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03/20/12 Tecmo Koei
03/22/12 Tecmo Koei
03/23/12 Tecmo Koei

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 4,888 17,957 7,112 3,746 33,703
2 1,521 9,657 4,099 2,055 17,332
3 733 6,347 1,144 1,119 9,343
4 484 3,299 750 605 5,138
5 366 2,507 823 498 4,194
6 371 1,957 710 398 3,436
7 437 1,336 514 277 2,564
8 264 1,212 267 221 1,964
9 266 1,111 414 228 2,019
10 266 1,447 186 244 2,143

Opinion (6)

Barozi posted 14/06/2012, 02:00
horrible game. Any other Ninja Gaiden game is far far superior.
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Heavenly_King posted 26/04/2012, 07:18
The action in this game is the best from the 3. It is more fast paced and frenetic. The new slide offers Ryu more mobility, allowing the player to chain his attacks to more enemies. The camera is still bad like in NG2. They should get the camera much further in order to allow you to see your surroundings. So gameplay wise is better, but it does less stuff in the other departments, like exploration, collectables and the weapons. The game is really fun, and Hard as ever. I have always had a hard time in "hard" mode in all NG games, and this is no different; it IS HARD. The good thing is that this time around the checkpoint system is more friendly :D.

The game is Good, it is not a good as NG:B/S, or NG2/S2; but is not a bad game!!!! Ninja Gaiden fans should give it at least a try and stop hearing the damn reviews!!!
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Mr Puggsly posted 18/04/2012, 07:10
Just finished it, not bad. *
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Mr Puggsly posted 17/04/2012, 08:33
Just finished it, not. I'll admit it feels shallow and endless swarms of enemies gets old. But its worth taking a look at after price cuts.
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Mr Puggsly posted 16/04/2012, 04:12
I'm currently playing it and I'm enjoying it. While its a step back for the series, its still an enjoyable hack n' slash game.
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DevilishSix posted 28/03/2012, 03:37
This game is a disaster all around. Last I checked it had a 50's metacritic average, because the lead developer decided to gut what Ninja Gaiden game was supposed to be about, which made the core fans disgusted, to cater to the casual demographic. Trouble is the casuals never cared about this game in the first place.

The sales are an absolute trainwreck. Ninja Gaiden 2 when it launched in 2008 on X360 it had 168,000 in USA sales. Ninja Gaiden 3 has roughly 38,000 in USA sales on two platforms (PS3 & 360) with I don't know how many millions more consoles on the market since 2008.

It's a fail of EPIC proportions and I am very disappointed in what Hayashi (the lead director) and Team Ninja have done to one of my favorite franchises. I guess Itagaki took all the best talent with him when he left and all the best game ideas. RIP Ninja Gaiden I hope you get the respect you deserve if and when there is a next game.

In the mean time if you want to try a NG game try NG:Black or NG2 and stay away from this silly game it is not a true Ninja Gaiden experience.
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