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Yokai Watch 2 Ganso / Honke


Level 5



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09/30/16 Nintendo
07/10/14 Level 5
04/07/17 Nintendo

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Yokai Watch 2: Bony Spirits / Fleshy Souls / Psychic Specters - Reviews

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Shipping Total

7,300,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2019

Opinion (27)

Marth posted 18/08/2020, 11:53
+10k in 2019
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Marth posted 15/01/2020, 01:58
6.09M of those sales are from Japan, so 1.2M in the west.
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Zeruda-Hime posted 01/10/2019, 03:26
I bought this game for 8 euro and i am loving it. :) (90 hourse to finish the story line and more to find the Yo Kai o.o)

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PAOerfulone posted 11/02/2019, 02:27
Where on Earth did that 7 million units shipped figure come from?
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Green098 posted 11/05/2017, 08:22
Wow this game is doing phenomenal in Japan! I definitely expect a Yokai game is currently in works for Switch, it would definitely keep the Switch doing 3DS numbers in Japan.
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greencactaur posted 06/12/2016, 09:38
Yokai Watch is great, but I don't think the audience is big enough to warrant 2 separate games outside of Japan :(
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