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08/19/08 Microsoft Game Studios
08/28/08 Microsoft Game Studios
08/29/08 Microsoft Game Studios

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Too Human (X360) > Opinions (148)

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stof posted 08/09/2008, 03:35
So are the games' sales going to impact their intention to make Too Human a trilogy?
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ACEtheVAMPIRE posted 08/09/2008, 09:54
2 SuperJon
lol. they start made it only since 2004 and it cant spent 100 000 000$. Even Halo 3 spent only 30 000 000$. Ms cant gave SK such big budget. Read the interviews with developers.
BTW game is awesome, best hack and slash rpg
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MorgZ posted 08/09/2008, 08:17
its frustrating becos if they could have included 4 player coop and removed the stupid death sequence it would have received much better reviews.

anyhow i've picked it up and will have a look at it in a few weeks.
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simmcity posted 08/09/2008, 07:20
Yikes, so who thinks Too Human will equal or just pass Haze?
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SuperJon posted 08/09/2008, 03:18
Oh wow. Ten years in development, 100 million dollars spent, and its a gigantic flop.
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Damzema posted 08/09/2008, 12:14
It's a good game but you must spend time on it to apreciate the combat system and most of the players or reviewers just try it a couple of hours ...
We'll never see the second episode ... it's unfair.
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Chrizum posted 07/09/2008, 11:46
This game needs to sell about 2,5 million to break even, and 5-6 million to consider a succes. I'm willing to bet it will have a hard time reaching a million. And this is supposed to be a trilogy...?
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slimeattack posted 07/09/2008, 07:08
Now that's a flop.
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jerseyboy609 posted 07/09/2008, 04:46
First week is meh, but it cost around $80-100 million to make. According to this site, it needed to sell more than MGS4 in order to recoup cost.
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arsenal009 posted 06/09/2008, 07:09
I wonder how much money this game lost.
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Sherlock99 posted 06/09/2008, 06:01
too human flops
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Munkeh111 posted 06/09/2008, 11:41
Not a great start in Europe
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Slavedemonxi posted 06/09/2008, 04:14
I liked the combat and all, but i thought the story could be better. The fact there is an achievement if you die 100 times annoys me. There should be a better healing system i think.
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ozsman posted 06/09/2008, 02:01
well....The combat system at the higher lvls is awesome. Anybody willing to try this game out, dont give up. It gets much better the second/third/forth play through.
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Sol posted 05/09/2008, 11:16
Wow, fanboys are trully pathetic.

Anyway this game is much better than most reviewers made it out to be, although its flaws are painfully obvious. Still a decent game though.
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Undying posted 05/09/2008, 03:34
I did not like the demo. I was excited for this game too.
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Barozi posted 04/09/2008, 11:11
hmm well I played COD4 yesterday and I still think Too Human is a nice game.

Maybe you don't like it, cause you haven't played it yet ;)
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Heavenly_King posted 04/09/2008, 04:41

If you like this game it is because you haven't played any decent game lately.
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Barozi posted 04/09/2008, 12:28
Uhm what ? ^^
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skeezer posted 04/09/2008, 02:47
@barozi...IS THAT A SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna report YOu!!!
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Barozi posted 03/09/2008, 02:29
Skeeuk please stop trolling.
To answer your fanboy comments.

1. The game is 15 hours long when you just play the storyline and approximately 30 hours when you just level up one of the 5 character classes to level 50
=> It has about the same gameplay time as your beloved MGS4

2. You can't skip the death cutscene, because the game loads in that time.
(Why does MGS4 save data onto the harddrive before every act ? Also stupid isn't it ?)
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Skeeuk posted 03/09/2008, 02:16
10 years for 10 hours of gameplay gotta be a joke!

try the demo everyone its utter garbage. WHY THE HELL DID THEY INCLUDE AN UN-SKIPPABLE CUTSCENE THAT LASTS 20 SECONDS every time you die.

im suprised at the sales, obviously theres only this and gaiden 2 thats come out all year, so socks have to be filled you know!
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EaglesEye379 posted 03/09/2008, 11:43
I can only hope that since they have more development time not re-writing their engine, that they will make the game at least double in size and add much more varied content, bosses, secret levels and develop the story better.
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heruamon posted 03/09/2008, 07:20
This game ROCKS HARD! I love the combat system, and it more than makes up for the camera angles, but I've played DMC4 as well, and the camera sucks on that game as well, so WTF are people talking about? This game needs to sell about 1 million, and it's going to be mroe than okay...Too Human 2 will be TONS better, as SK will be able to refine the gameplay, instead of developing the engine.
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PicRROD posted 02/09/2008, 07:31
This is good game buy now.
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ziss posted 02/09/2008, 12:03
nice game! but camera and controls deep shit!
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starcraft posted 31/08/2008, 12:01
This game is pretty sweet.
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Egghead posted 31/08/2008, 05:44
Actually they have stated MS have been a great partner, and also, MS funded the whole thing, so SK take next to no loss even if it flops
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PS360ForTheWin posted 30/08/2008, 10:54
ok game so far, i like the combat system
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Doodlez posted 30/08/2008, 08:46
Who the heck writes "harhar" nowadays?
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Doodlez posted 30/08/2008, 08:46
Get your character up to level 10 or more then come back and post your opinion.
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Emmitt2222 posted 30/08/2008, 05:39
Silly Silicon Knights! More like siliconE knights. Looks good, but just doesn't have that real feel. harhar.

But seriously, they should have stayed with Nintendo where they actually put out good games that didn't send them into extreme debt.

I was really hoping the game would be good just so I could know that there is one more consistently good gamemaker out there. Alas.
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Egghead posted 30/08/2008, 04:13
The rumour is BS, has been disproven. But yeah, its got a bigger opening than LO, just by a bit, with less promotion but a demo (though a very non-mainstream one)

It may just sell well enough, Crackdown sold a lot after the Halo 3 Beta
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pbroy posted 30/08/2008, 03:59
That might be the case. Lots of online stores had a ship date of 8/22. Also Circuit City and Best Buy were sold out online prior to that. There probably were shipment delays and low supply.
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Doodlez posted 30/08/2008, 02:50
The Walmart near my house was sold out too. I have a feeling that a low/late shipment is the reason for these numbers. Plus the week delay for the Europe release should boost things. It's still ranked high on so something is incorrect.
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DevilishSix posted 30/08/2008, 02:48
Numbers seem way off. A couple weeks ago it was reported to have close to a million units preordered?

But even if that rumor is half true you would have thought 500,000 units. Also, shopping at Wal-mart today I noticed they were sold out of Too Human.

Anyways I have it and think this is a very unappreciated title by lameo reviewers. But that should not matter much as many gamers that put time into building up their characters are finding out how fun this game really is......which should translate to good word of mouth
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Egghead posted 30/08/2008, 02:21
Hopefully it breaks even, im guessing around 500k lifetime.

I really think the next game can turn out good, theres a lot of good, yet theres a lot of bad. If they can have a much tighter experience they may have a great sequel
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Riachu posted 27/08/2008, 06:38
So far:the combat is fun, the skill trees are costumizable. However, I found that the story is very hard to follow at times and the animations are terrible(how does Baldur slide like that when in combat?) and there are many problems with the camera.
So far:it's above average(but very flawed)
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pbroy posted 27/08/2008, 06:15
Already have 60 hours put into this game, been idling alot, but still. I almost forgot there were any camera problems. The battle system is like ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. Sounds gay, but it's fun. n_n
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Riachu posted 23/08/2008, 08:40
My bro borrowed it from his friend and is apprently enjoying it somewhat. Despite the reviews, I will try it since I enjoyed the demo
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Heavenly_King posted 23/08/2008, 07:06
Craaaaaaaaaaaaapy Human!!! lol
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Barozi posted 22/08/2008, 08:37
great game. I have to try some co-op soon...
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Doodlez posted 22/08/2008, 07:23 Co-op is a blast too.
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Arkk posted 22/08/2008, 04:58
Bought the game, and have been enjoying since. Co-op is a blast. It is a game that I can personally see myself playing for a good long time. I'm a sucker for loot collecting what can i say.
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Slavedemonxi posted 18/08/2008, 03:04
I liked the demo, the game just felt really good.
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squall747 posted 03/08/2008, 02:28
After playing the demo I think this game is pretty good. I decided to reserve it I think it will be worth it. The co op should be good too.
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yungmagic09 posted 17/07/2008, 03:10
After replaying the demo, I'm kinda into this game. I may get it.
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Slimebeast posted 14/06/2008, 08:31
I predict 86% on Gamerankings, and over 1 million copies lifetime sales.
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Ganoncrotch posted 08/09/2012, 12:45
I actually loved this game, self and my bro played through the whole thing co op over xbl and got every achievement in the game, if you have the unstoppable achievements on your xbox live profile I tip my hat to you, this is one tough nut to finish without dying but damn rewarding game if you get into it.

Just a shame it was meant to be a trilogy originally so the game ends on a fairly class cliffhanger which will never be resolved.... will never get to fight that giant mech shown in the ending... depressing.
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thewastedyouth posted 13/04/2012, 06:27
If they had made this 4 player coop and let you trade the loot with some sort of auction house this would have been amazing

very sad!!!
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wiilicious posted 13/02/2012, 01:24
Don't care about your opinion I like this game.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 09:28
Pretty disappointing game.
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 04:49
This game stunk. Was gonna be a new franchise. Glad it wasnt!
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MiSan7573 posted 02/02/2011, 01:27
LOL..this shovelware does not look like a game that took 3 years to create. It's sad when Silicon Knights actually took a decade to create this dissapointment which probably lead to their demise. I got it for $5 during the time fry's was clearing their stock and it's what it is worth in my opinion.
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