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11/20/07 Microsoft Game Studios
05/21/09 Microsoft Game Studios
11/23/07 Microsoft Game Studios

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A New Star Is Rising

11th Apr 2009 | 1,641 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 9.0
if you look for a short game which offers perfection you are looking for Mass Effect

I love exciting stories. By playing fantasy games I get my share served, and Mass Effect is Fantasy with the capital F.  

A little hardcore

Mass Effect (ME) is clearly inspired by the science fiction from the 80s, both in terms of image as a (wonderful) music. Of course I see influences from Star Wars and Star Trek, but ME has more than its own face. ME, even though the authors and the publisher claim not, is a little hardcore. In ME you are often in the menu. Beautifully designed menus, but still. You can also pause the action in ME for choosing the actions of your travel companion or change weapons. ME is the most accessible game from BioWare, and the best! ME looks really supertight .

Good / bad

As many of you now, conversation plays a major role in ME, just as in the Knights of the Old Republic. Playing as a space marshal Shepard you travel a vast galaxy by looking for information and clues about an impending disaster which is threatening all life in the universe. That means encounters with bad types in shadowy bars and interrogations with hypocritical aliens. For all your actions, you get Renegade and Paragon points. As Renegade you're more the type of shoot first and ask questions later. if Paragon is your thing, you will make more use of your charm and its people be more inclined to help you. All this can be found in the beautiful expression of your face and your body language during interviews with non-playable characters.

Friend or foe

Sometimes emotions run high on your travel companion and temporary allies suddenly change into enemies or traitors. Follow your feeling, your instinct, your client or opinion of your teammates? Tough choices are fully present in ME.


Sometimes you can talk,but sometimes action is the only option. The combat is fast and looks like a third-person squad shooter and has the depth of a real RPG. By playing you earn experience points where you can develop skills and adjusting your team, gather weapons and upgrade them. During shootouts with different opponents you can pause and select actions for your squad or select another gun and hop back into the fight ... it works just perfect in this game. Instead of the traditional turn-based action, the action blows of the screen. I think it works perfectly, and if you ever played RPGs, the action menus feel really comfortable.


Ultimately, the way the game is built is perhaps the greatest asset. The game begins as a kind of exciting space adventure, growing from one or two Star Trek episodes and will soon charge of the epic Star Wars trilogy. The discovery of new planets on the ever-expanding universe is tempting, inviting but also ominous and a little intimidating. Like 'what is all waiting for me? "Anyway, I have had ridiculously good fun with this game and I think that KOTOR fans of the first hour will be completely in love with ME. The main line of the great game experience are the conversations and the combat, both are next-gen BioWare game incarnations where the blueprint has been made many years ago. Respect!

Get it if:

- You like Star Wars / Star Trek / Battlestar Galactica 

- You wanna play one of the best Xbox 360 games so far

- You like hanging out with talking lizards.


It seems clear: Mass Effect is a new milestone in science fiction game area. I love BioWare, I love this game.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 219,773 97,283 54,620 371,676
2 n/a 169,313 56,023 38,999 264,335
3 n/a 88,542 31,345 20,728 140,615
4 n/a 82,654 31,630 19,735 134,019
5 n/a 100,178 37,325 23,754 161,257
6 n/a 49,304 27,539 13,184 90,027
7 n/a 31,107 15,376 7,992 54,475
8 n/a 21,237 8,457 5,125 34,819
9 n/a 16,748 11,071 4,758 32,577
10 n/a 18,470 9,148 4,748 32,366

Opinion (192)

-girgosz- posted 06/04/2012, 12:36
Oh god VGC. Outsold ME PS3? The fuck... :O
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Metroid33slayer posted 11/01/2012, 06:48
Shephard is a beast
Message | Report
Jexy posted 01/12/2011, 06:55
Well they don't track digital downloads, so no XBL sales are counted.
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yo_john117 posted 24/09/2011, 08:49
It's sad how low the sales for this game are.
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slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 02:57
Thought part 2 was better but still a good game. Could get lost kinda easy on this one though.
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zzamaro posted 17/03/2011, 04:50
probably the best 360 game out there, too bad not many people can play this game, well, since it's not an FPS, you expect to have cod numbers
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