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11/06/15 Nintendo
07/11/13 Level 5
04/29/16 Nintendo

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Yokai Watch - Forum

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The future of Youkai Watch. Darwinianevolution 3
228 10/17/16 20:05 GMT
by Platina
Level 5 files for bankruptcy. Darwinianevolution 32
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Which devs have priority getting the NX Dev Kits? Darwinianevolution 58
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You kai Watch Sangokushi launches on April 2 in Japan Darwinianevolution 2
212 01/15/16 22:05 GMT
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How much is Youkai Watch Dance for Wii U going to sell? Darwinianevolution 17
821 12/09/15 16:54 GMT
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Where will Youkai Watch become more popular, Eurpe or America? Darwinianevolution 39
1,450 11/23/15 14:27 GMT
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Youkai Watch 2DS Bundle Coming To North America On November 6th Darwinianevolution 7
348 10/19/15 17:07 GMT
by Platina
Will Youkai Watch keep its hype for another generation? Darwinianevolution 13
599 10/12/15 22:12 GMT
Yo-kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team announced for 3DS, coming to Japan in December. Darwinianevolution 24
1,004 10/12/15 01:06 GMT
by ktay95
Is Youkai Watch Going To Flop In USA? Ljink96 53
2,402 07/31/15 08:44 GMT
by Skullwaker
Which franchise will win in Japan, Pokemon or Youkai Watch? Darwinianevolution 20
819 03/11/15 17:39 GMT
by TheGoldenBoy
Youkai Watch has been Trademarked as Yo-Kai Watch in the U.S., LOL but true. Kaizar 14
1,102 08/20/14 08:26 GMT
by Kaizar
Yokai Watch: Level-5 considering western expansion ktay95 12
839 07/11/14 00:03 GMT
by cheshirescat
Yokai Watch 2 announced Ka-pi96 7
571 04/13/14 03:33 GMT
by sirnintendo
Level 5 ask about Yokai Watch interest in the West. Kresnik 6
474 02/19/14 01:20 GMT
by Captain_Yuri
Yo-Kai Watch releases in 2K15 in the WEST SIDE ! Kaizar 7
455 08/19/14 22:21 GMT
by Conegamer
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2,970,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2018

Opinion (32)

boypita posted 07/02/2017, 09:18
700K in Europe as of 31st december :)
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boypita posted 31/10/2016, 06:22
Level 5 has confirmed 400K in Europe :D
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GamerCat98 posted 29/08/2016, 11:58
There's something real screwy about the tracking for this in the U.S. right now. It's having this miraculous surge that's not being captured by anyone but VGChartz. It went from having not been in the top 75 since its second week of release in the U.S. back in November 2015, to being on the charts here since around mid-June, including this week at #30 and nearly 5,000. Unlike something such as Super Mystery Dungeon, which obviously popped back up because of GO, we're being told this game surged some ridiculous thousands of percent apropos of absolutely nothing, and unlike SMD, its sudden wave of purchases wasn't captured by anyone (Amazon's charts, GameStop's, the eShop's) but VGChartz. I get Amazon is not the end all, be all, and the eShop is digital, but if a game has a 5,000% rise, it would surely show up there, and it hasn't, at all. According to VGChartz, YW has sold about as much in the U.S. between mid-June and August than it did between January 2016 and June 2016. I call B.S. Can't help but think they undertracked it and are inflating its numbers now to try and make up ground.
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boypita posted 13/06/2016, 06:36
Level 5 has confirmed that the game sold 400K in USA :) It´s actually a good number IMO n.n
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boypita posted 31/05/2016, 11:45
@Ryng_Tolu I really want this game to sell so much more, it deserves it. Can´t wait for YW2. I guess we´ll finally see the success of the first one when the second launched :)
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Ryng posted 29/05/2016, 02:14
@Boypita no lol. Those sales (USA sales) doesn't count 2DS bundle or digital.

While as i show, it's well undertracked in Europe too. It's just impossible total EU sales are under 25,000 when only Spain count for 6,000...
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