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Alternative Names

Ryuusei no RockMan: Dragon / Leo / Pegasus






Release Dates

08/07/07 Capcom
12/14/06 Capcom
11/30/07 Capcom

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Mega Man Star Force Dragon / Leo / Pegasus - Summary

Explore towns and interact with people in the real world while fighting action-packed battles in the virtual "Wave World." Enemy encounters take place on a three by five grid in a 3D perspective, where players use a portfolio of Battle Cards that each have distinct attributes and attack powers. As the story progresses, players will acquire additional cards to build an arsenal that reflects their personal strategy.

  • Three stellar versions call upon the power of the elements - Ice Pegasus, Fire Leo and Green Dragon
  • Two co-existing worlds - explore the real world in human form and transform into Mega Man to maneuver the virtual "Wave World"
  • Cyber battles feature an immersive third person view as players engage enemies in a 3x5 battle grid
  • Each game version offers a unique powered-up transformation of Mega Man based on the respective elemental power and can unleash a special "Star Force Big Bang" attack
  • Battle Cards based on elemental attributes (fire, water, wood, electricity), each a part of a power chain where one is stronger or weaker than another
  • Best Combo - combine Battle Cards of the same type to unleash consecutive attacks
  • Dynamic Brother Band system - add up to six friends to help each other in battles, share Battle Cards, receive stat boosts and other special benefits
  • Each character has their own customizable Personal Page where Battle Cards and information can be viewed and traded with friends to compare progress


Sales History

Total Sales
1 93,431 n/a n/a 93,431
2 98,540 n/a n/a 98,540
3 34,335 n/a n/a 34,335
4 58,378 n/a n/a 58,378
5 19,135 n/a n/a 19,135
6 16,414 n/a n/a 16,414
7 18,456 n/a n/a 18,456
8 12,630 n/a n/a 12,630
9 15,139 n/a n/a 15,139
10 15,350 n/a n/a 15,350

Opinion (5)

atma998 posted 27/07/2013, 09:27
R.I.P. at 0.95M
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gustavohenrique posted 02/01/2012, 02:36
940k? I'm really impressed :0
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atma998 posted 21/10/2011, 10:37
Probably a million seller with EMEAA but still 942k without it.
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IxisNaugus posted 18/10/2009, 05:05
million seller with others numbers?
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ClaudeLv250 posted 30/01/2008, 11:09
Just got this game.

I'm liking it more than Battle Network at the moment.
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