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06/17/16 Mojang
06/23/16 Mojang
06/30/16 Mojang

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There’s no one way to play Minecraft. It’s an open-ended game where players decide what they want to do by themselves! Minecraft offers several modes, though: Creative Mode, where players are given limitless resources to build whatever they can imagine; and Survival Mode, where players must explore the world and mine its resources to feed, house and defend themselves. Or you can join your friends online and make up your own rules!

Nearly every block in the world of Minecraft can be broken down by mining and collected. Then those bits can be recombined to build new stuff!Punch a tree until you get some wood, turn the wood into planks and then combine the planks to create a crafting table. You can use the crafting table to make all kinds of useful tools, so long as you find the right ingredients.

Minecraft on Wii U supports split-screen play for up to four players and comes with the Mario Mash-Up Pack. There are heaps of other cool things for you to download, too, like console-only competitive modes, mini games and more! Available as a physical disc or digitally from the Nintendo eShop.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 31,576 n/a 6,896 38,472
2 22,680 18,868 n/a 4,120 45,668
3 11,121 13,641 13,908 3,813 42,483
4 9,686 14,202 8,261 3,597 35,746
5 8,986 11,624 6,886 2,952 30,448
6 8,487 11,843 6,890 3,000 30,220
7 8,207 12,593 6,885 3,164 30,849
8 7,903 7,940 6,318 2,113 24,274
9 9,825 6,948 5,662 1,857 24,292
10 9,764 6,079 5,116 1,634 22,593

Opinion (17)

Machina posted 21/02/2017, 04:10
It'll probably beat Pokken in the long run; this is still charting high after the holidays while Pokken dropped off.
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curl-6 posted 20/02/2017, 01:31
*Not bad at all
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curl-6 posted 20/02/2017, 01:30
Not at all; second best selling third party game on the system after Pokken.
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fedfed posted 27/01/2017, 11:47
it made it!
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Shikamo posted 27/01/2017, 05:30
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Fededx posted 27/01/2017, 02:17
21st million seller for the WiiU. This game really sells, no matter the console it's in. Incredible
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