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10 n/a 9,898 8,310 2,660 20,868
Kerotan posted 04/02/2015, 07:27
Congrats on making it to a million. Great game
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Mr Puggsly posted 02/01/2015, 09:36
@hunter_alien - What I'm arguing is 3rd party support makes the PS4 desirable. If that support left the PS4 it would have abysmal sales. Hence, its 3rd parties that sell PS4. I'm clarifying its actually major 3rd parties that keep Playstation alive and not vice versa. That applies to Xbox as well.

X1 isn't as dead in Europe as some seem to believe. As long as MS gets competitive with pricing they can move 15 or maybe even 20 million units. Which is respectable.

Again, there is potential for Xbox to win the US if they get competitive. Lets remember the reason PS3 eventually passed 360 is because Sony was willing to sacrifice billions to get PS3 off the ground. PS3 struggled at $599, $499, and $399.
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hunter_alien posted 30/12/2014, 04:42
@Mr Puggsly: I think its fair to say that both statements are correct. You cannot argue with the fact that for 3rd parties the PS4 is the real money maker at the moment, more so then the 360 was in the 7th gen.

And the PS4 is selling extremely well to this point mostly on strong 3rd party
support. These are more then enough sales for the Xone to receive every single major 3rd party title from this point on, but for the moment the total lack of EU purchase support and the tie in the US does not bode well for the Xone.
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Mr Puggsly posted 21/12/2014, 07:06
@Kerotan - PS4 is keeping our favorite franchises going? No, 3rd parties are continuing to make PS4 a desireable console.

As X1 numbers grow it will move more software. But its still moving enough software to justify support.
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oniyide posted 16/12/2014, 06:51
to be fair there are lot more PS4s sold than xbox1s. So the discrepency is to be expected and i dont think it will change all that much.
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Kerotan posted 14/12/2014, 02:04
a bit like shadow of mordor the ps4 is single handily keeping some of our fav franchises going. c'mon xbox pick it up and start buying these games!
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