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11/18/14 Electronic Arts
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1 n/a 255,383 168,128 114,798 538,309
2 28,121 114,018 75,796 51,374 269,309
3 7,412 80,543 49,803 35,670 173,428
4 5,566 76,674 46,915 33,875 163,030
5 3,455 99,870 50,135 42,301 195,761
6 2,780 49,463 52,682 25,574 130,499
7 3,765 26,681 25,673 13,339 69,458
8 1,445 14,498 14,000 7,256 37,199
9 1,326 7,770 13,507 4,885 27,488
10 1,154 6,056 12,725 4,173 24,108

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starbbb posted 14/01/2018, 01:47
@sugenis From wikipedia: Sales
Dragon Age: Inquisition debuted at No. 5 in UK in its first launch week. According to retail monitor Chart-Track, it had sold almost the exact amount of launch week copies as 2011's Dragon Age II.[101] This does not take into account direct digital download sales however,[102] which have been noted to be a "significant percentage of sales" by BioWare[103] and thus the true number of sales is higher. According to Electronic Arts' fiscal 2015 third quarter earnings report, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the most successful launch in BioWare history based on units sold.[104]
And here is the link to an article from PC GAMER saying that DA:I was the best launch of bioware history.
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sugenis posted 12/12/2017, 04:38
@starbbb No one is hating. You're just not being realistic. Inquisition was a commercial failure. It flopped despite being on next gen and old gen consoles. These are mediocre sales and EA knows it, that's why they tried to hide the actual numbers of both Inquisition and Andromeda saying crap like "it brought in a lot of revenue", hurr durr "most successful launch". But their absence from ndp even a month after their release, their quick price drops speak volumes about the reality.
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starbbb posted 15/01/2017, 03:14
and this not even considering the sales of the game of the year edition tha sold well too but i guess that haters gonna hate
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starbbb posted 15/01/2017, 03:11
mediocre ,are you crazy? this sales are excellent and this is just the physical sales in one console if you consider the physical and digital sales in all platforms is most likely to have sold more than 6 millions units a huge success for EA and a even bigger for bioware

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Slimebeast posted 29/08/2016, 01:51
I'm overall happy with the sales, that they turned out to be mediocre.

They're good enough that EA will approve the development of a sequel, but hopefully bad enough to make Bioware self-critical and not make another Dragon Age with MMO-like world design again.
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binary solo posted 07/04/2016, 03:04
Come on 2 million, it can get there. I would rank this game 3rd out of the 3 main DA games, but I still liked it a lot, and played it through multiple times.
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