJ posted 08/01/2008, 02:01
7.35 and the game isn't even out yet.
Message | Report
famousringo posted 08/01/2008, 12:49
Remember PS3 owners, because I'll probably never have a PS3, you have to buy this game and enjoy it for me.

I know I can count on you.
Message | Report
sexybeast posted 08/01/2008, 12:48
It'll blow me away.
Message | Report
tombi123 posted 02/12/2007, 11:15
OMG! This game is going to be amazing!
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Shipping Total

4,500,000 Units
As of: August 2010

Opinion (1231)

Azhraell posted 18/09/2015, 03:55
lol really, maybe this will actually reach 6M holy..
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TrevDaRev posted 22/12/2014, 06:17
Week ending, 6th, December. Over 34k sold. Over 200k for the year so far.

Holy shit. Those legs.
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TrevDaRev posted 03/10/2014, 01:14
Has now passed the 5.5 million mark. With over 100k sales for this year. LEGS.
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Azhraell posted 13/07/2013, 01:58
Nice legs!
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TrevDaRev posted 14/05/2013, 12:10
It just keeps on selling!
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