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primogen18 posted 24/08/2009, 06:56
this should have some nice legs and keep selling, with decent sales over time
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SupahShnipa posted 21/08/2009, 08:01

The way this game was hyped? It should be near 1 million by now. It's a good game that fell victim to hype.
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Buzzi posted 21/08/2009, 06:00
I can't believe this week The conduit sold less than Madworld...both 10k, it's not bad, both will reach 300-400k...
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RisenTerran posted 21/08/2009, 05:55
They should have named this "Wii Shooting"

confirmed 5,000,000 seller :D

To avoid copyright infringement they could call it "We Shoot"

Ive seen a couple devs do that.
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XiaoMay posted 21/08/2009, 12:11
It s nowhere near a flop.
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SupahShnipa posted 21/08/2009, 04:25
"When a game doesnt sell it is usually because it isnt all that great."

*Looks at Shenmue

Anyways, this game sin't selling well because it's a new IP and it recived varied reviews. The game is fun but in terms of sales it flopped.
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Black_Herox posted 21/08/2009, 02:34
@Uno: Thats why Wiii Music is soo much better than this game Throw Mario Party 6 in there as well for good measure.
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uno posted 20/08/2009, 08:02
When a game doesnt sell it is usually because it isnt all that great. Hype can only get you so far but gameplay is the longevity of sales.
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primogen18 posted 20/08/2009, 04:13
they completely dropped advertising this after it came out, bad decision. I still see MK commercials for DS and Wii, they need to keep up with this, especially into the holidays...
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Chrizum posted 19/08/2009, 04:37
At least it broke even for them. 300k shipped at full price.

Still a relative flop compared to sales potential.
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SubiyaCryolite posted 18/08/2009, 11:14
How much do console games cost to develop? Sins of a Solar Empire cost less than 1 mill on the PC and considering its scope and scale I fail to see how TC would cost 10 mill to develop.
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Roflinator posted 17/08/2009, 10:11
I'll be happy if it ends up selling 500k life time. I just want a sequel!
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Hardcoregamer1989 posted 16/08/2009, 02:15
its doing Ok, it sold 210k which is way better then madworld... 500 to 600k by the end of the year, that's counting Christmas sales
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Buzzi posted 16/08/2009, 01:17
It's performing a little better than house of the dead: Overkill and Madworld, the last two Sega's Core games for Wii...300k LTD is quite sure, maybe more won't be too difficult...
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Riot Of The Blood posted 16/08/2009, 09:22
Thought this would be at a million by now. I overestimated this and Killzone 2 pretty badly.
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greenmedic88 posted 15/08/2009, 10:47
The story behind Conduit looks to be just another third party footnote two months into release. Unless Sega opts to re-launch the game for the holidays with renewed advertising (unlikely), the only significant additional sales will be from drastic price cutting (at $20-30) making it far from the success story many were hyping.
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YesWiiCan posted 15/08/2009, 04:52
Hmm, I say 500k at the end of the year.
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Video_Game_Critic posted 15/08/2009, 04:25
I think "The Conduit" will reach 300,000. That is not too bad. Sega and High Voltage should make a small profit. Whether that is enough for a sequel is another story.
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krimoz911 posted 14/08/2009, 11:17
I feel sorry for SEGA
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patjuan32 posted 14/08/2009, 10:46
I think Sega needs to continue to advertise for this game. It's the summer time and games face competition from movies to concerts and need constant advertising. This is why major releases happen in the fall.
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marcianito posted 14/08/2009, 04:00
not bad i think
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hunter_alien posted 14/08/2009, 01:09
300k sales on a 50$ pricetag maybe... but seeing that the price will drop off sharply from this point on, I recon a 500k LT shipment is needed at least to break even if the budget was indeed 10 million.
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puffy posted 13/08/2009, 10:07
The games budget was reportedly $10 Million so I think including retail margins, the game needs to sell 300k.

Of course their Quantum3 engine was included in the figure and is being used in more of their titles.
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SaviorX posted 13/08/2009, 04:19
Sega said themselves "they regard The Conduit as a success".

Didn't set the charts on fire, but then again, it didn't have to in order to succeed.
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famousringo posted 13/08/2009, 12:37
According to Sega, they have shipped 300k, sold through half, and consider this game a success.

I suspect it's modest success, though:
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Kenpachi15 posted 12/08/2009, 05:04
hmmm so would anyone say that this game made an ok profit 200k dont sound bad but idk what im talking about lol
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Skorpion posted 12/08/2009, 04:30
@boblafollette - I don't really think there was any hype saying it was going to revolutionize the fps genre, I expected it to be a decent wii fps with an effortful online offering, it delivered for me on that front. Despite all the bugs I still enjoy the game, but HVS needs to invest some time in testing their future games.
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Roflinator posted 11/08/2009, 07:15
@Kai Master: Three was hype but it was definitely not as big as we all thought it would be. Also, it was really just the internet that had hype, the press wasn't that big on it.

Really, it was mostly Wii owners that just wanted a good Wii FPS (that isn't a port).
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Kai Master posted 10/08/2009, 08:58
I can't believe this game sales are so weak! It was so much hyped on the press and Internet! This is like if GTA4 sold 2 millions...
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 09/08/2009, 03:40
i like it too

it will take it's time but will sell
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bmmb1 posted 09/08/2009, 01:02
I've finally gotten around to play the game (didn't have the time until now), and surprisingly (given some of the reviews) I am actually really enjoying the single player campaign so far. I really didn't like WaW's single player campaign, I really like the Conduit's so far.
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Batman...WTF? posted 08/08/2009, 06:42
I like it!
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boblafollette posted 08/08/2009, 04:18
This game was a huge disappointment imo. It felt like an N64 game, when the hype made it seem like it was going to be a huge step forward for the FPS genre. I am still looking forward to The Grinder, but will wait for the reviews before I buy it.
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uno posted 07/08/2009, 10:19
true. But it is an established franchise that has sold over a million copies on wii with COD3 and WAW.

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Roflinator posted 07/08/2009, 09:23
@uno: To be fair, it's a 2 year old game getting a late port. We don't know how MW Wii will do...yet.
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snowdog posted 07/08/2009, 07:29
This'll pass the 500K mark before the end of this financial year imo, guaranteeing a deserved sequel. The game has its faults but is the best FPS available on the Wii imo. It'll break 1m sales during its lifetime. Great to see.
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uno posted 07/08/2009, 04:45
Conduit's legs will be chopped off violently come November 10th. The Christmas season will be unforgiving when MW Wii dominates.
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puffy posted 07/08/2009, 12:12
I still think the boxart is killing this titles chances.. Deserves 500 - 750k
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Tuulikk posted 07/08/2009, 09:15
Only 800k to go! Well, at least we have the pleasure of seeing The Conduit pass a few games that just like The Conduit should have sold better.

Alone In The Dark, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop and FaceBreaker K.O. Party is in the dust. Next week it's time for Battalion Wars 2 to be in the dust. In a few weeks or so it will be time for Okami, Manhunt 2. Later on MadWorld, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Medal of Honor Heroes 2. The list will go on if The Conduit can do the same.
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Roflinator posted 07/08/2009, 06:45
Sadly, MadWorld did better in Others. But at least The Conduit outsold MadWorld in America within a few weeks.
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drakesfortune posted 07/08/2009, 03:31
People thinking this is going to explode in sales come the holidays are nuts. This game has no hook, no personality that separates it from the pack. The only thing it has going for it is that it's a decent FPS for the Wii, which is a rarity. There is no hype for this game amongst the masses, and it'll never sell like people think. If this thing has great legs the max it'll see lifetime is 500k.
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kazadoom posted 07/08/2009, 01:36
Well, it has hit the 200k mark worldwide. Now lets see some legs for 500k. Come on Conduit!
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SupahShnipa posted 05/08/2009, 11:27
The announcement of MWii kills what is left of this game's sales potential.

0.3 million lifetime IMO.
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SupahShnipa posted 05/08/2009, 12:39
Xiao, that is SOLD TO RETAILERS, AKA Shipped.
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MasterZack posted 05/08/2009, 12:27
look for my FC !!
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XiaoMay posted 05/08/2009, 12:02
undertracked :
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SupahShnipa posted 04/08/2009, 09:46
Guys, HVSTony said Double XP Weekends may be comming.
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Faxanadu posted 04/08/2009, 06:31
almost 200k. not too shabby.
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oliist posted 04/08/2009, 02:22
150k first week shipment = sold to retailers

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--OkeyDokey-- posted 04/08/2009, 07:38
@ jbee02

It was released two weeks later in Europe. Stop making yourself look like a moron.
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a3hmax posted 04/08/2009, 02:57
I want the release of black wii in occident with the conduit included. Taht can rock a lot.
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kingbeady posted 04/08/2009, 02:03
umm.. yea this game sold 150k in its first week alone... its in sega's fiscal report( SEGA's fiscal first-quarter results revealed the highly-anticipated first-person shooter from High Voltage Software sold 150,000 copies during its launch week (June 23-30) for North America and Europe combined. )- ign article
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SupahShnipa posted 03/08/2009, 07:13
I say .55 mil lifetime. A holiday Price Drop will help it's sales.
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jbee02 posted 03/08/2009, 05:37
well they updated the sales records so instead of having only the first two weeks of sales we now have the first 3 weeks of sales, god Dammit.
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TWRoO posted 02/08/2009, 07:55

The report of shipped figures only includes the first week of shipments (to the US only probably because I doubt they shipped it to PAL territories 10 days before launch)
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zaMy posted 02/08/2009, 07:41
Hold on, in a recent report on VGC it claimed that this game has, to date, SHIPPED .15million copies, yet here it says there is .18 million copies sold. The report had links and reffrences.

Hopefully this reaches .30 though, other wise I cant imagine any more FPS games on Wii (other then CoD from Treyarch)
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KingHenry posted 02/08/2009, 05:24
I think there will be a price drop before the holidays. Probably with a $39.99 price tag. That should help it's sales.
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Barozi posted 02/08/2009, 02:00
Sega sold 150.000 copies to retailers.
Those are shipments, not actual sales.
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WhiteX posted 02/08/2009, 01:42
Sega said that it sold 150.000 last week of june.
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jameslefeber posted 02/08/2009, 12:28
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Tuulikk posted 01/08/2009, 10:02
Maybe The Conduit is just going to reach 1m as slow as Lego Batman: The Videogame or a bit slower. Like 1-5-2 years after release.

The Conduit should sell 100-200k from now to end of November and could get a Christmas boost of 100k or more from December to January. That could put it at over 500k at the start of 2010 if all goes well, slowly building up to something just like House of the Dead games, Lego Batman, Sonic Unleashed and so on. But it could as well end at 400-700k.
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jeffrey9999 posted 01/08/2009, 08:50
great game on wii= bad sales and bad reviews, figures that this game ain't even going to come close to 1million and thats ashame that most wii owners are to retarded to know a good game worth buying...........
Message | Report
Luthor posted 01/08/2009, 08:42
I bought it. It's fun but technically lower than MP3.
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Buzzi posted 01/08/2009, 07:11
Disappointing but selling better than madworld, this will reach 300k quite likely, maybe 350k LTD...
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czecherychestnut posted 01/08/2009, 05:51
Firstly as mentioned 150,000 shipped is worldwide first week. These numbers are accurate.
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grimygunz posted 01/08/2009, 03:06
150k shipped first week in US 64k sold
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Intendo21 posted 01/08/2009, 02:20
if its first week of sales were 150,000 then its way higher than what it is on here.
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TopCat8 posted 31/07/2009, 11:52
I wanted this game to sell well. I still haven't bought it though.
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Cobretti2 posted 31/07/2009, 09:38
yer but unlike harry potter this game isn't advertising in every dman catalogue. Also harry potter is a big icon to a lot of people.
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dontsee posted 31/07/2009, 09:35
150,000 r shipped copies, not reatiler sold. *sigh*
Message | Report
coonana posted 31/07/2009, 09:12

Ya these numbers need to be adjusted WAY up. First week sales are 150,000 alone.

VGchartz please change to proper numbers.
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GianCarmen posted 31/07/2009, 07:41
Official Sega numbers 150,000. From thier sales data up till June Thats pretty good.
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SubiyaCryolite posted 31/07/2009, 11:31
It keeps on increasing by 10k everytime I see it, I think it'll flatout in the 300 to 320k range.
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Falk Sturmfels posted 31/07/2009, 09:41
The sad thing is that the harry potter crap sells like muffins and this game starts dying. Unbelievable.
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dontsee posted 31/07/2009, 04:38
i can't believe this :(. this game has the same fate as madworld.
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uno posted 31/07/2009, 01:32
I am not a fan of this game but I dont think we can say if it "bombed" yet. Can we wait a few more months guys?
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LordMatrix posted 30/07/2009, 10:25
So much for this game doing big. For a game this hyped it flopped hard. This is a very mediocre shooter anyway. The controls are the best thing going for it. Story sucks hard and multiplayer is very basic with nothing unique. I really hoped this would be good. Sadly I found Haze a more enjoyable experience overall. :(
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almajovem posted 30/07/2009, 06:15
the netplay is awesome
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 30/07/2009, 05:36
I only played the single player, mind.
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SupahShnipa posted 29/07/2009, 06:26
I gave it a 8.7, It has a few faults but it is still a great game overall.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 29/07/2009, 09:41
Well... I actually rented it. It's um... not as bad as Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, but it is pretty weak.

I kind of feel bad for the people rating this higher than a 9.
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Video_Game_Critic posted 29/07/2009, 12:42
Other than controls "The Conduit" Offers:
Great AI (At High and Severe difficulty).
14 hours of gameplay on single player mission on High difficulty.
A Variety of online game styles.
Weapon damage that is not too high or too low for online play.
Good variety of weapons. Unlike Half-Life.
Voice chat is easy to manage. It is very easy to set it up so only my friends can talk to me. Unlike other FPS. I have to listen to every whiny child in the game.
At least part of the game lacks health regeneration. (It is a start. Maybe the sequel will have none.)
Easy to use cheats for single player mission. This is not an uncommon feature, but I like it.
I have seen games with much less to offer receive low 8s. Call of Duty 3 for example received an 8.8 on
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 28/07/2009, 09:44
Yeah, the main positive point of The Conduit is the controls. If it were put on the HD platforms, it would probably score in the 5s or lower.
Message | Report
SupahShnipa posted 28/07/2009, 06:33
If it was released on the 360 or PS3 it would get 2's. The best thing about this game is it's controls, take it out and well you don't get much.
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 28/07/2009, 10:36
There are some points for critics, but also many points for positive things. I love the pressure to eleminate the conduits. That causes exciting moments - and the controls are perfect - except the possibility to lean to the side behind a wall. Medal of honor did that almost perfect.
Message | Report
Roflinator posted 28/07/2009, 04:47
@Video_Game_Critic: I highly doubt that. CoD5 got good reviews on the Wii.
Message | Report
Hardcoregamer1989 posted 28/07/2009, 04:40
HVS is the first to get the controls right in FPS on wii, so kudo's to them
Message | Report
zwei posted 28/07/2009, 02:08
It's a great game, the only wii's shooter with a great controls and multiplayer.
Message | Report
Video_Game_Critic posted 28/07/2009, 01:18
If "The Conduit"was released on XBOX 360 or Play Station 3 with improved graphics and dual analogue controls, the average review would be in the low 8s. However, it only averages an 6.6 on the Wii. I guess FPS do not belong on the Wii.
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SupahShnipa posted 27/07/2009, 08:18
The Conduit:
Poor Ai
The AI isin't bad, it's just not fantastic.

Repetiative enviroments

Respawning enemies
All games have this, in COD they keep spawning till you hit an in-game tripwire.

Stupid time wasting mines
I don't have a problem with this, It puts some strategy into the game.
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Barozi posted 27/07/2009, 07:29
Nothing what you say make any sense.
This game gets updated just as often as any other game and it has 4 weeks of sales in the US and 2 weeks in Others because it was released there 2 weeks later.
Message | Report
jbee02 posted 27/07/2009, 05:42
why do they barely ever updated the sales records, it's been over a month since this games been release but it still only has sales records from the first two weeks since the game release
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 27/07/2009, 08:06
Poor Ai

Repetiative enviroments

Respawning enemies

Stupid time wasting mines

Fix all of those problems and this game would have scored much higher
Message | Report
juicy posted 27/07/2009, 07:37
i feel the same way i was hyped for the game and was gonna go buy it 1st week it came out, but then a heard how ppl said the it reallly wasnt THAT good. and their meacritc score dropped to a 70, maybe i will wait until conduit 2 when they fix some of the things that prevent me from buying it
Message | Report
YusukeUnlimited posted 27/07/2009, 06:20
Bad reviews killed this game(or at least crippled it). I was into this big time till a handful of reviews came in, which made me think twice. Then my roommate bought the game and further cemented my decision to skip it....It looked overwhelmingly mediocre, imo. Anyway, that's my two cents.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 26/07/2009, 11:15
With the severe adjustments and the legs disappearing quickly, this doesn't seem like it'll be lighting up the charts... :/
Message | Report
SupahShnipa posted 26/07/2009, 06:30
I say the sales pick up once people start getting back from vacation. I know 6 people who haven't bought this game yet because they are busy enjoying summer. I say 1.5 mill lifetime. Sales spike in 2 months.
Message | Report
jbee02 posted 26/07/2009, 04:39
dammit vg chartz still only has the sales records for the first two weeks of this game, why is this game so rarely updated
Message | Report
Sherlock99 posted 26/07/2009, 04:58
the conduit sales are not that bad, i consider them to be good for only a couple of weeks. also chrizum just ignore him.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 26/07/2009, 02:02
What has that to do with sales Okey? Damn, your trolling gets worse and worse. Reported, btw.
Message | Report
--OkeyDokey-- posted 26/07/2009, 01:58
Does anyone remember this thread?

So many lolz.
Message | Report
BoneArk posted 25/07/2009, 10:34
I don't care what anyone says, The Conduit is a great game and if u don't buy it, that's your lost.
Message | Report
Roflinator posted 25/07/2009, 09:06
Geez, MadWorld did better in Others. Wtf is wrong with them :(
Message | Report
Arius Dion posted 25/07/2009, 07:50
Very fun game MP especially. It will be funny reading some of these comments a year from now when this game is a platinum seller. Much like WaW among other Wii "flops"
Message | Report
Kwaidd posted 25/07/2009, 06:06
A great game imo. very challenging on the tougher lvl setting and a ton of fast paced fun on the online multiplayer side. After several weeks, my wife still has to yell at me to get to the dinner table cuz I can't put it down. A couple minor tweaks could've made the game even better, but with what they've learned from The Conduit, i can't wait for more from HVS. People need to support and buy it to ensure more goodness comes the Wii's way.
Message | Report
Hardcoregamer1989 posted 25/07/2009, 03:48
come on sales please pick up. i wanna see a big jump next week US and Others...
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 25/07/2009, 01:53
the game rules, even games that sell 0.01 are still great

it's my best shooter, no matter what it sells or what reviewers think about it
Message | Report
ylowbstard posted 25/07/2009, 06:45
I was really hyped for this game; I just got the chance to play it and well... it pretty much sucks. It's just not ANY fun in my opinion. I wish the sales would pick up though, so more games of this type (Read: Violent Shooters) would start popping up on the WII, but hopefully their better than this.
Message | Report
drakesfortune posted 25/07/2009, 03:49
Mark Rein is vindicated.
Message | Report
_mevildan posted 24/07/2009, 09:11
I have perhaps been guilty of dogging this game, but after the so-so reviews I am actually kind of intruiged by this game.
Message | Report
SupahShnipa posted 24/07/2009, 06:24
18K for 2 days worth is good. I say 40k for a full week.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 24/07/2009, 03:41
200 owners.

Right now as I type this, 1/4 of the owners are playing it.

On to 250.....
Message | Report
dontsee posted 24/07/2009, 02:20
anyone who is hoping others week 2 no. will be good, be prepared for the unexpected consequences :)
Message | Report
BoneArk posted 24/07/2009, 01:29
I stopped playing SSBB since I got this game. =)
Message | Report
mandisc posted 24/07/2009, 12:19
@ The Velour Fog

Remember that those European numbers are based on 2 days worth of sales.

Message | Report
specialops787 posted 23/07/2009, 10:28
i just hope they dont give it a price cut before christmas. seems like madworld was price cut 2 weeks after release.
Message | Report
wiifan75 posted 23/07/2009, 03:23
If it's true that this month is the worst for ANY game sales then that gives some hope for the future of this game. But Fight Night was solid and appeared unaffected by the season. Time will tell. Can't wait for last weeks numbers to come in. I want to see what Others has to show after it's adjusted down.
Message | Report
fairyliar posted 23/07/2009, 12:58
I ve received my copy 2 days ago. The game quie disappoionted me first, alot of aliasing, some bugs, online broken...Then next sessions were better and better. I ve set the controls and now it's perfect.The visuals are really impressive from times to times, weapons effects are really nice and lights and blur are not common in this level of quality on wii. However, aliasing on my HD ready plasma screen is still a big issue, above all in level like the airport. Some passage design in the levels are repetitive (sewers, airport, library...). The end of the second level with the ennemies always respawning till you destruct the conduits is frsutarting by its overdifficulty in easy mode whereas the difficulty during the level is simple.
But overall I find the single player experience really good for someone who is looking for retro ala Golden Eye level.
The online mode is really fun...when you managed to get connected but once you are in the game, every new party comes quickly. Moreover, there is alot of modes and every one can vote.
To conclude, this is by far the best FPS on wii technically, for its gameplay and fun.

It's sad the sales are so weak at the moment. Maybe it will be better after the summer holidays and got some serious legs but this is a reality, the today sales are deceiving.
Message | Report
badger89 posted 23/07/2009, 12:32
question that has to be asked is what is "good sales"? Is it a game that makes a profit? 1 million sold? 1/2 million sold? And how long do we give a game to reach our own "good sales" target? 1 month? 2months? 6 months?
Message | Report
Onimusha12 posted 23/07/2009, 12:13
These are terrible sales, no way around it. I don't care about a Conduit 2 but I was hoping this game would be incentive for other developers to step up. Rather its just become another reason for developers to not bother.

inb4 the numbers are adjusted down yet again.
Message | Report
The Velour Fog posted 23/07/2009, 09:43
Ouch. 18k first week in Europe.

It's legs don't look that good in America either.
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 23/07/2009, 08:23
These sales actually aren't that bad. It was obvious to me that the initial numbers were way too high, but if you take the numbers for what they are it's not bad at all.
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dontsee posted 23/07/2009, 04:25
@uno, i like ur optimism, but u know that, conduit doesn't sell, then bye bye all other games. bye bye all other major ips. and for tc2, grinder 1st they have to get a publisher. the days of the quality wii games from 3rd parties r numbered.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 22/07/2009, 11:27
@Badger.. it release on the 10th July in Europe... which is 2 weeks after it released in the USA (which is why it is 2 weeks later in sales)

The 2nd week of the Conduit sales ended on the 18th July (just 4 days ago)
Message | Report
wiifan75 posted 22/07/2009, 09:02
Show proof of the Conduit 2 or leave it out. lol There is no reason to get fans like me excited about something that has had no announcement yet. It's just an idea I think for now. I've seen no confirmation but I'd love to see a second game for the conduit.
Message | Report
uno posted 22/07/2009, 08:47
@ dontsee

The Conduit isnt done selling so that is a very early claim. Plus we know that Conduit 2 and Grinder are coming to Wii.

AND COD WAW Wii has sold 1.2 mil. I feel confident that although MW2 isnt coming COD7 is thanks to Treyarch (makers of COD WAW Wii).
Message | Report
badger89 posted 22/07/2009, 05:41
how long has this game been out in europe? and still no update on sales. must be hard to get the figures i assume.
Message | Report
wiifan75 posted 22/07/2009, 04:25
That's what worries me. I want conduit to do well but it's amazing that the people favoring the wiimote for a shooter game are such a minority. So very sad.
Message | Report
dontsee posted 21/07/2009, 10:26
the hope for the wii to get fps is slim to none. no well know ip will be published for the wii anymore. u can bet on that.
Message | Report
wiifan75 posted 21/07/2009, 03:09
I'm anxious to see how it does with a full week of sales in "others". And I know 3 people who are buying a copy of this after playing my copy so I think it will move over time but I hope to see it perform better sooner. The friends of mine buying a copy said they haven't seen any marketing for the game and 2 are casual players in their late 40s. Military backgrounds so they thought that was cool playing the game with the Wii controls. This game has a lot of potential.
Message | Report
waron posted 21/07/2009, 12:48
WTF? why this game was adjusted down? didn't it sell 100k in us alone in the first week?
Message | Report
elzumo posted 21/07/2009, 08:00
I think it'll hit at least 500k over time...The holidays and price drops will ensure that (i think).
Message | Report
tedsteriscool posted 21/07/2009, 07:02
Isn't looking like it'll hit 500k but it may...depending on US numbers it seems.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 21/07/2009, 06:49
Call of Duty: World at War had next to no internet hype (for the Wii version that is). This has tons. I expect more, and I know a lot of other people do too.
Message | Report
snyperdud posted 21/07/2009, 05:47
I predict a fair amount of legs with this one.

I bet it will sell over 500k lifetime.
Message | Report
FootballFan posted 20/07/2009, 11:05
Well, at least it has solid legs.
Message | Report
Theo posted 20/07/2009, 10:38
It's doing about as well as expected, right?
Message | Report
mandisc posted 20/07/2009, 07:23
(Esa-Petteri posted 21/11/2008, 01:08
("Huge bomb.")

That is what he said about COD WAW a week after it's release. Now look at it. 1.2m

Have some patience people and stop condemning the games sales before they have even got going
Message | Report
primogen18 posted 20/07/2009, 07:08
wow, i love people calling this a bomb, I see some nice legs. Maybe not huge, but still they are there, and it could spike at any time, look at WaW
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 20/07/2009, 05:11
Still gonna stick with the name
TheConduit as a reminder of how any game can fail

Message | Report
TheConduit posted 20/07/2009, 05:10
Looking at metacritic the reviews for this game vary considerable

This game was a dissapointment
Message | Report
xcot posted 20/07/2009, 04:42
its like reviewers were trying to stop this game from selling well. There's a limit to opinions about a game and nobody can justify giving it lower than 7, especially 4.
Message | Report
hunter_alien posted 20/07/2009, 02:09
Oh common... split screen wouldent have saved this game, lets dont fool ourselves... unfortunatly it looks like it bombed Lets hope for some decent legs...
Message | Report
Hephaestos posted 20/07/2009, 02:08
damn, :/ looks like the online will suck in EU....
Message | Report
thanny posted 20/07/2009, 02:06
VGChartz were waaay out on this.. bad for our reputation, because a lot of sites were following that game pretty closely...
Message | Report
Graves posted 20/07/2009, 12:35
If this game had split screen I guarantee this would have sold much better. On the bright side this will get a price drop in the near future.
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 20/07/2009, 11:20
yeah, but still these sales are good. Others-sales was just two days. I´m sure right now that this game will make at least Gold worldwide, which would be the best selling game from all those SEGA corgames this year.
Message | Report
FaRmLaNd posted 20/07/2009, 09:51
Because as the website gets more accurate data the games sales get adjusted so that the sales are in line with the new data. Unfortunately that means some games get adjusted down, such as the case is here.
Message | Report
MasterZack posted 20/07/2009, 05:38
Finally i got it!!
Message | Report
zzyoshiman posted 20/07/2009, 03:06
how do game sales go down as in it already sold 180,000 then it says it sold 140,000
Message | Report
Roflinator posted 20/07/2009, 01:59
I expected an adjustment down because of the NPD data.
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 20/07/2009, 12:17
Goddamnit, adjusted down. That sucks.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 19/07/2009, 11:53
who put the numbers down?
Message | Report
mandisc posted 19/07/2009, 08:18
"Gentlemen, calm down, The Conduit was released in Others (i´m a german) at the 10th of july. Look at the charts date - it says 11th! 18000 first two days could be a 50.000 opening week which would not be bad."

Thank you, you saved me the effort
Message | Report
Madanial posted 19/07/2009, 02:01
I'll online this game within few days, my internet setting almost finsih now. :)
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 19/07/2009, 05:45
Games in Others definetly have the best legs on average
Message | Report
WhiteX posted 18/07/2009, 11:16
18.000 on others for two days sales, this one might really turn the tide for us.
Message | Report
MontanaHatchet posted 18/07/2009, 08:42
Timmah, the U.S. accounts for approximately 90% of the whole Americas market.
Message | Report
Roflinator posted 18/07/2009, 06:46
Haha wow. The game was released on a Friday though, might do better next week.

(Europe is strange when it comes to sales, anyone ever saw Pokemon Platinum's European sales?)

Also they need to fix the American sales :/
Message | Report
Hardcoregamer1989 posted 18/07/2009, 06:08
matter a fact, the conduit sales sold 1k more then COD WAW on its first week
Message | Report
Hardcoregamer1989 posted 18/07/2009, 06:06
this will pick up, i wont say that for nothing, COD: WAW on wii started off shit then it had an huge boost in sales and look at the game now, it has sold 1.20m
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 18/07/2009, 05:31
People keep talking about bombing, but truth is, this game will have sold 750k in a year, which is really good when it comes to profits.
Message | Report
leo-j posted 18/07/2009, 05:13
Vgchartz had 140k for the U.S, NPD had 72K for the U.S
Message | Report
Timmah! posted 18/07/2009, 04:58
Has anybody bothered to think that the 72,000 estimate from NPD is for US only, while VGChartz is for 'Americas' which inlcludes all of North & South America??
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 18/07/2009, 02:57
Gentlemen, calm down, The Conduit was released in Others (i´m a german) at the 10th of july. Look at the charts date - it says 11th! 18000 first two days could be a 50.000 opening week which would not be bad.
Message | Report
puffy posted 18/07/2009, 02:31
Poor opening in Others. Sega would be smart to advertise this title around christmas time as there really any competition for an online FPS for Wii this year.
Message | Report
sorento posted 18/07/2009, 12:26

Just 72 000 for NDP???
Message | Report
NYANKS posted 18/07/2009, 04:31
Superchunk successfully derailed the Conduit comment section, and I'm happy to contribute lol.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 18/07/2009, 03:07
I find it odd that you even had to mention "for free"
It's as if you expect to have to pay your wife for it
Message | Report
silentmac posted 17/07/2009, 09:26
Wow every day? I wish I was married to that woman. Once or twice a week if i'm good and lucky...

Message | Report
superchunk posted 17/07/2009, 09:20
Lovin' this game. Just wish I was in high school again so I could play it hours on end. :) Damn growing up and have sex every day for free with wife. ;)
Message | Report
uno posted 17/07/2009, 08:35
i will be trading in my copy for WSR. This game just isnt for me. I never liked Halo.
Message | Report
Vil3 posted 17/07/2009, 07:40
vgc have probably over tracked it...but sega have said that they are satisfied by the fist weeks and that's what's counts...
Message | Report
Roflinator posted 17/07/2009, 06:56
@haxxiy: Seriously? ...Uh oh.
Message | Report
haxxiy posted 17/07/2009, 05:42
Scottie: NDP data goes all the way up to 4th July.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 17/07/2009, 05:36
Appearantly, NPD tracks through the 4th of july. So 72k is for the first 2 weeks after all.

First week should then be around 55k and second week 30k.
Message | Report
Naum posted 17/07/2009, 03:58
First: NPD is just the US.
Second: this is june sales wich means the second week is missing 4 days sales.
Message | Report
scottie posted 17/07/2009, 03:21
Wait a minute...

I just realised there's actually very little difference between NPD and VGChartz.

The NPD's month covers June, which means that it covers the same period as VGC's 1sst week and the 1st day of the 2nd weel. assuming by the second week all days sell 1/7 of the weekly amount then VGC puts the game at 94469+8850
ie 103 318 For the Americas
multiply by 0.9 to get USA
92 986 for an approximation of VGChartz data for the same location and time.

Now NPD had it at 71 000, giving a difference of 22k. So VGC overtracked by 11k and NPD undertracked by 11k So the VGC data was correct within uncertainties if given an uncertainty of 15%. That's pretty good
Message | Report
Kenology posted 17/07/2009, 02:48
71k NPD has it at is just too low.
Message | Report
Chrizum posted 17/07/2009, 01:55
My comment was deleted too. It was this comment:

At first I thought the campaign sucked but it actually improves at the end. The game still disappoints me. Why does everybody want to play 20 min. marathons with rocketlaunchers all the time? It ruins the online for me.
Message | Report
haxxiy posted 17/07/2009, 01:01
Overtracked by 90k, ouch.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 17/07/2009, 12:59
My control is near perfection now.... I find that unusually the most satisfying weapon in this game is the stanrard pistol, I mean the shotgun is great too, but they usually are one of the weapon highlights of shooting games, but standard pistols are usually the more dull weapons. (not necessarily all handguns are dull, but whatever pistol an FPS starts you off with is usually dull)


Also in my last playthrough I started using the SMAW more... I had generally avoided it the first two times as I like a good wide open space with rocket launchers usually, but having it ready when you open a door onto a long corridor, and firing a rocket down the length to whichever sorry individual might be stood in the middle is very satisfying.

I think I will increase my shrieker use too, another one I avoided a somewhat as explosives don't generally go well in crowded areas.
Message | Report
mandisc posted 17/07/2009, 12:29

I found that too. I wasn't really very impressed with it whilst going through the campaign, but one I got that bad boy in my hands whilst online the smile will not go off my face whilst I waste numerous ppl
Message | Report
famousringo posted 16/07/2009, 07:41
Played a fair bit of online last night. Got serially burned by glitches that forced me to restart (not impressed), but I also learned that the de-atomizer is a sick, sick weapon in multiplayer. I think my best run was an 8 kill streak.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 16/07/2009, 11:29
I haven't even been online yet and I would still say this is better than what a number of reviewers have given it.
Message | Report
routsounmanman posted 16/07/2009, 09:32
The thing that really bugs me is most that reviews emphasize on the bland single player experience and hamper the game due to that.

We all know half the game (if not more) is about the online experience. It holds true for all FPS why not this one as well?
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 16/07/2009, 12:52
Also yes... I don't understand a lot of reviewers complaints. The graphics are brilliant, I will agree the art direction is a bit bland but it is hardly a game breaker. The voice acting is excellent, the music is good in game.... and great for the menu and credit sequence (though this could just be that I get to hear the music more without concentrating on shooting)
There is nothing wrong with the story, and I particularly like the radio's that you can tune in about the place to listen to the media's take on what is happening.


I really only have a few minor complaints:
-no toggle for crouch
-I prefer being able to hoard weapons... carrying only 2 at once is too much "realism" in my view.
-I wish the running speed was faster, I turning it up to 100 but still feel a little sluggish when compared to how lighting fast I can turn on the spot.
-the above problem could be caused by the momentum effect that seems to have been added to running, where if you run full pelt forwards and then tilt the stick backwards the character slows down first before accellerating backwards... it is not too noticable but it is another "realism" thing I am not keen on.
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 16/07/2009, 12:38
I have tweaked a good bit more... made the dead zone tighter horizontally, and I did have the vertical camera set to "always with deadzone" before, which meant I had to re-adjust it to the centre after using stairs... but I changed it and so that you can look up and down, but it returns to normal if you point at the centre... I sped up the turning a bit too.

I can now say the controls are better than Metroid Prime 3 by a decent margin (before I would have said MP3 was better) but I think I can get a bit more tweaking done asI get used to it... it seems as I get used to a turning speed I can increase a bit and not get dizzy.
Message | Report
alexf10 posted 16/07/2009, 12:19
this game is awesome. i have 18 hours in the single player mode and took some time to get all the achivments^^

multiplayer is a only complain are the bugs. my wii freezed a couple of times during the online play connection.
Message | Report
Crash_Man posted 15/07/2009, 08:25
wiifan75 has exactly the right idea.

there should be way more gamers like you!!

and those gamers should join us at so we can build a community free from the "hardcorez" ruining the fun.
Message | Report
wiifan75 posted 15/07/2009, 07:41
I agree about the reviewers knocking this game. I just finished the single player game last night and I feel completely satisfied with my $50 purchase. The graphics were better than the NES days so I'm happy there. The controls were superb for me with the factory settings (just tweaked the turning adjustment for quicker turning). IR shooting can not be compared to a stick. It's just better. The story was great and the voices were great. It was all great.

I just don't understand the expectations of some of these people that consider themselves core gamers. I can find enjoyment and satisfaction with any great game. I'm a core gamer since early 80s. Some kid saying the graphics suck and the FPS aspect sucks is NOT any type of a core gamer. US Old timers are the core. Hope others found this just as satisfying as I did because I'm really stoked about The Grinder and will now be impatient to know the release date of The Conduit 2.

Thank you High Voltage for created a terrific game for the Wii. Hope more will follow your lead and step up the gaming options for Wii owners to have some more terrific games like this available to play. As a matter of fact, I even started the game over last night with the goal of finding every disc and hidden writing that I can find. Who said there was no replay value?!? I found it. Thank you thank you thank you, HVS.
Message | Report
Arkk posted 15/07/2009, 05:02
I really don't see what some of the reviewers are complaining about. This game has a solid, fun base and great controls. It has a fantastic multiplayer portion. I don't know what else you can ask for in an FPS.
Message | Report
mandisc posted 14/07/2009, 11:12
Don't worry too much about being crushed. it is rare to find someone who is excellent at the game, at the moment it is still quite a level playing field
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 14/07/2009, 10:41
I managed to get a decent set up for controls, and have enjoyed completing the single player (only 7 hours though... but I was on guarded difficulty)

I am going to try improve the set-up further before going online though... I don't want to be crushed.
Message | Report
Rawnchie14 posted 14/07/2009, 02:34
I smell legs.
Message | Report
intro94 posted 14/07/2009, 05:58
so far its selling faster than Far Cry 2 for PS 3 did.
Message | Report
famousringo posted 13/07/2009, 10:55
I enjoy this game more the more I play it. Mostly because I keep tightening up the controls and the extra responsiveness really gets my blood pumping.
Message | Report
Voltaire posted 13/07/2009, 09:30
Seems like its doing well in Germany :P
Message | Report
Brummipluesch posted 13/07/2009, 05:31
Don`t expect to high sales for The Conduit this week in Others, it`s only 2 Day Sales.Hope it will sell very well in Europe, too.Good Luck The Conduit !!!
Message | Report
BoneArk posted 13/07/2009, 03:40
If anyone wants to play with me my friend code is in my profile. BTW: I don't have Wii Speak.
Message | Report
sep85dd posted 13/07/2009, 03:16
This Game is awsome, I´m from Germany and i preordered it. So I get the special Edition from Gamestop. I play it 1 hour every day, but i had no one who played online with me
This Game starts around 50 or 60 k in Others, In germany it is Outsold in very many stores and on 8th Place in Amazon.
Message | Report
mandisc posted 13/07/2009, 10:30
Thanks uno, we'll give it a try
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 13/07/2009, 08:43
I´m a german player, and I love it. Play it on Hard. Yesterday night i finished the extreme fight at the monument. damn what the hell of a battle.
Message | Report
uno posted 13/07/2009, 12:48
Have them double check their connection to their modem. Nintendo recommends setting the channel to 1 or 11. I forget what the channel field is called but it goes from 1 thru 11.

After I did this my connection got better. Still I experience a lot of problems with online.
Message | Report
mandisc posted 13/07/2009, 12:11
I'm having a great time with this but my friends are not. The problem is with the online section. I am getting into games with no problems and having a blast. None of my friends can establish a connection AT ALL. It makes them wait in the already annoying countdowns, then just as its up it kicks them offline completely. Anyone else on here having this problem? I contacted SEGA and they have acknowledged the issue and have said they are looking into it. This is really pissing my friends off to the point where they have gone back to Call of Duty WAW and are considering getting rid of the game, which would be a shame
Message | Report
SupahShnipa posted 12/07/2009, 11:49
If it can hit at least a 1/4 mil in the 1st month id say it didn't flop.
Message | Report
bmmb1 posted 12/07/2009, 08:01
No it isn't, I'd be very happy if I am wrong, it's just that I have this bad feeling.
Message | Report
alexf10 posted 12/07/2009, 07:57
the game is sold out in my region (germany). noone had copies left on saturday evening...i know it because my friend wanted to buy the game and we tried it at 7 different shops....

it could be undershipped....the media markt where i bought it got only 3 copys of the conduit....and 9 copys of overload (in comparison)
Message | Report
palancas7 posted 12/07/2009, 05:55
Being number 1 at GAME is also a bad sign?
Message | Report
bmmb1 posted 12/07/2009, 03:49
I am very afraid "Others" sales numbers are going to be a very bad surprise. It is my impression that Europeans listen much more to reviews, and European reviews have been even worse than US reviews.
Last but not least, the following may not be an indication of anything, but I fear that the game being on day 1 in the UK around no. 80 in Amazon UK's "Bestsellers in PC & Video Games" (and now already below 100) does not bode well at all...
Message | Report
Zucas posted 12/07/2009, 08:52
twroo- yea personally I still find the MOHH2 controls to be better but I'm sure I could get the Conduit controls to perfect setup. It would just take a lot of trial and error.
Message | Report
killeryoshis posted 12/07/2009, 05:06
It floped jk
Message | Report
TWRoO posted 12/07/2009, 01:33
Oddly enough my main complaint at the game at the moment is controls, I don't buy into all this complaining about the story/graphics wank... I have played the first two levels so far and the story is no better nor worse than any other action oriented game I have played.

I have yet to find a control setup that fits me though... I will hae to play around more with the options (I have not spent that much time with it yet)

I suspect when I fit the controls to suit me my only real complaints about the game will be that crouch can't be set to toggle, and that I am not keen on the 2 weapons at one time thing... I like to build a collection, I don't care how unrealistic it is to be 1 man carrying a whole platoons worth of weapons.
Message | Report
snowdog posted 11/07/2009, 07:51
This game has been very harshly reviewed by some but thankfully it doesn't seem to have affected sales figures. 156k in 2 weeks is excellent for a new IP, around halfway to making profit already and this'll go platinum without a problem. Online is fantastic and this is definitely a must-buy for the Wii.
Message | Report
Buzzi posted 11/07/2009, 01:48
So also GTA:CTW bombed according to someone? But it's still selling well. This will sell better, so i can't think it bombed (considering it's a new FPS IP on Wii in a bad period of year...).
Message | Report
Fleeman posted 11/07/2009, 10:06
has sold twice as many copies as World at War did in it first two weeks, and as for the respawing enemies unlike other games that have were they just keep showing up this game you can stop it by destoring the portals so people should really stop complaining about the respawns
Message | Report
TheConduit posted 11/07/2009, 08:13
This game has problems but at lease none of them can be blamed on the Wii hardware

Below average AI

Annoying mines

Repawing enemies
Message | Report
WhiteX posted 11/07/2009, 06:16
@ Zucas
The game is good, barebones but good, it does not try to encompass a lot of new things nor reinvent the wheel, it is good looking solid and fun, both single and multi, a must buy
Message | Report
Vertigo-X posted 11/07/2009, 05:48
Legs, plz? :P
Message | Report
Zucas posted 11/07/2009, 04:41
OH wow finally finished the story and that is a brutal cliffhanger. My goodness they better make a second one.
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 10/07/2009, 10:32
European magazines and websites are rippin' this game into pieces. The difference between US-sites and Others-Sites are HUGE.
I will find out on monday, how bad this game really is. I expect ... ah, I don´t know anymore. Too many different opinions.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 10/07/2009, 10:13
I hope it will sell over 750,000 by 2010
Message | Report
mandisc posted 10/07/2009, 08:47
Why was this cancelled for a Japan release?
Message | Report
Soma posted 10/07/2009, 06:48
Good sales for The Conduit, I just hope VGChartz will not adjust it down later :S
Message | Report
Wii_Master posted 10/07/2009, 06:20
want it bad
Message | Report
mandisc posted 10/07/2009, 06:04
Skorpion - Well said Little King's Story is one of the best games on any console.

This game had better get a sequel after that cliffhanger ending!
Message | Report
Hardcoregamer1989 posted 10/07/2009, 05:50
im hoping 50 - 60k in others lol.. i hope im right lol.. it made a good start in America, if the others numbers was up i say it will sell 230k which will be really good, that's 50k on first week and 30 k in second week in others
Message | Report
SnowFlow posted 10/07/2009, 04:53
Awesome sales so far, hello sequel! :D
Message | Report
sep85dd posted 10/07/2009, 04:27
I build it today, played it half an hour, very powerfull and so good graphics. I hope for much more games like these on Wii, I like the Contend, that you shot aliens and no real people, very good.
Message | Report
jordjtr posted 10/07/2009, 02:28
Hope i'm wrong but I don't think it will sell anywhere near as good in others.

Read a lot of people talking about the ads in the US, but like palancas7 I am yet to see one in the UK.
Message | Report
Skorpion posted 10/07/2009, 02:02
Now everyone go buy Little King's Story and give it the same sales like it deserves. :)
Message | Report
kbaker2002de posted 10/07/2009, 01:34
I think the legacy for Conduit 1 will be "solid but unspectacular." Gameplay and sales can both be described as successful but not a giant hit. Hopefully as they grow experience in developing this type of game their product will be better as well.
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 10/07/2009, 01:17
I did to adding +1 to other sales.
Message | Report
Naum posted 10/07/2009, 01:04
Well I did my part by adding +1 in Others sales
Message | Report
haxxiy posted 10/07/2009, 01:02
Good sales for a Wii game, eh?
Message | Report
palancas7 posted 10/07/2009, 11:40
No ads in Europe?
Came out today and i know because.... I've been waiting for it. Other people probably have no idea this exists.
Message | Report
Bruno Muñoz posted 10/07/2009, 11:30
Glad to see it didn't bomb although I don't like this game. I'm happy for High Voltage and Sega.
Message | Report
Samus Aran posted 10/07/2009, 09:48
I doubt that this game is in Europe yet. Today is shipping day, I'm going to look for the conduit later today, but I bet they wont have it yet.
Message | Report
Son1x posted 10/07/2009, 09:47
This is out today. I had it pre-ordered so it should arrive here anytime \o/
Message | Report
XiaoMay posted 10/07/2009, 09:16
I Wonder what Sega and others will think of it. NPD may adjust this up ?

Will it bomb in Europe like LKS and the others thirs party efforts ?

Or is Sega brand still strong enough here to sale it like crazy like a Sonic game ?
Message | Report
routsounmanman posted 10/07/2009, 08:04
I got it today. Multiplayer is reminiscent of Unreal Tournament to me.
Message | Report
Falk Sturmfels posted 10/07/2009, 06:43
Good sales!!
Message | Report
fgkiller posted 10/07/2009, 06:05
Game looks to be doing pretty good.
Message | Report
BoneArk posted 10/07/2009, 05:30
To all my European brothers, go by this game now! Its a great FPS.
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 10/07/2009, 05:20
2nd week is not big drop, and this is good!

the game rules btw
Message | Report
WhiteX posted 10/07/2009, 04:30
At a 50 dollars price point, the game is almost sure to be paid already.
Message | Report
puffy posted 10/07/2009, 04:26
160k is not too bad but I'm looking out for what the floor will be in sales in the next few weeks
Message | Report
thedtrain989 posted 10/07/2009, 03:35
i wish this was #1 in its debut, but 3rd is good, not great, but solid.
compare its nearly 100k first week to Wii's Call of Duty: WoW's 44k. That game is now a million seller.
Good news for high voltage: this will no doubt turn them a profit.
Thus, affirmation and more resources for The Grinder and future projects!
Message | Report
Kenology posted 10/07/2009, 03:32
Finally! Numbers! Good opening for The Conduit!
Message | Report
mfogg20 posted 10/07/2009, 03:02
the next week should be about 55k.. cause ioi said it did 150,000 in its first two weeks
Message | Report
EntilZha posted 10/07/2009, 02:36
Released on the 23rd, numbers as of the 27th, so almost 100,000 in the first 5 days. Not to shabby. Hoping for 150,000 for July 4th numbers.
Message | Report
burgerstein posted 10/07/2009, 02:23
Woohoo, Conduit numbers.
Message | Report
mandisc posted 10/07/2009, 12:26
played for about 4 hours today and I have to say I am really enjoying this. The single player is enjoyable and I like the sci-fi story, but multi player is the real attraction here! On the whole the game reminds me of Perfect Dark, but the multi-player reminds me of the old school Unreal Tournament for some reason.
Message | Report
NeoStar9 posted 09/07/2009, 10:47
Do we have any idea of how many copies of the game were actually shipped out initially?
Message | Report
Nintendogamer posted 09/07/2009, 09:50
It better be more than 10,000 copies in USA first week.
Message | Report
WhiteX posted 09/07/2009, 08:51
No numbers????
My head is going to explode in a torrent of Pokemans!!!!
Message | Report
Majin-Tenshinhan posted 09/07/2009, 08:13
I'm picking it up tomorrow. This game better cross a million somewhere down the line...
Message | Report
Samus Aran posted 09/07/2009, 08:02
IoI(site admin) said 150k for 2 weeks in America.
Message | Report
SaviorX posted 09/07/2009, 05:47
150 owners.

Expect 200 about 9 days after it releases in "Others".
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SubiyaCryolite posted 09/07/2009, 05:47
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Falk Sturmfels posted 09/07/2009, 05:43
I´m sure its because vgchartz is still counting each and every Conduit which was sold.
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sc94597 posted 09/07/2009, 02:01
Still no numbers? I think this is the longest I've waited.
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Faxanadu posted 09/07/2009, 01:32
man, sales numbers are really totally late this time.
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Falk Sturmfels posted 09/07/2009, 10:36
100.000 would be huge - too huge, i guess. No, its gonna be like our last posts here - something about 70.000. After three or four weeks in combination with OTHERS the game could reach 200.000
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bmmb1 posted 09/07/2009, 09:07
The 100,000 figure was a very rough guesstimate, I believe the delay with publishing the sales data for the week ending July 27th is due to their having a rough time estimating Conduit sales numbers.
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mfogg20 posted 09/07/2009, 07:37
this site has already said that this game sold right around 100K first week.
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KingHenry posted 09/07/2009, 06:56
I am also interested in the sales of this game. It's easy to say that this game should have a better first week than the 3 other sega games (madworld/sonic black knight/HotD over kill). I'm going to say 65-85 units first week, which is pretty good for a third party wii release. I'm hoping this game sells well, so more developers will flock to this genre.
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cacafina posted 09/07/2009, 04:46
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thelalaby posted 09/07/2009, 12:44
metroid 3 has multiplayer?
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Falk Sturmfels posted 09/07/2009, 12:38
Don´t expect too much, guys. Everything around 75.000 units should be a great success.
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wiifan75 posted 08/07/2009, 09:39
I think they are just trying to drive us nuts by not releasing numbers yet. I hit this site all day each day waiting to see conduits week 1 numbers. I don't want to miss the chart. I want to catch this as soon as it's up.
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16-bit gamer posted 08/07/2009, 07:48
when are the sales coming in??!!! i'm dying to know!!!!
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Samus Aran posted 08/07/2009, 03:32
KingHenry: You just described Halo 3's campaign for me. Thank you.
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WhiteX posted 08/07/2009, 03:25
Well, KingHenry, i only have a Wii, so...
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KingHenry posted 08/07/2009, 07:34
The best true first person shooter on the wii (Metriod 3 is a better game, but not true fps), but is that really saying much? Let's face it, there really isn't much competition. I played it for roughly 30 mins on campaign mode, and like 5 minutes online. My first thought was that this is was over hyped. The controls are nice, but i was expecting a lot better visuals. The blackground seems repetitive and dull. It doesn't really offer anything new to the table, other than the smooth motion controls. Good wii shooter, but mediocre compared to shooters from the other consoles. Multiplayer wasn't bad, i can see how it could be fun. I would have played it longer but i had to do something, and just haven't picked it up again since
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specialops787 posted 07/07/2009, 11:42
Now, if anyone complains about the controls in this game, you only have yourselves to blame.
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a3hmax posted 07/07/2009, 09:23
I was playing the game, I finished campaign mode and now i gonna try online a lot more than before.
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wiifan75 posted 07/07/2009, 06:40
I agree with theconduit's posting. You are definitely similar to me with gaming. It seems that those that truly appreciated and enjoyed the Original Red Steel game are the veteran gamers that enjoy a great game. I loved being able to shoot at the enemy with my gun held sideways. That was a different approach that I'd never seen before in a game. And while I'm thinking of it, I need to call my friend and get his copy of perfect dark so I can finish playing through that one of these weekends when I take time out from the Conduit game.
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 07/07/2009, 01:49
lulz, thanks i thought they were like super-powered people or something. :D
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bmmb1 posted 06/07/2009, 11:01
I hope I am wrong, but I think that if the game would have sold real well so far, we should have heard something more from Sega beyond the initial "we are very happy " pitch...
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Skorpion posted 06/07/2009, 03:51
Conduits in the game are the portals the Aliens come through
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primogen18 posted 06/07/2009, 03:12
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TheConduit posted 06/07/2009, 01:29
First off let me start by saying that I was slightly let down by this game.

It was made to be the game that launched the Wii into hardcore games

But whilst having not quite lived up to that it is a great game that the Wii desperately needs.

I am a huge fan of Wii FPS controls an am one of the few people who liked how Red Steel controled.

I have been playing COD WAW online for the Wii for ages and need a new game to get my online fix.

Hopefully people will realise that the Wii is perfect for FPS controls.
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 06/07/2009, 11:10
Noob question here... What the hell IS a conduit anyway?
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Shadowfest3 posted 06/07/2009, 09:41
The single player campaign is actually really fun.
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GLoRySoGLoRy posted 06/07/2009, 07:09
where are the numbers?
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jbee02 posted 06/07/2009, 06:31
I wish they would update the sales already. All we know is that SEGA is happy about the sales figures and nothing more. My guess though is it has already sold around 500,000
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SmokedHostage posted 06/07/2009, 05:12
I'm not a big shooter fan but I like it. Better looking than Medal of Honor but the controls are slightly worse.
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Falk Sturmfels posted 05/07/2009, 07:52
@spurgeonryan: Thats a realistic number. Maybe a little more, but that should be reachable.
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oliist posted 05/07/2009, 01:16
TheConduit seems to have an optimistic personality.
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routsounmanman posted 05/07/2009, 10:59
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TheConduit posted 05/07/2009, 05:18
over 10million life time sales
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Vertigo-X posted 04/07/2009, 04:27
@Saki: I agree. Fortunately, I'm a very forgiving person. ;)
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Saki posted 04/07/2009, 08:16
I have fucked up my FC and profile so many times in less then a week.....

Im a dumbass.
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elzumo posted 04/07/2009, 03:15
sales are taking forever to update...
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Chrizum posted 04/07/2009, 01:36
130k 1st week US + EU.
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Aaron11 posted 03/07/2009, 04:31
This game is great! I love the online. I posted my friend code on my profile if anyone wants it.
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Crystalchild posted 03/07/2009, 01:37
i bet 200~ k first week worldwide.
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GLoRySoGLoRy posted 03/07/2009, 03:06
oohh i cant wait..update it now plz
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Dang posted 03/07/2009, 01:57
When will this get updated?
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Shipping Total

270,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2009

Opinion (819)

supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:54
i think its a lil bit overtracked... number should be more like 500k flat
Message | Report
DieAppleDie posted 12/11/2012, 03:08
i absolutely liked moar this game, despite its inferior grafix over the secuel
Message | Report
dark_gh0st_b0y posted 09/01/2012, 10:34
there used to be hardcore on Wii in 2007 bu they moved away and are still moving because 3rd parties ony put their hardcore games on Ps3/Xbox360, also many people pirate hardcore games on Wii which certainly deosn't help
Message | Report
Fededx posted 28/08/2011, 05:01
I enjoeyd the game a lot, I usually don't play FPS, but on Wii I find them more fun and easier to play. It's a good game, and it sold ok, and I'm glad it did. Hope it generated some earnings to SEGA and HVS :)
Message | Report
Conegamer posted 04/06/2011, 02:14
And I thought this game's sales were weak O.o
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Pierreism posted 26/04/2011, 01:09
Not bad sales at the end of the day. Now with the sequel, onwards and upwards!
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