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02/23/07 Square Enix

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Final Fantasy XII (PS2) > Opinions (163)

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novasonic posted 27/11/2008, 08:39
i actually liked it but my disc got dinged when i was 40 hours in!! it wont work now! but it wasnt a great enough game for me to be heart broken
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Khuutra posted 15/11/2008, 05:18
Easily the best game that Square's put out in the past twelve years.
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oliist posted 12/11/2008, 09:56
Sich bei lebendigem Leib von Baraccudas auffressen zu lassen,muss eine wahre Freude sein.
Verglichen mit diesem 'Spiel' versteht sich.
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kunaixhaku posted 08/11/2008, 08:43
ya such a horrible game sold only 5 million right? wuts with all the hate, i personally like the new battle systems the old turn by turn thing is getting old and life aint like that, no1 waits 5 minutes while the opoonent decides if he should duck and run, use magic or shoot -_-" that's lame yo
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joey123 posted 04/11/2008, 03:49
im glad i rented it for 5 bucks first cuz i almost bought it for 50 when it first came out... i hated the battle system, but the plot seemed interesting, but i hate that all the new final fantasy games have these weird battle systems or shitty job class systems but if they keep making games like this they arent going to sell well.
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Bushikao posted 30/10/2008, 06:19
i dont see why so many ppl hate on this FF, its got refreshing art, great star wars esque story, great graphics, perhapes the best writing of any FF, and the ADB system is the best thing to happen to final fantasy since 7's presentation style.....sure the ADB isnt polished enough in FFXII to cater towards magic users, but its still one of the best and refinement in later FF games should make it the gold standard for rpg battle systems
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 30/10/2008, 09:52
I really dont know what to say about this final fantasy game... it sucks...yet it doesnt? i dunno its an "Okay" final fantasy but certainly not even CLOSE to being the best.
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haxxiy posted 24/10/2008, 10:07
200 hours of gameplay.
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silverlunar777 posted 05/10/2008, 11:47
This was a waste of money.
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Okain posted 23/09/2008, 10:37
Final Fantasy with Auto Pilot so you can just watch and not play. Story was kinda weak too.
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Simulacrum posted 16/09/2008, 08:21
Dam...Fail game.
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Dark Odin posted 11/09/2008, 09:23
187 hours... and I still didn´t finish
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makingmusic476 posted 11/09/2008, 08:44
Six hours in and I'm loving it so far! I just beat FFX last week, and this game seems so much better in so many ways. The story seems more...real. More believable, so far, and the entire setting is pretty cool. It's not some annoying kid in weird clothes playing freakin' blitzball (not to say that was bad, I loved FFX). The game just seems so much more serious, as well.

Also, the production values are excellent. The way the characters move in the cutscenes is great, and the voice acting is spot on.

I love the music, too. Considering all the love Uematsu gets, I went in with low expectations for XII after playing X, but I'm really liking the music. The Rabanastre music is great, and I find most of the other music to be a lot more subtle than FFX overall, and quite fitting in most cases. The soundtrack so far isn't as catchy as FFX's, but it goes better with the game than FFX's did, imo.

I really don't understand all the hate this game gets. The only thing that is arguably worse than FFX, so far, would be the battle system, but I'm still learning the ins and outs of it, so I'm currently undecided.

Of course, things could go downhill later on in the game...
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oliist posted 31/08/2008, 11:21
Phänomenal schlecht.
Nur ein brilliantes FFXIII kann den Ruf dieser ehemals göttlichen Franchise wieder herstellen.
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Riachu posted 03/08/2008, 02:40
the story is weaker than previous games in the series. However, the gameplay is fresh and innovative, even for an FF game.
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makingmusic476 posted 02/08/2008, 05:07
Just bought it to see what all the love/hate controversy is about. Hope I don't regret it. >_>
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Rei posted 01/08/2008, 09:19
The best game in the series.
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Dark Odin posted 16/07/2008, 08:42
half of sales are from Japan. with XIII this will be very different IMHO
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marciosmg posted 10/07/2008, 04:45
Horrible IMO. First one I didn´t even finish.
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RockSmith372 posted 09/07/2008, 09:59
i didn't like this one as much as the others, but it is still good. 9/10.
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konnichiwa posted 03/07/2008, 02:57
Quarashi I hope you will like it;
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quarashi posted 01/07/2008, 01:33
I just got this game off ebay. Actually got it today =)
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NSS7 posted 28/06/2008, 09:12
Hope this will outsell X-2 and IX
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HanzoTheRazor posted 25/06/2008, 12:30
9/10 Good game. I really liked the time line and artwork in this one.
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Galvanizer posted 14/06/2008, 12:36
FFXII is a modern day version of FFIV and FFV. It is a modern day pre-FFVI game. The reason it's hated is by mainly people that started with FFVI onwards and expect story to be the focus of the game. But before FFVI FF was all about gameplay.

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Munkeh111 posted 02/06/2008, 06:53
In Europe, this was released only 1 month before the PS3
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Munkeh111 posted 28/05/2008, 04:21
I am replaying ff x, and now I can see why everyone thinks that it is so much better than XII, it is miles better, the story is fantastic, and the battle system is good, but the sphere grid just blows the licence system out of the water, though I do like having numbered levels
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SaviorX posted 24/05/2008, 04:45
NSS7 posted 22/03/2008, 06:21
Low sales in Europe

Probably because it was released so late in the PS2's main lifespan. The current-gen systems were already out by then.
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MontanaHatchet posted 20/05/2008, 01:14
No, I don't.
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Riachu posted 11/05/2008, 05:02

You mean FFVIII and not IX, right?
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MontanaHatchet posted 24/04/2008, 01:16
The same reason that people hate FF9: It's a huge transition. But this time, it's a change in far more ways. I personally don't like this game, but I stopped pretty early on.
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Munkeh111 posted 08/04/2008, 08:54
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NSS7 posted 22/03/2008, 06:21
Low sales in Europe
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tombi123 posted 15/02/2008, 09:49
5million seller
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Sky Render posted 15/02/2008, 05:50
I personally cannot fathom how this game is so popular. Then again, I am exactly the wrong sort for a MMORPG: I like my games to be to the point, I like my combat fast and interesting (but not grotesquely out of my favor nor tediously grind-based), I despise hidden dungeon traps and especially trick save points, and I prefer stories that actually have some real depth of focus instead of being side-stories to a much more interesting tale. Given that FF12 is basically FF11 Offline, that may well explain a lot.

Oh yes, and when did Square take a cue from PC FPS games of yore and include brown as practically the only color in the environs? I'm not normally a sitckler for visuals, but when I can barely tell the difference between areas since they all look like the same brown wasteland, brown cave, brown ruins, and brown settlements, that's pretty bad.

Apologies if this offended anybody, but it can't be avoided: FF12 is very much not my cup of tea. Which is tragic, since I enjoyed 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 so much.

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Thijzo posted 06/02/2008, 09:43
XII indeed is quite a different game to all other FF's. It's less hardcore RPG, that's maybe why some of you don't like it as much. In its own, it's probably the best (non-action) game for the PS2-format.
It has so much it does so right. The graphics are simply amazing, as is the art-direction, the incredible music, the voice-acting, the animation, the combat-system. Even the story is compelling - although on a different, less personal level than lets say FFX.
All in all, this is an instant classic - for many reasons. High point in the series.
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Bagaren85 posted 28/01/2008, 09:07
Stepdown, but still okey. 7/10
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NSS7 posted 28/01/2008, 04:02
Final Fantasy XIII would be much better than this
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Squall_Leonhart posted 28/01/2008, 03:42
I'm a huge FF fan but this game just did not do it for me...

It was a solid game in terms of gameplay but there was just a complete lack of story and emotion in the game (unlike the previous FF games) i had no connection to the characters at all, it just didn't feel right.

Don't get me wrong, i still clocked in about 100+ hours on the game, but when it came to the end i just gave up and never completed it!

I really did like the Hunt aspect of the game though :D shame the esters were utterly pointless!
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segajon posted 27/01/2008, 04:58
Final Fantasy=Best RPG series of all-time, maybe even just game series.
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NSS7 posted 10/01/2008, 03:15
Finally Surpass 5 million
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NSS7 posted 05/01/2008, 03:09
Best FF series ever. Graphic and audio are excellent (for PS2). Have the best combat system among FF series. Only the story are quite bad.

Hope FFXIII would have battle system like this.

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Munkeh111 posted 03/01/2008, 11:48
I really enjoyed it, perhaps not as good as FF X, although I have only played X, X-2 and XII. I like the story, because I love Star Wars, the combat system was great, although the story was not too compelling because you basically new what was going to happen. But all the hunts and stuff are great.
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beto89 posted 02/01/2008, 07:56
I think It's actually a great game there r a couple things i didn't like..but still worthy of the FF name..I liked the combat system..it was fun...
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ITBobby posted 31/12/2007, 04:38
From X-2 to this..XII. It all went down.
Still good rpg, but not like it used to be. It lost it soul :/
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DEF posted 23/12/2007, 02:25
Square Enix revealed its 2006 software sales for the period ending on March 31, 2007.

* Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
US - 1,680,000 units
Europe: 1,100,000 units


That´s about 5.22 million copies of FFXII shipped worldwide (without japanese only international version).
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Schwarz posted 22/12/2007, 04:52
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Lost tears of Kain posted 21/12/2007, 05:16
worst of the serious, but def a game worth picking up its worth the cash cause its got more to do then any FF before it. But still the worst in the series (besides 10-2)
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Schwarz posted 20/12/2007, 10:17
This game was,is and ever will be the worst game i have played.It was the only one after i wished i had never heard of.SQE you owe me 54 hours of my life.Not counting all the hours when i was complaining about it.Worst FF game,worst PS2 game,worst RPG...AARGH...Even after after a full year i am still angry.
Dieses Spiel trennt die Spreu vom Weizen.Wer es hasst hat Geschmack bewiesen und wer es mag sollte nochmal scharf nachdenken was ein gutes Spiel ausmacht,was einen intelligenten Menschen ausmacht etc.!!!Dieses Spiel widerlegt zusätzlich auch noch die Relativitätstheorie.Hier ist definitiv nichts aber auch garnichts relativ.Es ist einfach nur unglaublich schlecht.
So.Jetzt gehts mir besser ;)
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Stats87 posted 17/12/2007, 11:14
Also, does anybody else think the EU sales for this game are rather low? Especially when compared to FFX
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Stats87 posted 17/12/2007, 11:12
Yeah Basch was definitely great. I think they made Vaan too young to be the lead. Vaan was the same age (17/18) as previous characters like Squall, Tidus Cloud and Zidance. But in the latter cases, their teammates were the same age or slightly younger/older. (obviously you have the exception like an Auron) In FFXII, people like Balthier and Basch were noticeably more mature and older. I think the usage voice acting compounded the difference. It also would have helped to make Vaan's clothes a little more masculine.
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Bladeneo posted 17/12/2007, 07:28
^^ Yes! Balthier was brilliant. As was Basch. Vaan was a terrible main character however, he felt so secondary.

I loved the game, but the story was a major letdown. Hopefully FFXIII will pick up the series again in terms of story, it looks amazing so far.
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Stats87 posted 17/12/2007, 09:39

totally agree Montana. The story effectiveness was minimal, a stark change from FFX. But even with that, I still played this game till the bitter end and enjoyed it a ton.

It's kind of funny though, even with the disappointing story (by their standards) they still produced some awesome characters, specifically Balthier.
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MontanaHatchet posted 02/12/2007, 10:59
Yeah, the story was what made it so unrewarding.

Go through a 6 hour grinding run, come back, 10 minutes of story, then you're dropped in the middle of nowhere expected to go through it all over again.

At first I thought the game was fun, but then it hit me.
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naznatips posted 01/12/2007, 11:10
I agree with your first 2 sentences Montana, but not that it's brilliant. There were just way too many problems with this game. Also, the plot was just pathetic. The plot was such a rip of star wars I found myself constantly waiting for Balthier to say "Use the force Vaan!"
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Mummelmann posted 28/11/2007, 08:46
Surprisingly good, great combat and lots of fun exploring as an FF title should have.
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MontanaHatchet posted 25/11/2007, 12:00
You put so much work into this game, yet it never feels like you get anything back. The real sense of accomplishment isn't there.

Still a brilliant game though.
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Kasz216 posted 25/11/2007, 07:15
I disagree on one point light bleeder.

I like the Liscence system. You COULD make all the characters exactly the same, but you don't have to.

Don't forget that they even ripped atleast 1 line directly from star wars. I'd never seen such a blatant rip-off before. He even through in a couple Tactics Ogre characters as if to say "I have no new ideas anymore."

The game starts off really slow, because until you get party members you are just playing an MMORPG without the online interaction.

I'd give the game a solid 6.5 Can't so i guess i'll go 7. It's not really a good RPG, but it's still an ok game.
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lightbleeder posted 14/11/2007, 10:29
It was worth the 50 bucks, but for a final fantasy game it was crap.

- I liked the combat system, after two hours it went great when you had at least three party members, it was reaklly different from previous FF games, but it was still spectacular.
- The orchestrated music was awesome, I loved it even though the composer from previous FF games left Squeenix before developing this game.

- The story was really bad, it lacked the character development and depth from previous FF. It had elements that were never explained and some relatioships with no backstory. The story was almost the same one from Star Wars! from beginning to end!
- The upgrading system was lame, you could get everyone on your party to have the same strenghts, use the same weapons and magic spells with the same effectivity. So the healer, magic caster, tank and attacker weren't really that different from each other.
- Summons are worthless in this game. In previous FF the summons were the best attacks you could have, in FFXII they are completely weak and they take power from a bar that also counts to make the bast attacks in the game! So if you make a summon you cant't actually do the best attack.

Afterall, this game will please some gamers, but for some of us that have played a lot of FF games before this game is BAD.
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Stats87 posted 24/10/2007, 09:12
Love this game. So much stuff to do that it could be overwhelming at points, but still great.
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soccerdrew17 posted 02/10/2007, 06:40
solid game. liked it but didnt love it.
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katsuraji posted 01/09/2007, 12:24
i love this one. but there is no one like VI
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ethomaz posted 28/08/2007, 02:50
The best Final Fantasy ever together with FFVI, 10/10.
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KingWithNoKrown posted 28/04/2015, 10:55
The greatest ff of all. I just need a remastered.
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Kinneas14 posted 09/12/2014, 04:13
I changed my mind. Thinking it through I have to say this one was a really good game. A strange FF, as we were used to think, but a really good game.
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Juku_Lover posted 22/11/2013, 12:03
Amazing game! glad its one of the series best selling. While some may call it the worst in the series i'd call it the best.
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Azhraell posted 04/11/2013, 12:06
6m+ with rest of the world sales.
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miqdadi posted 15/06/2013, 10:53
Square Enix sales where so good in PS2 days
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Heavenly_King posted 06/06/2013, 12:20
The open-world concept is really great; but the character design and the story sucks.
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