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08/23/07 SouthPeak Interactive
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09/07/07 SouthPeak Interactive

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A fragile peace between the civilized races and the hordes is at stake. When the dwarven mining expedition discovered an ancient temple dedicated to an unnamed deity - all of the world's most powerful factions saw it as a possible clue to the place of Azriaal's burial ground. A silent war has now begun and it will soon ignite the fires that will lead to the holy crusade of the Orcs. However, the real danger lies somewhere else. A powerful force churns silently - weaving a secret plot of fear and destruction. In the end one of the Two Worlds will remain. It is up to you to save the world...or destroy it!


"Two Worlds" combines the extremely dynamic and sophisticated combat system with the meaning and freedom of exploration exceeding the accomplishments of other games of the genre. To attract the mass audience, the complexity of the game will be achieved mainly through a variety of meaningful choices while the User Interface will be simplified. The combat system is easy to handle and the number of possible choices encourage experimenting with different styles and skills. Great visuals and dynamic choreography ensures the most exciting experience. The game promotes the ability to freely roam and explore the game world. Players will find their own way to beat challenges, solve problems and complete quests and will also be rewarded by different factions accordingly for the results of their actions. Before you solve the main quest, you will certainly experience the most memorable journey of your life. It is very important that players are not limited to working for only one faction at on time. They are free to experiment with different organizations and benefit from all of them. All characters can learn any skill. There is also a challenge for many guilds to keep their knowledge a secret. Players will have to earn their respect and trust to lay hands on the most powerful of skills.

  • Epic RPGs are one of the hottest genres right now, and Two Worlds is the best of 2007's batch. Its bigger and badder than Oblivion.
  • MMO gameplay! Up to 8 player co-op, side by side play allowing users to quest together to overcome more difficult tasks than playing alone.
  • Seamless transition from Indoor to Outdoor environments - no loading screens.
  • For the 1st time in the history of the genre, unique magic system allows the players to assemble their own magic spells.
  • 6 Different mounts you can ride and fight from including horses, lizards, and beasts.
  • Hyper-realistic environments along with seasonal weather changes in the worlds.
  • Music composed by Grammy award winner Harold Faltermeyer (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop)
  • A freedom of choice unseen in any other Role-Playing Game. The world comes to life, reacting and changing to decisions made by the player.
  • Open and unlimited character development. Players can experiment with different careers and even reverse their choices.
  • Spectacular and dynamic combat that combines intuitive controls, intense action, tactical challenges and movie-like visuals.
  • A deep and intuitive weapon upgrade and enchanting system.
  • Traps and snares are at the player's disposal, allowing them to weaken the enemy before closing in for the kill.


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1 n/a 99,341 n/a 17,531 116,872
2 n/a 35,437 n/a 6,254 41,691
3 n/a 17,213 26,418 7,339 50,970
4 n/a 9,113 14,377 3,947 27,437
5 n/a 5,815 6,649 2,108 14,572
6 n/a 4,315 5,345 1,631 11,291
7 n/a 3,420 4,135 1,277 8,832
8 n/a 2,832 4,115 1,170 8,117
9 n/a 2,448 5,208 1,280 8,936
10 n/a 2,163 5,115 1,214 8,492

Opinion (20)

Doobie_wop posted 28/05/2010, 07:05
Holy shit, I didn't think it sold that much in America alone. It must have sold on the whole 'similar to Oblivion' because it was just a horribly made game.
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Boneitis posted 08/10/2009, 01:02
I finished this game recently and I thought it was great. Not the best WRPG you'll find on the 360, but I enjoyed it more than Fable 2.
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hunter_alien posted 06/07/2009, 04:45
WRPGs do great in Euope... so maybe even 800k LT shipment for the 360 alone is possible? Also, the PC version was fairly popular to :D
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zaven007 posted 20/03/2009, 11:29
Two worlds is a good RPG!
It's better ther many JRPG such as Eternal Sonata, Blue dragon and others!
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oliminator1994 posted 21/02/2009, 03:24
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Gabriel84 posted 07/02/2009, 02:58
400k in NA alone??
this game must be profitable.
the graphic and combat system are horrible, main story line is shit as well, but the game world is one of the biggest among all xbox 360 RPGs I've played. 6.5/10
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